Five people dead near Chernihiv in road accident of two cars 450 American writers opposed to Donald TrumpCheka Monument in Kiev attempted to demolish with a hydraulic hammer, but have not yet been able toNadiya Savchenko announced a "big press-conference" on FridayUkraine has returned the tanker "Tamanskij", million dollars costA resident of the Donetsk region attacked with a knife Turchinov wifePoroshenko says thet Ukraine will return all Ukrainian captivesPoroshenko says will return Crimea to Ukraine like did SavchenkoThe first statement of free Nadiya Savchenko: We will live a worthy life in Ukraine as a person should live Savchenko arrived in Ukraine barefoot Putin says Viktor Medvedchuk asked him to pardon Savchenko on behalf of victims' widows. Savchenko in Boryspil Putin has no meetings with Russians Yerofeyev and Alexandrov on his schedule yet - Peskov. Police Prepare For Possible Protests At Trump Anaheim RallyGRU officers in MoscowPeskov says Putin pardoned Savchenko at request of families killed in attack in which they say she was complicit. Matvienko: the transfer of Savchenko to Ukraine and Erofeev and Alexandrov to Russian Federation is not swapSavchenko's sister Vira and mother Maria have boarded a minibus and set out down the airstrip to meet her. In the morning, Putin met with the families of VGTRK journalists killed in the Donbass Putin signed a Decree to pardon SavchenkoTASS: Ilham Aliyev gave Kadyrov a pistol to strengthen ties between Russia and Azerbaijan. Assange arrest warrant upheld by Stockholm court Mother of Nadya Savchenko just talked to her daughter. She is already in UkraineSavchenko plane just landed in UkrainePresident's plane with hero of Ukraine Nadiya #Savchenko aboard landedKhadija Ismayilova has been releasedWe have just heard that @Khadija_Ismayil has been released. Amazing newsTurkey: Images reportedly released by PKK, showing some of its military attacks against Turkish armyAround 100 reporters gathered near the Terminal B waiting for Savchenko's arrivalMore than 40 Regime/Russian Air Strikes on Aleppo Costello Road Handarat Jandool Al Shqayf Al Ashrafiya Syria

History of Syria conflict

25 May 2016