15 Juni 2021
An explosion was heard in the center of the city of Raqqa in eastern Syria.
Netanyahu chairs a meeting of the General Staff
Netanyahu says the Israeli air force targeted the Iranian Qods Force south of Damascus
IDF: The strike targeted Iranian Quds Force operatives and Shiite militias which were preparing to advance attack plans targeting sites in Israel from within Syria over the last number of days
Fierce explosions occur in Al-Mazzeh neighborhood of Damascus
Syrian air defense fires at enemy targets over Damascus
Turkey and U.S begin their first operations in the Kurdish areas in Syria within the framework of the Joint Operations Center for the safe area
1 Jahr zuvor
Helicopters bomb the al-Kabana axes in the northern countryside of Lattakia with barrel bombs
1 Jahr zuvor
Turkish Defense Minister announces the start of the joint operations center on the safe area in Syria
Several successive raids with missiles around the city of Ma'aret al-Nu'man in Idlib countryside in conjunction with flying reconnaissance aircraft in the sky of the city
Warplanes target several raids on the towns of Hazarin, Jergnaz and Al Tah south of Idlib
Tell Abyad: International Coalition and U.S helicopters/aircrafts flying along the border strip of Tell Abiad today morning, monitoring the borders.
US General Nicholas Pont during a speech with SDF commander-in-chief mazlum abdi: "There will be no intervention by Turkish forces in northern and eastern Syria," and added "We will continue to support and train SDF forces"
Warplanes targeted with missiles areas west of the city of Idlib
1 Jahr zuvor
Warplanes target with missiles areas around Kafr Halab town of Aleppo western countryside
The Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces "Mazloum Abdi": "For the success of the peace process between us and Turkey, the return of Afrin to its people is one of our basic conditions, without the return of Afrin there will be no lasting peace in Syria.
A car bomb explodes in Idlib city in Al-Qusour neighborhood near Al-Rawda mosque
1 Jahr zuvor
Idlib: Rebels target pro-Assad forces positions on Tal Skik axis with mortar shells
Idlib: Warplane raids on Kafranbel city in the southern countryside
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A Turkish military delegation comprising high-ranking officers visits the Turkish military convoy which stationed for a few days in Maaratat Al Numan in the southern countryside of Idlib
Opposition factions destroy a tank of pro-Assad forces on Tal al-Nimr front north of Khan Sheikhoun south of Idlib after targeting it with an ATGM
Warplanes target the village of Hayesh in the southern countryside of Idlib where the new Turkish observation Point is located
1 Jahr zuvor
Warplanes target with rockets the towns of Al-Tamana, Jabala, Kafr Sajneh, Jergnaz and Al Tah in the southern countryside of Idlib
Russian warplanes launch intensive air strikes targeting the town of Al-Tamanah, south of Idlib
U.S. Central Command:Within 24 hours of the phone call between U.S. SECDEF and Turkish MINDEF to discuss security in northeast Syria, the SDF destroyed military fortifications, Aug 22. This demonstrates SDF's commitment to support implementation of the security mechanism framework
Aerial bombardments of pro-Assad warplanes were reported in Kafranbel city, Jarjnaz towns, Deir Al-Sharqi and Al Tah countryside
Su-24 raid on Deir Al Sharqi in Southern Idlib1 Jahr zuvor
Su-24 raid on Deir Al Sharqi in Southern Idlib
A military transport vehicle on Tal-Nimr axis in the southern countryside of Idlib was targeted with ATGM
1 Jahr zuvor
Netanyahu and Putin hold a phone call, discussed Netanyahu visit to Ukraine and Syria
SAA in Latmeen North Hama1 Jahr zuvor
SAA in Latmeen North Hama
Turkey FM in Beirut answers @EhabElokdy ."we dont have any troops under siege in northern Syria and our troops will remain there"
1 Jahr zuvor
Russian warplanes target the village of Ma'rshmarin and Ma'rat Harmah town in the southeastern Idlib countryside
1 Jahr zuvor
Turkey FM: we don't have troops under siege. There was fighting close to our position, but our soldiers are not besieged. We will not leave our Morek observation post
1 Jahr zuvor
Turkish presidency: Erdogan told Putin that Idlib operations undermine the process of reaching a settlement in Syria and poses a serious threat to Turkish national security
1 Jahr zuvor
Turkish Presidency: Erdogan told Putin by telephone that developments in Idlib will lead to a major humanitarian crisis
1 Jahr zuvor
Erdogan and Putin made a telephone call. Developments in Syria and Libya and bilateral relations were discussed
Warplanes target several air strikes around al-Barqum town in Aleppo southern countryside
SANA: The Syrian Army controls several towns in the northern countryside of Hama
Hama: pro-Assad forces control the city of Morek and besiege the ninth Turkish point in the northern countryside
1 Jahr zuvor
Russian warplanes launch an airstrike in the town of Kafr Sajna in the southern countryside of Idlib
Syrian army with the Turkish observation point near Morek in the background
Footage from the Turkish obs point while the pro-Assad forces moving towards Morek
Pro-Assad forces move to zero point of Turkish army observation point in Morek
Turkish army in Morek surrounded by Syrian army
Pictures of SAA soldiers from Morek which show the Turkish observation post in the area. Syria
Syrian Army tanks are few hundreds meters away from the Turkish military observation point in Morek
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Russian backed Assad forces entered Markabah, Buwaydah anda Lahaya
Hama: Response Coordinator Team Denies Exit of any Civilian from the Northern Countryside at Souran-Mork Crossing
Aleppo: A civilian was killed by rocket and artillery shelling of pro-Assad's forces on Al-Bawabia village in the southern countryside
Activists: Syrian Army besieges the Turkish checkpoint south of Idlib
Dead and several civilian wounded in the vicinity of Al-Bawabia town south of Aleppo as result of artillery and rocket shelling
3 dead and a number of wounded as a result of helicopter gunships targeting the city of Maaret al-Nu'man in southern Idlib countryside with barrel bombs last night
1 Jahr zuvor
Airstrikes on Al-Kabinah Axis in Lattakia Countryside
Pro-Assad forces have entered Kafr Zita, Latmin, Tel Al-Fas, Al Latamenah
1 Jahr zuvor
Pro-Assad forces have captured Latmeen village near Morek
Warplanes launch several airstrikes with missiles targeting Jarjnaz town of Eastern Idlib countryside
The New York Times: The headquarters that was bombed north of Baghdad was used by the Revolutionary Guard to transport weapons to Syria.
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