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21 3月 2018

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#OliveBranch forces took control over Kimar after clashes with YPG/pro government militias
At 10:07 today 21 Mar 18 a Russian Su34 aircraft dropped a bomb on a school in Kafr Batikh (near Saraqueb, Idlib). The children evacuated to a nearby underground shelter which was bombed in a second strike minutes later. 16 children were killed, together with 3 women and 1 man.
The children, as listed below, were mostly aged 7-9 years old. The youngest was 3.
At least 22 civilians were killed, most of them are children in airstrikes on Kafr Battikh in Idlib
Russia defense ministry's official was quoted saying Assad Foreign Ministry had informed Moscow that tons of poisonous substances had been found after retaking territories from Syria rebels.
"Unacceptable what is happening in Afrin" Merkel's strongest wording yet on Turkey's military action in Syria stops short of condemnation, declaring it illegal unter
Merkel strongly condemns the military campaign targeting the East Ghouta (especially because of the Russian position)
3 時 前
Turkish FM: 'It will not be enough for YPG to retreat from Manbij. There will be other cities after Manbij.'
Aircrafts bomb Al Lataminah area in North Hama
Aircrafts bomb Al Lataminah area in North Hama
3 時 前
FM Çavuşoğlu: Turkey and US came to an understanding regarding Syria's Manbij, did not reach an agreement
German foreign ministry spokesman says , on Turkish action in Afrin, international law must be upheld
FSA forces shoot down government drone as it was scanning the northern part of Al-Lujah district, rural northeast Daraa
Cemetery of killed YPG fighters in Afrin
#AfrinOp: lots of IEDs used by YPG to set up booby-traps in Afrin-city dismantled by Olive Branch forces.
Intensive clashes between Turkish-backed FSA and government militia in Kimar and Barad villages, South to Afrin, West to Nubl and Zahra
E. Ghouta: government/Russia also used incendiary weapons to thwart another counter-attack by Jaish Islam in farms of Mesraba last night.
Eastern Damascus: town of Irbeen hit last night by several incendary raids using the RBK-500 ZAB 2.5CM bomb. Ghouta
Israel defence minister says 2007 Syria strike message to enemies
Footage: Israel reveals it blew up Assad's nuclear reactor in 2007
Ending a decade of silence, Israel confirms it blew up Assad's nuclear reactor
Russian dropping cluster bombs on rural Idlib villages.
Zakaria Al Khalil Battalion commander Hanthal Abu Tha'er, Hassan Khalil Al Khalil, Ali Hassan Khalil, Mustafa Darwish were killed in Turkish strike in North Aleppo, also many wounded
Syrian government forces killed 2 civilians in al Latamena town in Hama suburbs
#AfrinOp: YPG drilling equipment (boring machines) uncovered by #OliveBranch forces.
Government artillery is bombing Olive Branch positions on Al-Ahlam Mount and in Basutah
S. Idlib: a dozen civilians including children were killed today when airstrikes targeted their Internally Displaced People (IDP) camp near Hass.
East Ghouta: T-90A in Hazah farms today.
Footage showing Jaish Islam repelling government on Mesraba front (East Ghouta).
Free Syrian Army forces control Jabal al-Ahlam south of Afrin after fighting with the YPG militia
Turkish army is attacking with heavy artillery the villages Sifteke and Zirave in western of Kobane
Mortars from Ghouta landed in Mezzeh Damascus
29 people killed when a rocket that was fired by rebels hit a market in Damascus: State TV
Eastern Damascus: Jaish Islam clashing with government on Mesraba front (farms S. of Duma).
22 時 前
Putin and Trump discussed Syria and Ukraine
A bomb-loaded car exploded in Bab
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