New set of pictures from this airfield on Jabal Ghul

Map. History of Syria conflict

23 September 2018
South Syria: pro-Assad sources say they thwarted an ISIS infiltration in outskirts of Khalkhalah Airbase (HQ for current operations in Daraa).
Ahmed Al-Darwish, a senior citizen, succumbed to wounds sustained after the air raids on AlRami city in Idlib countryside, A young man and a child were also injured. White Helmets teams worked to transport them to medical points.
SAA sends big reinforcement to the North Daraa
South Syria: rare photos showing ISIS in Suweida/Damascus desert. Also a T-72 destroyed.2 month ago
South Syria: rare photos showing ISIS in Suweida/Damascus desert. Also a T-72 destroyed.
Deir Balut (Afrin) IDP camp growth 4/24/18 vs. 6/1/18
N. Latakia: Ansar Al-Islam raiding government positions yesterday in Jebal Turkman. 2 dozens soldiers were confirmed killed and one captured.
ISIS has claimed responsibility for a suicide attack targeting Syrian and Russian forces in Zeyzun, NW Deraa, allegedly killing 35, wounding 15. The official statement says it's issued by ISIS's "Hauran Province," signifying a declaration by ISIS of officially operating in Deraa.
2 month ago
Russian Ministry of Defense denied information that dozens of Russian military were killed in Southern Daraa
South Syria: positions literally deserted by Rebels leaving behind TOW equipment and T-55 in Gharaz (SE. Daraa). Confirmation Silos were also handed over.
A car bomb set off in area of Zayzoun targeting Assad forces (W. Daraa), presumably prepared by ISIS.
Rebels shelled Assad militia positions at Kurdish mount in Latakia
Airstrikes hit Kurdish mountain area near town of Sirmaniyah in Hama countryside2 month ago
Airstrikes hit Kurdish mountain area near town of Sirmaniyah in Hama countryside
Airstrikes hit Kurdish mountain area near town of Sirmaniyah in Hama countryside
SDF fighter puts up the SDF flag in a village captured from ISIS in DeirEzzor.
12th joint patrol in North Manbij today
Brett McGurk: Spent five days in Iraq and Syria focused on completing campaign to defeat ISIS and stability in captured areas. On Thursday, @SecPompeo will convene 52 members of our @coaliton in Brussels to discuss details.
Footage from SDF's military operation to remove ISIS in DeirEzzor.
Footage of a YPG sleeper cell attack in Afrin.
U.S Special Envoy Brett Mcgurk visited Raqqa and met with Raqqa's Civil Council, and also met with the Internal Security Forces. They discussed the Coalition's progress and rebuilding projects for the city.
Israel 'not ruling out' eventual ties with Syria's Assad
New set of pictures from this airfield on Jabal Ghul
Intensified air raids by the government aircraft, on the towns of the western countryside of Idlib.
Bosra al-Sham rebels continue to handover heavy weapons to army
Syrian Army control old Daraa border crossing outskirts of Daraa al-Balad - Hajjanah Battalion - Gharaz Area
@obretix: US Army Apache helicopter at the Lafarge cement plant in northern Syria
N. Latakia: Jableh source released list of confirmed fatalities in Jebal Turkman (25 killed, in addition to 45 wounded), which would be the deadliest raid carried out past years by Rebels in Latakia Mounts.
Among spoils made during raid in Jebal Turkman, Rebels seized a Konkurs ATGM with its launcher as well as individual weapons. N. Latakia - Syria.
YPG: At least 11 militants killed in Afrin
N. Latakia: 1st names of Assad fighters killed yesterday in Jebal Turkman emerging. Also one POW.
Syria Journalists Association issues call for protection of 270 journalists, activists facing "imminent danger" in Daraa - some besieged in rebel held area of provincial capital; others in narrow geographical area in Quneitra - they want safe passage fearing the government
"Syrian Army control on new border posts with Jordan". Amongst the spoils, one APILAS anti-tank weapon
Syrian Army control on new border posts with Jordan. Amongst the spoils, one APILAS anti-tank weapon
Weapons cache discovered in Jadal village, Eastern Daraa countryside : 2 APILAS anti-tank weapons.
Reconnaissance aircrafts flying over Saraqib, Taftanaz
Pro-Assad forces shelling Bdama village in Western Idlib with rocket launchers
Commander of Tahrir Al Sham injured, another member killed in gunmen attack in Ablin, South of Idlib
DeirEzzor: ISIS captured several oil wells east of al-Herigy town in the northern countryside after an attack on SDF militia locations in the area
YPG militant with a gun with a silencer was captured today in Shaykh al Hadid
Fierce clashes between rebels and SAA in Kessab countryside, Latakkia
New signs show Syrian IDPs on border Golan asking for help from Israel to open border fence2 month ago
New signs show Syrian IDPs on border Golan asking for help from Israel to open border fence
N. Latakia.: clashes erupted in Jebal Turkman following Rebel raid.
YPG carried out 2 operations against TFSA on July 3rd and 6th in Afrin.
@obretix: Geolocated yesterday's Turkish military patrol north of Manbij that went to Tukhar Kabir
Daraa: Jaish Khalid Ibn Walid (Isis) is trying to capture the last FSA areas on the border with Yarmouk.
Alleged Israeli attack on T4 base in Syria resulted in the destruction of a UAV CandC station and at least 3 SAM launchers of Khordad / Thor M1, and a number of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps personnel wounded
SAA in Zayzun
Syrian Army in Naseeb crossing and Air Defense Base meet after secure border points-with this advance entire Jordanian border from Sweida countryside to Zayzun under Syrian army as rebel-held part of Daraa city surrounded
2 ISIS cell members were killed by HTS when they attempted to plant IEDs on Jisr Shugour area
Deir Ezzor countryside: Units of the Syrian Arab Army found heavy and medium weapon ammunition leftover by ISIS militants in Al-Duweir town in Bokamal's western countryside.
Syria: heavy explosion in area of Helfaya (North Hama)
Isis claims to have killed 10 HTS special forces' militants near ​​Icarda, Southern Aleppo.
Tafas rebels start to hand over vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns to army in the process of reconciliation
Activists: the explosion of an unknown device in the vicinity of Halfaia, North Hama
20 Islamic State militants killed in airstrike by Coalition warplanes in Nineveh
Senior Da'ish security official "Abu Aisha" and dozens of Arab and foreign militants have been killed and wounded in Sousa, eastern Syria, after Iraq's armed forces launched cross-border artillery strikes, targeting 3 buildings hosting high-level meetings.
Israeli Defense Minister: We will respond strongly to any Syrian military incursion into the demilitarized zones in the Golan Heights
ISIS militants attack a position belong to HTS near ICARDA in Aleppo western countryside and killing 10 militants of HTS inside it.
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