SAA is repelling a large ISIS attack on Sukhnah city axis, destroys an IS SVBIED and kills 6 militants

Map. History of Syria conflict

19 September 2018
Report from NE. Hama fronts showing how ISIS shifted its focus westwards after government kicked off own assault in "de-escalation zone", backed by Russian Su-25s and advanced jets.
SW. Damascus: Mt Hermon Forces announce they repelled another government assault (4th Division-led) on Tell Bardiyah, after hours of ferocious clashes and despite 10s of IRAM rockets and airstrikes.
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
The deal stipulates a cessation of hostilities between the two, including 'security act's in Hasakah, but ISIS could still wage attacks against forces not party to the deal (i.e. the government), per the circulated document
Reports, confirmed by @WaelEssam77, of a ceasefire agreement between the Islamic State and the US-backed SDF in Deir Ezzor. A military pause while negotiations between the two are concluded. Large number of civilians and local mediation seem to have made this possible.
9 month ago
"We don't have any changes" on Syria policy, says @PressSec to questions on whether Bashar Al-Assad should stay or go as president.
Today @POTUS spoke on the phone with @EmmanuelMacron about Syria.
RUAF Tu-154 85559 from Latakia back to Russia via Turkish airspace9 month ago
RUAF Tu-154 85559 from Latakia back to Russia via Turkish airspace
SOHR: A massacre in Douma city kills and injures 15 persons at least and raises the death toll to about 35 casualties in the city since the escalation of shelling on the Eastern Ghouta started
SAA is repelling a large ISIS attack on Sukhnah city axis, destroys an IS SVBIED and kills 6 militants
Syria: Car bomb explosion hit Assad forces in town center of Sokhnah between Palmyra and DeirEzZor
Director of S.V.R. - Russian foreign intelligence service - visited Israel last week for talks on Syria and Iran. Met MoD Lieberman and Director of Mossad
9 month ago
Head of Syrian opposition delegation Nasr Hariri, speaking on eve of peace talks in Geneva, says our goal is political transition which achieves ousting of government leader Bashar al Assad
DoD Spox Colonel Rob Manning says U.S. reviewing the level of support to Kurds in Syria to ensure arms are “limited, mission specific" in targeting ISIS.
HTS published a statement explaining why they arrested several AQ affiliates in Syria
Pentagon: We have already told Turkey that the weapons supplied to Syrian armed groups(SDF) will be limited to specific military tasks
The Pentagon confirms its continued partnership with Syrian armed groups, including Kurdish forces
Chief of staff of Russian army group in Syria Lieutenant general Lapin was appointed as a commander of Central Military district troops
Mesraba - Three civilians were killed, 27 injured, including 11 children after an air raid targeted the town in Eastern Ghouta.
9 month ago
Prime Minister Yıldırım: The United States decision, taken by the previous administration, to fight ISIS with the help of YPG is not acceptable for us
Tiger Forces Shaheen Group Leader: Any Reports of Capturing Ashara are false - Tiger Forces have had around 250 killed and 280 wounded since starting Operation to clear Mayadin to Al Salehiyyeh
Prime Minister Yıldırım: In Syria, civil war has been going on for 7 years. 10 million people have been left their homes
MSF Syria: 12 days, 24 mass casualty influxes, 500+ wounded - our supported hospitals in East Ghouta are at breaking point as intense bombing and shelling is resulting in huge numbers of wounded.
After days of intense clashes with IS, SAA and allies take control of al-Asharah city and several other towns south of Mayadeen in rural DeZ
9 month ago
The Russian Defense Ministry proposes a ceasefire in the Eastern Ghouta from Tuesday
US: Syria poses threat to global chemical weapons ban
Reliable reports say two of the top al-Qaida loyalist in Syria, Sami al-Uraydi and Iyad al-Toubasi aka Abu Julaybib al-Urduni, have been arrested earlier today by HTS.
9 month ago
Turkish prime minister Yildirim says lasting peace in Syria is 'not a realistic prospect' with Assad in place
9 month ago
De Mistura: The cost of reconstruction of Syria is more than 250 billion dollars
9 month ago
De Mistura: The Syrian crisis is one of the worst crises in modern history and we have an opportunity to move towards a political solution
The Times: Secret Israeli raid on Raqqa reportedly yielded intel which led to laptop ban on US and UK airlines earlier this year
9 month ago
De Mistura: There must be Syrian constitutional reform in line with international resolutions in line with the Geneva process
East Ghouta: SyAF airstrikes continue on Harasta area as government was so far unable to expel Rebels from Armored Vehicle Base
9 month ago
De Mistura: Sochi and Riyadh conference could help launch real negotiations in Geneva
9 month ago
De Mistura: Negotiations in Geneva must take place without preconditions
9 month ago
De Mistura: The Syrian government delegation should come to the Geneva talks
Russian media quoted diplomatic sources: Syrian dialog Conference in Sochi is postponed until February
9 month ago
Russian Ministry of Defense denies airstrikes on Ash Shafah village in Deir-ez-Zur
Two children killed in artillery shelling on fields near Ltamenah town, North Hama
Civil Defense volunteer was injured as a result of an air raid on the residential areas of the town of Mesraba, while he worked to rescue the wounded
9 month ago
Syria: 20+ pro-Assad-forces were killed including the director of the Ma'dan district (of Raqqa) by explosion inside the Directorate building
BBC spoke to man organising sabotage, disruption and assassination attempts in SDF-held NE Syria. Claimed most prominent op yet was failed attempt vs Cmdr Abu Adel in Manbij. Operations described seem +opportunistic/-organised. Threatened 'targeted campaign soon'
Video: first moments after heavy shelling hit Arbin in Eastern Ghouta
Syrian government bombing Beit Naim town in al-Marj area now
Around 100 trucks loaded with Humvees entered Northern Syria today
Syrian Army resumed their offensive in southern Aleppo today. They are trying to advance southwest of Al-Rashidiyah.
A meeting between Bagharah tribe elders and SDF commanders has finished with tension, the elders have demand to stop the looting and providing services in the tribe's villages and towns
9 dead so far and dozens wounded victims of warplanes airstrikes targeting Madira town now, Syria Civil Defense continues the rescue operation and retrieve bodies from under the rubble
Photos shows the presence of military from Russia and Iran in the city of ALbokmal
One dead so far and many civilians injured after air strike targeting residential neighborhoods in Arbeen city, and Civil defense teams working to rescue the wounded to medical centers
Warplanes kill 7, injure dozens of civilians in Madyara town in Eastern Ghouta, Syria
Syrian Army captured Mustarihah (which is last village before Umm Miyal - Al-Rahjan -Jakusiyah), north East Hama
Syria govt media says govt delegation postpones departure to UN backed talks in Geneva; govt annoyed by opposition statement demanding Assad be gone from power before transition
ASEAN terror groups are sanctuaries for Islamic State militants fleeing Syria and Iraq, says Malaysian Defence Minister
Aftermath of IED that yesterday targeted security forces in Manbij city
Russian strikes kill 53 civilians in Syria's Deir Ezzor says monitor
3 people were killed as mine exploded under their car near Safa mosque in Raqqa
Reports that an assassination attempt was carried out on Manbij Military Council leader south of the city
Most interesting on these satellite images is the white spot probably covered for security reason
Substantial upgrade of US infrastructures + various vehicles deployment including AH-64 Apache/Bell AH-1Z Viper helicopters in Syria
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