President Erdogan says that the number of militants who have been neutralized since the beginning of the Olive Branch Operation is 4071

Map. History of Syria conflict

25 September 2018
[email protected] Ambassador @OlofBSkoog asks for suspension of UNSC consideration of Russian draft resolution supporting @OPCW fact-finding mission in Douma Syria so Council may continue to consult on draft
Source in HQ of Russian North Fleet says that they expect strike on Syria in coming hours
5 month ago
Russian raid on Al Qasabiyah village in South Idlib
US delegate: Russia wants to choose its own experts on the commission of inquiry
Amb. @nikkihaley: "Russia has chosen the Asad government, again, over the unity of this council Russia has trashed the credibility of this council." Moscow has vetoed six resolutions that would have investigated Asad's CW attacks [and 12 resolutions to defend Asad overall.]
Security Council rejects Russia's draft resolution to form a commission of inquiry on chemical attacks in Syria
Russian-drafted UNSC resolution to set up Syria chemical weapons inquiry fails to get the necessary 9 votes in favor and therefore fails (6 in favor, 7 against, 2 abstentions)
E. Ghouta: several BMPs (1 and 2) wrecked in Jobar.
British delegate: Russia used the veto to protect the Syrian government
Amb. @KarenPierceUN: Russia cannot carry out an investigation on its own in Syria; it has no mandate from the Security Council. The investigation has to be independent. It is clear Moscow cares more for saving Asad, "abusing the power of veto", than about the use of WMD.
Russia just vetoed once again a UNSCR which would have established an independent UN mechanism to investigate chemical weapons use in Syria. Only Bolivia supported them, no one else.
Russia has vetoed U.S resolution on Syria
Russian envoy: The West is trying to justify a military strike against Syria
5 month ago
Israeli army has been put on high alert in Northern Israel near Syrian and Lebanese borders ahead of feared retailation by Iran and Hezbollah for attributed Israeli strike in Syria and ahead of possible military actions by America.
Russian Amb Nebenzia on US Syria chemical weapons inquiry - Why do you need the mechanism when you have already appointed the guilty party before the investigation?
Footage of US forces in Manbij seen setting up new positions today.
Russian delegate: We do not support the US draft resolution on Syria
US delegate: draft resolution by Russia gives it the opportunity to choose investigators
Syrian state TV just finished a panel discussion about the looming US air strikes. Guests all believed Pres Trump will only respond with an ineffective pin prick strike like last year.
The French delegate at UN: The atrocities of the Syrian government are war crimes
[email protected]: "NATO has consistently condemned Syria's continued use of chemical weapons as a clear breach of international norms and agreements. Any use of chemical weapons is unacceptable, and those responsible must be held accountable"
The Security Council will vote soon on two draft resolutions on Syria (US and Russian)
5 month ago
Russian MP denied information that Assad was evacuated to Iran, says that is fake
US official tells @TheNationalUAE : OPCW sending mission is good but will NOT affect US response.
5 month ago
A senior Russian lawmaker warns the US against a strike against Syria, says it could trigger a direct military clash between Russia and the U.S.
5 month ago
"Everyone around the world can see" that Syria recent attacks "are horrific" says @PressSec in response to question on whether chlorine attacks might have been what was dropped on civilians.
5 month ago
"I can't get into specific classified information" on why the US is confident of the culprit behind the chemical weapons attack in Syria, says @PressSec.
5 month ago
Will continue to work with various partners and allies on response to Syria chemical weapons attack, @PressSec says in response to my query on whether US would welcome military action also by France, Saudi Arabia and others.
Syria: Four members of the Fatimid militia were killed in battles in Syria and will be buried in Iran. In recent days, the Fatmiyeh militia has lost a number of fighters in the battles of Deir al-Zour in eastern Syria.
"All options are on the table" for a US response to Syria, reiterates @PressSec.
Video from 9 April, 7:02pm showing presence of chemical gas canister in Douma. Same location as video of casualties. Also same location that Russia visited reporting 'no sign of chemical weapons'.
Any French strikes on Syria government would target chemical facilities, says President Macron
@obretix: NOTAM and navigational warnings in force on Wednesday, 11 April 2018. - only usual Russian Navy firing exercise5 month ago
@obretix: NOTAM and navigational warnings in force on Wednesday, 11 April 2018. - only usual Russian Navy firing exercise
US Ambassador to NATO: "I believe a military response, taking out perhaps some of the places where these missions are taking place - the bases from which they're flying to drop chemical weapons - I think that would be an appropriate response."
US Ambassador to NATO has told President Assad is guilty of "genocide" and military action would be "an appropriate response"
Mohammed Bin Salman: We are ready to work with our allies in any military action in Syria if necessary
Macron: We will continue to share information and announce our decision on Syria within days
Macron: We do not want any escalation of the situation in the region
Macron: We have red lines regarding the use of chemical weapons in Syria
Senior Israeli offcial tells Israel's Channel 10 that after security discussions PM Netanyahu believes Trump is very likely to order an attack on Syria.
May, Trump and Macron say: World needs to respond to suspected chemical attack in Syria
Russian reconnaissance plane is flying over North Hama5 month ago
Russian reconnaissance plane is flying over North Hama
Russian reconnaissance plane is flying over North Hama
Global watchdog says it will 'shortly' deploy team to Douma to investigate CW attack, just hours before UNSC votes on rival US and Russian proposals on investigation
Report: Russia says some 2,000 rebels left Syria's Douma
"We do not and we will not toleratepeople who support and fund terrorism," adds Qatar amir
In phone call, @POTUS and @theresa_may "agreed not to allow the use of chemical weapons to continue," according to just-released @WhiteHouse readout.
"We speak today and we see the suffering the Syrian people," says Qatar Amir Al Thani. "This matter should end immediately."
We cannot tolerate a "war criminal" says Qatar amir in reference to Assad of Syria
#EuphratesShield: ~3,500 displaced from Duma settled in Bel Camp set up only 2 weeks ago by @TurkKizilayi, few km E. of Azaz. Location:
Emir of Qatar, sitting beside Trump in Oval, talks Syria: "We cannot tolerate with a war criminal This matter should end immediately." Emir says Trump has been "very helpful" in working through GCC crisis.
Secretary Mattis will no longer be traveling to Nevada and San Francisco over the weekend, Pentagon officials say
Russia REJECTS US draft resolution on Syria at UNSC
Families who were evacuated from East Ghouta reached North Syria
Russian airforce flying low above Tartus
Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons says it is sending inspectors to Syria to investigate the weekend suspected chemical weapons attack, a move that could throw a wrench in Trump's plans to quickly respond "forcefully."
Sen. Sasse on Moscow jamming US drones in Syria: "Russia wants to undermine our interests at every turn. Putin is already waging a shadow war with the United States but too many American politicians are asleep on the watch."
After an exhaustive 16 hours night, White Helmets teams concluded their work in Idlib City having pulled 29 civilians including 13 women and 7 children from the rubble of a 7-storey building which was destroyed by an unidentified bomb. Only two children were retrieved alive.
5 month ago
[email protected]_may also said she would chair a meeting of Britain's National Security Council later on Tuesday
More military options for Syria deploying to Med: USS Harry Truman strike group sets sail Wednesday from Norfolk along with seven warships each armed with dozens of cruise missiles. Truman launched jets to strike ISIS from Med in 2016.
Another indication the building visited by Russian for inspection is the same building many bodies were removed from.
Washington is demanding a Security Council session today to vote on a resolution on the attack in Syria
Syria government allies bear 'particular responsibility' for alleged chemical attack: French PM Philippe
After @PressSec announces @POTUS will not attend 8th Summit of the Americas in Lima "to oversee the American response to Syria", he tweets praise for United States military and photo of mtg with senior military officials from last night
Increased activity on the British military base in Cyprus.
Al-Jubeir: We are discussing with our allies the steps to respond to the chemical attack
Government Forces are evacuating Planes from Al-Typhur and Al-Seen Airbases, towards Al-Nayrab and Damascus International Airbases
5 month ago
Syria: missile defense systems were deployed around the presidential palace and the defense ministry in Damascus, according to a UN diplomatic source. Aircraft were reportedly transferred to the Russian base near Lattakia
5 month ago
Reports:ISIS besieged the SAA in the city of Sukhna
Syria invites UN watchdog to Douma to probe chemical attack claims
Trump is not going to Peru and Colombia as scheduled. He is staying here to oversee the US response to Syria, Sarah Huckabee Sanders says.
Syria says it has invited mission from chemical weapons watchdog to investigate suspected attack.
FSA  preparing to enter DeirEzzor city (Jish maghawer al thawra)   Which coordinates with the International Alliance5 month ago
FSA preparing to enter DeirEzzor city (Jish maghawer al thawra) Which coordinates with the International Alliance
Syrian sources say government army and allied forces are on high alert amid fears of imminent US military attack.
5 month ago
British PM May to talk to Trump on suspected chemical attack in Syria
5 month ago
RuAF jet made low pass near French Frigate in Eastern Mediterranean
5 month ago
Reuters: British Prime Minister: Those responsible for the chemical attack in Syria should be held accountable
Israeli defense minister says 'he do not know' who attacked T4 base in Syria, but warns that Israel would not allow Iranian entrenchment beyond the border
Washington: @statedeptspox: "Acting Secretary Sullivan spoke with @BorisJohnson to discuss the alleged chemical weapon attack in Douma, the international community's response, and potential further steps the U.S. and UK governments might take in coordination with other partners.
P-8A 168439 making tighter circles off Syria coast. FL 260, likely ELINT sortie.5 month ago
P-8A 168439 making tighter circles off Syria coast. FL 260, likely ELINT sortie.
@obretix: Production resumed at Jabisah oil/gas plant northeast of Shaddadi gas flare in the northeastern corner is burning since late January 2018 and truck park looks busy
Syrian government releases 40 prisoners on political charges from Hama Central Prison
5 month ago
Erdogan criticizes Russian FM saying: 'We know very well who we will return Afrin to'
5 month ago
Erdogan: Turkey will not hand over Afrin to Syrian government.
The Russian military has been jamming some U.S. military drones operating in the skies over Syria, seriously affecting American military operations, according to four U.S. officials.
Top Iranian official says 'Israel's crime' in attacking T4 airbase 'will not remain without response': Al Mayadeen
The Syrian government took us to an alleged underground rebel weapons factory and warehouse in a residential area in Eastern Ghouta. The rocket seems to be a SA-5 surface to air missile.
5 month ago
Lavrov: Moscow will submit a draft resolution of the Security Council to investigate the attack in Douma
US Navy P8 Poseidon AE4EBD heading Eastern Mediterranean5 month ago
US Navy P8 Poseidon AE4EBD heading Eastern Mediterranean
Sputnik: Russia blocked signals from US drones in Syria - reports
5 month ago
UK Chief of the Defence Staff held a "significant" meeting with key military officials in the MOD this morning to discuss military options for Syria
Iron Dome deployed in Golan Heights amid Syria strike uproar5 month ago
Iron Dome deployed in Golan Heights amid Syria strike uproar
5 month ago
German Foreign Minister: Russia and Iran have not yet fulfilled their commitments in Syria
Reports this morning IRGC left their headquarters in Abu Kamal and went to Iraq.
The @IsraelMFA confirmes: We have constant talks with the Russians and today our ambassador will indeed meet the deputy FM
5 month ago
Turkey's Erdogan vows perpetrators of Eastern Ghouta massacre will pay 'heavy price'
5 month ago
Erdogan vows perpetrators of E. Ghouta massacre will pay 'heavy price'
5 month ago
Erdogan: We insist on continued cooperation between Turkey, Russia and Iran on Syria
5 month ago
Russia threatens "all political, diplomatic and, if necessary, military measures will be taken, and no illegal action will remain unanswered", if the US strikes Syria. - head of the Duma Defense Committee Vladimir Shamanov
5 month ago
President Erdogan says that the number of militants who have been neutralized since the beginning of the Olive Branch Operation is 4071
5 month ago
Turkish military operation will continue in Afrin - Turkish Defense Minister
5 month ago
Kremlin says US 'refusing to face reality' on alleged Syria attack
Clashes about control of Sukhnah town between ISIS and Assad-forces on half way road Palmyra - DeirEzZor city
5 month ago
Air Defense of Russian Black Sea Fleet has declared combat alert
5 month ago
[email protected] reports Israel Amb. In moscow has been summoned to the Russian foreign ministry in response to yesterday's strike on the Syrian airbase
2 civilians were killed, and 1 other injured, after brutal air raids on their homes in AlNaqeer Village in Idlib contryside. Civil Defense teams worked to retrieve the victims, and continue the rescue operation.
5 month ago
Bogdanov: The situation is dangerous and media stuffing is being used to escalate
5 month ago
Bogdanov: There are contacts between Russia and the United States on the status quo in Syria
Rescue teams still working to find survivors in Idlib-city. Attack which collapsed 5-floor residential building killed 27 and wounded 100+.
Video: The convoy of the displaced from Douma reaches the outskirts of Bab city, east Aleppo
5 month ago
Iranian media: Seven Iranians were killed in strike on Syrian air base
The convoy of the displaced from Douma reaches the outskirts of Bab city, east Aleppo
5 month ago
Tony Blair says probably not necessary for @theresa_may to seek parliamentary backing for UK airstrikes against Assad post suspected chemical weapons attack. Makes distinction between airstrikes and deploying ground troops in terms of requirement for MPs' vote
France warns of 'response' if 'red line' of chemical arms crossed in Syria: spokesman
Russian President's special envoy on Syria Alexander Lavrentiev is scheduled to visit Tehran today and to hold discussions with senior Iranian officials, most probably following the recent Israeli attack
The United States is considering a collective military response to the chemical attack in Syria, U.S. officials say - Reuters
5 month ago
[email protected]: "We are here to discuss Syria tonightWe're making a decision as to what we do with respect to the horrible attack"
President Donald Trump says Syrian chemical attack 'will be met forcefully,' but won't discuss timing.
Trump, meeting with military leaders, says we're making a decision tonight or shortly thereafter as to the horrible attack that was made near Damascus; says we have a lot of options militarily on Syria
Delegates of Western countries leave the meeting of the Security Council during the speech of the Syrian delegate
Kuwaiti envoy: The political solution is the only solution capable of ending the war in Syria
Israel: Assad continues to possess chemical weapons and manufactures new ones. Full statement by the @IsraelMFA
Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The Assad government has rebuilt its capability to manufacture chemical weapons.
10 civilians were killed and others injured by an explosion, led to a collapse of the building in neighborhood of Wadi Naseem in Idlib, Civil defense teams are still retrieving victims from the rubble.
5 month ago
WikiLeaks issues a US$100,000 reward for confidential official information (intercepts, reports) showing to who is responsible for the alleged chemical attack in Douma, Syria.
5 civilians were killed in an explosion of a mine left behind by the YPG in the Hamoudiya neighborhood in Afrin. At the same time, Turkey and FSA keep arresting political figures in the area and government checkpoints prevent people from returning.
British delegate: We support the U.S draft resolution on the chemical weapons inspection mechanism in Syria
The @StateDept tells @VOANews: We have seen reports indicating up to 85 killed and more than 1,000 injured including women and children in the suspected gas attacks in Douma, Syria.
British delegate: Assad government, Russia and Iran risk the stability of the region and the world
The French delegate: Russia is the one who agrees to launch any attacks in Syria
The French delegate: There is no doubt about the involvement of the Syrian government in the attack in Douma
US Amb @nikkihaley in UNSC meeting on Syria Douma - History will record this as the moment when the Security Council either discharged its duty or demonstrated its utter and complete failure to protect the people of Syria. Either way, the United States will respond.
US delegate: The Security Council is doing nothing about the ongoing chemical attacks in Syria
US delegate: Russia is responsible for blocking the Security Council
Russian envoy at the UN warns US from grave consequences in case of attack in Syria
US delegate: Chemical weapons used again against civilians in Syria
Russian delegate: London and Washington tried to divert attention from Skripal spy case
The Russian delegate: I invite the OPCW investigators to go to Syria tomorrow
Russian delegate: There was no chemical attack in Douma
Major Gen Yevtushenko, Russia's Reconciliation Center Chief in Syria, says Russian chem specialists carried out tests at locations identified by @SyriaCivilDef: 'results of checks refute completely reports of use of a chemical weapons in the city,"
Russia's UN envoy accused the West of funding terrorism to topple legitimate governments
Russia is being "unpardonably threatened," Russian ambassador to UN says
Russian Ambassador Nebenzia says US and allies UK and France lack a clear strategy on any issue, says it is confounding to the majority of Council members. "Everything you touch, chaos is left behind."
Russian delegate: Paris and London are working with Washington against Russian interests
[email protected]: The chemical weapons attack by the Syrian government against innocent civilians is horrifying. The images, especially of suffering children, have shocked the conscience of the entire civilized world. As @POTUS clearly stated, there will be a price to pay
Deputy United Nations Coordinator for Disarmament Affairs: The use of chemical weapons in Syria is unjustified
As UNSC meets on Syria, UN envoy de Mistura said Turkey's indication of extended military operations in Syria have the potential to spark international tensions and urged all parties to show restraint and respect Syria's territorial integrity.
Special Envoy for Syria StaffandeMistura at UNSC: The @UN is not in a position to verify the use of ChemicalWeapons in Douma and a mechanism must be put in place to verify allegations of chemical attacks in Syria
De Mistura: There must be immediate focus on the implementation of Security Council resolution 2401
De Mistura: I urge the Council to ensure that a mechanism is established to investigate allegations of chemical attacks
De Mistura: There was a major escalation in April in Douma, and there have been many raids and reports of a chemical attack
The White House: Syria is unable to launch chemical attacks without the support of Russia and Iran
De Mistura provides his briefing the Security Council on the situation in Syria
5 month ago
[email protected]: "The president wants to bring our troops home after we complete the mission to eradicate ISIS in Syria."
5 month ago
The Israel strike in Syria killed an Iranian colonel who works with UAVs, such as the one Iran flew into Israel in February from the same T-4 base.
Reports of explosions in Latakia city
Dead and wounded as a result of the destruction of buildings in Idlib city، unknown explosion
5 month ago
Theresa May: The international community must be firmer in dealing with an attack in Douma
DeirEzzor: ISIS bombed headquarters of Lebanese Hezbollah in al-Bokamal city with drones
5 month ago
Photo, video spread by WhiteH elmets of alleged chemical attack 'fake' - @mod_russia
Entire building collapsed following heavy blast in Idlib-city. 50+ casualties so far including many children. Many trapped under rubble.
Building collapsed in Idlib city after ballistic missile hit it
Idlib: blast rocked the city near a market, killing and injuring dozens of residents.
Oil trucks loading crude from, what is alleged to be an IS-controlled oil well in the Sayyan oil field in Deir az Zor
President Trump tells @jonkarl that Russian President Putin "may" bear responsibility for suspected chemical attack in Syria. "Everybody's going to pay a price. He will, everybody will."
From Britain's @foreignoffice: UK and @StateDept agree, This attack [in Douma] bore hallmarks of previous chemical weapons attacks by the Assad government5 month ago
From Britain's @foreignoffice: UK and @StateDept agree, "This attack [in Douma] bore hallmarks of previous chemical weapons attacks by the Assad government"
Pentagon spokesperson: US reviewing Military Scenarios to strike Syria, will be Submitted to Trump
SE. Hama: a Colonel died in car crash and 3 fighters wounded in same area (Tel Dara front).5 month ago
SE. Hama: a Colonel died in car crash and 3 fighters wounded in same area (Tel Dara front).
A very powerful explosion hits Idleb city north Syria
US State Department says consulting with allies on response, "there will be consequences for this unacceptable atrocity"
Trump says Putin may bear responsibility for Syria attack
Syrian forces and allies are denying international monitors access to Douma - state department
US State Dept: Chemical attack occurred in an area where Syrian government forces are active
Trump: Nothing is ruled out about military action in Syria
"It was atrocious. It was horrible," says Trump of alleged chemical attacks in Douma. Tells reporters that administration will be making decision on next steps in next 24-48 hours. "This is about humanity and it can't be allowed to happen."
French military vehicles spotted in Manbij countryside.
US draft resolution establishing a commission of inquiry on the use of chemical weapons in Syria
[email protected]: We strongly condemn the Israeli attack on Syria, and consider it a blatant violation of international law.
Initial U.S. assessment suggests nerve agent was involved in Syria attack, but further evidence needed: U.S. government sources
The United States proposes to the United Nations the establishment of a new mechanism to investigate chemical weapons attacks in Syria
N. Aleppo: on 31st March Republican Guard fighters deployed in Tell Rifaat ( 2 days later, 2 of them defected to FSA?
Syria meeting: White House's National Security Council principals committee meets at 10am today for emergency session on Syria. Trump not scheduled to be there, but his top nat sec aides will be, including John Bolton, who already met with his team on Syria this a.m.
SE. Hama: renewed tensions (exacerbated by reconciliation deal of Taqsis) between Rebels and government. Rebels thwarted an attack and   exchanging artillery fire.5 month ago
SE. Hama: renewed tensions (exacerbated by reconciliation deal of Taqsis) between Rebels and government. Rebels thwarted an attack and exchanging artillery fire.
White House: National Security council to meet on Syria at 10am
39 busses carrying Rebels and their families have left Douma Ghouta today as part of the deal signed with Russia to evacuate all rebels. These have released two busses full of prisoners kidnapped by rebels since the years of war in Syria.
In a rare move Iran announces the death of 3 Iranians in Israel|i airstrikes carried out last night on Tiyas (T4) Airbase. Iranian presence on same AB was already confirmed in Feb. when Israel destroyed command vehicle of stealth drone.5 month ago
In a rare move Iran announces the death of 3 Iranians in Israel|i airstrikes carried out last night on Tiyas (T4) Airbase. Iranian presence on same AB was already confirmed in Feb. when Israel destroyed command vehicle of stealth drone.
5 month ago
#USSDonaldCook departed Larnaca, Cyprus. April 9, 2018, after completing a scheduled port visit on April, 7, 2018
5 month ago
British Prime Minister: We will discuss with the allies the necessary response to the chemical attack in Douma
At the same time, Mattis shook his head no when asked by print pool if he could confirm the Assad government used chemical weapons over the weekend. Mattis responded to questions about Syria at start of meeting with the Emir of Qatar.
Mattis: "The first thing we have to look at is why are chemical weapons still being used at all when Russia was the framework guarantor of removing all chemical weapons and so working with our allies and partners from NATO to Qatar and elsewhere we are going to address this issue"
Mattis just now on Syria: "I don't rule out anything right now,"
5 month ago
Fars News Agency: Two Iranian fighters were killed in the attack on the Syrian airbase
UNSC meeting is at 3 pm ET, 10 pm Syria
Israel carried out the strikes against Syrian base, two U.S. officials tell @NBCNews, and the US was informed of the forthcoming strikes in advance.
Large gathering of NDF arrived in S. Damascus for upcoming offensive on ISIS-held districts.
5 month ago
Kremlin: Russia did not get warning from Israel re airstrikes overnight.
5 month ago
Turkey's Erdogan spoke to Russia's Putin regarding Douma, stressed importance of halting civilian deaths - Turkish presidential source
5 month ago
Peskov: Assad is the legitimate president of Syria, insults are hardly correct.
5 month ago
Kremlin says we hope for balanced approach over Douma attack and that no country will take steps that destabilize situation
Pictures of damage at T4 airbase5 month ago
Pictures of damage at T4 airbase
5 month ago
British Prime Minister: Russia should not once again obstruct investigations in Syria
5 month ago
Jeremy Corbyn calls for "all parties to co-operate" with the UN into its investigation into the Douma chemical attack. Doesn't mention Assad in his answer.
5 month ago
UK says was not involved in overnight strikes in Syria
Britain and France agreed UN Security Council meeting in New York would be an important next step in determining the international response and that a full range of options should be on the table - UK Statement
British and French foreign ministers agree that those responsible for the chemical attack in Douma should be held accountable
5 month ago
Turkey must return control of Afrin to the Syrian government, says Moscow - Sputnik
Director General of Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons expresses grave concern over alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma.
Iraq, Iran,Assad government and Russia established a joint intelligence-sharing operations HQ in Baghdad's Green Zone
5 month ago
Strike on Syrian airbase 'very dangerous development': Lavrov
Lebanese Army: 4 Israeli aircraft violated Lebanese airspace at dawn today, west of Jounieh city, to the city of Baalbek and continued to fly 10 minutes
Chemical weapons watchdog : Fact-finding mission collecting information on latest attack in Syria's Douma
Lavrov: Russian military personnel have entered Duma and found no evidence of the use of chlorine gas
5 month ago
Lavrov: The situation in Syria is getting more dangerous because there are players who entered the conflict without an invitation
5 month ago
Lavrov: Accusations of using chemical weapons in Syria are just provocations
5 month ago
Lavrov: Talk of Washington, Paris and London on the "irrefutable evidence" of Assad's use of chemical weapons exaggerated
5 month ago
German govt spokesman says Assad government would not be able to continue its military operations without Russia and Iran
Damascus warned OPCW of provocation being prepared in Eastern Ghouta
Syria, Russia say Israeli war planes carried out strike on Syrian air base
Project 1171 BSF Tapir/Alligator class LST Orsk 148 returned from its third deployment to Syria in 2018 after 14 days and transited Bosphorus towards Black Sea 08:30Z.5 month ago
Project 1171 BSF Tapir/Alligator class LST Orsk 148 returned from its third deployment to Syria in 2018 after 14 days and transited Bosphorus towards Black Sea 08:30Z.
At this time, the DoD is not conducting air strikes in Syria. However, we continue to closely the situation and support the ongoing diplomatic efforts to hold those who use chemical weapons, in Syria and otherwise, accountable: U.S. Dept of Defense
5 month ago
Killed and wounded civilians as a result of the bombing by the pro-Assad forces on Al Mukarramiyah village in North Homs countryside
E. Ghouta: 1st busses carrying Jaish Islam fighters and civilians left Duma while remaining fighters started to burn their weaponry in town.
USAF is   snooping from close-up RC-135V Rivet Joint c/s FIXX74  64-148465 month ago
USAF is snooping from close-up RC-135V Rivet Joint c/s FIXX74 64-14846
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