Syria People expelled HTS from Kafranbel town in south Idlib

Map. History of Syria conflict

21 September 2018
US Department of State: Russia has the influence to stop these operations if it chooses to live up to its obligations under the UNSC ceasefire.
US Department of State: The government claims it is fighting militants, but is instead terrorizing hundreds of thousands of civilians with airstrikes, artillery, rockets, and a looming ground attack. The government's use of chlorine gas as a weapon only intensifies the misery of the civilian population.
US Department of State: The Syrian government, and its Russian and Iranian backers, continue to attack East Ghouta, a densely populated suburb of Damascus, despite the ceasefire called for by the United Nations Security Council.
Al Jazeera: aircraft belonging to the International coalition targeting a position of the government forces north of Deir al-Zour
Hezbollah launches a new video game - the Sacred Defense - which simulates the group's participation in the Syrian Civil War
Hezbollah launches a new video game - the Sacred Defense - which simulates the group's participation in the Syrian Civil War
Lataminah a year of RuAF-SyAF bombardment in 2 min (N. Hama - Syria).
6 month ago
"The president put the Assad government on notice some time and we continue to echo that message," says @PressSec. Syria
Al Rahman Corps: Russia's proposal of humanitarian corridors is pushing for forced displacement
YPG ATGM hit at Rajo district
Burnt out IAG Guardian destroyed during a raid on an SDF outpost. Ruined .30 caliber machine-gun beside the wreck.
UK summoning Russian Ambassador to discuss continued violations of UN-mandated ceasefire in Syria. Will also convene new Security Council session6 month ago
UK summoning Russian Ambassador to discuss continued violations of UN-mandated ceasefire in Syria. Will also convene new Security Council session
HTS expelled from 'Awayjil in western Aleppo
HTS forces have withdrawn from the border towns of Qah and Atmeh. Zinki and Ahrar forces are present.
Helicopter targets residential neighborhoods in the city of Duma in Eastern Ghouta with explosive barrels
Eastern Damascus: few pics from town of KafrBatna.
Russian warplanes targeted the city of Irbin in Eastern Ghouta with 2 air-raids
Unknown location
Jisr TV: Two civilians killed by government artillery shelling on Humaymah north of Homs
Helicopters targeting AL Shaffoniya in Eastern Ghouta with explosive barrels
ISIS in action against SDF forces near the village of Abu Hassan.
Jaysh al-Ahrar, previously defected from Ahrar al-Sham and later Tahrir al-Sham, emerging as a major power in Idlib after several battalions/groups joined it from Tahrir Al-Sham.
Turkish army helicopters have been bombing the town Jinderisse accompanied by heavy artillery shelling since the evening hours.
6 month ago
Russia says Syria army will abide the humanitarian truce in East Ghouta Damascus and will not attack 'terrorists'.
East Ghouta: some spoils captured by Jaish Islam.
[email protected] Ambassador @nikkihaley: We hope this UNSC ceasefire resolution will be a turning point, where Russia will join us in pushing for the political settlement to this conflict and take action to re-establish real accountability for the use of chemical weapons in Syria.
@USUN Amb @nikkihaley on Syria: Assad's bombing must stop. The ceasefire must be given a chance to work. The Assad government needs to stop its military activities around eastern Ghouta, and for once, allow humanitarian access to all of those who need it.
"Every single minute we wait, there are people dying," says @FedericaMog, urging that the UNSC resolution on a Syrian ceasefire is implemented immediately, with Russia, Iran and Turkey taking responsibility for that
EU foreign policy chief @FedericaMog is sending a letter today to Russia, Iran and Turkey insisting they use their influence to implement a full and immediate ceasefire in Syria
British delegate to the UN Security Council: Russian truce in Ghouta does not consider a commitment to the Security Council resolution
Jaysh al-Nasr says they shelled Hama Military Airport with Grad missiles
Syria People expelled HTS from Kafranbel town in south Idlib
6 month ago
Russian defense minister Shoigu says a humanitarian corridor will be opened in Eastern Ghouta for civilians to leave
6 month ago
Putin orders humanitarian pause in Syrian opposition-held eastern Ghouta to run daily from 9 am to 2 pm local time, Russian defense minister says
6 month ago
Russian Defense Minister: Putin orders a humanitarian truce in the eastern Ghouta
North-Eastern Damascus: Gvozdika on its way to the Capital crushed a mini-van at Baghdad CP. 10 casualties, among them Police officers.
Turkish army is heavily bombarding Pkk targets in the villages of Meydanki and Sheran, in Sheran area.
AA says TSK and FSA cut off contact of the YPG's land border with Turkey in Afrin after lberating Sinarah and Anqaleh.
France's Macron tells Erdogan Syria truce also applies to Afrin
After six hours of work, @SyriaCivilDefe teams pulled two children out of the rubble, caused by brutal air raids targeting their home in Duma city in East Ghouta
Russian TV airs video game as Syria war footage6 month ago
Russian TV airs video game as Syria war footage
Clashes between HTS and Syrian Liberation Front along highway between Maarrat al-Numan and Saraqib
6 month ago
Lavrov called reports on the use of chemical weapons in Eastern Ghouta as the provocation
SAA led by Republican Guard is making progress with SyAAF / RuAF support in Harasta farms on Hospitals axis in eastern Ghouta
Russia'n fighter jets above Damascus Eastern Ghouta
Russia'n fighter jets above Damascus Eastern Ghouta
Woman was killed as result of artillery shelling on Kafr Zita in Northern Hama
JTS controls the strategic Jabal al-Sheikh Barakat [West of Darat Izza] after expelling HTS militants
Macron told Erdogan in phone call that France's monitoring of humanitarian access and chemical weapons is "total and permanent"
Syrian ceasefire resolution should include Afrin operation - Macron
6 month ago
Lavrov: Russia forecasts new bursts of disinformation aimed at splitting up Syria.
6 month ago
Rebel coalition expelled HTS/Nusra from Qah and Salwa in western Aleppo
Russian aircrafts and SAA artillery bombing Kafr Zayta town and Sayyad village in North Hama
Russian aircrafts and SAA artillery bombing Kafr Zayta town and Sayyad village in North Hama
6 month ago
A truce in Syria will begin when all parties agree on the order of its introduction - Lavrov
6 month ago
HTS are withdrawing from Qah Idlib (near the Afrin border)
FSA/TSK advance on Shaykh al-Hadid town at border to Turkey west of Afrin
6 month ago
The situation in Syria and, in particular, East Ghouta causes extreme concern - Peskov
Eastern Damascus: town of Duma again hit by a barrage of Grad rockets.
Eastern Damascus: only on Hawash Dawahirah front Assad forces lost yesterday two T-72s, one MT-55 and dozens of fighters.
The HTS vehicles after a failed attempt to storm the town of Hazano Idlib, expelled by local residents and JTS
JTS fighters inside the city of Darat Izza, West Aleppo after the expulsion of HTS militants
Damascus will continue anti-terror op in East Ghouta - envoy
JTS hava captured Kafr Nasih town from HTS.
JTS control Darat Izza and 2 surrounding towns in N Aleppo after battles with HTS militants
Heavy clashes are ongoing near Ankale and Sinnarah.
The #OperationOliveBranch Room announced the control of Harmanlık village from the YPG.
Turkish media says Turkish security forces who are specialised in urban warfare, were deployed to Afrin.
6 month ago
Moscow is concerned by threats of use of force against Damascus
Syrian army shelling Al Shifoniya town in Eastern Ghouta
Dozens of missiles hit Duma, Harasta and Mudayrah since the morning
6 month ago
Turkish Armed Forces announced that the number of militants 'neutralised' during Operation Olive Branch rose to 2,059
Eastern Ghouta's health directorate says at least 18 victims were treated with water spray and oxygen after yesterday's alleged chlorine attack. One baby boy was killed, another 4-month-old is still on a ventilator.
Civil defense: 10 dead from one family in a Russian air strike on the city of Douma at dawn today
Zinki is storming Darret Izza again. All previous attempts to capture this stronghold have failed so far. Tanks and other heavy vehicles and weapons are being used.
Russian aviation targeting area of Kafr Zita in North Hama
Civilians wounded as result of airstrike on Duma in Eastern Ghouta
SAA targeted Al Shifuniyah town in Eastern Ghouta with surface-to-surface missiles
Artillery bombardment on the Ltamenah city in North Hama
Mosques in Hazano, Aleppo governorate, calls on civilians to go out and defend the town against an attack on the town by Hayat Tahrir a-Sham (Nusra) men. Clashes between the newly formed Jabhat Tahrir Suriya and HTS haven't stopped for days throughout rebel-held northwestern Syria
Footage from Maydan Ekbis in north western Afrin after YPG expelled
Footage from Maydan Ekbis in north western Afrin after YPG expelled
E. Ghouta: aftermath of failed attempt by Assad forces to cross the Jaish Islam's "Death Line" on Hawsh Dawahirah front.
More footage from the aftermath of the chlorine attack reported in Ghouta this evening
More footage from the aftermath of the chlorine attack reported in Ghouta this evening
Russia-backed Tiger Forces media guy purportedly on Nashabiyah frontline today. "We don't give a toss about what the UNSC decides. That was yesterday. It's in the past already. The important thing is that Ghouta will be captured by Tiger Forces"
In these minutes Turkish jets are bombarding the center of district Shiye and the surrounding villages
YPG ATGM strike in the village Hajilar / district Jinderisse of Afrin
UR-77 Meteorite (Mine-clearing line charge) being used to destroy Fortifications and Tunnels in Eastern Ghouta
Senior Israeli army official, speaking about Feb. 10 aerial clashes, reveals to reporters: "There was no Russian intervention during the incident. I'll tell you more than that. The Iranian aggression wasn't — as far as we know — coordinated with the Syrians."
Turkish war planes are bombarding the district Rajo: At least two soldiers of the Syrian National Defence Forces (NDF) killed and 3 others wounded
FSA establishes "Kurdish Falcons Brigade" which has 400 Kurdish and 200 Arab fighters. It is associated with the Hamza Brigade.
Senior Israel Air Force officer says the infiltration of the Iran(ian) drone was not an ambush and the significant amount of Syria(n) anti-aircraft missiles (27 in total) against the jets were two separate events
Inquiry by Israel's Air Force into the downing of the F-16i on Feb.10 by Syria(n) SA-5 anti-aircraft missile was due to a professional error on the part of the pilot and navigator. At the time of the attack 13 missiles were launched towards the jets.
Suffocations among civilians in the town of Al-Shifunya in Al-Ghouta
Doctors in Ghouta say four women, six children, and six men were brought to a hospitals with symptoms indicating Chlorine use
Eastern Damascus: clear pics showing involvement of Russian Air Force to support government offensive on E. Ghouta, an Iranian drone and a SyAF L-39 bombing area.
Eastern Damascus: following absence of nearly 7 months Faylaq Rahman's TOWs are back, taking out up-armoured bulldozer on Harasta front.
Jaish Al Islam: Syrian government used chlorine gas in the town of Al Shaffoniya in East Ghouta
Pro-opposition outlet claims that a chlorine gas attack targeted Shifuniyah in Eastern Ghouta Syria
Jaish Islam captured the 1st ever T-72 Adra and destroyed a mobile bridge (likely MT-55) on East Ghouta fronts.
Turkish warplanes carried out several airstrikes in the center of Rajo and Haj Khalil village.
Turkish warplanes carried out another airstrike near Meydanki village moments ago.
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