Seeing "at a minimum deconfliction if not support" between Russia and Turkey in Syria per Gen Scaparrotti says Russia-Iran ties "one of convenience"

Map. History of Syria conflict

18 September 2018
Deir ez-Zur Eastern countryside: A number of members of the Afghan Fatimion Brigade were killed in the vicinity of Hamdan village in Bu Kamal as a result of an attack by ISIS elements on their positions yesterday.
Syrian Army on the doors of Jisreen to Hamouriyah after secure Jisreen farms - Aftris air defense - Jawsh Al-Ashari and Hawsh Qubaybat
JTS shot down an HTS bomb-laden drone on the axis of the town of Taqad in the Western countryside of Aleppo
Moment of airstrike on Duma in Eastern Ghouta
Moment of airstrike on Duma in Eastern Ghouta
AfrinOp: OliveBranch seized the 1st YPG tank as well as an artillery piece and 2 Konkurs ATGMs in a military camp in Sharan area.
The new Turkish military convoy entered Azaz city from Bab al Salameh border crossing.
Turkish Army soldier clash with YPG in Jinderes
HTS releases some 50 members of Jund al-Aqsa [Jihadi ISIS-affiliate] who were held in a prison in Idlib
East Ghouta: visual confirmation government took over Air Defense Base near Aftris (1.5 km E. of Saqba), with a bunch of tanks
6 month ago
Seeing "at a minimum deconfliction if not support" between Russia and Turkey in Syria per Gen Scaparrotti says Russia-Iran ties "one of convenience"
OliveBranch forces take control over "Mafraq al Jatt" in western Azaz. Means Nubl-Kafrjana-Afrin highway completely cut off.
AfrinOp: drone view of town of Jindires taken today by Olive Branch forces.
OliveBranch forces captured the Al Qadi farms near Maryamayn. they're knocking the doors of Maryamayn
Another violent air strike targeted residential neighborhoods in Douma Eastern Ghouta
Turkish war planes are bombarding the villages Miremin and Qurtuqlaqe of district Shera and the village Qeretepe of Afrin center, Clashes are ongoing between YPG forces and the Turkish army around the villages Qurtuqlaqe and Qeretepe
AfrinOp: the YPG towers of Mesarat.
TSK / FSA troops captured the village of Shavarga el-Coz in the north east of Afrin
Shawaghat North of Maryamayn is also under Olive Branch control.
Olive Branch forces captured Shurghat al Jhuz in northern Maryarmayn.
Damascus suburb Saqba in East Ghouta
ANHA: Operation by SDF forces against the Turkish army around Metina village of district Shera: At least 5 members of the Turkish special forces have been killed
Al Hamza at Al Aswad prison used by the YPG as a main prison for their opponents in the vicinity of Raju
The Free Syrian Army forces control a Muearisat village near Sharan in the countryside of Afrin
Doctor in Ghouta: "I don't know, I'm even exhausted of documenting everything. But what can we do? It's been five years under siege, bombardment, hunger and nobody cared about us. What can we do? We can carry on working."
Unknown location
The Free Syrian Army forces control the Al Aswad prison at Rajo axis
Russian aircrafts bombing the city of Kafr Zita, casualties reported
Russian aircrafts bombing the city of Kafr Zita, casualties reported
Ilyushin aircraft dropped provision on Foua-Kefraya pocket in Idlib
Eastern Damascus: aftermath of airstrikes on town of Jisreen which devasted large areas.
Syrian Arab Army set up a 2nd safety crossing on road between Jisreen - Malihah towns for civilians to flee from East Ghouta
Jomaa Al Alywi, another volunteer of the @civil_hama killed after the brutal air raids targeted the civilinas and SCD teams during there humanitarian duty in Hama countryside
OliveBranch force captured Maarsat in southern Kafrjana
Turkish soldiers along with Free Syrian Army (FSA) forces backed by Special Forces teams of Turkey national police and gendarmerie captured Jandairis town in Syria's Afrin after heavy clashes with Kurdish People's Protection Forces YPG fighters
Hundreds of civilians are beginning to flee Afrin city,Syria
Hawsh Al-Ashari and Hawsh Qubaybat was captured by Syrian army
FSA seized a DShK mounted motorcyle in Sharan district that was captured from YPG in Afrin.
HTS militants shelled the people in El- Fuaa with more than 100 rockets. 2 children reportedly killed
Turkish army deploying more troops in Jandaris, Afrin. after storming the town earlier today.
Turkish military, Free Syrian Army FSA capture Jinderes town in Syria's Afrin from YPG during Operation Olive Branch
Thousands of women march today in Afrin on International Women's Day
Turkmen Division in Dunballi village
Syria: Last night, medics, @AFP correspondents and monitor said dozens of civilians suffered breathing difficulties after air strikes on Saqba and Hammuriyeh. @sams_usa says symptoms consistent with chlorine attack
Syria: Air strikes, barrel bombs hit Ghouta towns all night and into today. @AFP correspondents reported seeing lifeless bodies lying in streets today
1 civilians were killed and many others injured after artillery shelling from YPJ and PKK targeted residential areas in Maree and Kaljebren city in the northern countryside of Aleppo. @scdaleppo teams worked to continue the rescue operation.
More than 900 killed in assault on Syria's Ghouta: monitor
6 month ago
Turkish Foreign Min says operation in Afrin will be completed by May, TR will launch crossborder operation to wipe out PKK in Iraq after the elections in May. When asked If Afrin op does not end by that date, he says TR is capable of conducting two ops simultaneously.
6 month ago
Turkish foreign minister says operation into Syria's Afrin will be completed by May
FSA announced the control over Jinderes district after heavy clashes.
Center of Jindires is under control of Olive Branch forces. Last pockets of resistance heard (NE.-E. suburbs).
Hallubi Kabir and Saghir under Olive Branch control.
Olive Branch forces completely captured Jinderes town from YPG, the southern gate of Afrin
"The convoy for today is postponed, as the situation is evolving on the ground, which doesn't allow us to carry out the operation in such conditions," ICRC spokeswoman Ingy Sedky told @AFP.
Turkish army close to encircle Jandaris, SW Afrin. as warplanes intensify strikes.
Heavy street battle between FSA/TSK and YPG/Pro government militia in Jinderes town in south west Afrin
France will respond if chemical weapons are proven to have caused deaths in Syria
Turkish army is bombarding the center of Jinaders area
6 month ago
Turkish army counted 3055 neutralized militants during Afrin operation
Heavy clashes on Kafr Bata axis in Damascus
Video from Maryamyn village last night
YPG ATGM strike in Kafr Jina village of Sharanli village
Pro-Syrian government forces have once again recently begun massing east of the Euphrates River near where US troops are advising the SDF, US officials tell CNN. The area is very near where pro-government forces attacked US/SDF troops last month, resulting in US airstrikes
NE. Latakia: remains of a Tochka missile fired tonight on Najiyah, W. of Jisr Shoghur.
Another view of Hamouriyah town hit by incendiary Grad rockets tonight.
Eastern Damascus: town of Hamouriyah hit by incendiary rockets tonight (MRLS).
Eastern Ghouta: government took over BeitSawa from Rebels. Pics geolocated in center
Eastern Damascus: aftermath of counter-attack carried out by Ahrar Sham-led Rebels on N. Harasta front, killing a dozen Assad fighters and capturing spoils.
AfrinOp: like Afrin-city Jindires has long concerete tunnels with loopholes.
Government forces cut rebels enclave in Eastern Ghouta in two, after taking more than half of the territory in these Damascus suburbs: Syrian Observatory
[email protected]: Brutal airstrikes by Russia and the government continue, especially in Eastern Ghouta, despite the unanimous UN Security Council vote on February 24th to demand an immediate cessation of hostilities throughout Syria.
North Hama: many (allegedly RuAF) airstrikes struck today town of Kafr Zita.
45 killed today in air strikes on Eastern Ghouta. At least 16 killed in raids on Hammouriyeh, said SOHR
Footage by ANHA reporter @RojMousa from the Shera front which was today under heavy bombardments
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