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26 九 2018

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Russian contractors may have been involved in pro-government attack on US military advisers and their partner forces in Syria that led to US counterattack with aircraft and artillery in east of Euphrates. No US wounded.
Akhtarin Media reports clashes between the YPG and FSA near the village of Ablah, close to the town of Akhtarin
SE. Idlib: several pro-Assad fighters captured by Rebels on West Sinjar front.
Latest ISIS propaganda Al Hayat release highlights women fighters for the Islamic State in Syria
For the first time that ISIS official video shows women in battle and praises women for fighting against Kurdish forces in Syria.
10 civilians killed and many injured after more than 14 warplane airstrikes targeted civilians homes in the city of Maart alnooman, in Idlib countryside CivilDefense teams rushed to help the wounded, extinguish the fires and continued the rescue operation
Video showing last clashes between Jaish Al-Nasr and pro-Assad forces in Sarja in SE. Idlib before its takeover tonight.
European official who works on Syria to small group of journalists: "We keep thinking the worst is over in Syria and somehow it keeps getting worse."
Fighters of Syriac Military Council, MFS reached their front and position in the ongoing Afrin battle to the support of SDF forces
Heavy clashes between Hezbollah and HTS militants near Al Khalsah village, just north of Al Ais, where Turkish de-escalation base is located
Turkish Armed forces: Two soldiers in Afrin were killed in an ATGM attack
US Army Lt Gen. Paul E. Funk speaks to the AP at an American outpost in the town of Manbij, Syria, Wednesday, Feb7 2018 The top US general in the coalition fighting the Islamic State group pledged American troops would remain in the town despite Ankara's demands for a US pullout
More than 14 strikes of Russian aircrafts on Maarat Al-Numan in Idlib, using incendiary ammunition
Russian fighter jets have conducted dozens of air raids on Maaret Annuman in rural Idlib, engulfing the city in flames. Entire homes burned to a crisp, others completely demolished. Dead civilians either burned beyond ID or stuck under rubble
Syrian government forces shelled al Kabir Mosque in Zamalka town in Eastern Ghouta in Damascus suburbs
Syrian Army re-captured Ajaz after lost earlier today
Photos from Maarat al Numan As Russian Air Strikes Bombard the city
The family of the pilot who was killed in Syria will get $17500 compensation
SAA Tiger Forces Tigers Men mourning the Death of Field commander of the Sabour groups - Ali Sakour Nicknamed Abou Jaafar who was killed today during the ongoing violent clashes in the area as HTS and TIP launched a fierce attack
U.S. coalition on allegations of Kurdish #YPG chlorine gas attack in #Syria: @CJTFOIR is "aware of but cannot corroborate reports that Kurds in Afrin have employed chemical weapons," says SDF do not use chemical weapons
UAE APC Panther F9 seen with Free idlib Army during an attack on government position in Idlib eastern countryside
Turkistan Islamic Party's mobile 130mm artillery engaged in Idlib. The KrAZ-255 it's based on has rarely appeared during the civil war.
Kuwait and Sweden call for a closed session of the Security Council on the humanitarian situation in Syria
Rural Idlib: FSA forces take control of Ejaz and Sarja in rural south east Idlib after engaging in heavy clashes with SAA and allies
OCHA Syria: Hostilities in northwestern Syria continue to endanger civilians. Recent violence displaced over 300,000 people in Idleb and 15,000-30,000 people in Afrin. Read full report
Warplanes bombed Kafr Zita and Latamenah cities in Northern Hama countryside today
Warplanes bombed Kafr Zita and Latamenah cities in Northern Hama countryside today
The death toll of the bombing of Eastern Ghouta today rise to 34
Photos from the triangle of the three countrysides of Aleppo, Hama and Idlib
Met Police has reportedly charged Jim Matthews, a YPG volunteer who fought ISIS and former soldier who served in Iraq, with terror offence. First such case in UK. (Josh Walker wasn't charged over YPG affiliation)
Bab al-Hawa border crossing posted photos of oil tanks entering from Turkey after YPG stopped the old route(east Syria-Manbij-Azaz-Afrin-Idlib)for years opposition plea Turkey to send oil to Idlib instead of Afrin to prevent millions of $ go to YPG every month7 月 前
Bab al-Hawa border crossing posted photos of oil tanks entering from Turkey after YPG stopped the old route(east Syria-Manbij-Azaz-Afrin-Idlib)for years opposition plea Turkey to send oil to Idlib instead of Afrin to prevent millions of $ go to YPG every month
YPG released video of ATGM strike on 6 February at Rajo district
Video of YPJ ATGM strike in Jinderes district
4 Turkish UAV|s observing the border at the same time.7 月 前
4 Turkish UAV|s observing the border at the same time.
Russian senator Klintsevich says that ground attack jet SU-25 was shot down in Syria by Russian-made Igla MANPADS
OIR Spokesman: Great trip to Manbij today with @CJTFOIR commander, @IIICorps_CG, to see @Coalition members, leaders and partners. 'Charlie Mike' to defeat ISIS and keep 'em gone
The YPG undergroung tunnel system in Sarkaya hill that was captured by OperationOliveBranch forces yesterday.7 月 前
The YPG undergroung tunnel system in Sarkaya hill that was captured by #OperationOliveBranch forces yesterday.
HTS seized Ajaz village west of Sinjar in eastern Idlib
"Repel the Invaders" Operation Room officially confirms ongoing operations in S-E Idlib
SE. Idlib: Rebels started new operations against pro-Assad forces East of Maaret Numan. Pic shows Panthera F9 and FSA fighters before ongoing assault.
Eastern Damascus: moment when 4 bombs simultaneously dropped by SyAF struck town of Irbeen.
Syrian Democratic Council (SDC): preparations to send medical support to Afrin
Afrin: Civilian convoy (not YPG convoy) with protesters that previously went to Afrin on Monday just arrived in Manbij going towards Kobani.
Lavrov: The Americans simply gave up the assurances given to us about the purpose of their presence in Syria, which is ISIS defeat
Russia asking Turkey for access to jet crash site in Syria
The #OperationOliveBranch Room anounced the control over Mount Kharoz and its three villages: Sheikh Khoroz Fawani - Sheikh Kharoz and Mantani - Sheikh Kharoz Tahtani"
Civil defense teams working to evacuate the injured children after after another aerial attack on Hamouriyah city in Eastern Ghouta today
Natıonal Army FSA reportedly captured Hawriz hill
Russian defense ministry says Russia is improving defenses at its military bases in Syria
Russian Defense Ministry: Nusra Front remains the main source of instability in Syria
7 月 前
#SAA Tiger Forces captured Aniz, Sheikh Muzuad, Eblat, Eblat Jadida, Rasem Wird, Dahiriyat, Rasm Qahrt, Thaniyat Sawfani in Hama
National Army FSA and Turkish Armed Forces captured Hawiz hill in the Bulbul district
Global chemical weapons watchdog says probing 'all credible allegations' of Syria chemical attacks
7 月 前
FM Çavuşoğlu will discuss Operation Olive Branch with his Iranian counterpart Zarif and Iranian President Rouhani during his Tehran visit, after Iran asked Turkey to halt the anti-terror operation in Syria's Afrin region
Since days no air strikes of Turkey in Afrin against YPG. Also no Turkish drones are allowed to enter Syrian air space.7 月 前
Since days no air strikes of Turkey in Afrin against YPG. Also no Turkish drones are allowed to enter Syrian air space.
An estimated 15,000 people from Afrin Aleppo have been internally displaced by ongoing hostilities
Since the morning hours Turkish army is shelling the villages Kefer Sefra, Baflure and the cemetery "Martyr Seydo"
HTS SVBIED and drone view of impact site, geolocated between Tell Sultan and Tell Kalbah
7 月 前
Kalın: We are working on a trilateral leaders' summit between Turkey, Russia and Iran to discuss Sochi and Astana meetings on Syria, it could take place shortly
5 civilians were killed until this moment after many airstrikes targeted Douma city in Ghouta
Death toll already reached 12 only for town of Hamouriyah following new SyAF airstrikes, among them children.
7 月 前
Turkish President Erdoğan's spokesman says there is no contact with the Syrian government, such contact is out of question for the time being
Eastern Damascus towns pummeled by SyAF airstrikes for a 2nd day. Yesterday 300+ civilians were wounded and killed in wave of bombardment unseen since long time.
#AfrinOp: YPG recaptured Sheikh Khoruz from OliveBranch forces and seized an ACV-15 (n° 205) left behind.
Syrian Army controls Abisyan, Jabal Abisyan, Rasem Kihla, Jadidat, Khaflat, Abu Hamad, Tabarat Azib, Andarin acient city, Jubb Safa, Aiblatan in Aleppo/ Hama
Turkish Military Delegation Enters Taftanaz Airbase
HTS set off a SVBIED near Tell Kalbah as government is trying to reverse Rebel gains on West Abu Duhur front.
Turkish delegation visits Saraqib city east of Idlib and surveys several points on Aleppo-Damascus road.
Textbooks with "My Kurdistan map" were found in primary school in Afrin by Turkish-backed forces
Four civilians killed by an air strike on the town of Beit Sawa in East Gouta Damascus
Two civilians killed in the Russian airstrikes that targeted Saraqib city in rural Idlib this morning
Russian warplanes launch an airstrike on the vicinity of Khan al Subul town in southern rural Idlib
Russian warplanes launch a number of airstrikes on the towns of al Tamania and Tarmala in southern rural Idlib
Turkish Armed Forces on Wednesday thwarted a YPG attack targeting a Free Syrian Army (FSA) position in Syria's northwestern Afrin region
The first airstrike for today on Douma city by SyAF jets
France calls on Iran-backed groups operating in Syria, including Hezbollah, to leave the country
Syrian army captured more villages from Daesh
The Kremlin does not rule out a Russian-Turkish-Iranian summit soon to discuss Syria question
Foreign Minister of France: Iran and Turkey are violating international law in Syria
Syrian Army captured another dozen village in Daesh pocket
SAA captured 15 more villages from ISIS
France says 'all indications' point to use of chlorine weapons by Syrian government
French foreign minister says all the signs right show chlorine being used as a weapon in Syria at the moment
The Syrian army says, Israel air force attacked a research center outside Damascus, the Syrian claims the Israeli air-strike was carried out from Lebanese airspace and that it destroyed 'most of the missiles' that were fired
"We are not able to reach the conscience or the ears of politicians," U.N. official laments as more than 80 die in a day of Syrian government airstrikes.
For the second time in two months suspected Israeli strike targeted the Jamraya Research Center, likely the site of an Iranian base
Yesterday ISIS claimed to have damaged a pro-government tank during clashes in the Hama pocket
Israeli raids reported in vicinity of Syrian capital of Damascus. Explosions heard, surface to air responses reported.
The Syrian opposition faction @MuntasrBillahTR continues its participation in the military operations against the YPG
Al Amri mosque in the center of Deir-Al-Zour to be renamed to the mosque of Radwan after restoration
Artillery shelling by pro-Assad Irainian milita reported on Ghariyat al Gharbiyah in Daraa, also on rebels-controlled parts of Daraa
YPG denies Turkish accusations of chlorine gas mortar attack against Free Syrian Army in Afrin Aleppo, claims Turkey launched chemical weapons attack and poisoned its own FSA allies in Operation Olive Branch
YPG Commander Hemo: Turkish army has made no advance in Afrin
Allegation of YPG clorine attack against FSA in Afrin, Syria is not true. FSA fighters poisoned by bombardment/shelling smoke but not chemical or chlorine gas so far
Remnants of Russian Tochka-U missile fired at Harasta suburb of Damascus.
Visual confirmation Rebels took back control of Tell Sultan on West Abu Duhur front.
"We're deeply worried about the new front opened in Northern Syria" - @FedericaMog
20 FSA fighters(7 in critical condition) were injured when chlorine gas shell hit their position on Sheikh Kharouz front in Bulbul north Afrin
Olive Branch operation room states several of its fighters were injured after the YPG fired a shell with chlorine gas
Rebel factions in Syria's south arrest opposition delegates for participation in Sochi talks
Russian trade mission in Damascus was shelled with mortars
Footage of last night's operation where YPG clashed with Turkish army at Haj Bilal village in Sheikh Hadid district west of Afrin.
E. Aleppo: on 21st October 2017, satellite caught moment when runway of Jirah Airbase was repaired, previously damaged by ISIS.
Wounded civilians including children in raids on Sarakib
7 月 前
Syrian Army captured Umm Qarin, Samaqiata, Wahibii, Nifahata, Tifahat in Hama
YPG/SDF fighters have destroyed an armoured vehicle of the Turkish army around the village Hemam of Jindires district
7 月 前
Turkey and U.S are working on visit by US National Security Advisor McMaster and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to Ankara amid Turkey's operation in Syria's Afrin and talk of possible operation in Manbij – source
"Support convoy" from Eastern Syria has arrived in Jinderes West to Afrin
7 月 前
Syrian Army control Umm Ajj, Ad Daqq, Salihiyah, Najm Zuhur, Halabiyah, Humah, Maslukhiyah, Rasem Kharayj, Malulah, Tal Ramman in Hama
US National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster to visit Turkey over the weekend, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to come next week
Opposition activists report more than 40 civilians killed in multiple air strikes targeting number of areas in the besieged rebel enclave of Eastern Ghouta
Military source: Syrian Army is working to split in half the Da'esh pocket in northeast Hama.
Rohani: We hope Turkish military will stop the operation in Afrin
E. Idlib: pic reportedly from AbuDuhur Airbase showing Russia|ns with Assad fighters (possibly also a fighter from IRGC Fatemiyoun Brigade).
Body of pilot of downed Russian Su25 brought to Russia - @mod_russia
TASS: Rouhani calls on Iran, Russia and Turkey to strengthen their cooperation in the battle against terrorism.
UN representation for Syria calls for 'immediate cessation of hostilities.' Cites 'extreme situations' in Afrin, Hasaka, Raqqa, Idlib and elsewhere.
UN says probing suspected chlorine use in Syria
Russia's Putin spoke to Iranian president: Kremlin
7 月 前
Erdogan says U.S. has 'calculations' against Turkey, Iran, Russia in Syria
Air strikes toll in Syria's Ghouta rises to 35
Afrin Hospital issued a report about the number of the casualties it received from 20 January to 5 February. It includes (130) deaths and (194) wounded.
AfrinOp: sat imagery shows YPG started to build fortifications on Hill 740 (overlooking Rajo) early July 2017. Unfinished when OliveBranch forces seized hill.
7 月 前
Main points captured by Syrian army in Daesh pocket today so far in north : Murayjib, Tarfawi, Jadwaiyah. In south: Rasm al-Tiwal, Rasm al-Tiwal, Sharqiyah, Tiwal al-Dabaghin
3 civilians killed, including a woman, and many wounded in addition to destruction of private property as a result of aerial bombardment on Saqba in Eastern Ghouta. Photography: Abu Fida
The first moments of one of the air raids that targeted the city of Zamalka in Eastern Ghouta Photography: Abu Fadi Mohajer
Smoke billowing as a result of the Assad government bombing the city of Douma In Eastern Ghouta. Cinematographer: Imran Al-Domani
UN investigators: aware of reports on the use of chlorine gas in Idlib and East Ghouta
UN war crimes investigators condemn escalating violence in Syria
Operation ongoing against daesh pocket as Syrian army captured large number of areas
The number of victims of the shelling on the Ghouta climbe to 30 people and the intensive bombing continues
Russian Defense Ministry asked Turkey to help with the return of the wreckage of the Su-25
Columns of smoke rising as a result of an air raid by SyAF aircraft that targeted the city of Zamalka in Eastern Ghouta. Photography: Montaser Abou Zeid
Rural Idlib: FSA forces capture Al-Katiba, Al-Mahjoora, Tawil Al-Halib village and Tell Al-Bandeira as government militia fled their positions being targeted with all types of weapons
Damage density in Damascus, Kafr Batna and Irbin subdistricts, Syria. >12,500 buildings affected. ~15% increase in Ein Tarma, Hammura and Kafr Batna since 2016
7 月 前
Erdoğan: Turkey will take the necessary steps regarding weapons deliveries by the US to PKK-linked YPG in Syria
Turkish President Erdogan says US should leave Syria's Manbij as Turkey aims to return it 'to its true owners'
Erdoğan: Why does the US continue to send weapons to northern Syria even after Daesh has been cleared? Why are you still here, why do these [weapons] still arrive? You must have calculations against Turkey, Iran or maybe Russia7 月 前
Erdoğan: Why does the US continue to send weapons to northern Syria even after Daesh has been cleared? Why are you still here, why do these [weapons] still arrive? You must have calculations against Turkey, Iran or maybe Russia
Syrian government bombard Ghanto town with rocket launchers in Homs countryside
7 月 前
President Erdogan's message to the US: We will go to Manbij to deliver this land to the real owners
7 月 前
US troops must leave Manbij, Syria - Erdogan
YPG targeted Atmah refugee camp. One girl killed, others injured.7 月 前
YPG targeted Atmah refugee camp. One girl killed, others injured.
Turkish army is shelling villages in the Bilbil district
SDF statement on this video(where YPG fighter shoots with machine-gun on civilians): SDF shocked by the footage and will launch an investigation into the crime. "We will arrest the perpetrators and submit them the judicial authorities to be punished for this crime."
Civil Defense: Two people were killed by air strikes on the town of Saqba in the eastern Ghouta
The #OperationOliveBranch forces seized a YPG training camp in Afrin
Eastern Damascus: very fierce bombardment campaign by government extended to all towns (besides Irbeen and Harasta).
Turkey announced artillery attack on its forces recently arrived in Al-Eis area killed one soldier and injured 6 others (incl a civilian), also confirming retaliatory strikes.
3 civilians killed and 20 wounded yday after Eastern Ghouta rebels shelled Damascus' Mariamite Cathedral and Bab Touma's main square, according to SANA
Map showing main locations claimed taken back by Rebels yesterday night, on 2nd day of counter-offensive on West Abu Duhur front.
Syria deploys new air defenses in north: commander in pro-Assad alliance. "They cover the air space of the Syrian north."
Syrian Army scores big advance this morning inside Da'esh's large pocket in northeast Hama.
Syrian Army control Butushiat, Abu Drykht, Tal Abu Drykht, Ghazalat, Umm Eija, Umm Abh, Muilah Shamaly, Khirbat Umm Rujm, Abu Hilal, Rasem Tawil, Rasem Tawil Sharqiyah, Tawal Dabaghin, Tilijat, Murayjib Talijat, Al Harsh, Maslehata in Idlib/Hama
Dead and wounded in the bombing of the besieged eastern Ghouta in the countryside of Damascus
Ahrar Al Sham carried out attack on meeting of government Tiger-Forces in Kensaba in Latakia mountains
7 月 前
3 artillery shells targeted Atmeh Refugee Camp, unknown casualties among civilians so far. Northern Idlib countryside
Tunnel system was found at Sakarya mount near Dikmedash village
7 月 前
Turkish military says in a mortar attack on TSK military observation point in İdlib 1 soldier was killed, 5 soldiers and 1 civilian wounded.
7 月 前
Turkish Military reports about 970 "neutralized" militants during Olive Branch operation
5 dead in Russian raids on the town of Taramala in Idlib
7 月 前
One Turkish soldier killed, five wounded in attack in northwest Syria: army
7 月 前
KCNA: "Kim Jong Un, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, on Sunday received a message of greeting from Bashar Al-Assad, president of the Syrian Arab Republic."
The US says the sixth chlorine gas attack by the Assad government reported in the last 30 days in Syria
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