3 civilians "including 2 children" were killed, others injured after heavy artillery bombing targeted the city of Douma in Eastern Ghouta

Map. History of Syria conflict

21 February 2018
Artillery shelling targeted the village of Zakat in the northern Hama countryside
[email protected]: Pro-Assad forces artillery are targeting SDF positions in al-Junaynah and Huseinia villages in the western suburb of Deir al-Zur
1 week ago
Turkish President Erdogan had a talk with King of Saudi Arabia Salman on recent topics including operation in Afrin
Some ISIS weapons captured by Rebels on SE. Idlib front.
Macron says "France will strike" if there is proof chemical weapons used in Syria
Macron: We have no evidence to date about the use of chemical weapons in Syria
Pro-government forces have targeted several houses in Ain Terma, Eastern Damascus with artillery
From DNI Coats' statement for the record: "The Kurdish People's Protection Unit—the Syrian militia of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK)—probably will seek some form of autonomy but will face resistance from Russia, Iran, and Turkey."
Turkish army shelling Khalil village in Raju district of Afrin with artillery today
At least 5 SDF fighters were killed during clashes with SAA, NE of Ayash district of Deirezzor
Many raids today of anti-Daesh coalition on locations of Daesh in Hajin and Bahra towns East Deir Ezzor
Road between Rebel-held Idlib province and Afrin region being opened by Faylaq Sham, part of Olive Branch forces. Atmah-Deir Balut.
Mattis en route to Brussels: "We were told there were no Russians, that was right off the de-confliction line". Tells reporters he "can't give you anything" on reports (Bloomberg, NYT) on Russia contractors. "Doesn't appear to be coordinated by the Russians. Calls it "perplexing"
YPG forces hit a armored vehicle of the Turkish Army in Bilbile district today
Over 100 artillery, mortar and rocket-propelled shells hit Ltamenah today
Unclassified DVIDS video showing Coalition strike on a Syrian pro-government T-72 tank in eastern Syria last week
5th Corps 122mm M-1938 (M-30) howitzer milliseconds before being hit by Coalition aircraft after pounding SDF positions near Khusham, Eastern Syria
First video shows US airstrike on pro-SAA and Russian PMC positions on east side of Euphrates. You can see a strike on: 1 tank 1 artillery position.
2 civilians "including a child" were killed after heavy artillery shells by Assad government on the neighbourhood of Mesraba town in Eastern Ghouta
Shelling of Latamena in Northern Hama from Halfaya
Shelling of Latamena in Northern Hama from Halfaya
"We assess that the Syrian government used the nerve agent sarin in an attack against the opposition in Khan Shaykhun on 4 April 2017" - US director of national intelligence, in statement today to Senate
At this moment Turkish air-forces are bombarding the village Draqliya in the Shers district of Afrin
Update: U.S. MQ-9 Reaper drone destroyed Russian-made T-72 tank in E Syria Sat on same say Iranian drone shot down over Israel. Tank came from "same hostile forces" which attacked US special ops troops and allied Syrian fighters late last week, officials say
US jet destroys Russian T-72 battle tank in East Syria in 'self-defense' Saturday after 'pro-government forces' fired on US special ops and allied Syrian fighters near same location of last week's attack, officials say. No US or allied casualties. 3 inside tank killed.
More Turkish tanks are going to Afrin including M60T Firat tanks (they have Fırat(Euphrates) modernization) and tank recovery vehicles. OperationOliveBranch1 week ago
More Turkish tanks are going to Afrin including M60T Firat tanks (they have Fırat(Euphrates) modernization) and tank recovery vehicles. #OperationOliveBranch
#AfrinOp: OliveBranch forces reached outskirts of strategic town of Jindires. 100s of TSK troops specialized in urban warfare reached Afrin region few hours ago.
Clashes between the SDF and pro-Assad's militias in Ayash (government Held) and Hawaij Al-Bou Massa'ah (SDF Held), Western of Deir Ez-Zor city, after the government militias have killed a sniper of SDF
FSA and TSK captured Archali village from the YPG militants
Unconfirmed Photo allegedly of the moment Brigadier General Suheilal-Hassan arrived to Damascus
@OIRSpox: Coalition in self-defense struck a T-72 tank Feb 10 It had been maneuvering with indirect fire on a SDF/coalition post. Post in range of hostile fire. Contact with Russian deconfliction maintained
The geolocation of the firing position of the Iranian-made Safir Jeep and its 106mm gun, before it was destroyed by a Turkish airstrike ( Firing in SW direction)
Footage shows the clashes in the Deviye village near Jinderes, Afrin. Operation Olive Branch possible position
Turkey's Syria operation has 'detracted' from war on IS group: Tillerson
Large numbers of people in Rastan city take to the street demanding the departure of Al-Nusra after they assassinated one of the city's dignitaries
Funeral of YPG fighters, who were killed in Afrin, in Sheikh Maqsud
1 week ago
Sources in General Staff of Russia confirmed to RBC that Hmeimim airbase on 31 Dec-1 Jan was attacked with UAVs, not mortars as Ministry of Defense claimed
FSA and TSK soldiers targeting YPG militants in Arshli village
Shikov Alexey from Nizhniy Novhorod (27 y.o) was killed near Deir-ez-Zur on 07 February, earlier fight at Donbas
3 civilians "including 2 children" were killed, others injured after heavy artillery bombing targeted the city of Douma in Eastern Ghouta
AfrinOp: new sat images show Turkish Air Force largely destroyed N. part of YPG-held 135th Brigade (SAA base seized in Dec. 2012), NE. of Afrin-city.
Russia's Novak says Russian oil and gas companies planning to explore reserves in Syria and restore existing deposits
1 week ago
Lavrov: Washington seeks to stay forever in Syria and threaten its unity
1 week ago
Lavrov: US actions in Syria appear to be an attempt to create an artificial state east of the Euphrates
1 week ago
Lavrov: US actions directed to undermine the territorial integrity of Syria
Damascus warns Israel of 'more surprises' in Syria
1 week ago
Lavrov: Russia supports Kurdish participation in the Syrian peace process.
The US and Turkey are "trying to work through" situation in northern Syria "as allies," says @USAmbNATO Hutchison ahead of DefMin opening tomorrow
1 week ago
Russian Defense Ministr: Al Nusra front and White Helmets are preparing chemical weapons provocation in Idlib
ISIS currency brought in by fighters captured on Khuwayn front.
#AfrinOp: 2 new FSA groups joined Afrin Offensive, Hamza Division based in EuphratesShield territory (500 fighters sent) and 2nd Army based in Idlib.
"Repeal invaders" operation room is fully in control of Khuwain village in Idlib
Jaish Al Nasr officers confirmed: ISIS zone in Idlib has been completely destroyed.
Two women has been killed as result of airstrikes on the village Hekiche of district Jindires
Five Russian Wagner mercenaries confirmed by @CITeam_en killed by US airstrikes in Syria last week
'We do not accept any limitations' in Syria - Israel's Defense Minister
1 week ago
"In many countries of the world there is a significant number of our compatriots." - Putin's spox Peskov about the dead mercenaries in Syria
Asked about tensions between the US and Turkey in northern Syria, NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg said situation in n Syria is complicated, deadly for civilians, and a "challenge for all of us." "I welcome that there are contact talks between Turkey and US," though NATO not involved
The Hamza Division under the command of Turkmen Commander Seyf Ebubekif continues advance in Afrin
YPG attack on #OperationOliveBranch forces from Jinderes district on UAV camera. Aerial bombartment destroys the building which YPG vehicles are hiding
Saranjik still under #OpOliveBranch control.
@obretix: Much smaller Turkish military outpost (No 2) near Deir Sam'an, in the ruins of the byzantine settlement Taqla
1 week ago
Kremlin spokesman Peskov responds to reports that Russian mercenaries were killed in Syria in battle with US-led coalition: "These reports require verification"
@obretix: geolocated Turkish military base ("observation base No 3") set up on mount Sheikh Aqil northwest of Qabtan al Jabal, western Aleppo province
FSA and Turkish army in Omar Simo village in Nothern Afrin
340 ISIS members, including 80 woman and childrens, were arrested by RepellingInvaders operation room, in the Huwayn village.
Erdogan says @NATO does not mean the US only, claims the US is violating NATO Treaty by siding with terror group YPG against Turkey.1 week ago
Erdogan says @NATO does not mean the US only, claims the US is violating NATO Treaty by siding with terror group YPG against Turkey.
Turkish artillery striking Afrin city. Intense clashes between YPG and Turkish-backed fighters on Sheikh Khoruz (Bulbul) and Sa'rnajka (Şera) fronts
Photos from the preparations in the Haftar village before the operation in Omar Simo village
3 rockets hit Afrin hospital. One dead, many wounded - @K24English Correspondent Akram Salih reports from Afrin
Taxi driver was killed in artillery shelling on Afrin
Jaish al-Sharqiya repelled YPG attempt to infiltrate towards Haji Iskender West of Jinderes township.
At Dahar AlGhozat FSA "Free Syrian Army" arrested hundreds and killed tens of ISIS fighters
1 week ago
Erdogan just now, referring to US forces in Syria: "It's very clear that those who say they will respond aggressively if they are hit never got a taste of the Ottoman slap"
Syrian Army found large number of rockets, mortars ,tanks in Al-Hasrat and Al-Siyal north of Abu Kamal, army also found large factory for missiles and explosives in Subaykhan south of Al-Mayadin
Turkish artillery shelling targets in Afrin
For the first time, Turkish artillery bombarding the center of Afrin, Syria.
1 week ago
President Erdoğan: no one has the right to use the ISIS excuse. The ISIS theatrical scene in Iraq and Syria has come to an end.
National Army FSA and Turkish Armed Forces captured Omar Simo east of Mount Sheikh Horuz in northern Afrin from YPG militants
1 week ago
Turkish President Erdoğan says U.S decision to provide financial support to YPG in Syria will affect Turkey's decisions
1 week ago
President Erdoğan: same as #Afrin, we have rights in Aegean, Cyprus
Artillery bombardment on the Ltamenah north of Hama
340 ISIS militants who surrendered themselves with their weapons to the rebels in Khuwayn village, southern Idlib.
Turkish-backed operation room in Idlib confirms reports saying that they have eliminated the ISIS pocket in Idlib and arrested houndreds of ISIS members + families
Lieberman: "Israel will react to any provocation in the north, and will continue to defend its interests. It's not the time to bark - but to bite. And we'll bite hard. I hope we will not have to do It".
Reports that ISIS had enormous losses due to attacks by Turkish-backed rebels and the last batch of ISIS fighters in Idlib decided to surrender to the Syrian rebels
1 week ago
KCNA: "Kim Jong Un, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, received a message of greeting from Bashar Al-Assad, president of the Syrian Arab Republic, on Feb. 11."
FSA forces repel government attempt to advance on Khirbat Ghazaleh front, rural east Daraa
1 week ago
Turkish army: 1439 suspected militants neutralized during Olive Branch operation
1 week ago
Russia, Iran, Turkey foreign ministers to discuss Syria in Astana next month
Many tunnels in Rajo area, Turkish army/FSA shelling them
Auxiliary Fleet cargo vessel Kyzyl-60 returned from Tartus Syria after 18 days and transited Black Sea-bound Bosphorus 05:30Z1 week ago
Auxiliary Fleet cargo vessel Kyzyl-60 returned from Tartus Syria after 18 days and transited Black Sea-bound Bosphorus 05:30Z
ISIS release pictures showing yet another raid on an SDF outpost near Susah in DeirEzzor province of Syria close to the Iraq border
A French Rafale spotted by the Islamic State over Wilayat al-Barakah (Hasakah governorate).
BNT: Bulgarian police detained Moroccan described by Interpol as a dangerous member of ISIS. He entered Bulgaria illegally via Turkey with a group of 27 Syrian refugees and carried a fake Syrian passport
Today The arrival of a US arms convoy from 50 trucks to North Syria
US military requests $1.4bn for Iraq, Syria train and equip in 2019
Kurdish units call on the Syrian government to intervene to protect Afrin from the Turkish army
SDF have moved all the checkpoints in the town of Garanij to the town of Bahra
Two civilians were wounded by artillery shelling of the towns and villages of the Eastern Ghouta
More military support arrived to SDF areas in Coneco oil field East DeirEzzor
Explosion of an explosive device in the city of Maart Mesrin killed 9 civilians and dozens of injured #Idlib
Pentagon 2019 budget proposal allocates $300 million for train and equip program for YPG-led SDF forces and $250 million for "border security force"
#AfrinOp: Faylaq Sham released footage of YPG fortifications seized over near Deir Balut amidst #OliveBranch Offensive.
Kosoturov Igor Nikolaevich "Kosotur" (30/12/72, Asbest) fought in the Donbass, was killed in the district of Dair-ez-Zor in Syria
Loginov Vladimir Nikolaevich (05/03/66, Kaliningrad) fought in the Donbass, was killed in Syria 07/02/18 in the area of Deir-ez-Zor
SE. Idlib: heavy artillery pounding ISIS positions which launched large attack today on Zarzour and Khuwayn front. Bloody and intense battle ongoing.
Russian National Bolshevik Party member Ananyev Kiril Borisovich nicknamed "Moskva", 33y.o has fought at Donbas in Ukraine, was killed near Khasham, Deir-ez-Zur on 8 February
Chennai: NIA arrested an accused for hatching a criminal conspiracy and forming a terrorist gang which had raised and received funds, organized meetings, recruited and facilitated travel of some persons to Syria to join the ISIS
1 week ago
UK foreign minister Boris Johnson, speaking on Israel-Syria border incident, says he is concerned at Iranian actions which detract from efforts to get a genuine peace process underway
Kurdish YPG claims to have shot down a Turkish drone over Afrin
1 week ago
Ankara will change the name of the street where the US Embassy is located to "Olive Branch," Mayor Tuna says
New flowers To 5 storm unit at monument to Fighters-internationalists in St.Petersburg(5 storm unit of Wagner PMC reportedly wiped out near Deir-ez-Zur)1 week ago
New flowers "To 5 storm unit" at monument to "Fighters-internationalists" in St.Petersburg(5 storm unit of Wagner PMC reportedly wiped out near Deir-ez-Zur")
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Kurdish agencies report Turkish UAV "Byraktar TB2" downed in Afrin
Names emerge of Russian mercenaries killed in US strikes in Syria
FSA group Elite Army says they repelled a YPG attack on Sheikh Horuz and captured few YPG points in the area.