Map. History of Syria conflict

16 December 2017
Russian and French foreign ministers discuss situation in Syria in phone conversation - Russian ministry
Hmeimim Center: US-led international coalition cooperates with remaining militants in Syria
Syrian Arab Army and Allies take control of Al Zahraa and Al Hawiya farms north of Zafiriya in Idlib Cs.
Photos from the city of Deir Al-Zour showing the extent of the damage due clashes
Unknown location
FSA commander Fares Bauosh comments in solidarity with Palestinians
East Syria: Al-Quds Brigade announces death of its commander in charge of DeirEzzor fronts during ISIS assault on Ramadi axis.
US Department of State: We commend @UNGeneva Special Envoy for Syria and his team for their efforts in latest round of Syria talks. The United States urges all parties to work seriously toward political resolution to this conflict or face continued isolation and instability indefinitely in Syria.
SE. Idlib: battle ongoing tonight SE. of Abu Dali with heavy airstrikes and artillery bombardment. government trying to seize Tell Khinzir after takeover of nearby Tell Syriatel.
Secretary Mattis: "I have no reservation nor has the President ever evidenced any push-back when I bring up Russia in a national security context and obviously this has come up whether it be in Syria or NATOI have not seen this shyness, including over at the White House"
FSA Free Idlib Army declare they are ready to aid the Syrian Interim Government if subjected to any aggression by the HTS-backed Syrian Salvation Government
11 HTS leaders defect back to al-Qaeda, citing loyalty to their existing oath of allegiance (bayat)
Video showing blaze raging in village of Abu Tinah after hit by an incendiary bomb near border with Hama and Aleppo prov. Tell Khinzir also reportedly hit by incendiary raid tonight.
[email protected] response: "The recurrent pattern of misleading and false official statements from Russian government sources is unhelpful and does nothing to advance Russia's stated goals of ridding Syria of ISIS and other terrorist organizations"
Turkish military chief meets Russian counterpart Gen. Hulusi Akar meets with Gen. Valery Gerasimov in Turkish capital Ankara
SE. Aleppo: airstrikes on Jebal Hoss' villages and aftermath.
SDF have captured Abu Hardub East of Deir-ez-Zur
President also boasts about the "tremendous success now with getting rid of ISIS in Iraq and Syria." Says he let US forces "do their job." "You don't have to call the White House when you're getting ready to fightNot anymore. Not anymore."
Moment when RuAF dropped an incendiary bomb (RBK-500 ZAB 2.5CM) on Um Zahmak, a Rebel-held village next to front with ISIS in NE. Hama countryside.
Incendiary bombs are back. And the 1st village hit (Rebel-held, Um Zahmak) is precisely next to frontline with ISIS (NE. Hama). Syria
SAA captured Tell Syriatel after hit and run battles, Idlib
Syrian-Kurdish units (YAT) say they caught 2 Saudi and 6 French nationals as they sought to slip into Turkey
SW. Damascus: battle for control of hills E. of Maghar Al-Mir continued all day long without government advance. Tell Ziyat remains under Rebel control, heavily bombed this evening.
Amidst blockade on East Qalamoun (basic supplies like sugar and flour are prevented from entering by government checkpoints) warplanes flying at low altitude over town of Ruhaybah.
SDF is attempting to storm Hajin
Syria Source: Ahrar Al Sham and others join battles in North Eastern rural Hama
Britain has arrested four people under terrorism finance laws for selling a newspaper run by supporters of the anti-IS coalition's Kurdish ally (YPG) in Syria
Russia Ministry of Defense says Pentagon and @POTUS have contrasting views with regard to whether ISIS has been defeated in Iraq and Syria
East Syria: among several Iranians killed by ISIS past days North of AbuKemal, Mehdi Qareh Muhamadi belonged to IRGC Elite Saberin Battalion.
@obretix: Lineup of 41 RuAF jets at Hmeymim air base in Latakia prior to their withdrawal: 3 MiG-29, 8 Su-24, 6 Su-25, 6 Su-27/35, 4 Su-30, 14 Su-34 + 2 IL-76 cargo planes, 2 IL-20/22, 2 An-26, A-50 and Syrian A320 [YK-AKE] (2017-11-30)
Seven members of PKK/PYD arrested by Turkish Gendarmerie in Akçakale after attempting to cross the border into Tal Abyad. Five detainees are Syrian origin.
Coalition says it conducted 5 strikes near At Tanf Wednesday, hitting ISIS fighters, 3 ISIS vehicles, 4 cave entrances and a tactical vehicle