Amidst evacuation of Hermon pocket IRGC-linked Iraqi Al-Imam Hussein Brigade showing its presence in Beit Jin area.

Map. History of Syria conflict

21 July 2018
Army captured Saloumiyah, Atshan and Abu Umar in South Idlib
6 month ago
Mass grave of approximately 200 bodies found near Tabqa Airport. Probably they were pro-Government fighters. About 700 fighters at the Taqqa airport are still missing since the attack of ISIS on the airport. Found corpses are now in possession by SDF
Delegation from Ingushetia (Russia) visits Syria. Stops at numerous locations around the country, including Damascus, where Ingush military police are present. Delivers 25 tons of aid as part of ongoing North Caucasus/Russian outreach to Syria.
Warplanes launched six missiles on the town of Harasta in the eastern Ghouta
Mesraba - One civilian killed , many civilians injured including a woman after an artillery shell targeted the town in Eastern Ghouta.
Effort will involve shift from "an offensive, terrain-seizing approach to a stabilizing" one in Syria, US Sec Def Mattis said
New report on @CJTFOIR continuing airstrikes in December against ISIS; many near Abu Kamal and Hawija
More than 400 patients on a U.N. list waiting for evacuations from a siege in Syria were left behind on Friday as the Red Cross said it had finished transferring just 29 people and their families to Damascus for medical care
Today alone, over 50 air strikes and shells landed on eastern Ghouta, resulting in many children being murdered by the government.
Hama : Opposition retook control the town of Tal Marek and captured a group of government force members.
Seven of civilians killed in heavy bombing targeted Harasta and Hamouriyah towns in Eastern Ghouta
Syrian rebels depart enclave in south as army gains in north
US Defense Sec. Mattis Warns Assad of attacking Kurds and says such actions would be a 'mistake'
Amidst evacuation of Hermon pocket IRGC-linked Iraqi Al-Imam Hussein Brigade showing its presence in Beit Jin area.
YPG shelled the city of Azzz with the rockets
"Leave Syria and think about us"; protestors in city of Sari, north of Iran during protest tonight, 29 Dec 2017.
Senator Hatch: The protests across Iran reflect the Ayatollah's deep negligence of the basic needs of the Iranian people. They have chosen to use what economic gains they have accrued through the Iran deal to fund terrorism and sectarian violence in Syria and elsewhere.
Pictures of Airport road in Aleppo city after reconstruction works
We always managed to get behind US-led coalition fighter jets encountered over Syria: Russian pilot says
Pictures of the market in Sabha town
A civilian was killed in Dranj town East Deir Ezzor due IED explosion planted by Daesh.
Many civilians killed and wounded due anti-ISIS coalition raids on Bahra town
Clashes between SDF and ISIS in Gharanij town
Clashes between pro-Government forces and ISIS around AbuKamal city.
At least 3 civilians killed today in Raqqa due several IED explosions. One of them was planted in a suitcase.
6 month ago
IRGC-linked Fars News Agency claims in several articles that "Syrian Army plan to use an assault strategy against SDF similar to the Iraqi troops' Kirkuk liberation operation"
US Defense Secretary Mattis sees larger U.S. civilian presence in Syria
Raqqa residents returning home after capture of the city from ISIS
Raqqa residents returning home after capture of the city from ISIS
Murat Karayilan, the commander-in-chief of the PKK, threatened Turkey with "more far-reaching and bigger" attacks in the New Year and noted how well the PKK's Rojava project in Syria has gone so far.
The correspondent of "Hama now": SAA controls the village of Abu Omar at south of Idlib.
Danger of ISIS beyond Iraq Syria - "It's a brand threat" says US Sec Def Jim Mattis "More than anything else it can inspire lone wolf attacks. It can inspire other groups"
Youths in the Shi'ite holy city of Qom shout "Marg bar Hezbollah" (death to Hezbollah).
Coalition December report confirms 9 new civilian casualty events which add 11 new deaths to the tally - with a further 5 civilians admitted killed in unspecified events. Overall, US-led CJTFOIR now concedes at least 817 civilians killed since 2014
SDF has captured Jubb Al-Bahrah, Al-Qahawi,Al-Kushkiyah and Al-Jabal from ISIS
6 month ago
One PKK/PYD member detained in Akcakale after illegal entry from Syria
Young residents of Kermanshah clash with anti-riot forces using water cannon to disperse the protestors. Thousands took part in protest today, chanting: "death to dictator, death to Rouhani" "leave Syria and think about us" "People are begging and Khamenei lives like a god"
Syria's Foreign Ministry: "The entry of the Turkish forces to the Syrian territory reveals one image of the Turkey's support to takfiri terrorism". Blames Erdogan's "paranoia and illusions of the past," which "made him forget that his old empire has vanished and that the free people of the world have the choice to make their national decisions and defend their sovereignty and they will not allow Erdogan to interfere in their affairs."
Child killed and others wounded, including women, as a result of the artillery shelling on the city of Hamuriya in Damascus countryside
Situation at #Harasta vehicle base calmed down
Abu Duhur offensive: government captured Tell Maraq (other side of railway) meaning they also took Hamdaniyah in multi-axis and continuous assault.
Turkish Army convoy in northern Idlib driving from the border in direction of Qah
The first 4 Buses of surrendered rebels just left Beit Jinn
Syrian Army captured Tal Miraq after control Abu Dali, Nasiriyah, Hamdaniyah and its train station, Idlib
Heavy clashes between SAA and militias occurring in Harasta
6 month ago
Putin has signed a law to ratify Russia-Syria agreement to expand naval base in Tartus
SW. Damascus: evacuation of 1st batch of Rebels (300+) from BeitJin area (Hermon) started, heading to Idlib.
Faylaq Sham claims the ATGM strike which destroyed (on Um Haratayn front) a government ATGM launcher and reportedly made up to 15 casualties among nearby fighters.
East Damascus: fierce clashes renewed on Armored Vehicle Base front amidst heavy government bombardment
Syrian Army and Tiger Forces take control of Abo Dali and Hamdaniyah towns with intense clashes on Atshan front in southern Idlib countryside
210 fighters from Raqqa and Aleppo Governates graduate in Manbij and join the SDF
210 fighters from Raqqa and Aleppo Governates graduate in Manbij and join the SDF
Education Office in al-Karama area has distributed 80 fireplaces to schools in the area
Education Office in al-Karama area  has distributed 80 fireplaces to schools in the area
Violent clashes between rebels and government near the village of Aboudali #Hama
Syrian Army captured Abu Dali village, Idlib
Motorbike IED explosion north of Manbij: 2 Manbij Internal Security Forces killed and 2 more injured
Idlib: Syrian government Barrel Bombs Hit Tamanaa Town
6 month ago
Tahrir al Sham announces the destruction of a cannon and the killing of several elements of the ISIS in the clashes inside the village of Abū Khanādiq in Eastern Hama countryside
Unknown location
Members of Special Operation Force - Russian SOF/SSO in Syria
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