From yesterday's SAA operations on Al Safa volcanic wasteland.

Map. History of Syria conflict

15 April 2021
US Navy P-8A 168859 callsign PS183 was operating over the Eastern Mediterranean earlier around 0800z near Syria and Lebanon
Clashes in Afrin intensified in recent hours
Clashes ongoing in Afrin, casualties reported
Video: clashes in Afrin
Clashes in Afrin have worsened as heavy weapons are reportedly in play. The Turkey-backed National Army and Hamzat Military Police vowed to 'eradicate corruption' of Al-Sharqiya Martyrs, mainly of Deir ez-Zur.
Engineers dismantled a remote control mine, 200 meters from the electricity emergency center and near a primary school, in the town of Al-Mahaimida, Western Deir ez-Zur
Video: The clashes in the city of Afrin between the Turkish-backed factions and Ahrar al-Sharqiya.
Clashes with Ahrar Shaeqiya in Afrin
2 year ago
Turkish artillery destroyed a vehicle belonging to the PKK / YPG in Tel Abyad region.
Netanyahu:: "Israel will always remain in the Golan Heights, and it will always be in Israel's hands"
Eastern Deir-ez-Zur: both pro-Assad militia artillery and coalition airstrikes hit the area of Hajin
Iranian heavy lift Pouya Air IL76 EP-PUS airborne from Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Inherent Resolve: CJTFOIR U.S. and Turkish Soldiers conduct a combined joint patrol outside Manbij, Syria. Continued assistance to partner forces is essential to setting conditions for regional stability. DefeatISIS
SOHR: Hours after a curfew was imposed, Afrin city witnesses the first violent clashes between the Turkish Forces and factions under their command against Ahrar Sharqiya
SAA bombard the town of Khulasah in the countryside of southern Aleppo, Syria
Violent clashes are taking place inside the city of Afrin. Turkish-backed Euphrates Shield troops. Storming the headquarters of the factions of Ahrar Sharqiya
A delegation from the international coalition with a leader from SDF in Amuda city in northern Syria.
From yesterday's SAA operations on Al Safa volcanic wasteland.2 year ago
From yesterday's SAA operations on Al Safa volcanic wasteland.
Idlib: pro-Assad forces in Abu Dali target the town of Al Khawain in the south-eastern countryside with artillery
2 year ago
Russia has warned that the Organisation for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons has risked becoming a sinking Titanic as Moscow faces pressure over Syria
Idlib: pro-Assad forces target the outskirts of the town of Tahtaya in the southern countryside with artillery shells
SAA heavy artillery shells towns and villages in Southern Idlib: Umm al-Khallajil, Al-Mashirfa, Zarzur,
Russian Air Force Reconnaissance Il-20 over Idlib2 year ago
Russian Air Force Reconnaissance Il-20 over Idlib
Deir el-Zur Al-Kashkiya: The municipality's workshops continue to focus on cleaning and collecting garbage from the main streets. Depending on the possibilities currently available, the garbage is collected by a tractor towed cart.
2 year ago
SAA stationed in Ma'an shelled the towns of Sukayk and al-Tamanah in the south-eastern countryside of Idlib with artillery shells
SAA heavy artillery shelling Al Tamanah town in Southern Idlib
Russian Navy Project 1171 BSF Tapir/Alligator class LST Orsk 148 returned from its ninth deployment to Syria in 2018 and transited Bosphorus towards Black Sea 06:00Z2 year ago
Russian Navy Project 1171 BSF Tapir/Alligator class LST Orsk 148 returned from its ninth deployment to Syria in 2018 and transited Bosphorus towards Black Sea 06:00Z
2 year ago
No casualties as woman blown herself up in Maarat Al-Numan
Idlib: Russian reconnaissance aircrafy flying in the countryside of Maarat al-Nu'man in the southern countryside
A woman wearing an explosive belt blew herself up near the Citadel Mosque in Maaret al-Nu'man city of southern Idlib countryside.
2 year ago
FSA al-Hamza Div. Commander: "Now we are preparing for a possible military operation against YPG/PKK on the East of the Euphrates River, and we are training our soldiers for that. We have no problem with our Kurdish brothers there"
ISIS attacking SAA forces from the desert at Al Mayadin to Al Qashma, Eastern Deir-ez-Zur
SAA forces shelled the outskirts of the city of Latamna north of Syria's Hama with mortars
Pro-Assad forces targeted with artillery shells the town of Sukayk south of Idlib in conjunction with intermittent clashes with heavy machine guns and flying reconnaissance aircraft in the southern and eastern Idlib countryside.
Activists: Clashes in Afrin as Turkish forces fighting saboteur groups
Clashes between the military corps of the National Army and groups of the Eastern Martyrs faction in the Villas street in the center of Afrin city in Aleppo countryside, casualties reported
More than 10 coalition air raids on the Hajin city in Eastern Deir ez-Zur since morning
Artillery shelling on Sakhr village in the North of Hama
The Coalition carried out several strikes on Hajin city east of Deir Ezzor today.
2 year ago
Several Assad's forces were killed after a hand grenade exploded in one of their training camps in the Buqrus Tahtani village east of Deir Ezzor.
Violent clashes erupted between the Free Syrian Army and the SDF near the village of Muhsalli west of the city of Manbij in the eastern Aleppo.
The Turkish army announces a curfew in the city of Afrin and reports of a military campaign by the Turkish army's special task forces in the city.
2 year ago
SAMS doctor Mohammed Dibo was shot dead by a stray bullet fired during celebration of a wedding in Suhara village of Western Aleppo
Four civilians injured by a landmine explosion left behind by ISIS in the city of Al-Ashra in the eastern suburb of Deir Ez-Azur
2 year ago
Artillery bombardment by pro-Assad forces on the Janaha in northern Hama
Inherent Resolve: many open sources claiming massive casualties among civilians in Hajin region as result of coalition actions without any evidences
US military helicopters over Hajin
Hama: The rebels bombard positions of the pro-Assad forces in the towns of Ma'an, Atshan and Umm Harthin with artillery shells
Deir el-Zur Eastern countryside: SDF member Nassim Mohammed al-Abdullah was shot dead by unknown gunmen in the city of Shuhail.
Two civilians injured by artillery shelling of the government on Babulin and Hayash south of Idlib
South Syria: IRAM rockets blasting Safa Volcanic Field, intensively used since 4th Division arrived in the area early November.2 year ago
South Syria: IRAM rockets blasting Safa Volcanic Field, intensively used since 4th Division arrived in the area early November.
SAA artillery shelling on Markabah in Northern Hama
Forces from the Russian-Backed 5th Corp have entered Menagh Airbase
2 year ago
Elders and tribal sheikhs in the north of Syria demand unity and stop Turkish intervention
2 year ago
Reports the Syrian Army has captured the Al-Safa region
One civilian was injured, after a renewed shelling by the government forces targeted Babulin and Dar AlSalam and Hayish villages, eastern Idlib. Our WhiteHelmets teams are working to inspected and secured the target area.
Iraqi PMF (Hashd) rockets target ISIS assembling in Abu Kamal area of Syria.
At least 40 people, mostly women and children, killed by U.S.-led airstrikes on the last pocket held by Islamic State militants in eastern Syria, a war monitor and Syrian state media reported.
Syria: area of Tamanah in SE. Idlib countryside hit few ago by a volley of Grad rockets (MLRS).
Dunford: "we do not have a military mission in Syria associated with Iran we do have a goal of Iran leaving Syria which we are pursuing in the political space."
South Syria: Assad forces announce full control over Safa Volcanic Field. Video shot by 61st Brigade shows Volcano is under their control. Sources say ISIS organized its withdrawal previous nights, only leaving a handful of fighters.
Syria: government renewed bombing of SE. Idlib countryside with heavy artillery.
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