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19 九 2018

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Hama: HTS regain Alqānah from ISIS
HTS regain Nufaylah from ISIS 2km south of Abū Laffah
HTS regain Abu Laffah in NE Hama from Assad-forces
Syrian FM: US allegations of 'liberating' Raqqa from ISIS are lies intended to cover-up crimes committed by its illegal coalition and tools.
Qasioun: Washington greenlights DeirEzZor: al-Tanf to al-Bukamal and bridge in East suburb of DeZ to be under control of FSA
Government forces took Abu Laffa but HTS regained control over the village. Heavy grad shelling now
Aftermath of the thwarted attack on the Omar oilfield and Namliya village NE Deir Ezzor. 18 dead Daesh fighters and destroyed Daesh vehicles
Hama: SAA and Allied forces operations towards Abu Dali Started today and Controls Farkeh Village and Zahra Hill(Syriatel) and Rajm Alahmar.
SAA Units continue advance on Ithriya, Saan, Sheikh Hilal Axis and Captured Mushrifa / Rasm Al Tina and Nearby Hills today.
NE. Hama: HTS destroyed with a Kornet a government tank (likely T-55) on Jub Abyad front.
Briefing, October 27-28 - Military Strikes Continue Against ISIS Militants in Syria and Iraq
Ltamenah, north Hama: More than 30 artillery shells, rockets and mortar from the pro-Assad forces checkpoints on the city, wounding a woman
HTS Kornet ATGM strike on a government tank Jabba Abyad [جب أبيض] front E Hama
Men under the Command of Ali Taha inside Deir Ez Zor City
Significant Syrian army advance in axis of al-Hamidiya inside Deir Ez-Zor city
Syria: footage of children in panic as their school in Kafr Batna (E Ghouta) was shelled from Damascus by government forces today
Syria's Tall Abyad residents held a protest in Turkey's Akcakale refugee camp demanding YPG to let them return home10 月 前
Syria's Tall Abyad residents held a protest in Turkey's Akcakale refugee camp demanding YPG to let them return home
Assad forces committed 2 massacres in Eastern Ghouta by mortars, 8 civilians got killed in Hammuria and 3 others in Saqba
The sandstorm in the Middle East is clearly visible on the Terra / Modis satellite image this Sunday. #Irak #duststorm
Pro-Assad forces shelling Eastern Ghouta, reports of killed children
Faylaq al-Sham reinforcing their fronts against SAA. Hama countryside
Civilians houses destroyed aftermath SAA bombardment targeting Saqeba town Eastern Damascus countryside
Killed and wounded after SAA bombardment on Hamouriyah town in Eastern Damascus countryside
Engineering within the PMUs are building mounds along the border to prevent ISIS from attacking on Syria's side
SAA and allies continue advancing to cleanse Al Rassafa, the old airbase, AL Hamidiyyeh and Sheikh Yassin districts from ISIS militants
Multiple Russian raids using thermobaric bombs on Al Masloukhiyyeh and Al Samaqiyyeh villages in eastern Hama countryside
RuAF conduct several raids on Abu Dali village in southeastern Idlib countryside
DeirEzZor: Photos from the Sand Storm
Saad Zakhia, Lebanese ambassador to Syria, will become first ambassador from an Arab country to return to Damascus
Iraq: with Iraqi forces sweeping up western Anbar towards Syria civilians are fleeing across the front line, seeking safety
Unknown location
Northern Aleppo: FSA Northern brigade announce they repelled a YPG/SDF infiltration attempt near Hardana, somewhere south of Jarablus.
Tiger Forces Commander Brigadier General Suheil al-Hassan - We will recapture Raqqa, Idlib and All of Syria
Northern Homs: Jaysh al-Izza shelled al-Mukhtariyah tonight with mortars.
Jaysh al-Islam target ISIS-affiliate Khalid ibn al-Walid Army with artillery Tell Jumou Yarmouk Basin Daraa
Syrian Army captured al-Ommal Neighborhood - al-Arfi Neighborhood and Stadium, Deir Ez-Zor
@obretix: SyAAF Su-22 landing at T4 Air Base deploying its drogue chute (10 Oct 2017)
Eastern Syria: IS targeted pro-Government forces in Deir ez-Zor city with a SVBIED (Turkestani driver). Today IS claims 2 SAA tanks and a BMP also destroyed.
HTS share infographic showing losses of SAA/allies after clashes on the Beit Jinn pocket front. 220 killed. 100 wounded. 2 14.5MM. 1 Tank. 1 Shilka and 1 Gvozdika.
Aleppo: Fierce clashes between HTS and SAA/Allies on the 4th and 5th front of al-Rashideen neighborhood.
SDF Asayish militias besiege Hezbollah at Qamishli airport to prevent them supporting PMF on Iraqi border
Turkish military delegation has visited Jisr Shughour city and its surroundings, likely in preparation for Turkish Army deployment there
SDF have handed control of Menagh Military Airbase to Russian Military Police to deter possible Turkish attack in north Aleppo countryside
Photos during Hezbollah and SAA attack against ISIS @ vicinity of T2 Station
Forces who took over Al Tank oilfield were SDF but most of its fighters are Shaitat Tribal Fighters called "East Deir Ez zor Forces"
Many tons of wheat hidden by IS under dirt has been found near Uqayrabat, Hama
NE. Hama: HTS heavy equipment including Shilka taken out by RuAF airstrikes while on way to fight ISIS few days ago.
NW. Daraa: Jaish Al-Islam targeting Jaish Khalid positions on Tell Jumou with 122 mm howitzer.
A "Wagner PMC" mercenary Anton Dobrygin has been killed in a roadside IED explosion in Syria.
SDF militants in Raqqa open fire on civilian protestors demanding permission to return home
Eastern Hama: HTS damaged a SAA tank with a artillery shell on Jubb Abyad front.
DeirEzZor: Unconfirmed reports that SDF took over Al-Busayrah
SDF fighters captured the Namliyah village and killed 9 IS members
Turkish Artillery Shelling YPG Positions in Qastal. North Azaz
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