Sochi: Syria summit in photos

Map. History of Syria conflict

17 August 2018
Syrian Arab Army regain full control of al-Quriyah town south-east of DeirEzzor countryside
Draft Statement of Syrian Opposition Meetings in Riyadh: Institutions elected by the Syrian people will have exclusive possession of arms
Draft statement of the Syrian opposition meetings in Riyadh: The restructuring and rehabilitation of the security and military institutions in Syria
Syria Civil Defense rescue operation aftermath warplanes carried out airstrikes targeting Douma city
Syria Civil Defense rush to inspect the residential areas targeted by warplanes airstrikes moments ago in Zamalka town Eastern Damascus
Iran's Jafari says guards will play an active role in Syria to form lasting ceasefire - TV
Iran Emphasizes maintaining the Revolutionary Guards in Syria
Washington Post: US officials say they plan to maintain US troop presence in northern Syria and establish new local governance, apart from Assad government, in those areas.
SAA Drone flying over besieged Eastern Ghouta this morning
8 month ago
Report says Israeli military held war games in Golan Heights on Thursday
Russian Defense Ministry: The Syrian army, backed by Russian advisers, regained control of the town of Qouriya in Deir al-Zour
8 month ago
Russian Defense Ministry: Syrian army supported by Russian aviation destroys militants sites in the Euphrates Valley
SOHR: Mass poisoning in Rahman Corps’ stronghold in the Eastern Ghouta kills and injures about 30 people including children and women
Sochi: Syria summit in photos
More Turkish military convoy entered Syrian territory towards Western Aleppo countryside earlier today
Aerial photographying of some destruction in Latamina north Hama
Aerial photographying of some destruction in Latamina  north Hama
Ongoing production of the movie "Der'a" in the border town of Jarabulus. The movie will be recalling the events in the city of Daraa in 2011 that led to the outbreak of the Syrian conflict.
2 Turkish warplanes an recon UAVs are flying over Afrin and Shehba areas
White Helmets Statement on the Riyadh 2 peace talks
One of government' blown up T72's near Abu Kamal
Pro-Assad Forces today have captured Subaykhan, Dablan, Gharibah in Deir Ez Zor
Aid convoy reached Al Bukamal, East Deir Ezzor
Aid convoy reached Al Bukamal, East Deir Ezzor
Pro-Assad forces shelling the town of Kafr Zeita in the North Hama
SDF demining team dismantled hundreds of IS mines in Raqqa with rudimentary equipment
Fahim Eissa resigned as commander of Sultan Murad Division and Second Legion appoint him as commander according to National Army agreement between rebels groups in ES area with Interim Government
White Helmet volunteer Omar was killed in Idlib City after being shot to death by an unknown north of the city while he was heading to work
Around 150-200 NDF Soldiers from Hasakah went to Qamishli Airport yesterday to be transferred to help out at ongoing military operations in Deir Ez Zor Countryside
Special team from @SCDrifdimashq works to remove the remnants of unexploded ordinances UXO from dozens of towns in EasternGhouta today, where the continued bombardment with cluster munitions by the govt. is making rescues more difficult
Putin: Assad informed me of his commitment to the peace process, constitutional reform and the holding of free elections
Military source in Tiger forces: Syrian Army didn't capture any new village after Tishreen and Salhiya in East Deir Ezzor countryside
Putin: We agreed on the first steps for a comprehensive dialogue between all Syrians
Putin: The Syrians alone must decide their fate
Putin: We agreed to intensify efforts to eliminate terrorist groups in Syria
Tigers control whole area between Salihiyah and Dibyan in Deir ez-Zor
Syrian opposition confirm in final memo Assad leaving power is the beginning of the transition
Draft Riyadh Conference Statement declares need of formation of one delegation for unconditional negotiation with representatives of the Assad government
Turkish President: Vital decisions will be taken today on the Syrian crisis
Putin, Erdogan and Rouhani shake hands as trilateral talks on Syria ongoing in Sochi.
Rouhani: Some countries have not abandoned the use of terrorism to achieve their short-sighted goals
Erdogan: Russia, Iran and Turkey are seeking solutions to the Syrian crisis
Rouhani: There is no justification for the presence of foreign forces in Syria without the consent of Damascus
Rouhani: Those who created, funded Daesh in Mideast will face repercussions of terrorism
Rouhani during the Sochi Summit: The road is paved for a political settlement in Syria
Putin: The final solution needs sacrifices from everyone, including the Syrian regime
Russia, Iran, Turkey managed to 'prevent Syria collapse': Putin
Turkish-Iranian-Russian tripartite summit on Syria begins in Sochi
8 month ago
De Mistura will discuss preparations for a new round of talks in Geneva and the Syrian conference with Russian foreign and defense ministers on Thursday in Moscow
SAA shelled heavy artillery targeting al-Madira town in Eastern Damascus
NE. Hama: FSA Free Idlib Army blew up with a TOW a tank in village of Rabda8 month ago
NE. Hama: FSA Free Idlib Army blew up with a TOW a tank in village of Rabda
The Syrian army and its allies launched on Tuesday a military operation to retake ISIS-held regions west of the Euphrates River days after seizing control of the city of Albu Kamal near the Syrian-Iraqi border.
Tunisia- "Combat training camp" (sizeandscale unclear) for militants ran by a local whose brother recently returned from Syria and is imprisoned, discovered in Sidi Ali Ben Aoun area
8 month ago
Syrian Army begins final phase of northeast Hama offensive
Pro-Assad forces tank explodes from ATGM. - Hama8 month ago
Pro-Assad forces tank explodes from ATGM. - Hama
Pro-Assad forces tank explodes from ATGM. - Hama
Yesterday, a SyAAF L-39 was crashed on the approach to land after receiving ground fire during attack sortie in Deir EzZour. The two pilots Major Ali Mustafa and Cpt. Sulaiman Yunes killed
Al-Jubeir calls for uniting the Syrian opposition to engage in the political process
8 month ago
Turkish Minister of Defense Canikli: YPG is a threat to Turkey and our target
Rocket sirens going off in Golan Heights, North Israel
Rouhani: The emergence of terrorist groups in the region was part of the project of Western powers, Israel and America
Rouhani before heading to Sochi: Sochi summit must meet the views of the Syrian people
Rouhani before heading to Sochi: The summit is held about two events, 1st: elimination of the ISIS, 2nd: the Syrian National Dialogue Conference
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