SAA artillery shelling the outskirts of the town of Kfar Hamra in the countryside of North Aleppo

Map. History of Syria conflict

19 May 2019
SAA artillery shelling Zammar in Southern Aleppo
The Iraqi army is targeting ISIS in the town of Al-Bagouz in the countryside of the city of Albuqmal
5 month ago
Turkish National Sec. Council met on Northern Syria
SAA Artillery shelling targeting the villages of Al-Farajah, Umm al-Khalakhil and Zarzur southeast of Idlib.
2,000 ISIS fighters remaining in E. Syria: U.S. military spokesman. Number largely unchanged in past year despite thousands of airstrikes. 80 U.S.-backed Syrian fighters killed in recent counterattack by ISIS
Government Intelligence Forces are informing reconciled Ex-FSA fighters in Daraa to be ready to head North,towards Idlib
5 month ago
Syria: Horas Al-Din-led Operation Room carried out today a raid on a 6th Division point in Jub Ahmar (NW. Hama). 1 Captain from Jablah is confirmed killed (no pic), along with 3 Inghimasis.
Syrian opposition body The High Negotiations Committee stated that Iran's militias were behind the chemical attack in Aleppo5 month ago
Syrian opposition body The High Negotiations Committee stated that Iran's militias were behind the chemical attack in Aleppo
[email protected]: ISIS has lost most of the financial resources they once controlled to expand their influence and they rely on IEDs and cave complexes to retain their shrinking influence.
Intensive artillery shelling targeting the town of Sukayk and its surroundings south of Idlib
SOHR: Violent clashes in Sarmin east of Idlib between Hayyaat Tahrir al-Sham and other factions on the first day of the 8th month of the escalation of security chaos in Idlib and its surroundings
5 month ago
An hour on Inbound Latakia AB, Syria Russia RuAF Tu154 RA85155 RFF7337
Internal security forces in Raqqa are keen on protecting civilians by warning them of road signs to warn of the danger of landmines and foreign objects in the streets and gardens. Do not approach, do not touch. Immediately warn others. Picture of one of the paintings installed between Al-Amassi Street and Dawar Al-Nuaim.
First US observation post established in Gire Spi Tal Abyad to decrease the tensions on Syrian-Turkish border5 month ago
First US observation post established in Gire Spi "Tal Abyad" to decrease the tensions on Syrian-Turkish border
Turkish army targeted YPG position around Sajur river in this morning
A child was injured in rocket attack in Al Tah in Southern Idlib
SAA bombards outskirts of Ltamenah city in North Hama
5 month ago
SAA shelling Markabah village in North Hama with mortars
SAA artillery and missiles shelling targeting the towns of Jarjanaz, Al Tah, Al Khawayn, Umm Jalal in Idlib
Syria: for 2nd time in a week HTS arrested a man accused to work for Tiger Forces (a.o. doing videos in Greater Idlib to feed psychological warfare on social media).
5 month ago
"There is no Daesh in Syria but some small gangs trained, equipped to create chaos in country, region under disguise of Daesh" President Erdogan tells AK Party group meeting in Parliament
The body of an unidentified man was found near Aqrabat North Idlib
Syria: massive blast which razed group of buildings yesterday in Qabun (North-Eastern Damascus).
5 month ago
Erdogan: Only aim of YPG in Syria is to target Turkey
FSA NLF Media Office: "According to the experiences of the National Liberation Front, the movements associated with HTS [near Ma'arat al-Nu'man SE Idlib] represent the preparation of an attack or doing something suspicious."
The Syrian government has asked the OPCW to send a fact-finding mission to Aleppo to investigate the recent alleged "chlorine attack", OPCW's chief confirms
Inherent Resolve:U.S. Forces are securing locations for manned Observation Posts on Syrian-Turkish border. The goal is to support security and stability on the border and enable the continued fight against ISIS.
SAA artillery shelling the outskirts of the town of Kfar Hamra in the countryside of North Aleppo
After years of denying her arrest, Assad government has informed Shweikani family that their daughter; Layla Shweikani who was forced disappeared since Jan 2016; was executed in Assad prisons in 28-12-2016. Layla was a peaceful activist.
Hayat Tahrir al-Sham say they have arrested "Assad spy" in Jisr ash-Shughur
5 month ago
Clashes between the FSA and SDF near Kur-Huyuk village in Western Manbij
SAA shelling Khalasah in Southern Aleppo with missiles
SAA artillery shelling Az Ziyarah and Al Sarmaniyah villages in Al-Ghab plain west of Hama.
5 month ago
SAA shelling Al Sakhr village in North Hama with artillery
Massive Reinforcements consisting of Shiite Militias and IRGC have arrived to Khasham and Al-Salihiyah, with reports that they intend to attack Al-Azbah Oilfield under SDF control
Russian Air Force Il-76 RA76767 from Hmeymim to Mozdok
The Syrian Democratic Forces SDF artillery bombardment ISIS points in Hajeen eastern of Deirezzour
The OPCW reports it's assessing the security situation in Aleppo ahead of sending investigators to examine the Aleppo incident
Kafranbel: A short while ago, the city's citizens/leaders stood in protest against security lapses in the area and condemned the murders of activists Raed Fares and Hamod Jnaid, vowing to the murderers this wouldn't end the work started by Fares and Jnaid.
An artillery shelling targeted the town of Al-Tamanah, south of Idlib.
Syria: a part of Tiger Forces is still deployed close to Idlib frontlines (since mid-August) "waiting for orders".
SOHR: 739 ISIS members, 452 SDF fighters and ~300 civilians (mainly children) killed in eastern Deir Ez Zor province the past 3 months
5 month ago
Lt. Colonel Saeed Assi was killed by unknown gunmen in Al Mismiyah town in Daraa
It's propaganda
ISIS has released a new photo series from their clashes with SDF in Syria.
Fighting against ISIS in eastern Syria left 92 US-backed SDF forces since Friday: monitor
2 wounded in roadside bomb explosion in Ma'ar Shimmareen, East Idlib
5 month ago
RAF RC135W ZZ665 RRR9930 watching Russia's Tartus naval base & Latakia air base in Syri
Pro-Assad forces targeting agricultural lands near Al Lataminah town in North Hama with machine guns
Aleppo: pro-Assad forces artillery shelling the towns of Tall Bajir, Kusiniya, Rasm al`Is
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