SyAF drops barrel bombs on Ash Shajarah and Al Jamlah in ISIS-controlled Western Daraa

Map. History of Syria conflict

20 September 2018
SDF fighters have reportedly turned a few civilian houses into their HQs in al Karamah village of DeirEzzor province
2 month ago
Heavy lift climbing out from Latakia AB, Syria Russia Russian Air Force An124 RA82035 RFF8064
Inherent Resolve:[email protected] Generals, Funk, Jarrard and Chiya meet and discuss SDF DefeatDaesh operations in the Middle Euphrates Valley Syria as OperationRoundup continues and the Coalition works to bring peace and stability to the region.
RuAF An-124 form Mozdok to Hmeimim
Syria: destruction of a 5th Corps' ammo warehouse in Muhardah (N. Hama) led to significant damage in residential area in S. part of town. Artillery shells visible in remains. Area impacted
Syrian Observatory: 28 civilians killed in an air strike in Deir al-Zour
Isis claims to have injured 3 opposition militants at the entrance to Jan Sheijun city with an IED.
SyAF drops barrel bombs on Ash Shajarah and Al Jamlah in ISIS-controlled Western Daraa
Jaysh Khalid bin al-Walid, openly aligning themselves with ISIS, declare the "liberation" of Heet from the FSA in Daraa. FSA had to retreat with only light weapons, surrender heavy weapons and ammo to ISIS.
Explosive device blast off at door of court in Binnish city, Western Idlib
US MV-22 helicopters (@coalition) are supporting the SDF's operations against ISIS militants near Iraqi border.
SOHR: "Idlib State" and its vicinity witness 9 assassinations in the last 24 hours and raise to 228, the number of people assassinated since late April 2018
Syrian army entered Daraa al-Balad
Syrian state flag raised in rebel-held part of southern Deraa city
Syrian government forces started an operation of systematic arrest in Aljiza town in Eastern Rural Daraa despite the agreement between Russia and the opposition factions which requests government forces to withdraw from Aljiza amongst other areas.
Civil Defense teams work away tirelessly clearing concrete and repairing damage in a painstaking job in Janders city in Afrin area. The White Helmets are determined to restore normalcy and safety to the city.
Rebels from the city of Daraa to surrender heavy weapons
SDF send reinforcements to al Suwar for continuing their military opp against ISIS
Syria: building destroyed by Israel in Damascus International Airport (10th May) was already rebuilt at the end of June.
Russian MP enter al-Yadouda village in west of Daraa city today.
A division of FSA's 1st Legion arrested a group of YPG that was planting an IED in one of the roads leading to Jarabulus.
U.S army military vehicles patrolling SDF-held Manbij countryside.
U.S army delegation and Major General Jarrard visited SDF in areas newly captured from ISIS in Dishisha town and east of DeirEzzor. This is the first time high-ranking Major General Jarrard gets so close to the SDF frontline against ISIS. Only a few kilometres separate them.
Reports that Russian military police has entered Daraa Al Balad, as rebels accepted surrender
2 month ago
Rebels shelling SAA positions in Madinat Al-Baath with mortars
On Putin meeting, @realDonaldTrump says he'll raise Syria, meddling and Ukraine among other things.
2 month ago
Russia: a meeting between Rohani, Putin and Erdogan about Syria in Tehran to be hold soon
South Syria: moment when a barrel bomb fell on a town in E. Daraa, filmed by Russian channel ANNA News. Shockwave so powerful that Assad fighters seek cover.
ISIS statement on control over Hayt in Western Daraa
2 month ago
Israeli PM Netanyahu to reporters: The Russian's forced the Iranians to move 80km from the Syrian border with Israel; "We don't have a problem with Assad government - we have a problem with the Iranians near our border"
Netanyahu: Israel has no problem with Assad, we won't intervene in Syria if agreements upheld
4 people injured as a result of a bomb explosion in the Al-Thawra neighborhood the city of Idlib
Photo: SAA raised flag over city council building in Tafas, Western Daraa
Syrian army units have entered Tafas city and raised a flag over city council
Device exploded in Al Thawrah district of Idlib
ISIS seized Hayt after deal with rebels left in pocket to withdraw
Israeli army released a video of the strikes it carried out against three government outposts, following an drone incursion yesterday2 month ago
Israeli army released a video of the strikes it carried out against three government outposts, following an drone incursion yesterday
According to the Israeli army, the strike was carried out in response to a Syrian drone that infiltrated Israeli airspace earlier that day
SAA at the outskirts of Inkhil
AL-Raqqa: The MTN mobile network is back in operation in the city of Raqqa after a break of almost 5 years.
Rebels shelling SAA positions in Jabah with mortars, North Quneitra
SAA and allies targeting armed opposition positions at Umm Batnah, Quneitra
Senator Lindsey Graham: To our friends in Israel – be very careful making agreements with Russia re Syria that affect U.S. interests. I don't trust Russia to police Iran or anyone else in Syria. U.S. must maintain presence in Syria to ensure ISIS doesn't come back and to counter Russia/Iran influence.
Senator Lindsey Graham: US withdrawal from Syria = major disaster for Kurdish allies, U.S. interests and regional stability.
Continued Israeli assault on pro-Assad forces in Quneitra, Missiles targeted Khan Ar Rinbah
2 month ago
IDF shelling SAA and allies(Hezbollah) outposts in Madinat al-Ba'ath
2 month ago
Reports of another strike on SAA positions at Ash Samdaniyah ash Sharqiyah in Quneitra
2 month ago
Israeli army targets SAA and allies positions near Hader, Quneitra with 3 missiles
Israeli army targeted a pick-up near Tall Kurum in Quneitra, no casualties reported
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