NDF in Qubbat Al-Kurdi

Map. History of Syria conflict

15 August 2018
After midnight, 1 civilian was killed and 3 others injured, after 3 air raids targeted a popular market in Kafra Nabl city in Idlib countryside. White Helmets teams worked to help the wounded, and continue the rescue operation.
OPCW experts unlikely to enter Douma on Wednesday
3 month ago
Putin still wants to make a deal with Donald Trump, even after sanctions and Syria
Tusk: Nowhere must the use of chemical weapons become normalised, or without consequences. US, UK and France airstrikes in Syria were necessary and proportionate to deter future use. Russia and Iran should stop playing games and engage in finding peaceful solution
The Turkish army berms seen from the Manbij Military Council frontline.
NDF in Qubbat Al-Kurdi3 month ago
NDF in Qubbat Al-Kurdi
N. Hama: heavy blasts heard few km N. of Hama-city following explosion of an ammo warehouse in Qomhana area.3 month ago
N. Hama: heavy blasts heard few km N. of Hama-city following explosion of an ammo warehouse in Qomhana area.
State Dept: OPCW chemical weapons team still not able to enter Douma, Syria, site of chemical weapons attack, spokeswoman says
US State Department: We have information that makes us think that chlorine and sarin have been used in Duma
US official: Assad responsible for killing his people with gas
Euphrates Shield: Jaish Islam's overall commander Issam Buydani in IDP Camp in W. Jarablus countryside.
OIR Spokesman: Syrian Democratic Forces continue securing captured areas in north and eastern Syria. Containing ISIS in 2 places: near Hajin along Euphrates, and Dashisha near border with Iraq. SDF and @CJTFOIR finding opportunities to exploit ISIS weaknesses / conduct strikes.
"ISIS is beginning to conduct more attacks on the west side of the Euphrates River, outside of Abu Kamal, against pro-government forceswith success" per Colonel Dillon, also reports they are retaking neighborhoods west of Damascus
"There's not been a let up" says @OIRSpox Colonel Dillon re air support in anti-ISIS efforts "What's you've actually seenan increase in the amount of strikes that the coalition is proving, particularly in Syria" since Jan/Feb
Al-Jubayr: We offered to send troops from the Islamic Alliance against terrorism to Syria
Russian military find rebel chemical weapons lab in Douma Syria
4 month ago
German Chancellor Merkel says she'll meet with Russian President Putin "soon." The two talked on the phone for the first time in a while. The main topic of conversation: the Syrian conflict. No date was set for the meeting
4 month ago
Turkey, Iran presidents vow to continue Russia alliance over Syria, Turkish presidency says, despite Ankara backing air strikes by US and its allies against Assad's government
IS claims: "Three Syrian soldiers, one of them an officer, are sniped and killed in the Yarmouk Camp and in the neighborhood of Tadamon in southern Damascus"
4 month ago
Syrian state media says OPCW chemical weapons investigators enter Douma
4 month ago
Turkey President Erdogan talked to the Iranian President Rouhani on the phone
Global chemical watchdog OPCW experts have entered Syria's Douma
Four civilians were killed including a mother and her 2 children, and many others injured, after artillery shelling targeted their homes in Tel Sheih village near Maarat al-Numan city in Idlib countryside.
Civilian casualties after renewed artillery shelling on civilian in homes in Jisr Al-Shughur city, by the government forces. White Helmets team continues the search and rescue operation.
Russian air raid on Tall As in Southern Idlib
Russian air raid on Tall As in Southern Idlib
Russian Ambassador to Ireland says 'ridiculous' that Russia carried out Douma clean-up operation
KCNA: "Kim Jong Un, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, sent a message of greeting to Bashar Al-Assad, president of the Syrian Arab Republic, on Tuesday."
4 month ago
KCNA: "The message sincerely wished the Syrian president good health and bigger successes in his work, again extending firm support and solidarity to the just cause of the Syrian government and people."
4 month ago
KCNA: Kim Jong Un: "I am pleased over the fact that the friendly Syrian government and people have recently made big achievements in the struggle to defend the country's sovereignty and security under the correct leadership of the president."
4 month ago
KCNA: Kim Jong Un, "in the message, extended warm congratulations to the Syrian president on the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of the independence of the country."
KAMAZ-53949 Typhoon-K 4x4 with RP-377VM1 jammer mounted onroof in Syria, Ghouta. h/t @QuarterToAli_ Also Tigr-M with Arbalet-DM RWS. First time that we see RWS on Russian 'new' armored vehicles in Syria. And UAZ Patriot is also shipped to Syria, here used by ISIS Hunters.
4 month ago
The German chancellor: Russia as an ally of Syria shares responsibility for its actions
4 month ago
Germany's Merkel and Russia's Putin agree in a phone call that political process must be the focus of efforts to end the bloody conflict in Syria - German government spokesman
4 month ago
Putin and Merkel discussed Syrian question in phone call
4 month ago
French foreign ministry says it is essential that Syria gives immediate, full access to Douma site to UN chemical inspectors
Very likely that proof has disappeared from the site of the April 7 attack in Douma, Syria - French foreign ministry
Macron getting worked up about Syria strikes at European Parliament, saying "three countries (France, USA, UK) saved the honor of the international community"
The people of the village of Kfar Sagna in South Idlib expelled Tahrir Al-Sham after breaking into the village, injuring Muhammad al-Aoush and abducting Mustafa al-Abdullah.
HTS expelled from Kfar Sejena town in southern Idlib
Artillery shelling on Jisr Al Shughur and Bdama in Western Idlib
SANA: Jaish Al-Islam is handing all the heavy military equipments to SAA as Al-Dumayer agreement starts. 1000 militants expected to go to Jarablus
According to a Syrian source the false alarm last night was caused by "a joint electronic attack" by Israel and the US that targeted the Syrian radar system
Footage of "Russian" air strikes on besieged Homs province this morning.
Footage of Russian air strikes on besieged Homs province this morning.
4 month ago
US and allies stage Skripal Case, chemical attack in Syria, Russia sanctions - Moscow
An Iranian drone is visible on recent sat images (Jan and March), precisely at the place indicated by Israeli army in DeirEzzor AB. Made possible with takeover of city from IS late 2017.
Reuters quoted military sources: A wrong warning led to the firing of Syrian air defense missiles
Coalition helicopters patrolling frontline next to Manbij as well. Syria Manbij
4 month ago
Israeli army sources said to confirm Iran has established air forces in Syria and are planning retaliatory attacks in Israel
Map of five Iranian airbases in Syria, could be targeted in any case of Iranian action against Israel
A mother and her two children were killed by an artillery bombardment at Masaran in East Idlib
Trump wants an Arab force, like Egypt, Saudi-Arabia, UAE and Qatar, to replace US military in Eastern Syria, writes WSJ
Syria's Ministry of Defense releases a video praising its air defense
Syria's Ministry of Defense releases a video praising its air defense
According to the article, IRGC Qods force commander General Qassem Suleimanei is overseeing the upcoming Iranian response to the Israeli strike against the T4 airbase that killed several IRGC operatives in Syria
Israeli military source to Sky News Arabia: our estimations indicate that Iran could respond with drones, guided directly by the IRGC
The news about strikes n Aleppo and Damascus and Sub are false allegation. The rumors about striking Al-Dumair airbase are denied, however the S200 Air-Defense system in the 116 governmentnt has launched 5 rockets, the same system has been used in Israeli strikes on Feb, and the US-Led strikes.
Israeli military source to Sky News Arabia: Israel will forcefully respond to any Iranian operation carried out from within Syrian lands
More from the @ynet report: Israeli army spokesperson says Iranian air force presence in Syria has 3 arms: an armed and intelligence-gathering drone unit; a short- Intermediate-range missile unit and air defense unit
Israeli army publishes satellite images of the Iranian air force presence in Syria (via Israeli army spokesperson)
4 month ago
UK PM May defends decision to join U.S.-led missile strikes against Syria without first seeking parliament's authorisation
G7 backs U.S., British, French efforts to curb Syrian chemical weapon capability
Two civilians were wounded by mortar shelling on the village of Zafarana in northern Homs
Syrian military sources denied to @dpa earlier reports of an missile attack targeting Shayrat Airbase in Homs province. The sources told @dpa that Syrian air defences were activated early Tuesday, but that it turned out to be a false alarm
4 month ago
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
@AP also quotes the Syrian TV claiming to intercept missiles aimed at Shayrat air base in Homs. It did not elaborate or say who carried out the airstrikes. The US denied involvement
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Israeli jets flying the Lebanese airspace fired 3 missiles on the al-Dumayer airport near Damascus (all downed according to the report) and 6 missiles on Shayrat air base in Homs (2 reportedly hit their targets)
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