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24 of February 2017 Military equipment was delivered to the SDF right after CENTCOM General Votel had visited Kobani today, Syria.
24 of February 2017 Turkish artillery is targeting SDF/YPG-held Tall Rifaat and its surrounding areas tonight, Aleppo Governorate, Syria.
24 of February 2017 .@sams_usa: In besieged East Ghouta, 31 dialysis patients are in various stages of kidney failure. The siege must be lifted now.
24 of February 2017 "We'll quit Raqqa and fight in Manbij if Turkey/FSA attacks," YPG officials tell US military, Syria.
24 of February 2017 SDF/YPG takes control of Abu Khashab village.
24 of February 2017 Qaboun tonight. Damascus. Syria.
24 of February 2017 Qabasin under Euphrates Shield control today
24 of February 2017 SAA captured a hill where overlooks directly Rashideen area Western Aleppo
24 of February 2017 Pentagon provided intelligence for Iraq's air raid on Da'ish in Syria
24 of February 2017 Al-Bonyan al-Marsous Operation Room released pics of an Omar missile which had destroyed "Muawiya School" barrier, Daraa, Syria.
24 of February 2017 Russian military polices arrived the Damascus CS
24 of February 2017 Qaboun is under intense aerial and artillery attacks by the Syrian Government tonight, Damascus, Syria.
24 of February 2017 The Free Syrian Army Central Division destroyed with a TOW a Kornet launcher in Braideej, north-west Hama, Syria.
24 of February 2017 Local sources reported that SAA captured Manazir al Safr and Al Kitah villages / There is no official statement
24 of February 2017 CENTCOM General Votel visited Kobani and the SDF Raqqa front today and discussed the Raqqa operation and preparations with SDF commanders, Syria.
24 of February 2017 Reports from Military Sources and Activists say that Euphrates Shield and Turkish Army will move on Manbij in the next few days
24 of February 2017 Footage: Heavy clashes in the city of Daraa earlier today as the Syrian Army clash with Syrian Rebels in al-Manshiya district, Syria.
24 of February 2017 IS claims suicide attack near Syria's Al-Bab
24 of February 2017 Russia says will veto proposed Syria sanctions over chemical weapons
24 of February 2017 Celebrations inside Al-Bab after expulsion of ISIS by #EuphratesShield forces.
24 of February 2017 CJTFOIR - 17 strikes near Raqqa and 1 near AlBab in support of #WrathOfEuphrates & #EuphratesShield forces vs IS.
24 of February 2017 Syria: Southern Front (FSA) rebels continue to clash with Daesh affiliates on the outskirts of Jalin
24 of February 2017 Liwa al-Aqsa had planted scores of mines, now progressively dismantled. Example from Tall as-Sayyad region, Syria.
24 of February 2017 IS claims the SVBIED attack this morning in Sousian, claiming that all the victims were FSA/TSK soldiers.
24 of February 2017 FSA Jaysh al-Nasr released a statement with the names of its 71 fighters & officers who were executed 10 days ago by Liwa al-Aqsa in south Idlib countryside, Syria.
24 of February 2017 Turkey says Al-Bab completely captured from jihadists
24 of February 2017 West Aleppo: Rebels destroyed a tank on Suq Al-Jibs front.
24 of February 2017 Sources close to the Syrian Foreign Ministry have confirmed Iraq's air raid inside Syria was approved by Damascus.
24 of February 2017 At least 8 people killed in a 2nd ISIS car bomb in Sousian.
24 of February 2017 East Aleppo.SAA Tiger forces take control Manazer al-Jaraf from ISIS.
24 of February 2017 Syria activists say 2nd car bomb has exploded near Syrian town Al Bab captured from IS, killing at least 8
24 of February 2017 Footage: Widespread destruction after Syrian government shelling on Qaboun with artillery and rockets, Damascus, Syria.
24 of February 2017 UN monitors: At least 300 civilians died in the Turkish-led al-Bab campaign, mostly from airstrikes but also from IEDs, Aleppo Governorate, Syria.
24 of February 2017 Iraq Joint Operations released a video of the airstrike that targeted ISIS in Syria which was ordered by PM @HaiderAlAbadi
24 of February 2017 Iraq's Air Force has already conducted airstrikes inside Syrian territory. Da'ish in Albu Kamal was successfully struck.
24 of February 2017 Iraq PM: "ISIS positions in Syria Albu Kamal have been targeted because they are responsible for the latest attacks in Baghdad"
24 of February 2017 Iraqi prime minister says Iraq's air force has carried out first airstrikes on IS targets inside Syria
24 of February 2017 Raqqa: Silos overlooking main ISIS defense line (double barrier) wiped out last month by airstrikes.
24 of February 2017 Early in the morning SDF captured 4 more villages in East Raqqa: Berdan Xerbî, Fenan Şerqî, Tiyûs and Til Zihmaq.
24 of February 2017 Iraq joint operations officially announce that Counter Terrorism units have stormed AlMamun the first district in west Mosul
24 of February 2017 Ahrar al Sham near Eastern Ghouta frontlines
24 of February 2017 Raqqa: nothing left of Military Housing inside former Division 17.
24 of February 2017 Iraqı Air Force begins airstrikes in Syria
24 of February 2017 Abadi: I authorize Iraqi air forces to pound ISIL inside Syria.
24 of February 2017 Two Turkish soldiers among the killed in Suseyan car bomb blast
24 of February 2017 Two Turkish soldiers killed in attack in Al-Bab: Turkey PM
24 of February 2017 Syrian Rebels have foiled a 3rd attempt by pro-Syrian Government forces to advance towards "Journalist Housing" in West Aleppo, Syria.
24 of February 2017 42 dead in attack on rebels outside Syria's Al-Bab: new toll
24 of February 2017 Car bomb on Turkey-backed Syrian rebels kills 41, mostly civilians: sources
24 of February 2017 Turkey's army chief visits Syrian border as its backed forces in Syria liberate Al-Bab from ISIS control.
24 of February 2017 Aleppo: Destruction caused by the Explosion of VBIED in Sosian town
24 of February 2017 Fighter planes continue targeting parts of Daraa, killing/injuring many. SCD teams are on alert for search & rescue operations.
24 of February 2017 At least 29 killed in a suicide car bombing at a checkpoint in al-Bab
24 of February 2017 FSA at Bzaah, East to Al-Bab
24 of February 2017 SDF-YPG is aimed to Al Jezrah town
24 of February 2017 12 were killed in Daesh suicide bombing attack on Sousan North-West to Al-Bab
24 of February 2017 Death toll in Sousiyan village car bomb: 45 civilians killed. Aleppo
24 of February 2017 A suicide bombing killed 15 people in the Syrian city al-Bab
24 of February 2017 Tadif: Clashes at outskirts not over
24 of February 2017 17 US airstrikes on Tabqa airbase near Raqqa
24 of February 2017 ISIL car bomb Targeted FSA and Civilians in the village of Sousyan in the northwest of Albab result of many casualties
24 of February 2017 Russian soldiers are ready to be deployed at Serghaya North of Damascus as a military police. Syria
24 of February 2017 FSA Take Over Last AlBab Suburb Tadef South Of Highway
24 of February 2017 #EuphratesShield (Army of Suleyman Shah) commander giving a short speech and unit celebrating the victory over IS in AlBab.
23 of February 2017 Syrian Rebel group Liwa al-Hurriya announces that 17 of its fighters were killed in a Russian Airstrike today on one of its sites in southern Aleppo, Syria.
23 of February 2017 Qaboun was pounded today by heavy IRAMs (Volcano Rockets). It seems a ground offensive is now imminent, Damascus, Syria.
23 of February 2017 A report by a Syrian reporter on the ground: Until now, no serious military operation has started on Qaboun, Damascus, Syria.
23 of February 2017 No ground operation has been launched at this moment in Qaboun as was previously reported, only more rockets and missiles, Damascus, Syria.
23 of February 2017 Al-Bonyan al-Marsous Op. Room repelled a counter-attack by pro-Syrian Gov forces on the eastern part of al-Manshiyah district in Daraa City. The Op. room also states that the SyAF and the RuAF have carried out 300+ airstrikes since the start of the Syrian Rebel offensive on al-Manshiyah district in Daraa City 11 days ago, Syria.
23 of February 2017 Wrath of the Euphrates announces that between the 16th-23rd of February, the SDF/YPG had taken control of 37 villages + 102 farms in an area of 1664 km2 in Raqqa-Deir ez-Zor provinces, Syria.
23 of February 2017 SAA launched ground operation in Qaboun of Damascus. Heavy clashes are ongoing
23 of February 2017 Footage: Today Turkmen Commander Firas Pasha was in the front line for fighting against ISIS
23 of February 2017 SDF sources deny news that John McCain has offered opening a 20km corridor from Tel Abyad to Raqqa
23 of February 2017 Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham in a statement declares the war on the unofficial IS-affiliate Liwa al-Aqsa as over after its withdrawal to IS territory. HTS also claims in the statement that they will continue to 'hunt down Khawarij (IS) cells' so as to maintain safety and security, Syria.
23 of February 2017 Footage: This morning from Al-Bab; clash between Turkmen Muntasir Billah Brigade and ISIS
23 of February 2017 Footage of the Syrian Republican Guard and Syrian Army operations against Daesh fighters in the Deir Ez Zor cemetery
23 of February 2017 Russian Air Force precision strike on a reinforced Daesh position in the Deir Ez Zor cemetery killing 30+ fighters today
23 of February 2017 CJTFOIR - 7 strikes near Raqqa and 4 near AlBab in support of WrathOfEuphrates & EuphratesShield forces vs IS.
23 of February 2017 Euphrates Shield photo from Qabasin, North-East to Al-Bab
23 of February 2017 Asaad Hanna "member of the HNC delegation". "We will attend the opening as the primary and only opposition delegation #GenevaTalks
23 of February 2017 Euphrates Shield forces controls Qabasin town - statement
23 of February 2017 Euphrates Shield forces in Bzaah, North Aleppo
23 of February 2017 ISIS published video of fighting in South-West Daraa
23 of February 2017 First picture of #EuphratesShield forces inside Bzaah. Geolocated in middle of main street.
23 of February 2017 SOHR: number of FSA prisoners executed by Jund al-Aqsa reached 172 in Hama and Idleb
23 of February 2017 Ka-28 from Syrian Navy dropping full load of dumb bombs over Rebel-held Daraa.
23 of February 2017 Free Syrian Army starts combing the town of Qabasin north al-Bab city eastern countryside of Aleppo
23 of February 2017 RuAF Su-30 in Lattakia sky
23 of February 2017 Qabasin is under FSA/Turkish army control
23 of February 2017 #Genevatks: The HNC delegation refuse to attend for the talks if there's several tables in opposition side, we need it one table
23 of February 2017 ISIS admits losing Syria's Al-Bab, last stronghold in Aleppo province, says Amaq. Says 400 Turks and rebels killed in 104-day battle
23 of February 2017 On Foreign Fighters, +120 countries supplied 45,000 to just Syria and Iraq, says @GenDunford for ISIS, alQaida and othergroups
23 of February 2017 ISIS Retreated From Tadef And Bzzah And Qabasin Too. Euphrates Shield Forces Took Control Of Bzzah
23 of February 2017 Bzaah is under #EuphratesShield control.
23 of February 2017 SyAAF Su-22 over Damascus today
23 of February 2017 5 Airstrikes targeted residential neighborhoods in Harasta city no casualties reported.
23 of February 2017 The international coalition targeted south Tabqa city in several airstrikes
23 of February 2017 Geolocation by @miminas999: Turkish airstrikes on Al the Freedom Square
23 of February 2017 About 37 fighters of Daesh killed today in Albab the remain fighters escaped to Tadef or hide in buildings
23 of February 2017 Clashes in Northern Latakia
23 of February 2017 [False report] Reports ISIS launched large counter-attack West of Palmyra and took back locations recently lost on ~15 km along main road to city
23 of February 2017 Assad artillery fires 2 artillery shells targeting Saqba City no casualties reported.
23 of February 2017 Drone footage: alBab after its liberation by Euphrates Shield
23 of February 2017 About 8 NATO ships near beside Russian naval task force off Syria, their behaviour was unfriendly - military tell Putin
23 of February 2017 #EuphratesShield forces securing civilians in Al-Bab while reports a 2nd car bomb left by ISIS uncovered.
23 of February 2017 RUAF Tu-154 85594 probably escorted fighters from #Latakia to mainland Russia
23 of February 2017 North Latakia: Ahrar Al-Sham destroyed with a Fagot a position with several pro-Assad in Jebal Turkman.
23 of February 2017 Turkish backed FSA fighters inside Albab city
23 of February 2017 To solve the conflict in Syria it's important that there be no interference from outside - Putin.
23 of February 2017 Demining squads started working in al-Bab after Euphrates Shield forces took control of the city today
23 of February 2017 Daraa: Russian Warplanes bombard Daraa Al-Balad neighborhoods
23 of February 2017 Russian aircrafts hit Research Center West to Aleppo, casualties reported
23 of February 2017 North Latakia: FSA First Coastal Division shelling government positions with a 130mm cannon.
23 of February 2017 Syria: government warplanes are dropping bombs a over Daraa this morning, turning the city into rubble
23 of February 2017 Syria: FSA rebels holds up a flag on top of the Rai roundabout on the northern edge of al-Bab which was seized today
23 of February 2017 Syrian Army Advance in Al-Zahraa West Aleppo and control of several buildings
23 of February 2017 Syria’s al-Bab almost under full control: Turkish defense minister
23 of February 2017 SDF captured 3 villages: Azman, Belesh and Fernam Xerbi. Raqqa
23 of February 2017 Map showing control of areas in Northern Aleppo after Al Bab was captured by Euphrates Shield forces
23 of February 2017 Rasm al Harmal and Rasm al Sheikh were captured by Tiger Forces in East Aleppo
23 of February 2017 SAA storming many villages around Deyr Hafer
23 of February 2017 Cham Wings flight 4331 from Latakia instead of Damascus to Rostov-on-Don this morning
23 of February 2017 FSA Free Idlib Army targeting pro-Government forces in Suq Al-Jibs with Grad rockets after takeover from Rebels.
23 of February 2017 Intense clashes between Syrian Arab Army units and IS in al-Biyarat area towards Palmyra triangle
23 of February 2017 Putin held a meeting with Security Council of Russia
23 of February 2017 Euprhates Shield flag planted over Al Bab
23 of February 2017 FSA Turkmen commander Fehim Isa announced the liberation of al-Bab city from "Islamic State". Syria
23 of February 2017 "Dozens of IS fighters were killed and we evacuated more than 50 families from inside Al-Bab," Abu Jaafar of Mutasem Brigades to @AFP
23 of February 2017 ISIS retreated to Qabasin and Bzaa.
23 of February 2017 #EuphratesShield announce the librations of Albab city From ISIS , now advancing on Bazaa Qabasin roads
23 of February 2017 A pic from Bab market area, in the old city of Al Bab.
23 of February 2017 #EuphratesShield announces full control over Al-Bab.
23 of February 2017 Euphrates Shield forces captured Al-Bab
23 of February 2017 Turkish army confirms; AlBab town is fully controlled by FSA groups
23 of February 2017 "We are announcing Al-Bab completely captured... and now clearing mines from residential neighbourhoods." Sultan Murad head to @AFP
23 of February 2017 Under pressure from FSA operations Daesh withdraw from AlBab, FSA forces are now combing the area
23 of February 2017 Syria rebels announce capture of Al-Bab from IS
23 of February 2017 Reports ISIS withdrew from Al-Bab after EuphratesShield forces launched assault from 3 fronts
23 of February 2017 Syrian Arab Army captured Rasm al-Harmel in east Aleppo countryside
23 of February 2017 Special source to A24: Negotiations between Daesh and #EuphratesShield forces to retreat of Daesh safety from Albab to DerHafer
23 of February 2017 Sultan Murad division flag in Al Bab
23 of February 2017 SyAAF is targeting the rebels headquarters in Daraa with guided weapons.
23 of February 2017 SDF take control of Qandil al-Sharqi, Mahbash, Abo Jandal villages + 16 farms in north-east Raqqa countryside
23 of February 2017 Euphrates Shield forces continue to secure Al Bab streets amid reports of full ISIS retreat from the city
23 of February 2017 Turkish airforce hit 14 targets, coalition 1, Turkish T-155s and T-122s artillery Tanks striked 90 ISIS targets
23 of February 2017 Al Jazeera reporter: FSA took entire Al Bab
23 of February 2017 Syria ~80 corpses found in fuel-tanks of Camp "Khazanat"/Khan Shaykhun -executed by "Liwa al Aqsa" before their retreat to Islamic State
23 of February 2017 FSA fighter near Usama bin Zaid mosque in Al Bab
23 of February 2017 Reporter on the ground in Daraa : army advancing several buildings southeast al-Manshiyah
23 of February 2017 ISIS blowing up Jazal oilfield in eastern Homs cs.
23 of February 2017 FSA kills 4 Daesh fighters and destroys Daesh vehicle mounted with machine gun during heavy combat in Hayt, SW Daraa province
23 of February 2017 Rebels blown up government positions in Mashiyah district of Daraa
23 of February 2017 Heavy clashes in Granada and Al Vilat districts of Al Bab
23 of February 2017 Syrian Army advancing toward driving school west of Palmyra
23 of February 2017 FSA in Al-Bab
23 of February 2017 Syria: FSA at al Rai RB at northern alBab
23 of February 2017 #WrathOfEuphrates SDF captured 4 villages:Qandil Shrki, Mhbash,Abu Jandal and 16 hamlets from ISIS (Makman front)
23 of February 2017 Turkish Deputy PM rules out granting Syrians citizenship before April 16 charter referendum
23 of February 2017 Map showing the 3 phases of #WrathOfEuphrates launched by SDF YPG YPJ on Raqqa and DeirEzzor countryside
23 of February 2017 Syria: Peace talks resume today with low expectations all around
22 of February 2017 "Isis Hunters" newest unit in the SAA trained and financed by Russia, some platoons of the unit will guard the oil/gas fields.
22 of February 2017 Jaysh Khalid ibn al-Walid repels an assault of the rebels at Adwan and takes several positions to the East of the city
22 of February 2017 Al-Bab: clashes after an ACV-15 taken out by an ISIS anti-tank weapon (likely a tandem warhead)
22 of February 2017 McCain's office confirms he went to Syria this week
22 of February 2017 Sound of missiles being launched heard in Tartus
22 of February 2017 Inside an ISIS prison seized by Euphrates Shield forces in Al-Bab
22 of February 2017 Sapper teams cleared 2,956 hectares, 945 kilometers of road, 4,500 of buildings and defused more than 36,000 dangerous items in city.
22 of February 2017 US should act in order to fulfill its promise to make YPG leave Syria’s Manbij or Turkey to reconsider an operation-Turkish Def.Min.
22 of February 2017 Syria opposition seeks 'direct negotiations' with government
22 of February 2017 42 bodies of FSA prisoners executed by IS linked Jund Al Aqsa recovered from a mass grave in Khan Shaikhoun. Other graves yet to be located
22 of February 2017 Unconfirmed: SAA is advancing towards Al Rashiden 4 in West Aleppo front.
22 of February 2017 IS still within site of and taking shots at al-Fourat Uni, West Deirezzor
22 of February 2017 Syrian Army Cheetah Forces on the front-lines against Daesh in Eastern Aleppo Countryside after advancing today
22 of February 2017 Syrian Army sapper unit, trained and equipped by Russian counterparts
22 of February 2017 Russia has asked Syria to halt bombings during talks: UN envoy
22 of February 2017 Citizen journalist Baraa Hallak killed while covering the Assad airstrikes and bombardment targeting Hama suburbs today. Syria
22 of February 2017 UN Syria envoy De Mistura says 'not expecting' breakthrough at talks
22 of February 2017 SAA T-55 and AGS-17 firing on ISIS in DeirEzzor
22 of February 2017 More footage #EuphratesShield forces find a vast tunnel network used by IS in AlBab city.
22 of February 2017 Syria Footage: Street battle at alBab security
22 of February 2017 CJTFOIR - 10 strikes near Raqqa in support of #WrathOfEuphrates forces against IS. No strikes near AlBab city.
22 of February 2017 FSA in another al Bab attempt
22 of February 2017 SAA in newly captured Souq al Jibs/Aqrab Western Aleppo
22 of February 2017 10s bodies from Jaish Nasr and Tahrir retrieved in Khazanat after Liwa Al-Aqsa left Khan Sheikoun
22 of February 2017 Al-Bab: Central Roundabout near Al-Manshiyah Park and New street under #EuphratesShield control.
22 of February 2017 Wrath of Euphrates announces death of commander in DeirEzzor Military Council Khalid Awad
22 of February 2017 Liwa Al Aqsa burned their Heavy gear before left northern Hama toward Islamic State
22 of February 2017 SAA artillery fires many mortar shells targeting Harasta City no casualties reported.
22 of February 2017 Some pics near Zehra Mosque
22 of February 2017 Heavy artillery bombing attacks Madaya, Damascus countryside no casualties reported, but massive losses in properties.
22 of February 2017 Euphrates Shield to push further in Al Bab as they seized central roundabout
22 of February 2017 Confirmed by EuphratesShield forces. Among those buildings: Cultural Center, Center, Jadid Street, Military + State Security and Post Office.
22 of February 2017 Reports that up to 75% of Al Bab is now captured by Euphrates Shield forces
22 of February 2017 New streets are being freed by Euphrates Shield forces in Al Bab
22 of February 2017 The Syrian opposition has arrived in Geneva for a new round of peace talks
22 of February 2017 Another picture from the central roundabout of Al Bab.
22 of February 2017 SDF announce control over 3 more villages in Raqqa countryside; Hamidi, Qarih and Jarwan
22 of February 2017 Scenes from Al-Bab today. Intense clashes raging on several fronts near Old City.
22 of February 2017 ES forces captured the central roundabout of Al Bab
22 of February 2017 After skirmishes and shelling past days, pro-Government forces now officially reopened the West Aleppo fronts.
22 of February 2017 Russia's Lavrov says Moscow waits for U.S. suggestions on cooperation in Syria
22 of February 2017 Short clip from the documentary shows ISIS targets visible in a village under siege by SDF. Shows A-10 Warthog jets targeting IS positions.
22 of February 2017 Tiger forces captured Mazburah village in East Aleppo
22 of February 2017 In last day Turkish airforce hit 21 targets, T-155s and T-122s & Tanks striked 89 ISIS targets in Al Bab area
22 of February 2017 West Aleppo: Souq Al-Jabas area (Aqrab) captured by SAA and Allies today
22 of February 2017 Image from SDF fronts from Bir Heba and Mekmen meeting and dancing. ISIS now encircled in a pocket of approximately a dozen villages.
22 of February 2017 ANHA reports 2 armies met close to provincial border of Raqqa-DeirZor and operation to clean up the encircled area off ISIS has started.
22 of February 2017 Euphrates Shield forces pushing more inside Al Bab amid heavy clashes in city
22 of February 2017 Shoihu: In Syria Russia tested 162 new weapons
22 of February 2017 People joy as Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) capture villages in Raqqa from the Islamic State (ISIS) group
22 of February 2017 Fsa has captured "Turk/Tarik Mosque" south of Al Bab.
22 of February 2017 Raqqa: 2 car bombs hit YPG positions near Suwaydiya villages
22 of February 2017 Euphrates Shield forces captured Officers housing buildings, Shariah Courthouse and Endowment office in al-Bab
22 of February 2017 FSA in Al Bab killed 14 ISIS fighters and took new positions
22 of February 2017 Turkey sees change in U.S. stance toward operation in Syria's Raqqa: defense minister
22 of February 2017 #EuphratesShield forces captured the security complex (former Assad intel, housing, courthouse) from ISIS in alBab
22 of February 2017 #EuphratesShield advance and take new positions from IS in centre of al Bab
22 of February 2017 SDF captured Cerwan (جروان) village from ISIS. Raqqa
22 of February 2017 Saudi Arabia's minister of foreign affairs @AdelAljubeir says his country is ready to deploy ground forces to Syria's Raqqa.
22 of February 2017 SDF enter Deir al-Zor province for first time, as operation to isolate Raqqa continues.
22 of February 2017 Unconfirmed reports emerge of Israeli fighter jets targeting the Syrian army in Damascus overnight.
22 of February 2017 Report: Israel Air Force carried out strike against Hezbollah weapons convoy in al-Qutayfa, east of Damascus
22 of February 2017 Al Masdar: Minutes ago, an Israeli warplane conducted an airstrike over the western countryside of Damascus targeting a Syrian Army held position in the Qalamoun Mountains near the Lebanese border. No casualties have thus far been reported.
22 of February 2017 Syrian rebel activists and Syrian journalists report a series of explosions north of al-Qutayfah, Syria.
21 of February 2017 Tiger Forces field commanders during today's battles against IS in eastern Aleppo countryside, Syria.
21 of February 2017 Ahrar al-Sham released an English-subtitled video showing Ahrar al-Sham fighters training in Eastern Ghouta during ceasefire intervals. Damascus. Syria.
21 of February 2017 Footage shows the Free Syrian Army Southern Front fighting IS affiliate on Jamou hill, near the town of Tasil, north-west Daraa earlier today.
21 of February 2017 Al-Hamza Division's top military commander "Khalid Yahya Razuk" has been killed fighting against IS on al-Bab front, Aleppo Governorate, Syria.
21 of February 2017 The Northern Democratic Brigade of the SDF reports shelling of North Aleppo villages by Syrian Rebels. The SDF responded by shelling rebel positions near Marea, Aleppo Governorate, Syria.
21 of February 2017 Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham fired its first TOW and destroyed a Syrian government forces position with a 14.5 mm gun on al-Mansoura front, Aleppo Governorate, Syria.
21 of February 2017 The aftermath of a failed attack by pro-Syrian Government forces on the Research Center front in western Aleppo, Syria.
21 of February 2017 The Syrian Arab Army and its allies capture Alloush hill from IS in the cemetery area south Deir ez-Zor City, Syria.
21 of February 2017 A Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reporter has claimed that Syrian Rebels have surrendered Qaboun, Tishreen neighbourhood and Barzeh - with negotiations ongoing for a Syrian rebel exit. Damascus. Syria.
21 of February 2017 One pro-Syrian Rebel News Agency says that Syrian Rebel representatives in Qaboun and Barzeh went to go negotiate with the Syrian government to return everything as it was before the recent escalation. Damascus. Syria.
21 of February 2017 Unconfirmed reports are being spread among a pro-Syrian Arab Army activist that Qaboun and Barzeh have "accepted to surrender and go to Idlib." Damascus. Syria.
21 of February 2017 The Syrian Arab Army captured Tabara Maddi/Tayyar Hamadah village located north of Deir Hafer, Aleppo Governorate, Syria.
21 of February 2017 The Free Syrian Army Southern Front took out with a TOW a bulldozer that was being used by IS-affiliate Jaysh Khalid Bin Walid to reinforce their positions near Tasil, north-west Daraa, Syria.
21 of February 2017 Footage shows Syrian Army Elephant rockets targeting besieged al-Waer district, Homs, Syria.
21 of February 2017 #EuphratesShield forces withdrew from North-North East parts of Zamzam district after they were able to advance there following fierce clashes with ISIS
21 of February 2017 Report from (failed) Kurdish YPG assault on FSA positions north of Azaz
21 of February 2017 SDF fighter sits near anti-tank missiles in northern Deir al-Zor province ahead of an offensive against ISIS militants
21 of February 2017 ANHA reports of Turkish army/Free Syrian Army shelling of SDF/YPG-held regions of Tall Rifa'at and Sheikh Issa, northern Aleppo, Syria.
21 of February 2017 Islamic State's "Khalid Bin Walid Army" killed/executed about 110 Free Syrian Army fighters in western Daraa province - with dozens still missing.
21 of February 2017 A technical with a Dushka was seized by Syrian rebels from IS-affiliate Jaysh Khalid Bin Walid on the Adawan front, north-west Daraa, Syria.
21 of February 2017 A total of 850 new fighters have been recruited to Hasaka's self defence forces (HXP)
21 of February 2017 Rebels seized back the Dam of Adwan from J. Khalid Ibn Walid, while clashes still raging on edges of the village.
21 of February 2017 Intense Assad government air strikes across Syria today. Most on Hama and East-West Ghouta
21 of February 2017 IS claiming a tank, BMP and guns destroyed SW of Palmyra in continued heavy clashes.
21 of February 2017 Round 3 with the Iranian IRAM claimed to contain chlorine in Ghouta area of Damascus
21 of February 2017 SAA soldiers are 5 km away from the triangle of Palmyra
21 of February 2017 U.N. warns of catastrophic Tabqa dam failure in Raqqa battle


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