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17 มีนาคม 2018

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1 hour ago
U.S. has formed cruise missile strike groups in East Mediterranean, Persian Gulf and Red Sea for possible strike at Syria - Russian general staff
Government block Kurds access to Aleppo city and force them to camp in its northern countryside
Kafr Batna and Saqba in eastern Ghouta have fallen to government forces. Terrified civilians are fleeing toward government areas through the Hamouriya crossing, others to Ein Terma, still rebel-held.
SOHR: Harasta witnesses the displacement of the first batch of citizens and the government forces advance into KafrBatna and the bombardment raises the number of casualties to 1400 citizens including 450 children and women
1 NDF fighter killed on Brouma farms axis in Fuah-Kafraya after repelling HTS infiltration attempt leaving many dead + weapons captured.
Pics from the captured Rayhan town east of Douma in East Ghouta
The Syrian Free Army forces control the Ashqan Sharqi in the Jenderees region
The Free Syrian Army forces control the villages of Jekali Jawum and Khaltani Gharbi in the Jenderees region of the countryside of Afrin after fighting with the YPG militia
The Syrian army is in control of 40% of Saqba in East Ghouta, operations continuing
Syrian military source says 10k civilians exited from East Ghouta today while Russian MoD says total number is 44k since start of ceasefire.
Olive Branch forces captured Shurkan/Catanli near Mirkan.
The Free Syrian Army forces control the village of Shoran in the Shaikh al-Hadid axis
While conducting a patrol in pursuit of ISIS North of Jabl al Garb, US Forces and the MaT were fired upon by the Russia-n backed Pro government outposts. They used artillery rounds, some landing as close as 200 meters, and neither US or MaT retaliated
Video from the ground showing damage at Afrin hospital
Damage at Afrin hospital
A humanitarian disaster in all cities and towns across besieged Eastern Ghouta. Dozens of civilians were killed and hundreds injured after the brutal air raids on Zamaleka and Ein Terma cites.
SAA Tiger Forces capture Farabi School N of Rayhan and large farms area NE of town
AfrinOp: Western district of Afrin-city.
AfrinOp: OliveBranch forces took Afrin Central Prison in SW. outskirts. In city seems post-YPG era started, YPG buildings/warehouses are burned and looted.
Eastern Damascus: footage showing Hamouriyah battle. government backed by Russia|n firepower advancing in SW. part of Ghouta from E. and S. fronts.
The Free Syrian Army forces control the villages of Jattal Qabo and Shiekh Obasi on the Rajo axis
YPG start retreating from Afrin city center after they abandoned and burned their HQs in the city.
Kafarbatna has fallen. government almost in complete control of town. Another exodus being reported.
NW. Aleppo: Turkish troops entered Syria to set up a new position in Anadan area.
Tatara has been captured.
Free Syrian Army forces control the village of Tatara in the axis of Sheikh El-Hadid in the countryside of Afrin after fighting with the YPG
FSA forces control the village of Amiriya in the axis of Sheikh Al-Hadid
FSA forces control the villages of Ain al-Hagar al-Kabeer, al-Sagir and Umu, northwest of Afrin
Images of Afrin hospital from Turkish UAV this morning
Turkish army showing UAV video of Afrin main hospital today at 09:43. Any visible images of destruction or attack
Air strikes on Syria's Ghouta kill 30 civilians: monitor
The convoy of the TSK is going to the Anak mountain in the north of Aleppo.
New Turkish military convoy entered Syria, new observation point will be established at Anadan, Aleppo
Video: big fire in residential building in Douma
Video: big fire in residential building in Douma
FSA and Turkish army troops captured Jaqa Lillu and Bati Haltanli village
8 hour ago
Turkish army announced the neutralization of 3567 elements of the YPG forces since the start of the "Olive Branch"
Hama Now correspondent: Airplanes launch air raids around the city of Murak.
Syria Airstrikes on Maarrat al-Numan in Idlib
More than 150,000 flee Syria's Afrin since Wednesday evening: monitor
Turkish army: militants are burning vehicles in Afrin city center.
TAF destroyed a YPG military machines south of Tal Abyad in Raqqa
US Department of State: We share the concern of the @UN on the humanitarian situation in Syria. No excuse for attacks on civilian targets. We continue to call on all to adhere to UNSCR 2401, protect civilians and avoid escalation. Stay focused on defeating ISIS.
18 hour ago
Turkish Army denies YPG accusations of attack on 'main hospital' in Afrin city.
Eastern Damascus: Jaish Islam announces the reactivation of its 9K33 Osa system and hit a SyAF chopper with one missile.
Remarkable joint statement from Eastern Ghouta as al-Rahman Corps, Jaysh al-Islam and AhrarAlSham all describe themselves as FSA and emphasize several points including the right to defend their people and the rejection of forced displacement
Jaysh Al Islam spox claims its OSA air defence system is 'operational again' and has damaged a helicopter.
Jaish al Islam announces the downing of a helicopter belonging to the pro-Assad forces in the eastern Ghouta with short-range tactical surface-to-air missile system OSA
20 hour ago
President Erdoğan holds phone conversations with NATO Chief Stoltenberg and Ukrainian President Poroshenko
The airstrike number 45 on Harasta city by Russian air-forces for today, most of the airstrikes were with 6 missiles, over 45 ground-to-ground missiles also were dropped on the city, in addition to 17 explosive barrels from the helicopters of SyAF. Eastern Ghouta
Dr Joan Shitika, head of Afrin hospital. "Numbers of these killed in Avrin hospital raised to 15."
The moment targeting the cities and towns of the eastern Ghouta with the explosive barrel and the air raids
The moment targeting the cities and towns of the eastern Ghouta with the explosive barrel and the air raids
Syrian Observatory: 9 dead in a Turkish raid on the main hospital in Afrin
National Defence repelled infiltration from Jamrin to Quraya town in Suwayda
Turkish military backed FSA's Sultan Murad Division is at the entrance of Syria's Afrin city after clashes with YPG
JTS fighters tour inside the village of Blanta after repelling the HTS assault rural West Aleppo
AfrinOp: Olive Branch forces captured 5 Konkurs from YPG/J, so far the biggest seizure of ATGMs in Afrin area since start of Offensive.
UN: Families in Afrin are relying on "untreated water and boreholes" after Turkish-led forces destroyed water infrastructure, putting about 250,000 people at risk of waterborne disease.
Nearly 48000 displaced from Afrin in the last few days, as Turkish offensive mount across the region.
UK, France and Germany propose new sanctions on Iran that relate to its ballistic missiles program and to is role in Syria, for keeping Trump in the nuclear deal: document seen by Reuters
23 hour ago
After finalizing the establishment of observer points in Syria's Idlib province as part of the Astana process for de-escalation zones, the Turkish army could head to the Manbij region, which is under the control of US backed YPG -Turkish President Erdogan
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