Tiger Forces Shaheen Group Commander report Cases of poisoning and Suffocation in SAA ranks as rebels strike the area of Tall Marq/Tell Maraq

Map. History of Syria conflict

19 January 2018
HTS is again claiming the capture of four villages on the western flank of Sinjar: Umm Khalakil, Luwayba, and Suruj and Istablat and nearby Rasm al-Ward
YPG's Gifford: We will spread the message of Kurdish revolution After the defeat of ISIS in Raqqa the internationalist movement's mission is to spread the message of Kurdish revolution all the around the world, @macergifford , an internationalist fighter for YPG said.
Damascus countryside: Civilians wounded by artillery and missile shelling of the cities of Arbeen and Harasta in the besieged eastern Ghouta
The city of Ma'rat al-Nu'man in the southern countryside of Idlib was targeted by Syrian warplanes
Syrian Army control Buwaydah Segirah, Namaniyah, Mushayrifah Buwaydatayn , Budaydah Kebirah and Wajid as cleaning of pocket continues
Medical NGO UOSSM reports suspected chemical attack in the besieged Damascus town of Douma yesterday at 6am. 6 women and a child affected - medical facilities there close to breaking point.
ISIS Recaptures Several Positions In Southern Deir Ezzor, Inflicts Casualties To SDF
Government Axis Forces have captured 79 villages in Jabal Al-Hoss amid HTS withdrawal
Tiger Forces Shaheen Group Commander report Cases of poisoning and Suffocation in SAA ranks as rebels strike the area of Tall Marq/Tell Maraq
In besieged Douma, food prices are skyrocketing. A bundle of bread sells for SYP 2,000, which is 85 times the price in Damascus, just 15 km away.
Civil Defence teams worked to extinguish a fire in a warehouse in Dumayr area in Damascus countryside, no casualties reported, but massive structural damage to properties.
NE. Hama: ISIS fired its 1st ATGM since almost 4 months, hitting government tank on Abu Kahf front.
Syria: ex-director of infamous Sednayah prison Brig. General Mahmud Matouq has been killed during his "national duty" (probably in Harasta).
The aftermath of the aerial bombardment on Khan Al-Sibel in Idlib countryside which left 9 civilians killed including children and women
Coalition retraining 15,000 veteran SDF fighters to serve as part of new Syrian border security force5 day ago
Coalition retraining 15,000 veteran SDF fighters to serve as part of new Syrian border security force
Video of heavy shelling on Irbin in Eastern Ghouta
Video of heavy shelling on Irbin in Eastern Ghouta
Video of clashes at Khuwain
South Idlib: HTS announce they recaptured Rubay`ah from government forces after heavy bombing this morning.
One civilian was killed, others injured after +50 artillery shells targeted Arbin city in Eastern Ghouta
South Idlib: Pictures show FSA Jaish al-Nasr destroying a government Kornet launcher position with a TOW ATGM near Tal Maraq.
E.Damascus: Rebels captured atleast 7 government fighters alive in the axis of the VMB in Harasta during clashes.
Billboard goes up in Qazvin warning Iran could become the next Syria if protests continue
SE. Idlib: ISIS captured 4 Kornet ATGM|s + launcher, vehicles and weapons from government.5 day ago
SE. Idlib: ISIS captured 4 Kornet ATGM|s + launcher, vehicles and weapons from government.
FSA Forces Captured Khuwan Village in Idlib.
5 day ago
Erdogan says Turkish army will crush Kurds in northern Syria's Afrin
South Idlib: TIP captured several missiles from government forces inside Mashayrfah.
Free Idlib army: Intense clashes in Al Khuwain town
Government forces' artillery targeting residential neighborhoods in the city of Arbin and surrounding areas in Gouta in East Damascus.
Jaish Al Nasr showing preparations for storm of Al Khuwain in Southern Idlib countryside
Rebels artillery and tanks for Al Khawain town battle
Opposition forces preparing to storm the town of Al Khawain, south of Idlib
Liwa Al-safirah Captured Khirbat Al-Maajir And Samiriyah in South Aleppo
Liwa al-safira captured Qanatrat and Suwwayan after control Kafr Hawt, South Aleppo
Abu al Zendin border crossing officially opened between ES and government areas for civilians
Syrian Army Captured Tell Ahmar, Qalat Al-shaykh, Hawdantah, Umm Amud, Maktabah, Uwayd, Shuwaykhat, Tell Al-Daman And Several Other Hamlets In South Aleppo
Syrian Army Captured Kafr Hawt in South Aleppo
Military source: Syrian Army and Hezbollah capture strategic Tell Daman which overlooks Jabal al-Hass plateau in southern Aleppo countryside.
Part of the aerial bombardment by the government on the cities of Arbin and Harasta in East Ghouta , where the number of raids that targeted the cities to 40 until the moment of the day. Lens: Malik al-Hark @Ghouta_GMC
Syrian Army captured Tal Damman in Aleppo
One of the air raids against the city of Arbin, today at 1 pm
Eastern Damascus: Faylaq Rahman released ID cards of some Republican Guard fighters killed yesterday in ambush on Irbeen front.
CNN visit Idlib, Maaret al-Nu'man and IDP camps in northern Syria in coordination with "Salvation Government"
1 Civil Defense volunteer injured in Russian air raid on Arihah in Idlib
HTS repelling and targeting SAA as they tried to infiltrate into villages in Jabal al-Hoss region. Southern Aleppo
Syrian Army captured Sarj Fari in South Aleppo
Deir Ez-zor: Coalition targeted alSosah and Ghraneeg towns by many airstrikes
East Idlib: an Assad fighter captured on Rubayah front.
Eastern Damascus: fresh video shows government still struggling to enter Ajmi district (Harasta) seized by Rebels 2 weeks ago despite scores of airstrikes and artillery shelling.
Turkistan Islamic Party, HTS and AhrarAlSham claim to have captured Tal Khizanah. Most probably again captured by TIP with artillery support of HTS and Ahrar
TIP also announces control over Tell Khizanah in SE. Idlib countryside
SE. Idlib: TIP says Musharifah Shamaliah is again under its control 3 days after Rebels started counter-offensive.
The locations targeted by Turkish army right now.
6 day ago
Erdogan: if YPG in Afrin and Manbij not surrendered, we will launch a military operation in a week
SE. Idlib: TIP storming Zarzour 2 days ago. Footage shows Assad fighters fleeing, Konkurs, MT-LB and 23 mm gun as spoils.
Government Axis Forces have captured Qayqan, Al-Ayoubiyah, Kafr Abish , Baluzah, Al-Munthar from Syrian Opposition Forces
Turkish army is shelling YPG near Afrin
ISIS Targets SDF And Re-Seize Gharanij Town in Eastern Syria's Deir Ezzor
Polat Can said all clans in DZ countryside welcomed the arrival of SDF and trust in them as they're the peaceful solution to the conflict. He noted the region would be protected by its young ppl under the SDF banner,which are the guarantee for th stability/security of the region
"Al Nasar army" air defense battalion was able to down reconnaissance drone over Hama
TSK visit Adnan mountain area north of Aleppo
Warplanes carried out airstrikes targeting Khan Sheykhoun town, unknown casualties
6 day ago
Tahrir Al Sham announces control of villages of Talab and Al Dabshiyah
RUAF An-124 82035 Chkalovsky - Latakia
12 IRAMs missiles targeted Douma city so far this morning. Eastern Damascus countryside
Heavy shelling with MLRS and other artillery on Ltamenah city in North Hama
Six civilians killed as a result of the aerial bombardment of the town of Khan al-Sibil in Idlib countryside
SAA reportedly used missiles with chlorine gas against Harasta in Eastern Ghouta
The 1st two cases before half an hour. Douma city now.
SAA has attacked the west frontline of Douma city with Chlorine gas, 3 ground-to-ground missiles were launched at 6:10 AM. The gas spread over the nearest neighborhoods. 7 suffocation cases so far, nobody is in the streets.
Rebels Video from battles inside Atshan عطشان Town.6 day ago
Rebels Video from battles inside Atshan عطشان Town.