Map. History of Syria conflict

19 يناير 2020
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SecDef Mattis says US calling Russia to support the Geneva Process on Syria it's eventually in Russia's best interest to not keep Syria the "cauldron of violence that it is now"
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SecDef Mattis says SDF in Syria is about 50 percent Kurd and 50 percent Arab
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Mattis: I think Assad will have to be managed out of power.
South Syria: ISIS released 1st ever photos confirming use of ATGMs since battle for Safa Volcanic Field started 76 days ago. One tank and a bulldozer taken out (28th Oct.).1 سنة منذ
South Syria: ISIS released 1st ever photos confirming use of ATGMs since battle for Safa Volcanic Field started 76 days ago. One tank and a bulldozer taken out (28th Oct.).
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Ceasefire reached between Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and the National Liberation Front after heavy clashes between the factions in western Aleppo today.
Alleged Iraqi airstrikes targeted the Baghuz town, the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside.
#Syria: #HTS controls Kfar Hamra and accuses Zinki and Ahrar of killing 2 of its scholars later on HTS in north west #Aleppo fronts with the Syrian army as reported from the ground sources
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Heavy air activity at Diyarbakir airbase
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A member of local Kurdish defense forces killed in Turkish shelling on Tal Abyad area, near Kobane
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ANHA reports Turkish army vehicle fired at 21:00 from military vehicle towards Tal Abyad border gate. One member of self-defense was killed, other injured
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1 killed, another injured in Turkish shelling on Tell Abida in North Raqqa
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SOHR: The government forces violate the truce between the Turks and the Russians once again targeting the demilitarized zone in the northern sector of Lattakia countryside
HTS has captured Kafr Hamra from NFL
RUAF Tu-154 RA85559 from Chkalovsky to Hmeymim, Latakia1 سنة منذ
RUAF Tu-154 RA85559 from Chkalovsky to Hmeymim, Latakia
Reinforcements from Hasakah and Manbij and Raqqa and Deir Ez Zor are arriving at the ISIS-Held Hajin pocket,in preparations to launch the offensive
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ديرالزور_الباغوز الطيران العراقي يواصل إلقاء المنشورات على مواقع تنظيم الدولة ISIS في ريف ديرالزور الشرقي لليوم الثاني على التوالي و يطالب فيها عناصر التنظيم بالاستسلام.
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Aleppo: The NLF controls Sheikh Khader Hill near the city of Anadan in the northern Aleppo countryside after clashes with HTS.
SDF released the video today of its operations near Hajin They constantly shelled IS positions on the outskirts of town SE Deir ez-Zur
الجبهة الوطنية للتحرير تسيطر على تلة الشيخ خضر جنوب مدينة عندان بريف حلب بعد اشتباكات مع هيئة تحرير الشام .
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ناشطون: اشتباكات بين هيئة تحرير الشام والجبهة الوطنية للتحرير على محور تلة الشيخ شمال حلب
Deir ez-Zur: The international coalition sent military reinforcements accompanied by 300 SDF fighters coming from Kobane city towards the eastern countryside.
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انشقاق مجموعتين من ميليشيا الوحدات الكردية عددهم 18 عنصر وانضمامهم لتنظيم داعش بعد التنسيق معهم خلال المعارك الدائرة شرق دير_الزور .
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Joint US-Turkey military patrols in the vicinity of Manbij, Syria, will begin "in a matter of days" three US defense officials tell CNN
#HayatTahrirAlSham arrested Omar al Helou in Darat Azza city in Aleppo suburbs
The US-led Coalition reports more than 180 airstrikes in the past week, almost all against ISIS remnants in eastern Syria. That's more strikes than @CJTFOIR conducted for all of July and August combined.
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Turkish Defense Minister Akar: we will go after Eastern Euphrates after work on Manbij completed
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Turkish Defense Minister Akar on common patrol with the US in Manbij: The training process is completed, today-tomorrow we will start the patrolling
Recent footage of the SDF fighting ISIS in their lost pocket in Hajin. Apparently a key commander from the battle for Kobane has been sent to Hajin to oversee operations.1 سنة منذ
Recent footage of the SDF fighting ISIS in their lost pocket in Hajin. Apparently a key commander from the battle for Kobane has been sent to Hajin to oversee operations.
Syria's FM Al-Muallem: "Heavily armed militants still present in Idlib demilitarized zine. It's a sign Turkey is unwilling to fulfill its obligations. Syrian coordination with Russia, Turkey over Idlib is temporary and Syria retains right to take back all of its land"
Protest today at Majdal Shams to boycott the Israeli-imposed municipal elections in the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights
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هام وزير الخارجية التركي مولود جاويش أوغلو : اتفاق إدلب يسير وفق الخطة ولا مشاكل في تنفيذه . تركيا يونيوز .
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Turkey will never allow those who want to drag Syria into chaos by inciting the government or reviving Daesh in region, says President Erdogan
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Circles using terror groups as tools to reach their goals are trying to revive Daesh, says Turkey's Erdogan. 'Neither people in region nor world believe in Daesh game'
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A Kremlin spokesman on Tuesday said that Turkey is fulfilling its obligations on the demilitarized zone in Syria's Idlib, referring to the deal brokered between Russian President Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.
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أردوغان: أكملنا خططنا بشأن شرق الفرات وقريباً سننفذ عمليات أوسع نطاقاً بالمنطقة
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الرئيس التركي: سنشن المزيد من العمليات الفعالة ضد الجماعات المسلحة قريبا
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أردوغان يعلن أن تركيا بدأت تدخلا ضد جماعات مسلحة بمنطقة شرق الفرات في سوريا خلال الأيام الماضية
ومباشر طائرات F16 العراقية تدمر عجلة محملة بعناصر التنظيم في الجانب السوري بمنطقة الباغوز المحاذية للقائم
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Turkey's Erdogan says will destroy terror structures in Syria east of Euphrates River
إدلب : توتر ونشر حواجز بين هيئة تحرير الشام وحركة أحرار الشام في محيط بنش وحيش
Between Oct. 21-Oct. 27, U.S.-led coalition military forces conducted 184 air and artillery strikes targeting ISIS near Hajin, Syria
الحسكة قوات قسد SDF تشيع 7 قتلى جدد لها قضوا في معارك ديرالزور ضد تنظيم الدولة ISIS .
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مشاهد جوية لمخيم أطمة شمال إدلب
مشاهد جوية لمخيم أطمة شمال إدلب
قوات النظام تقصف بالهاون الأراضي الزراعية جنوب اللطامنة شمال حماة
OmarOilFiel/Suhayl: Video shows the SVBIED attack conducted by a Kurdish IS militant who goes by the name 'Abu Anas Al-Kurdi'. He targeted an American and SDF convoy at the road between Suhayl City and the Omar oil fields at the E. Deir Ezzor desert.
PM Mahdi orders ISOF supported by Armored and Mechanized forces to secure the border with Syria opposite from Baghuz
ديرالزور_الجورة مقتل (3) أشخاص لم تعرف هويتهم بعد، بإطلاق نار من دورية للأمن العسكري على سيارة كانوا يستقلونها قرب مبنى البريد الجديد بحي الجورة في مدينة ديرالزور . منقول
مقتل مدني وإصابة أخر من قرية كوليا فوقاني بريف مدينة عفرين إثر انفجار لغم أرضي من مخلفات وحدات حماية الشعب الكردية
ISIS attacking Al Bukamal city in Syria that is on the border with Iraq Anbar province
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It's propaganda
White Helmets started filming fake chemical weapons attack in Idlib - @mod_russia
E. Syria: for the 2nd time this year pro-Assad forces led by Al-Quds Brigade and 11th Armored Division are preparing to launch sweeping operations to clear SE. Homs desert from ISIS presence (T-3 - T-2 - Iraqi border).
Baghuz/Albukamal: First unconfirmed reports are coming in and claiming that IS has used an ATGM missile against an Iraqi Army pickup stationed at the Iraqi-Syrian border which resulted in the killing of 4 Iraqi soldiers. Official IS sources did not confirm this report yet.
YPG Commander Jiya Kobani has arrived to the ISIS-Hajin Pocket to oversee the incoming SDF offensive on it
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Daesh Moata reports about IED attack on SDF patrol SW of Hasakah
Daesh Moata: commander Abdulrahman Muaskarat killed in IED attack near Al Bab in NE Aleppo province
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المندوب الفرنسي في مجلس_الأمن: ظروف العودة الآمنة للاجئين السوريين لم تتحقق بعد سوريا
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المندوب الفرنسي مجلس_الأمن: ينبغي حشد الجهود لحماية المدنيين والعاملين بالمجال الإنساني والطبي سوريا
ثوار مدينة كفرحمرة بريف حلب يمنعون هيئة تحرير الشام من فتح مقر لهم في المدينة، حيث حصل اشتباك بينهم أدى لمقتل إثنين من تحرير الشام وإصابة 5 آخرين، وإصابة إثنين من ثوار كفرحمرة. JNV
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مجلس الأمن يبدأ جلسة لمناقشية تطورات الأوضاع في سوريا
Ahrar al-Sham leader @JaberAliBasha reportedly survived artillery strikes targeting his delegation's position during a visit to Jaish al-Izzeh near Latamineh in northern Hama, Syria.
مراسل : شهيد وجرحى مدنيون جراء قصف لقوات الأسد بالهاون على بلدة حيان بريف حلب الشمالي. سوريا
Artillery shelling and missile attacks were carried out by the government forces on residential neighborhoods of Murk city, Northern Hama
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@MaghaweirThowra commander statement concerning: Rukban humanitarian aid
@MaghaweirThowra commander statement concerning: Rukban humanitarian aid
Ankara's role in North Syria is expanding: From Turkish-language classes for Syrian children to the state-owned Turk Telekom company erecting its first cell towers on Syrian soil. Turkey is also paving roads, renovating mosques and setting up electricity grid.
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Putin names Efimov ambassador to Syria
قوات النظام في حندرات تستهدف بالمدفعية بلدة حيان شمال حلب
Syrian forces found large quantities of weapons, ammunition and some vehicles in the villages of Al-Bariqah, Bir Ajam and other places alongside the border line with the Israeli-controlled Golan. Quneitra
حلب : مقتل شخصين وإصابة آخر بانفجار لغم أرضي غربي مدينة الباب
Syria: government keeps bombing N. Hama countryside with MLRS from Lataminah to W. outskirts of Atshan. A rocket also fell in vicinity of TSK Observation Post near Morek. Russia n drone flying over area.
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SOHR: SDF Special forces continue their preparations to start a new military operation against ISIS east of Euphrates River
Daraa: government forces launched an arrest campaign in the city of Sheikh Miskin, arresting 32 people, including former FSA leaders
Syria: government artillery bombed town of Morek (N. Hama) which was so far spared due to proximity of TSK Observation Post. SE. Idlib countryside also shelled.
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SDF Spokeswoman:Our offensive will continue until the end of ISIS
Baghuz/Albukamal: Picture shows the raised IS flag on the Syriatel mast tower at Jabal Al-Baghuz (Baghuz Mountain).
Popular forces(Hashd) announces state of alert on the Iraqi-Syrian border
مجهولون يختطفون عضوا بمجلس محافظة حماة الحرة في مدينة مورك
Baghuz/Albukamal: Iraqi helicopters are dumping leaflets close to Baghuz Al-Tahtani village in which they demand the militant IS fighters to give up and turn themselves over. Same eyewitness who filmed this said that IS has raised their flags in Baghuz Tahtani.
ديرالزور الجيش العراقي يلقي منشورات ورقية فوق الباغوز والسوسة في ريف البوكمال تدعو عناصر تنظيم داعش لتسليم أنفسهم.
US Air Force RC135V Rivet Joint 64-14841 SILEX21 - Tracking around the eastern Mediterranean Sea1 سنة منذ
US Air Force RC135V Rivet Joint 64-14841 SILEX21 - Tracking around the eastern Mediterranean Sea
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Britain is refusing the return of an NHS doctor detained in Syria by SDF for alleged links to ISIS, amid fears it would be too hard to successfully prosecute him in the UK
وصول قوات خاصة من قسد الى منطقة هجين بدير الزور.
SDF sends YPG forces to replace DMC in the fight against ISIS in Hajin.
In the Turkish shelling, Mohammed Kobani, a conscript from the Self-Defense Forces died, two others were injured1 سنة منذ
In the Turkish shelling, Mohammed Kobani, a conscript from the Self-Defense Forces died, two others were injured
[email protected] spokesperson @shervanderwish says Turkey violates US-Turkish agreement on Manbij
Photos: ISIS assault on SDF positions under cover of sandstorm
ISIS images of clashes at Hajin pocket under cover of sandstorm
Clashes between the forces of the Syrian government and the armed factions north of Aleppo.
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المتحدث باسم الكرملين: موسكو ستطلع السلطات السورية على نتائج قمة اسطنبول الرباعية .
Syriac Military Council, MFS also is sending special forces as reinforcements with the SDF amid ongoing hard battle against ISIS in the various fronts in the Deir ez Zor region for the total liberation of the area and safety of the population with @coalition and @CENTCOM.
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تحليق طيران استطلاع في أجواء سهل الغاب غرب حماة سوريا
US Secretary Mattis: Hard fighting casualties down there on both sides, but we'll continue to go after ISIS in Hajin
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Talks on Syria will be held in Astana in late November - early December - Russian deputy MFA Bogdanov
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قصف مدفعي يستهدف الأراضي الزراعية في محيط مدينة مورك شمال حماة
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