IEDs, small arms and grenades seized by HTS in raid on suspected IS cell in Nayrab countryside, Idlib

Map. History of Syria conflict

15 August 2018
The Maghawir al-Thowra captured 5 ISIS fighters in the 55km area near al-Tanf, August 9.
Syria: scores of airstrikes on North Hama/SE. Idlib before sunset. Bombardment extended to West Aleppo countryside and incendiary bombardment on area West of Jisr Shoghur.
Russian aircraft launched intensive raids on the town of Urum Al Kubra in Western Aleppo
The warplanes targeted the town of Urum al-Kubra in the western Aleppo countryside with three air raids Aviation is still in the air
Heavy shelling on Bdama area in Western Idlib with incendiary ammunition
Heavy airstrike on Kafr Naha, Western Aleppo
RuAF engaged in the preliminary softening of rebel defences. Airstrikes reported in Wes Aleppo vs Khan Al-Assal, and 46th regiment near Atareb
Syrian forces in Sweida desert killed 13 militants from an ISIS in Bir Hassan area.
Large SAA Tiger Forces military convoy on way to Idlib . Posted by a page affiliated with Tiger Forces
Syria: barrel bomb dropped by SyAF over Khan Sheikhoun (SE. Idlib).
Airstrikes are not limited to N-NE Hama and southern Idlib, government airforce targeting western Aleppo this evening (pic. from Urem al Kubra)
Intensive aerial bombardment of towns and villages in the southern Idlib
Al-Tamanah, Idlib hit by airstrikes today
Al-Tamanah, Idlib hit by airstrikes today
Heavy shelling on Khan Sheykhun south of Idlib.
4 day ago
Activists: Assad forces begin withdrawing from the entire area of Al Lajah in Daraa. #Syria
Renewed air strikes begin in Idlib southern countryside. Explosive barrages are hitting Khan Shikhoun Altamana and Alteh cities, White Helmets teams are working to respond quickly to the devastated areas.
The village of AlTah in the countryside of Idlib after the bombing by helicopters
Rally in Maarat al-Nu'man with slogan "Turkey is a friend of our revolution"
Rally in Maarat al-Nu'man with slogan Turkey is a friend of our revolution
An air strike on the town of Khan Shaykhun in the southern Idlib countryside kills four civilians
SyAAF MiG-23 over Sweida.
N. Daraa: 4 soldiers were killed when a warehouse for IEDs exploded in Mahajah.
Airstrikes hit center ot town of KhanSheikhoun for 1st time in months. Idlib - Syria.
3 killed, including woman and a child in Al Tah village of Southern Idlib in aerial bombardment
4 day ago
President Erdogan had a phone call with Russian President Putin
Military aircrafts intensified air raids from Hama military airport to the north of Syria after a lull for several months.
Helicopter targets the village of Tel Aas in the southern countryside of Idlib, with a barrel bomb
Syrian army is completing preparations for the next military operation in Idlib
Syria: significant escalation with 20+ SyAF airstrikes so far carried out on SE. Idlib and N. Hama CS. Area of Khan Sheikhoun also bombed. Several casualties reported.
Air raids on Kafr Zita in Northern Hama
Aerial bombardment on Khan Shaykhun in Southern Idlib and Kafr Zita in Northern Hama
Civilians injured by air raids and intensive bombardment on the town of Altmanah in South Idlib
A civilian was hit by a rocket in shelling on Bdama, Western Idlib
Multiple convoys started to move today from South heading to N. Syria.
4th Division near Mhardeh: Tiger Forces to begin offensive in northern Hama, not the Al-Ghaab Plain
15 casualties among pro-Assad forces as result of a mine explosion in the town of Mahja north of Daraa
4 day ago
SAA Operations toward Al-Safa
SAA Operations toward Al-Safa
Syria: a rocket was shot down by Russia n Air Defense near Qardaha this morning.
Airstrikes continue on Tamanah-Sukayk area (SE. Idlib). Town of Lataminah in N. Hama countryside also bombed by SyAF.
Airstrikes continue on Tamanah-Sukayk area (SE. Idlib). Town of Lataminah in N. Hama countryside also bombed by SyAF.
More than 30 barrel bombs were dropped on Al Tamanah and Sukayk towns in the southern countryside of Idlib in recent hours, there were no reports of casualties.
Artillery shelling from pro-Assad forces checkpoints on agricultural lands around Al Lataminah town in Northern Hama
Artillery shelling from pro-Assad forces checkpoints on agricultural lands around Al Lataminah town in Northern Hama
Helicopter bombing Al-Tamanah city in Idlib Governorate
Helicopter bombed Al Latamenah city in North Hama with barrel bombs
Helicopter bombed Al Latamenah city in North Hama with barrel bombs
The warplanes targeted the village of Sukayk in Southern Idlib with thermobaric bombs
The Assad government arrests 100 men in the eastern Ghouta despite the reconciliation
3 SyAF helicopters are dropping barrel bombs on At Tamāni‘ah city in Southern Idlib
Russian reconnaissance planes all over southwest Idlib now.
Hama: Air strikes targeting the towns of Al-Ltamenah and Al-Thamneh amid intensive overflights in the skies.
Tiger Forces begin to move to Idlib
5 day ago
Russian military police have established the first of eight observation posts in Quneitra, along the UN-controlled Golan demilitarized zone. First post is in the village of el-Wesiya. Appears Moscow is working together with UN forces in area.
5 day ago
"Tiger Forces" begin moving towards Al-Ghaab. Syrian Army is planning on retaking all of Hama.
China officially dismisses reports on Assad's daily @AlwatanSy that the Chinese Amb to Syria Qi Qianjin "suggested" Beijing could soon deploy forces to assist the government its upcoming Idlib offensive
UNICEF fears an escalation in violence in Idlib- northwest of Syria- will leave 350,000 children with no place to go. "In the rebel controlled province there are more than 1 million children: exhausted of war, fearful of uncertainty, violence and further displacement"
Syria: area of Bidama was again hit last night by incendiary bombardment.
IEDs, small arms and grenades seized by HTS in raid on suspected IS cell in Nayrab countryside, Idlib
Kurdish-led SDF and Deir-Ez-Zor Miliary Council secure oil wells in the countryside of DeirEzzor after years of control under ISIS.
Report from Deir-ez-Zur: 12 buses with Hezbollah fighters left Deir-ez-Zur today and went to Aleppo
Two children wounded by a cluster munition in Hayan north of Aleppo
Syria: 1st group belonging to Tiger Forces reportedly heading to (Greater) Idlib.
AL-Tarmah groups - Al Haydar regiment Tiger Forces get instructions for a new mission.
Syria: explosion few ago above Jablah as Russia n Air Defense shot down a suicide drone targeting the Airbase. Last attack was 10 days ago but 1st time it happened at daylight.
According to the US Department of Defense, 4,000 to 6,000 IS fighters are still present in North-East Syria and 13,100 to 14,500 in the rest of Syria (Report of the DOD General Inspection to the Congress on the Inherent Resolve operation @CJTFOIR)
Turkish Army and US CENTCOM had its 27th coordinated, independent patrol at the frontlines between Euphrates Shiedl and Manbij.
5 day ago
Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov will arrive in Ankara for talks on Syria on August 13th
2 YPG militants have been neutralized in the ongoing security operations in Barad mountain in the countryside of Afrin.
United Nations: We will ask Turkey to continue to open its borders to civilians if a battle breaks out in Idlib
The Pentagon has denied that there was conflict between SDF and US marines
Deir-ez-Zur A SDF member was killed by US marines after he shot a marines after a verbal dispute
The Future Syria Party opened its office in the city of Manbij. The party has already opened offices in Qamishli and Hasakah and plans to expand to areas under Syrian Government control.
UN Syria humanitarian adviser Egeland says Russia, Turkey and Iran told UN humanitarian meeting that they will do their utmost to avoid a battle for Idlib
YPG giving an account of all the bombings and killings it has carried out against Turkish-backed forces
6 day ago
South Syria: a second captive (taken by ISIS in E. Suweida on 25th July) died due to "bad health conditions". Several reports suggest negotiations for release of ~30 ppl abducted fell apart.
Firefighters teams in Afrin area responded to a huge fire in the forest.
SAA advanced 30kms against Daesh in Eastern Suweida
3 TIP fighters were killed in SAA shelling on Mansoura village in Western Hama
Swaida: units of the Syrian army advancing in the areas of Rizema East and Ramiya and direction of Mahra Rashid and Tal Salim Al-Luf and Tall Al Safa and destroy cars, warehouses, and Daesh field hospitals
SAA drops leaflets in Idlib and its countryside
Between 3,000 and 5,000 Refugees have gone back from Lebanon under reconciliation deals this year. "These deals are relatively insignificant in number, but they send a message to the press and public that it is safe to return," said @nasseryassin @ifi_aub @refugeesdeeply
Government forces and SSNP are advancing in eastern Sweida desert backed by air and artillery bombardment. Daesh left the controlled areas to avoid direct clashes with SAA and allies
Armaments captured from ISIS by Kurdish-led SDF in DeirEzzor.
Daesh launched an attack on the positions of the Assad forces in the town of Hamdan near the city of Al-Bokamal east of Deir ez-Zur
Artillery shelling targeted agricultural lands near Khan Sheikhun last night
Unknown gunmen assassinate last night Mohamed Mohsen Hassan, the father of one of the military leaders of the Jabhat Tahrir Suriya in the town of Kafr al-Nahha west of Aleppo.
HTS continues crackdown and arrests in villages southeast of Idlib on charges of "planning for reconciliation with the Assad regime" and Daesh cells
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