ISIS also carrying out since days night raids SE. of Qaryatayn, killing several NDF fighters (1st was a reconcilied Rebel).

Map. History of Syria conflict

21 September 2018
Intelligence suggests American journalist Austin Tice is still alive almost six years after he went missing in Syria. The assessment comes as the FBI announces $1 million reward for information leading to Tice's safe location, recovery, and return.
Jabal Batra and Jabal al-Afai, Qalamoun under Syrian army as dozens of vehicles including tanks seized
Members of the Bubna clan from Manbij protest against SDF and US troops.
US State Department drops reference to West Bank, Gaza and Golan Heights as 'occupied territories' in annual human rights report
BMP-1 with a ZPU-2 AA gun mounted on top, in use with Jaish Khalid Ibn al-Walid in their Daraa enclave
Japan's Minister of Defense calls American, French and British missile strike against Assad's chemical weapons facilities a "message towards North Korea as well," speaking through interpreter at top of meeting with Mattis at the Pentagon
N. Aleppo: footage from Shawarighat Arz (W. of Menagh Airbase) shows government forces (and not SDF or YPG) are on front with Olive Branch forces.
N. Aleppo: footage from Shawarighat Arz (W. of Menagh Airbase) shows government forces (and not SDF or YPG) are on front with  Olive Branch forces.
Battery of heavy rocket launchers "Golan" used to bomb S. Damascus districts.
Damascus: Isis claims to have repelled a SAA assault in Yarmouk, killed 3 SAA soldiers and captured some weapons.
S. Damascus: urban warfare started on 2nd day of government offensive vs ISIS but also HTS-held areas. Photos from Yarmouk Camp.
Damascus: Isis claims to have killed 10 SAA soldiers in Yarmouk. Other reports say that 30 Assad soldiers were killed today.
Russia tells U.N. envoy U.S-led strikes on Syria hurt peace process
5 month ago
Russian ambassador to U.K. @Amb_Yakovenko: Douma was staged by the West, there was proof now. Also insinuating that nerve agent was injected into „Skripals by U.K. government („we have suspicions")
War correspondent Ayhab Balan was killed in South Damascus during his coverage of the ongoing Military Operation against ISIS in Yarmouk Camp and Hajar al-Aswad and Qadam. His last Message "Victory is Coming"
The numbers of displaced people of Afrin in Alshahba district and Sherawa villages are witnessing a great suffering of Leishmaniasis disease
Hezbollah-affiliated channel released pics from battle vs ISIS in S. Damascus.
[email protected]: Between April 13-April 19, US-led Coalition military forces conducted 30 strikes targeting ISIS in Syria (23) and Iraq (7)
ISIS's Army Khalid Ibn Al-Walid attacked the positions of the FSA/HTS Factions west of Daraa, 6 leaders of the FSA/HTS Factions and approximately 30 elements were killed and others injured, in an attack today on the towns of Sheikh Saad and Masakin Jalin west of Daraa
Witnesses told Reuters: A UN vehicle is approaching the site of the chemical attack, accompanied by a Russian military vehicle
Rebels shelling ISIS offshoot in Saham al-Jolan /western Daraa
Rebels shelling ISIS offshoot in Saham al-Jolan /western Daraa
An agreement between the HTS and the leaders of Eastern and Western Sahiyan and Raba al-Jour area in Southern Idlib countryside in order to divert them from the ongoing infighting, Syria,
Syrian Army combing Jabal Batra which overlooks Jairoud - al-Attanah - Nasiriyah - al-Mansura after surround Ruhaybah from all sides
Syrian Army capture Imam Ali Mosque in Tadamon , South Damascus
Yarmouk's Palestine Hospital reportedly bombed and ambulance driver killed a short while ago. A doctor from Yarmouk yesterday said that Palestine Hospital was a 'hospital in name only.' Without checkpoint open, basically no meaningful medical services inside the camp
An-124 from Mozdok to Latakia5 month ago
An-124 from Mozdok to Latakia
Explosion in Qalaat al-Madiq
"Stay away from the WorldCup in Russia.". That's @RebHarms (Greens) message to EU governments. "Putin is not a good host for the cup while the war continues in Ukraine/Syria [] Democratic governments should not support him in his staging." Backed by 60 MEPs so far
Video shot this morning in Yarmouk Camp where ceasefire is so far denied and battle vs ISIS but also HTS continues (sound of heavy explosion).
Military air strike that just hit Yarmouk camp
Eastern Damascus: Russia|n MP entering Ruhaybah after deal with E. Qalamoun Rebels to evacuate pocket and hand over heavy weaponry.
S. Syria: sat image confirm a fire broke out in Radar Base NW. of Suwayda the night of US-UK-France strikes. Malfunction of Air Defense rather than airstrike.
Intense clashes and shelling continues between SAA and Palestinian factions against IS in Yarmouk Camp and Hajar al-Aswad south of Damascus
Syrian TV: Ceasefire agreement reached between Gov/SAA and the armed factions in the (Babila, Yalda etc.) pocket
NW. Daraa: ISIS released pics of its assault on Sheikh Saad front, displaying use of modified BMP, SVBIED, heavy artillery and couple of T-55s.
ISIS also carrying out since days night raids SE. of Qaryatayn, killing several NDF fighters (1st was a reconcilied Rebel).
5 month ago
Russian Foreign Ministry: It is difficult to know whether Syria's borders will remain the same or not
Turkish military convoy entered Syrian territory this morning, to provide logistical support to the Turkish troops already installed in the "ceasefire observatories" at Sarman village. East Idlib countryside
Number of SAA soldiers were killed in armed opposition operation in Rasha hill area in North Latakia
Airstrike with incendiary ammunition targeted the Kafr Zita last night
S. Damascus: airstrikes and shelling continue this morning on ISIS-held areas following night of heavy bombardment with IRAM rockets.
Clashes between the HTS and the government forces on the outskirts of Yarmouk camp south of Damascus
Clashes at Hajar Al Aswad Front
5 month ago
Lavrov: Russia has informed America of areas that are the red lines to Moscow in Syria before the American strikes
5 month ago
KCNA: "The Syrian president, in the message, wished Kim Jong Un happiness and the friendly Korean people led by him greater happiness and wellbeing, expressing once again gratitude to him."
5 month ago
KCNA: "Kim Jong Unreceived a reply message from Bashar Al-Assad, president of the Syrian Arab Republic, on Wednesday. The message expressed gratitude to Kim Jong Un for sending warm congratulations on the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of the independence of Syria."
A T-72M1, 2 T-55s and a T-62 returned to the SAA by surrendering rebels in Dumyer
Heavy clashes right between the Rebels and SAA and allies militants at Taqissis village. Southern Hama countryside
5 month ago
Artillery shelling targeting the perimeter of the Qubbat Al Kurdi village in South Hama
Aftermath ground and aerial bombardment targeting besieged Yarmouk Camp. South Damascus countryside
5 month ago
Occupied south Ossetia invited Bashar al Assad to visit Tskhinvali after South Ossetia's "president" met with Syrian economy minister in Yalta.
OliveBranch: 1st border crossing between Turkey and Afrin under preparation near Hamam. Syria.5 month ago
OliveBranch: 1st border crossing between Turkey and Afrin under preparation near Hamam. Syria.
Displaced Syrians from the town of Dumayr brought to opposition-held areas in northern Syria.
Displaced Syrians from the town of Dumayr brought to opposition-held areas in northern Syria.
The Turkish army's artillery targets YPG militia sites in Tel Rifat.
Southern Damascus: Until now, approximately 40 airstrikes, 10 barrel bombs, dozens of missiles and artillery shelling, targeting the areas controlled by isis south of damascus, in addition to intermittent clashes.
S. Damascus: UR-77 Meteorit also used today vs ISIS in Qadam district, creating massive explosion.
U.S. has credible information that Russia and Syria trying to deny and delay access to chemical weapons attack site by OPCW inspectors; says countries trying to 'sanitize' site - State Department
Israeli Air Force G550 Eitam AEW 537 4X980  41,000ft over the eastern Med5 month ago
Israeli Air Force G550 Eitam AEW 537 4X980 41,000ft over the eastern Med
Ship of Interest: Coming from Novorossiysk very heavy, Russia flag RoRo Sparta II transits Mediterranean-bound Bosphorus en route to Tartus Syria carrying military cargo for Oboronlogistika.5 month ago
Ship of Interest: Coming from Novorossiysk very heavy, Russia flag RoRo Sparta II transits Mediterranean-bound Bosphorus en route to Tartus Syria carrying military cargo for Oboronlogistika.
Acc. to pro-Assad military sources offensive also aims to expel HTS from Yarmouk Camp in S. Damascus.
@obretix: Geolocated Iraqi Air Force airstrike in Hajin, Syria
Local council was established in the city of Jinderes
Government is also bombarding N. section (HTS-held) of Yarmouk Camp S. of Damascus.
S. Damascus: huge night bombardment on ISIS-held areas (airstrikes and waves of IRAM rockets).
First video showing clashes tonight between pro-Assad Palestinians (Free Palestine Movement) and ISIS in Yarmouk Camp in South Damascus.
S. Damascus: drone view showing extent of ISIS-held areas currently bombed following government offensive.
Deir Ezzor: Sounds of explosions clearly heard in eastern countryside from al Bokamal city
[email protected] Director LT. Gen. McKenzie on Syria's chemical weapons post strike: "They do retain a residual capability. It is probably spread throughout the country at a variety of sites. It will be hard for them to continue centralized RandD, that facility not existing"
Syrian Arab Army preemptive shelling on IS pocket south of Damascus after Russian attempt to negotiate their evacuation to Eastern Syria failed
Intensive missile strikes on Al Hajar Al Aswad district of Damascus
Footage of Iraq's Air Force flattening a Da'ish building in Syria, earlier today
An agreement has been reached for evacuation and settlement for the entire East Qalamoun pocket
Raids of the Russian aviation on ISIS areas in South Damascus
Dead and wounded as result among civilians of Russian air raids on Yarmouk camp in South Damascus
As the deal to evacuate ISIL out of Yarmouk south of Damascus seems to fall apart SAA goes on the offensive by shelling militants held districts south of the capital.
Pentagon: 2 Russian frigates were close to USS Donald Cook in E Med, but never threatened American warship, U.S. jets were overhead throughout allied missile strike, Lt. Gen. McKenzie says
Massive blasts rocking capital as SyAF and government artillery are intensively pounding ISIS districts. government trying to enter Yarmouk Camp sparking intense clashes.
"Russian air defenses were energized, they were scanning. They had a mainstay air defense aircraft up" @thejointstaff's LtGen McKenzie says of combined strike on Syria chem weapons sites "They did not choose to engage"
Russia's behavior during the US, UK, France airstrikes in relation to the USS Donald Cook were "professional" says @thejointstaff's LtGen McKenzie
US JASSM missiles fired at Syria chem weapons sites "were standard JASSMs" and not the newer ERs, confirms LtGen McKenzie "I misspoke when I gave that information the first time"
"We believe there was probably some chlorine and some sarin at possibly all of the sites" says @thejointstaff's LtGen McKenzie on Syria attack, but admits without direct access "that will likely be an open question"
"We know empirically in fact none did escape" says LtGen McKezine, citing no deaths around the Syrian chemical weapons sites targeted by US, UK France
"The secretary is perfectly comfortable with the options he provided" to @POTUS, per @ChiefPentSpox, calling Syria mission successful
@ChiefPentSpox: As expected, Russia immediately began a misinformation campaign to sow doubt and confusion to hide its complicity. Russia falsely claimed Syria air defense shot down a significant number of missiles when in fact, all of our missiles hit their targets
@ChiefPentSpox: The Russian manufactured air defense systems were totally ineffective. Russia and the Assad government demonstrated the ineffectiveness of their systems, again, 2 days later when those systems engage accidentally
@ChiefPentSpox: We have seen no indication the Assad government is prepared to launch another chemical weapons attack. However, we remain vigilant. Assad must know the world will not tolerate the use of chemical weapons under any circumstances
@ChiefPentSpox: The strike last Friday was separate and distinct from our mission in Syria - which remains the complete annihilation of ISIS
@ChiefPentSpox: Our strikes last Friday were successful in degrading Syria's chemical weapons research and storage facilities - without a single report of a civilian casualty. This is a testament to the professionalism and precision of the US, UK and French forces that carried out this mission
Yarmouk Camp : the negotiators of IS who left the camp with Russian mediation to discuss the details of the exit road, have returned. IS has put new condition which complicated the operation and the dialogue
[email protected]: "US Air Force F-22 Raptors played an integral role in protecting ground forces during and after the multinational strikes against Syrian chemical weapons production facilities on the morning of April 14"
Iraq, Iran, Syria and Russia، the joint intelligence-sharing headquarters in Baghdad today.
USAF RC135W 62-4134 at 29,500ft tracking west of Lebanon5 month ago
USAF RC135W 62-4134 at 29,500ft tracking west of Lebanon
Syrian rebel faction "Shabab al-Sunnah" announces capturing and killing "a group of Hezbollah fighters" on outskirts o town of Busra al-Sham, in southern Syria
Pro-government sites: there are wounded by rockets in the vicinity of the town of Jibla in the countryside of Lattakia
IS has launched its largest offensive operations against Mayadeen city in Deir Ezzor, held by the pro-Asad coalition, the former administrative hub of "Wilayat al-Khayr".
Explosions inside Hmaiymin airbase this moment, ambulance sirens all over the place and alert among Russian security forces. Southeast Latakia countryside
Hayat Tahrir a-Sham (Nusra) responded by opening fire to disperse the protesters and reportedly dispatched a convoy of its gunmen to the town as reinforcement
Protest in Sarmada, Idlib today, against Hayat Tahrir a-Sham jihadists. "Sarmada is free, free, Haya', get out"
Iraqi jets bombed ISIS outside al-Shaddi, Syria near the Iraq-Syria border Thursday. The strike was approved by Iraqi PM Haider Al Abadi: U.S.-led coalition statement
5 month ago
Russian MFA spokeswoman claims that Russian military in Douma found smoke grenades made in Salisbury, UK
Putin discussed with the Security Council the situation in Syria after strike of Western states5 month ago
Putin discussed with the Security Council the situation in Syria after strike of Western states
We also addressed the situation in Syria. We cannot accept the normalisation of the use of chemical weapons. We condemn their use and do everything we can to ensure that the international ban is upheld – @jensstoltenberg with Dutch PM
East Qalamoun rebels surrender after army advance today Damascus
Syrian Arab Army and allies has isolated Ruhaybah town from Opp-held pocket in East Qalamoun after taking control of Tell Kharzounah and Ard al-Masilha
At least five civilians were killed and many more were injured after a US-led coalition struck the Syrian town of Hasakah on Wednesday, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights
5 month ago
E. Syria: for 1st time since months ISIS claims an attack on government barracks N. of T-3 Station (E. of Palmyra) with casualties, destruction of 122 mm gun and spoils captured.
5 month ago
Russia deputy FM Mikhail Bogdanov, who is also Vladimir Putin's special envoy for the Middle East, just said that the next round of Astana talks will be held on May 15
White Helmets teams rushed to assist 2 children who were injured as a result of an explosion from an undetonated cluster bomb left behind from previous airstrikes in Hayan village, northern countryside of Aleppo
Iraqi F-16 hit ISIS targets in Syria in support of government forces
NW. Daraa: Rebels managed to take back positions seized earlier by ISIS on Sheikh Saad front and nearby checkpoints.
Chinese President Xi Jinping tells British Prime Minister Theresa May over phone alleged chemical attack in Syria needs comprehensive, just, objective probe
The air strikes which targeted ISIS positions inside Syria, carried out in coordination with Damascus - Iraqi Army
5 month ago
Turkey's President Erdogan tells Chinese President Xi that Ankara is against the use of chemical weapons and that tension in Syria should not be escalated
Syrian state media: Hundreds of rebels hand over weapons, start leaving another town northeast of Damascus
Iraqi warplanes bombarding ISIS positions inside Syria.
5 month ago
Moscow accuses Syrian opposition of blocking UN inspectors from entering Douma
5 month ago
RIA news agency reports Russia's deputy foreign minister says Syrian rebels are preventing chemical weapons inspectors from accessing Douma in Syria
A demonstration demanding the release of the Tahrir sham from Sarmada city north of Idlib
Syria Today, Isis militants destroyed another SAA outpost.
A mass grave containing the bodies of dozens of Syrian soldiers has been found in Raqqa, troops killed by ISIS couple of years ago.
SAA and allied militants positioned at al-Halifaiyah checkpoint shelled heavy artillery targeting Hasraiyah village, unknown casualties among civilians so far. Northwest Hama countryside
At least five civilians were shot and wounded by HTS in Sarmada
Jaysh al Islam leaving Dumayr
Hasakah: At least 11 prisoners were killed in a security prison of ISIS in Abu Hamdha village in southern countryside after being targeted by helicopters of coalition during a landing operation yesterday
Yarmouk: Some reports said 1200 fighters and their families agreed already to depart the Palestinian camp to some where near Palmira where IS still control parts of the desert.
Buses entered the city of Dumayr to relocate rebels and their families to Jarabulus
Video of underground tunnel under Douma
SAA 4th Division IRAM Jolan-1000 mounted on a T-72 chassis. Every rocket weighs 500kg
E. Ghouta: several anti-tank missiles (ATGM|s) found in Jaish Islam cache in Douma, including Fagot, MILAN and Konkurs.
FSA regained control over Maskan, Jalin towns and several points inside Sheikh Saad, clashes ongoing against Daesh. West Daraa countryside
5 month ago
Report: Top Russian, NATO generals to discuss Syria, Europe in Baku
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