Map. History of Syria conflict

19 January 2018
YPG deploy 1000 fighters on Syrian-Turkish border. As tension mounting.
Lavrov denies news of the withdrawal of Russian observers from Afrin
Heavy clashes reported near the village of Shankil(near the Turkish border. Iska and Jalamah were targeted by Turkish army.
US trying to create alternative govt in swathes of Syrian land – Lavrov on Afrin crisis
Russian FM: U.S. efforts to set up local forces in Syria contradicts territorial integrity of country
Combat on the Shahba frontline, involving DShK, 80mm and 120mm mortars. Turkish-backed forces is attacking. Kurds have their first KIA
53 分 前
Turkish officials in Kilis, on the border with Syria, have prevented Rudaw Media Network from covering Turkish military movements in the area. In Northern Syria , the ruling PYD has likewise denied Rudaw entry to Afrin, upholding a pre-existing ban on Rudaw in the region.
YPG: Turkish army tried to enter Afrin crosing the border in Baliya village of Bilbilê district. YPG YPJ retaliated immediately, troops withdrew in their armored vehicles.
Lavrov: The UN announced a new round of Geneva talks after we set the date for the Sochi congress on Syria
Islamic State announced a new major-offensive against the SDF forces inside the Deir Ezzor province
Lavrov: All the conferences on Syria are integrated with each other in order to reach a political solution
SDF has launched an Operation called "hunting the wolves" a defensive operation so far against Turkey and Euphrates Shield FSA, possible to expand to be an offensive operation against Euphrates Shield areas
Fire exchange between Turkey-backed fighters and Jaysh al-Thuwar in the village Ziwan of Shahba area
New Report from Russian Reporter after talking to several insiders and High ranking Kurdish Commander - News about Russia Withdrawing looks to be true
Reports of 2 killed and 5 wounded civilians in shelling near Al Bab
Turkish warplanes in the sky of the Al Bab city now and more than 25 rockets from the Turkish Army targets YPG's in Shaalah
New footage from Afrin
US officials tell CNN that US troops continue overt patrols near Manbij, Syria. Officials say Turkish-backed rebels in the area regularly fire on these patrols and US forces occasionally return fire. One official said US troops in the Manbij area came under fire "in the last week"
US closely watching Turkish for launch of incursion into northern Syria, a development that US officials believe could undermine the fight against ISIS, spark a regional clash, and throw diplomatic relations with NATO ally into chaos. A potential crisis on shutdown weekend.
Senior US State Dep official also says US military assistance to the SDF has changed following the Raqqa operation, because there isn't a need for the heavily armed forces, need is a force that will provide basic security
Turkey-backed FSA Euphrates Shield commander: 'Delay in Afrin Afrin op due to "bad weather". FSA put on high alert as of this afternoon. Op likely to kickoff 0700 tomorrow, unless sthing changed on international scene'
Eastern Damascus: Faylaq Rahman took out an up-armoured bulldozer while defeating a government attempt to advance on Irbeen front.
SAA continue advance in Southern Aleppo. T-72M1 with Sarab-1 APS, D-20 152mm, BM-21 Grad and Gvozdikas moving forward.
Turkish army begins bombarding Tal Rifat, Sheikh Issa, Kafrnasih, Harbul Zawyan
Deir al-Zour Eastern countryside: The government forces and allied militias allow the people of the city of Al Buqamal and the towns of Sukkariyah and al-Hamdan in the towns of Harri and Suwayyah to return to their homes.
Efrîn: A russian delegation from Kafr Jannah is visiting multiple front lines between SDF and Turkish-backed Rebels to monitor and document the bombing of villages.
4 時 前
Nasrallah: Their true intentions are exposed. Syria responded and its condemnation is known. Is there agreement with Iraqi Gov? I don't know
4 時 前
Nasrallah: I tell the US, you don't want IS to return then don't make them return. Iraqis and Syrians are capable of dealing with IS
4 時 前
Nasrallah: I have said before, US is using IS to further its own policies. They are using IS to return to Iraq and stay in Syria
4 時 前
Nasrallah: Tillerson announced that US is remaining in Iraq and Syria. Why are you staying? Didn't you say objective was only to defeat IS?
4 時 前
Nasrallah: + black list which affects Arab countries dealings with certain companies/people. Lebanon and Syria abide and others should cont. to
DeirEzzor: ISIS attacked locations for SDF near of al-Sha'fah town
Turkey is a partner of the @coalition against the Islamic State (IS) and a NATO ally, but their bombardments on the Syrian Kurdish city of Afrin in the north remains a concern, @OIRSpox said
Turkish artillery bombing YPG sites in Afrin5 時 前
Turkish artillery bombing YPG sites in Afrin
FSA will deploy 5000 soldiers for 1st Stage of Afrin operation
5 時 前
More than 70 artillery shell were launched toward Afrin by the Turkish army since morning
Artillery shelling on Al Latamenah city in Northern Hama
Artillery shelling on Al Latamenah city in Northern Hama
Al-Mayadeen says Russian troops have not withdrawn and have set up new observation points in Tell 'Ajar east of Afrin
Turkish army is shelling with heavy weapons once again the village Zor Maghar, 30 km western of Kobanê
The Syrian Free Army destroyed an armored military bulldozer on the Arbin front
Turkish Anadolu Agency claims Russian military patrols withdrew from Afrin, ahead of imminent Turkish military intervention.
8 bodies were found at the Lebanon-Syria-n border crossing in Masna'a (east Lebanon). It appears that the 8 Syrians froze to death after crossing the border6 時 前
8 bodies were found at the Lebanon-Syria-n border crossing in Masna'a (east Lebanon). It appears that the 8 Syrians froze to death after crossing the border
"Syrian National Army" convoy heading towards Afrin border from all over Euphrates Shield area.
Syria pro-gov forces have captured Qaytal village from rebel groups in southern Aleppo. While pocket basically already in place, phsyical connection not finished yet between gov forces
The US-led coalition conducted 59 strikes targeting ISIS near Abu Kamal, Syria from 12-18 January, hitting ISIS weapons caches, HQs and drones
KORAL Land Based Electronic Warfare system on the border, Afrin.7 時 前
KORAL Land Based Electronic Warfare system on the border, Afrin.
Turkish army shelling YPG positions in Afrin
Syria: Qamishli, Suwayda and Idlib provinces.
Turkish army starts to hit targets in Afrin, Syria8 時 前
Turkish army starts to hit targets in Afrin, Syria
YPG: We will respond strongly to any attack on Afrin
Turkish army heavily bombarding Afrin since yesterday night - YPG
Operation Cizire Storm: 51 ISIS members killed
9 時 前
Turkish Defense Minister: Afrin military operation has already begun through artillery shelling across the border.
9 時 前
Turkish DM: We have all the information available regarding the number of YPG fighters, weapons systems and locations in Afrin.
9 時 前
A military force consist of 20 buses have crossed Syrian border, will head to Azaz. amid speculation over Afrin operation.
Defense Minister Canikli: Turkey will carry out a military operation against the YPG in Afrin; Russia will withdraw all its military assets from there and all terror lines in northern Syria will be destroyed9 時 前
Defense Minister Canikli: "Turkey will carry out a military operation against the YPG in Afrin; Russia will withdraw all its military assets from there and all terror lines in northern Syria will be destroyed"
Turkish-backed Syrian rebels are prepared to launch the Afrin operation
9 時 前
Turkish Defense Minister: operation in Afrin is needed without any delay
9 時 前
Turkish Defense Minister: We will conduct a military operation in Afrin, Syria
9 時 前
Turkish Defense Minister: "We have no choice but to eliminate terrorist elements in northern Syria"
@OIRSpox: Coalition presence in Syria is related to political decision, demolishing ISIS.
@OIRSpox: We will continue our support to SDF fighters.
@OIRSpox: The new military formation in northern Syria is to prevent ISIS fighters to go back to Europe, Turkey.
[email protected]: We appreciate SDF sacrifices in the fight against ISIS.
[email protected]: Our main aim is to fight ISIS in Iraq and Syria.
Preparations for possible Afrin operation are ongoing
10 時 前
Video: Combat Footage Of SAA clashes with HTS Near Abu Adduhur Airbase
Video: Combat Footage Of SAA clashes with HTS Near Abu Adduhur Airbase
12 時 前
A German rapper turned Islamic State fighter who reportedly married the FBI translator hired to spy on him has been killed in an airstrike in Syria
Airwars: Syria casualties outnumbered Iraq's by nearly 3x in 2017 largely due to Raqqa campaign. Between 2,786 and 4,374 civilians likely killed compared to 641-1,038 likely deaths in 2016.
12 people were injured in shelling on Azaz
YPG shelled Azaz with artillery
Dayr Balut was targeted by Turkish army today
US Department of State: Secretary Tillerson will travel to London, Paris, Davos, and Warsaw Jan. 21-27 for bilateral meetings to discuss global issues of mutual concern including Iran, Syria, Libya, Lebanon, DPRK, and Ukraine. In Davos, the Secretary will join @POTUS and the U.S. delegation to @wef.
#US State Department calls on #Turkey not to deploy forces to Afrin in #Syria
Syria: At least 15 civilians killed, 35 wounded in multiple heavy Russian and government airstrikes across rebel-held parts of Idlib and Aleppo since this morning.
ISIS has captured Rasm Al-Dhaba, Al-Muwaylah, Abu Ajwa, Muakar Shamali, Rasm Al-Basl, Tawrat, Mushirifah, Rasm Arira, Qarat Rubua', Thaniyat Al-Sawan, Zaghir, Abu Mahalah, Al-Hanin, Al-Janina, Al-Khatabiyah, Luwaybidah, Al-Jadidah, Nafha, Andarin, Al-Samaqiyah, Huma, Najm Al-Zuhur, Umm Qurun, Al-Mashulkhiyah, Al-Halibiyah, Al-Salihiyah, Abu Khanadiq, Umm Aj, Malihah Saghirah, Awijat Al-Qana from HTS in Northeast Hama countryside and Southwest Aleppo countryside
US State Department Commenting on Turkey's intention to intervene in Afrin in Syria: We call on Ankara to take no action of this kind
After Kobane and Afrin, Turkish troops have attacked the YPG positions in the Zuhairiya and Kharab Rashik villages, Derik region. YPG fighters responded to the attack -ANHA