Kremlin: backing for Syrian de-escalation unrelated to World Cup

Map. History of Syria conflict

24 September 2018
Syria: areas in and close to DaratIzza (W. Aleppo) on fire tonight after Russian incendiary bombardment.
An explosive device exploded at a checkpoint of the Kurdish militias in Manbij
SAA restores control over multiple points on Ward oil field - Mu'ayzilah - Tammah - Faydat Bin Muwayni axis in southern Mayadeen desert, securing over 2,000 KM^2 from ISIS
Several fires broke out in DaratIzza following Russia|n incendiary airstrikes tonignt. W. Aleppo.
Coordinates of Russian Satellite communication stations3 month ago
Coordinates of Russian Satellite communication stations
W. Aleppo: RuAF carried out several airstrikes tonight, also bombing area of DaratIzza (video) despite presence of nearby Turkish Observation Posts.
US Department of State: We've seen reports of 44 Syrians, including 6 children, killed in a Russian airstrike on Zardana. We stand with the Syrian people, victims of their government and its supporters, and call on Russia to end the senseless killing of civilians in Syria.
Syria: the 59th Brigade is back to Aqraba Airbase S. of Damascus after its rehabilitation. Out of 50 helicopters Mi-17 it had pre-war, only 5 remain.
Less than a week after meeting face to face in Finland, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Dunford had a call with his Russian counterpart Gen. Gerasimov. The conversation focused on de-confliction in Syria and the "international security situation," per Dunford's spokesman
Clashes between SDF and ISIS near Hajin town in Deir-ez-Zur, U.S. and French artillery bombards the area
Member of HTS was wounded in IED explosion in Idlib
Head of Israel Military Intelligence warns Iran is continuing to entrench itself in Syria where it continues to improve its missile capabilities in order to strike Israel
Artillery bombardment on the Nab as Sakhr and Masharah in Northern Quneitra
German envoy denies any plan to settle Syrian refugees in Lebanon
239 new SDF fighters have graduated in Ayn Issa
Trump Authorizes funding for Syria White Helmets @SyriaCivilDef. He had previously put on hold
U.S. to release approximately $6.6 million for the Syrian Civil Defense, known as the White Helmets3 month ago
U.S. to release approximately $6.6 million for the Syrian Civil Defense, known as the White Helmets
Russian aviation bombs Lirmun district, North to Aleppo
Russian aviation bombs Lirmun district, North to Aleppo
YPG video uploaded today shows a captured IS up-armored troop transport vehicle in E. Deir ez-Zor countryside
YPG video uploaded today shows a captured IS up-armored troop transport vehicle in E. Deir ez-Zor countryside
Footage of the SDF advance
Damages in al Khamis market in Al Bab city in Aleppo suburbs due to an IED explosion, Jun 13. We are unable to identify the party planted the IED
3 month ago
Kremlin: backing for Syrian de-escalation unrelated to World Cup
EUCOM: The U.S. and Turkish military officials who participated in the discussions agreed on a proposed Manbij implementation plan that will be recommended to senior U.S. and Turkish leadership for further discussions
Cossacks patrolling the streets and fan zones at the World Cup in Russia have fought in eastern Ukraine, Syria
3 month ago
Turkish, U.S. military officials reach agreement on plan for Syria's Manbij
3 month ago
Turkish army says Turkish and US military officials have discussed the road map about the Manbij agreement in 12-13 June in Stuttgart, Germany and have reached an agreement.
3 month ago
Turkish army says Turkish and US officials have reached agreement this week over the northern city of Manbij
We have found this Video in Internet: Reportedly a civic-style VBIED exploded at one of multiple field C&C centers (local HQ) of HTS on the West side of Idlib city.
Iraq discuss efforts to reopen border crossing that connects Al-Bukamal and Al-Qa'im cities
One civilian was killed, and many other injured, after an unknown explosion in Kafranbil city in Idlib countryside, White Helmets teams worked to retrieve the victims, extinguished the fires in the area and completed the rescue operation.
Trump tells @BretBaier: "I'm not for Russia, I'm for the United States, but as an example, if Putin were sitting next to me at a tableI could say, 'Would you do me a favor would you get out of Syria? Would you do me a favor would you get out of the Ukraine?'"
US Department of State: [email protected]_russia falsely claiming U.S. forces and the Free Syrian Army preparing a staged chemical weapons attack in Syria. While Russia used nerve agent in Salisbury and shields Assad from accountability for repeated CW attacks in Syria, we abide by the Chemical Weapons Convention.
Dust storm accompanied by rain sweeping the northern countryside of Deir ez-Zur
Syrian army repel Daesh infiltration attempt East of tell Barakat, East Sweida countryside
E. Syria: sat images show substantial defenses of strategic T-2 Station in DeirEzzor desert. Several defensive systems with 100+ km of ditches and 10s of outposts/arty positions but visibly pro-Assad forces lack men (many are empty).
OPCW says it is very likely that the nerve agent sarin was used to attack opposition-held town of Ltamenah on March 24 2017. The following day, chlorine was used to attack the local hospital. Syria
Eyewitness testimony included in OPCW report points heavily to Syrian government involvement, mentioning munitions dropped by aircraft shortly before sarin and chlorine attacks.
Sarin gas and chlorine were "very likely used" as chemical weapons in attacks on civilians in Syria in March, acording to a report from the fact-finding mission of the Organization of the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (@OPCW )
Chemical weapons watchdog confirms sarin, chlorine very likely used in March 2017 attacks in Syria.
SDF fighters capture two more villages: Derwish and Amiriyah
3 month ago
UN Envoy to Syria: Iranian, Russian and Turkish officials to meet in Geneva on Syria
Eight people, including five Russian businessmen from a company with ties to the nation's military, were indicted on Tuesday on charges they helped ship jet fuel to Syria, in violation of U.S. sanctions.
Syria: following end of fighting in and around Damascus many checkpoints have been removed in the Capital. Some are listed below
A car bomb exploded near the plant in the vicinity of Idlib city, without causing any casualties.
DeirEzzor: Italian military forces have arrived to eastern countryside and joined French and American forces
Heavy explosion in Idlib city
Inherent Resolve:Coalition forces fire at a Daesh position near Dashisha, Syria, as phase two of OperationRoundup is underway. Current operations bolster SDF acceleration of the campaign to defeat Daesh remnants.
Iraqi PMU (Hashd) on Iraq-Syria border shells ISIS fighters assembling in Syria near Iraq border. Disperses ISIS.
A civilian injured by a roadside bomb in the town of # Urm Kubra in rural West Aleppo
New landing of the helicopters of the SyAAF in Al-Hasaka city. According to the publisher of the image, two helicopters of the Syrian Arab Air Force landed today at the municipal stadium in Al-Hasakah city.
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