The Free Syrian Army forces control the village of Kawka in the Jenderes axis

Map. History of Syria conflict

22 September 2018
Many pro-AlQaeda channels report that Jund al-Aqsa is coming back under the name of Ansar al-Tawhid. It seems that this pic was shot today in Kafraya and Fuah villages, near Idlib.
SAA led by 4th Mechanized Division and Syrian Republican Guard capture Jisrin farms, reach Jisrin town from right flank. A large and long defensive trench(Min 1:34) between Jisrin until Nashabiyah has been bypassed during OP.
Golan missiles fired on Harasta today, huge impact, skyline of smoke. Ghouta
6 month ago
New reinforcements of the Turkish army have arrived at the Syrian border to participate in the Olive Branch operation.
Al Hasakah: YPG militias send military reinforcements from the city of Qamishli towards the area of ​​Afrin today.
Aerial bombardment on the vicinity of Latamna, north of Hama
Helicopters targeting agricultural land near Morek with barrel bombs
Brigade 1 thwarted an attack by ISIS involving vehicles and managed to destroy one of the cars with Kornet while the rest of the militants fled to the interior of Hasakah Governorate. Incident took place in vicinity of Jughifi.
SAA artillery shelled Talbisah city in Northern Homs
Today, continuous bombing killed 52 in Eastern Ghauta.
Today the Syrian Government offered the Kurdish leadership (for the 5th time) a full protection deal in return for handing over their areas-weapons-positions to the SAA. They refused
Video of ATAK T129 helicopter operations in Afrin
East Ghouta: couple of pics from Rayhan front where Jaish Islam says another attack was repelled today.
6 month ago
Interfax: Russian Navy ships prepared for rocket fire off the coast of Syria
6 month ago
Government forces stationed in Jabal Abu Darda targeting the village of Qantara in south Hama with artillery
Government forces target Saida town, rural east Daraa
Clashes between the rebels and the government forces on the outskirts of Harasta Eastern Ghuta
Olive Branch Official Map showing the progress of the Syrian Free Army forces on Afrin
Eastern Damascus: Assad forces also made some progress in farms E. of town of Jisreen. Last scene with tanks storming a position is geolocated here
People of Afrin still defiant as Turkish bombs fall near by
Kurdish protestors have taken out key parts of the UK rail network, shutting Kings Cross and Manchester Piccadilly, where they actually got onto the tracks6 month ago
Kurdish protestors have taken out key parts of the UK rail network, shutting Kings Cross and Manchester Piccadilly, where they actually got onto the tracks
NOTAM and navigation warnings in force around Cyprus for Mon 12th March. Russian Navy 'ROCKET TEST FIRINGS' off the Syria coast - Surface to 66,000ft6 month ago
NOTAM and navigation warnings in force around Cyprus for Mon 12th March. Russian Navy 'ROCKET TEST FIRINGS' off the Syria coast - Surface to 66,000ft
FSA troops discovered a weapons and ammunition store belonging to the YPG in the village of Kibar, east of Afrin.
Eastern Damascus town of Irbeen intensively bombed by SyAF/RuAF.
W. Aleppo: HTS also used an ATGM, destroying a mounted 23 mm gun belonging to JTS as infighting resumed today.
Reports of the FSA control over Basselhaya.
Mazrat Al-Qadi village in Afrin district was captured by Olive Branch
Eastern Damascus: SyAF Su-22, L-39 and Mi-17 bombing E. Ghouta towns.
UAV over Afrin
LIVE STREAM from 20 Minutes ago: Violent Bombardments striking Harasta and Arbeen
Eastern Damascus: remains of cluster bombs dropped over several towns, including Saqba. Last pic shows a AO-2.5 PT produced 30 years ago.
TRT video shows the TSK Black Hornet UAV finds IEDs planted by YPG in Afrin and than DJI Phantom destroys it with its' load.
The number of victims killed in Arbin city today increased to 9 civilians including two women so far, after continuous bombing targeted the city. @SyriaCivilDefe teams worked to retrieve the dead, and continue the rescue operation. Syria 11 Mar
Qujaka village in Jinderes axis was captured
The #OperationOliveBranch Room says FSA captured Kocaman village from YPG near Cinderes.
FSA militants on a Russian BTR-80 APC. It was captured near Kafr Jannah by Turkish forces and FSA militants.
Photos from the newly captured villages in Racu area. Afrin
The Free Syrian Army forces control the village of Kawka in the Jenderes axis
Eastern Damascus: first footage showing clearly several T-90s used by Assad forces in E. Ghouta, after takeover of Mesraba. Also a rare Shilka "Shafrah" (end).
FSA's al-Hamza Brigade in action today.
Sec. Mattis en route to Oman: "We have made it very clear that it would be very unwise to use gas against people, civilians on any battlefield. Russia was the framework guarantor that Assad would get rid of all of it. Again, either Russia is incompetent or in cahoots with Assad"
Syrian Army forces in Harasta, Vehicle Management and Mesraba fronts have successfully converged in Madraya. East Ghouta divided in 3.
FSA and Turkish forces captured Andariyah and Kafrbatra village.
Eastern Damascus towns hit by airstrikes.
#OperationOliveBranch: FSA and Turkish forces captured Kubali village near Afrin.
FSA militants point the finger at Afrin, which is really close now.
The Free Syrian Army forces control the villages of Al- Ayn Dara and Kafrbetra in the Jinderees region of rural Afrin
Syrian Arab Army captures Madraya town, begins sweeping operations, East Ghouta is in 2 and almost parts with progress on Harasta front
The OperationOliveBranch Forces captured the Gokoba and Tallaf airbase in Cinderes axis and getting closer to Afrin city center
6 month ago
Russia tested 210 weapons in Syria - Defense Minister
The OperationOliveBranch Forces captured Alemdar, Shildar ,Cenceli/Chencheylan and Small Cakmak on Racu axis today.
Firefighter teams in @SyriaCivilDefe managed to extinguish a fire that broke out in thre main bakery in Al_Atareb city in the western countryside of Aleppo
Olive Branch statement on Kawkabah village
Afrin: OliveBranch Forces Captured Tallaf airbase from YPG, Jinderes
Idlib: heavy (RuAF) airstrike hit directly Idlib-city, destroying Central Bank Building
19 more militants were buried in Afrin today.
The Syrian Free Army forces control the villages of Alamdar, Janjeylan and Jaqmaq Saghira in North Raju
6 month ago
Major General Vladimir Eremeev, deputy chief of the Main Directorate for Control and Supervision of the Russian Defense Ministry, was buried on Saturday, March 10, with exceptional security and security measures
Eastern Damascus: government and RuAF intensifying even more bombardment on Irbeen-Madira axis amidst heavy battle there (last area left before split of E. Ghouta).
The bloody massacres continue in Eastern Ghouta today, 3 civilians were killed in Arbin city, and 3 others in Zamalka city so far. Massive bombardment continues with more than 44 air strikes and intensive artillery shelling.
The Free Syrian Army forces control the village of Khujamanli in North Rajo
FSA captured Ali Bek, Kaybar and Merviye villages in Bulbul axis
The Free Syrian Army forces control the village of Jamqaq Kabir in the Admanli area of ​​the Afrin countryside
Thousands of Qamishli people are demonstrating infront of @UNICEF office in Qamishli to protesting Turkish attacks on Afrin
Area W. of Tell Rifaat is under pre-emptive shelling.
Turkish army shelling Bassale village in Sherawa district
Turkish warplanes carried out several airstrikes in the vicinity of Afrin.
FSA and Turkish troops captured Eli Bego village on Bulbul axis
Olive Branch forces captured Qibar near Afrin.
Olive Branch operation statement on control over Qabir village N-E to Afrin city
2kms to Afrin for FSA
IRGC's Fatimiyoun (Afghans) brigade holding a parade in Aleppo a few days ago
6 month ago
Russian MoD: the towns of Qala'at Al Mudiq and Tawina have joined the cessation of hostilities agreement (Ghab plains in North Hama)
Russia'n airstrikes with incendiary bombs on Kafr Zita town in northern Hama
Russia foils new drones attack on Hamimim base in Latakia: Syrian Observatory
Warplanes hit targets on axis of Maratah and Tallaf villagers near Afrin
Total five Turkish fighter jets raids recorded since the early morning.
SAA led by SRG's Al-Ghaith Forces (SF) capture some parts of Al-Sayl and Al-Ta'lah districts in Harasta in ongoing night OPs
E. Damacus: footage showing aftermath of airstrikes on town of Duma.
Afrin: the sounds of explosions coming from the south. Probably few kilometers from the city
Journalist in Afrin: ongoing sound of artillery and/or airstrikes
Senior Kurdish official @ilham_ehmed makes an urgent calls for protests against Turkish attacks. "[There is a] genocide that the Kurds are facing. Kurds, Arabs, foreigners should go out, today, tomorrow might be too late."
This is the situation in the city of Arbeen, the bombing of explosive barrels, rockets
Pro-Assad forces shells surrounding the town of Zerba in the southern countryside of Aleppo with artillery
Death toll reaching 3 Assad fighters, killed in clashes with Euphrates Shield forces in West Manbij countryside.
FSA captured Jalbul village.
Dozens of cars of people coming from villages enterring Afrin city to seak refuge
Deir al-Azur Eastern countryside: sporadic clashes between the ISIS and the pro-Assad forces in the vicinity of the village of Al-Ghubra today noon.
Eastern Damascus: Rebels on N. Harasta front dug out a large anti-tank ditch. Pic shows Arab Nationalist Guard which participated in assault to seize it.
13 opposition fighters and their families evacuated from Eastern Ghouta and brought to Idlib Syria
Eastern Damascus: sat image taken 3 days ago showing bombardment on BeitSawa-Madira axis. Main focus of government/Russia|n firepower to split E. Ghouta.
Eastern Damascus: Jaish Islam says it cut off (temporarily) the Intl highway Damascus-Baghdad using artillery to pound nearby government positions.
Hamza Brigade under command @sefabobkar1 captured 8 village today in Afrin.
8 civilians were killed including a @SyriaCivilDefe female volunteer after brutal air raids on residential area in KafarSejnah village in Idlib countryside.
Turkish army begins shelling Ibbin west of Dair Jamal
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