Tiger Forces to northeast Hama

Map. History of Syria conflict

17 July 2018
SDC official Hassan Mohammed Ali in meetings in Taqba families of the 'martyrs' of Raqqa will not allow any force to approach the city and return of 'government in Raqqa a red line' (ANHA)
SDF again thanks Russian army for its support in Deir ar-Zour campaign that was completed recently
Syrian Mindef: the Syrian Army captured all aera on West bank from Al-Mayadeen into Al-Bukamal .
Russian General Staff: Syria completely cleared from ISIS7 month ago
Russian General Staff: Syria completely cleared from ISIS
SDF forces have take over Hajin in Eastern Damascus countryside
Pentagon spokesman Colonel Rob Manning issues sharp condemnation of Russia for its role in Syria, says Moscow has shown countering ISIS "not its foremost priority," says Russia appears to have no plan to "bring a meaningful conclusion" to Syrian civil war
Pentagon now admits there are roughly 2,000 US troops in Syria, another 5,200 in Iraq in promise to be more transparent with American public. Just last week DoD said only 503 troops in Syria says DoD Spox Colonel Rob Manning
US has approximately 2,000 troops in Syria, Pentagon spox says, after previously saying only 500 on the ground.
U.S., France urge Russia to "deliver" Assad delegation to Syria peace talks
7 month ago
Putin: The next phase in Syria includes the holding of presidential and parliamentary elections
7 month ago
Putin says it's time to move on to a new stage in Syria based on political dialogue
7 month ago
Russian Defense Minister informs Putin about the elimination of ISIS on the banks of the Euphrates River in Syria
Syrian Army enters Rahjan in northeast Hama. Think this is the 3rd or 4th time they have entered
[email protected] has recovered over 95 % of the ISIS claimed territory and captured 7 million people. But together, we must consolidate those gains – NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg
SAA led by Tigers capture Mutaradah, Sayyāl, Ghabrah, Hurriyah and Ta's Ash-Shāyir from ISIS, met with IRGC, Hezbollah and Iraqi factions at Albu Kamal
A new "Tribal Army" is formed by the Assad government, 160 men led by Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Rifai including alleged defectors from FSA Southern Front Omari Brigades al-Lajat Daraa
Russian air strikes kill 21 civilians in east Syria: monitor
SE. Aleppo: FSA Free Idlib Army seized a Fagot/Konkurs launcher after a raid on government position in Jebal Hoss.
Tillerson on Syria/Russia: We have said to Russians it's important for Syrian government be at the negotiating tableincl Assad directly as long as he is leader. Hopes talks resume
7 month ago
Tiger Forces to northeast Hama
E. Syria: Russian carpet bombing (Tu-22M3 strike?) on Al-Siyal, N. of AbuKemal.
230 fighters join YPG-led SDF following graduation from Martyr Abu Leyla military academy
SAA Tiger forces arrived to Al-Bukamal city from Al-Mayadeen Axis. Tiger forces meet Other troops near Al-Hamdan west Al-Bukamal
7 month ago
After two suspected Israeli strikes in Syria, Israeli army staged a surprise military exercise in the north to test battle readiness in the case of the sudden break out of a conflict with Lebanon
Reports of Hezbollah and Iranian reinforcements arriving near Quneitra, meaning only being a few km's from Golan borders
Sky of East Hama countryside now. Syria
Irbin - Two children killed, others injured, including one woman after heavy artillery shell targeted the city in Eastrern Ghouta.
Eastern Ghouta: Clashes between the SAA, SRG, NDF and rebels in the surroundings of Vehicle management in Harasta city and eastern Ghouta in an attempt by the SRG to advance, there is also artillery shelling targeting the area
Ship of Interest: Russia flag, Murmansk registered cargo vessel Pizhma transits Bosphorus en route to Novorossiysk. Pizhma departed Kronshtadt  on October 11 for Novorossiysk. The ship was in the port of Tartus Syria on December 2.7 month ago
Ship of Interest: Russia flag, Murmansk registered cargo vessel Pizhma transits Bosphorus en route to Novorossiysk. Pizhma departed Kronshtadt on October 11 for Novorossiysk. The ship was in the port of Tartus Syria on December 2.
Arab and Kurdish women in the graduation ceremony of a new batch of female fighters of Manbij Military Council. MMC
[email protected]: The United States strongly condemns the recent attacks and the continued siege on the people of Eastern Ghouta by the Assad government with the help of Russia.
North-West Al-Bukamal: SAA cleared from ISIS al-Jalaa, Al Salam, Al Burham, Ramadi, Al Hasrat and Al Buq'ān from Daesh
US military to stay in Syria "as long as we need to" says Pentagon
Russian Mindef says Tu-22m3 bombers hit targets in Syria
International coalition: Less than 3,000 ISIS fighters are still in Iraq and Syria
New 8 Villages captured By SAA Tiger forces west of Al-Bukamal
East Syria: rare video showing UR-77 Metorit used to bomb an ISIS-held island across Euphrates
Syrian Ministry of Defense announces the formation of Light-Infantry Brigades in Syrian Arab Army's Fifth Assault Corps.(5 Dec, 2017)
NE. Hama-SE. Aleppo: heavy Russia|n airstrikes continue. HTS repelled for 3rd day government on Rahjan-Shakushiyah axis.
SAA Tiger Forces capture Al-Jalaa' city from ISIS after completely outflanking the city from west, capture Ramādi and Buq'ān villages and deploy within 12 km to meet with SAA at Al Bukamal axis
Clearer picture of T-62 seized by HTS during takeover of Rashidiya. A government fighter was also captured in nearby village of Hajarah.
Israel airstrikes targeted Mahien base in Homs eastern countryside and Jedaidat Yabous in west Damascus near Syrian-Lebanese border
East Syria: among fiercest battles raging to seize last ISIS-held locations on W. Euphrates bank (extending over a distance of ~15 km).
Warplanes carried out airstrikes targeting Joub al-Sakr and Beiyoud villages, unknown casualties among civilians so far
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