A car bomb exploded near the plant in the vicinity of Idlib city, without causing any casualties.

Map. History of Syria conflict

20 September 2018
US Department of State: [email protected]_russia falsely claiming U.S. forces and the Free Syrian Army preparing a staged chemical weapons attack in Syria. While Russia used nerve agent in Salisbury and shields Assad from accountability for repeated CW attacks in Syria, we abide by the Chemical Weapons Convention.
Dust storm accompanied by rain sweeping the northern countryside of Deir ez-Zur
Syrian army repel Daesh infiltration attempt East of tell Barakat, East Sweida countryside
E. Syria: sat images show substantial defenses of strategic T-2 Station in DeirEzzor desert. Several defensive systems with 100+ km of ditches and 10s of outposts/arty positions but visibly pro-Assad forces lack men (many are empty).
OPCW says it is very likely that the nerve agent sarin was used to attack opposition-held town of Ltamenah on March 24 2017. The following day, chlorine was used to attack the local hospital. Syria
Eyewitness testimony included in OPCW report points heavily to Syrian government involvement, mentioning munitions dropped by aircraft shortly before sarin and chlorine attacks.
Sarin gas and chlorine were "very likely used" as chemical weapons in attacks on civilians in Syria in March, acording to a report from the fact-finding mission of the Organization of the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (@OPCW )
Chemical weapons watchdog confirms sarin, chlorine very likely used in March 2017 attacks in Syria.
SDF fighters capture two more villages: Derwish and Amiriyah
3 month ago
UN Envoy to Syria: Iranian, Russian and Turkish officials to meet in Geneva on Syria
Eight people, including five Russian businessmen from a company with ties to the nation's military, were indicted on Tuesday on charges they helped ship jet fuel to Syria, in violation of U.S. sanctions.
Syria: following end of fighting in and around Damascus many checkpoints have been removed in the Capital. Some are listed below
A car bomb exploded near the plant in the vicinity of Idlib city, without causing any casualties.
DeirEzzor: Italian military forces have arrived to eastern countryside and joined French and American forces
Heavy explosion in Idlib city
Inherent Resolve:Coalition forces fire at a Daesh position near Dashisha, Syria, as phase two of OperationRoundup is underway. Current operations bolster SDF acceleration of the campaign to defeat Daesh remnants.
Iraqi PMU (Hashd) on Iraq-Syria border shells ISIS fighters assembling in Syria near Iraq border. Disperses ISIS.
A civilian injured by a roadside bomb in the town of # Urm Kubra in rural West Aleppo
New landing of the helicopters of the SyAAF in Al-Hasaka city. According to the publisher of the image, two helicopters of the Syrian Arab Air Force landed today at the municipal stadium in Al-Hasakah city.
Spokesperson of JazeeraStorm campaign Lailawa al-Abdullah said to ANHA that the battles are at the highest pace, the fighters have opened safe corridors for liberating civilians, all attempts by ISIS (including sensitive laser mines) failed to obstruct the progress of SDF forces.
SAA has reportedly given FSA in Daraa 48 hours to surrender, otherwise the government forces will launch a large-scale offensive
Arsal mayor: if Syria refugees want to return home we will help them but if they dont want to leave they continue to be welcome here
Photos showing rebels areas last night by the pro-Assad forces of Fouh and Kafriya during heavy battles
N. Idlib: heavy clashes resumed last night in outskirts of Fuah-Kefraya (video from inside).
IED exploded in al Dana town of Idlib province last night. No casualties among civilians reported
IS released two videos at the same time. One from Wilayat Salahuddin where they have been keeping ISF and Federal Police busy in recent 3 months+ the other one from Jaish Khalid bin Walid.3 month ago
IS released two videos at the same time. One from Wilayat Salahuddin where they have been keeping ISF and Federal Police busy in recent 3 months+ the other one from Jaish Khalid bin Walid.
ISIS executes 30 its members in DeirEzzor
3 month ago
Climbing out from Latakia AB, Syria Russia Russian Air Force IL62 RA86561 RFF7336
102th Brigade operating in the Habib and al-Usulha regions join FSA Southern Front Youth of Sunnah Division
E. Syria: amidst increasing raids/attacks ISIS claims one of them killed 10 fighters among Al-Quds Brigade and pro-Assad forces in area S. of Mayadin (red). NDF also said IS carried out raids yesterday on Humaymah-T-2 Station-Mayzilah axis.
E. Syria: ISIS killed IRGC/Basij leader Reza Nodeh on AbuKemal front. One Iraq|i PMU commander was also killed in border area SE. of Hasakah (Tell Safwak).
3 month ago
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: Last week, the Iraqi Air Force carried out air strikes against Daesh positions in Syria. The strikes destroyed buildings used by the militants as command and control centres
The Dutch prosecutor's office is investigating a wholesaler in chemicals in Rotterdam, suspected of having exported acetone to Syria twice without the necessary export permit. Follow up of the Belgian isopropanol scandal
Joint US-French SOF convoy on Deir Ezzor frontline
New photos apparently released by SAA showing Pantsir S1 air defense system thought to be deployed near the Golan Heights
US European Command mediates Manbij talks between Turkey, CENTCOM
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