Map. History of Syria conflict

21 August 2017
Police in Munich have raided the home of a left-wing activist who posted the flag of Kurdish militia YPG to Facebook
Photos: clashes with ISIS in Eastern Homs on Deir-ez-Zur border
Hayet Tahrir AlSham arrested media activist Ali al Mar’ei near Hazareen village in Idlib on Aug 20
Unknown location
FSA Eastern Lions Army rebels release details about Assad government pilot (Ali from Homs governorate), show pilot receiving medical treatment
RoRo Cargo Alexsandr Tkachenko delivered firefight and crane vehicles to Tartous Syria returning to Novorossiysk Russia
SAA Tiger forces Storm Tiebh village and the clashes inside it . Tiger forces may capture the village tonight .
SAA Tiger forces advance to Surround ISIS in Second area north Sokhneh. SAA Tiger forces capture the mount around Tiebh village
SAA captured Taybeh North of Suknah, Eastern Homs
FSA groups of North Syria declare their support of FSA Southern Front groups in the Badia launching a campaign to capture Deir Ez Zor. Groups listed include Sham Legion and JAI, seen as a significant sign of continuing to adopt FSA symbolism over former Islamist identity
Al-Qa'qa Brigades reportedly strike again, killing 8 Islamic State fighters in an Albukamal ambush
224,000+ people displaced from the Raqqa area since April. Up to 25,000 trapped inside city as fighting intensifies.
Latakia: HTS has blown up an government forces tent in Northern Latakia today.
ISIS English claim says 40+ killed during @coalition bombing on Raqqah city today
Two ISIS statements appeared from Western Qalamoun, with 100 soldiers of Lebanese army and Hezbollah claimed dead
IS claims suicide bombing attack against Syrian Arab Army near Humaymah in Homs.
A new group of fighters concluded their military training to join MFS
SAA 4th Division 16X MRLS.
IS reports about one of the "biggest massacres" committed by the US air force since the beginning of the Raqqa offensive saying that more than 40 Raqqah residents have been killed as a result of American bombing in Badu neighbourhood where the US allegedly 'levelled a building to the ground leaving all the bodies still under the rubble'.
Reports circulating that SAA and allies fully control Humaymah town
Brett McGurk: "Excellent meetings with sheikhs of all major tribes in Raqqa Province, committed to destroying ISIS and restoring life to their communities."
The Syrian army and its allies control the entire town of Humaymah in the eastern Homs countryside near the administrative border of Deir al-Zour
SAA Tiger forces captured Tell syriatel which overlook Al-Taybah village
Faylaq al-Rahman condemns the attack on the Fairgrounds in Damascus and says it is a continuation of the Syrian government's crimes against civilians throughout the country and is being used to sway opinions against recent agreements of Faylaq al-Rahman with Russia. Also asserting this attack is being used to justify bombardment of civilians in eastern Ghouta.
Aleppo: YPG/SDF military commander Maher Al-Awni defected with a number of fighters to Turkey-backed FSA forces near Manbij.
East Damascus: Retaliatory strikes by 4th Division on Jobar with IRAM rockets after ceasefire brokered with Russia.
East Syria: Umpteenth assault by pro-Gov forces to take few buildings of Humaymah hamlet (back-forth since weeks with IS).
Rocket fire at Damascus trade fair kills five: monitor
The FSA repelled an infiltration attempt by the SAA at Abu el-Zandin village, west of al-Bab.
Faylaq al-Rahman reply to Jaysh al-Islam: Withdraw from positions taken by force and give back 60+ tons of military supplies. Damascus.
Assad: Syria sees any Turkish soldier on its soil as a “attacker”.
President of Syria Bashar al-Assad says 'we don't see Turkey as a partner, and don't trust them.'
After FaR joined Russian agreement in E Ghouta: Jaish al-Islam ends military ops against FaR and calls on them to break ties with HTS
Car Blast Hits Syrian Port City of Latakia