Convoy from Manbij, Qamishli and Hasakah in Afrin

Map. History of Syria conflict

20 September 2018
Tunnel system was found at Sakarya mount near Dikmedash village
7 month ago
Turkish military says in a mortar attack on TSK military observation point in İdlib 1 soldier was killed, 5 soldiers and 1 civilian wounded.
7 month ago
Turkish Military reports about 970 "neutralized" militants during Olive Branch operation
5 dead in Russian raids on the town of Taramala in Idlib
7 month ago
One Turkish soldier killed, five wounded in attack in northwest Syria: army
7 month ago
KCNA: "Kim Jong Un, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, on Sunday received a message of greeting from Bashar Al-Assad, president of the Syrian Arab Republic."
The US says the sixth chlorine gas attack by the Assad government reported in the last 30 days in Syria
Sheikh Horuz village in the north of Afrin was captured again from the YPG/PYD
HTS release FSA Hazzm Movement General Abu Abdullah al-Khouly after holding him prisoner for 2 and a half years
One woman was killed and others were wounded, including children, in the town of Kafr Dail, on the west to Aleppo, as a result of artillery shelling by the pro-Assad forces in Zahra
7 month ago
Russian Ministry of Defense condemned publication of Roman Fillipov(or Russian pilots in Syria) salary by Fontanka outlet
AfrinOp: in an unprecedented move a sizeable "support" convoy with YBS-YPG fighters coming from E. Syria and Iraq reached Afrin tonight through Assad-held territory.
Today fighters from SDF killed an old man at AlShuhail town (for no reason), the tribal fighters in the town detained 7 Kurdish fighters from SDF. SDF has retreat from the town, the tribes want SDF to deliver the killers and SDF offers a financial ransom to free the 7 Kurdish fighters.
Eastern Damascus: Ahrar Sham striking an up-armoured Shilka on East Harasta front.
Canadians handed to Embassy of Canada in Turkey: Jollie Bimbach and Sean Moor came from Canada to Lebanon searching for Jollie's 2 sons who were taken by her ex-husband, then crossed to Syria illegally and continued to government-held areas in north Hama to rebels-held Idlib where HTS captured them in early-January
HTS-affiliated Salvation Government handed over 4 Canadian person(mother and her 2 sons and a man) who crossed from government-held areas to Idlib last month to Canadian embassy in Turkey
New type of UXO in Irbeen (Damascus suburb being assaulted by Assad's forces) today: 9N517F, the detachable chute-retarded HE warhead of the rare 9M53F 122 mm rocket. This one was produced in 1988, likely supplied from Russia recently
Convoy from Manbij, Qamishli and Hasakah in Afrin
YPG reinforcement convoy came to Afrin from Eastern Syria(via Manbij and government-controlled areas)
Video allegedly showing reinforcement convoy sent to Afrin from Eastern Syria
According to Abdullah Al-Ali "Head of Al-Eiss local council", the Turkish Officers which are stationed in the village will not intervene in the civil affairs and administration.
Fontanka exposed breach of Russian Mindef website, and revealed that salary of killed Roman Fillipov was about $1750 per month with annually $2450 bonus
One of the Russian airstrikes on besieged Douma, February 5. Photo by Tim Alsiofi
Rebels also disabled one of the government "beasts" created for urban warfare (T-72 Adra) on Irbeen front. 2nd pic shows same bulldozer neutralized as shown below.
Eastern Damascus: Rebels took out the 3rd armoured bulldozer in 5 days amidst repeated government assaults on Irbeen front (all failed so far).
First picture showing new TSK convoy which entered Idlib province tonight. Described as among the largest ones.
Video of the up-armored ZSU-23-4 'Shilka' SVBIED that HTS used today in Tel Sultan area, E. Idlib CS.
It's fakePhotos provided by YPG Official account @DefenseUnits belongs to FSA
YPG regained control over Dhikmedash hill and village
US soldiers in Tal Abyad
7 month ago
BBC contact Hassan Zaki near AlEiss: Iran militias fired artillery at TSK forces. 2 Turkish soldiers injured. Turkey fired back from within its borders with 12 missiles. All targeting Tallet Al Jerdi village.
IRGC-linked forces are shelling Al-Eis area and Turkish Army retaliating bombing nearby Hader. New TSK convoy entered Idlib province few ago.
7 month ago
Russian pilot shot Saturday in a mission in Syria will be awarded with Russia's highest honorary title, Russian Defense Ministry says
8 Long range missiles from the Syrian Turkish border on the government's positions in the Shoudeleh area south of Aleppo
More photos of weapon fragments and the location of the reported chlorine attack near Saraqib
TSK in Al Eiss trading artillery fire with pro government forces in South Aleppo
E. Idlib: Rebels announce they took back control of Tell Sultan (for 2nd time in 24 hrs) on 2nd day of counter-offensive. Other advances also reported.
Faylaq Rahman detonated a tunnel bomb, blowing up a fortified position used by pro-Assad fighters on West Ain Terma front.
YPG ATGM target and destroy a military vehicle
Russia's An-72 are aiding Iran's C-130 to resupply Fuah and Kefraya from the air
Russia's An-72 are aiding Iran's C-130 to resupply Fuah and Kefraya from the air
S. Aleppo: Faylaq Sham targeted with a TOW a Konkurs launcher on Tell Mamo front, but failed to destroy it.
VBIED in Eastern Idlib
UK delegate: Russia's use of the veto has hindered the punishment of perpetrators in Syria
US delegate: We will not rest until we see the Assad government punished for his crimes
US delegate: Russia has killed the mechanism for monitoring the use of chemical weapons in Syria
SE-E. Idlib: fortification work on all fronts following recent government advances amidst AbuDuhur offensive.
ISIS *claims* destruction of 5 government tanks and 3 BMPs E. of Sinjar (SE. Idlib).
HTS detonates SVBIED at Tal Sultan; attack underway to capture it. Dahr al-Ghozat Operation Room started heavy shelling targeting government forces.
SVBIED detonated W. of AbuDuhur on 2nd day of Rebel counter-offensive.
YPG have reportedly hit a civilians car near Azaz with ATGM, woman and child killed, 2 men and 2 children wounded
Civil defense teams working to evacuate the injured civilians after warplanes airstrike on Arbin city in Eastern Ghouta
The #OperationOliveBranch Room announced the control over Amude (Dikmetash) village and Sarkays hill in Afrin from YPG militants near Azaz.
TSK and FSA take control of «Dikma Dash» village and Serghaya mountain summit in Sharran district north-east of Afrin
7 month ago
Turkish army: A tank was hit by YPG, no personnel casualties
Pics showing tunnel bomb detonated by Faylaq Rahman blowing up a position used by pro-Assad fighters on Ain Terma front.
First footage from Sarkaya Mount showing YPG fortified positions under OliveBranch control.
Eastern Damascus: Faylaq Rahman announces it detonated a position killing 14 pro-Assad fighters while they were trying to advance on AinTerma front.
Satellite imagery supplied by @EUSPACEIMAGING shows that more than half of ancient Ain Dara temple in Afrin, Syria, has been reduced to rubble — reportedly by a Turkish airstrike. The Neo-Hittite temple was built by the Arameans in the first millennium BC.
AfrinOp: OliveBranch forces took control of Sarkaya Mount seizing YPG fortifications and also village of Dikmetas/Amud (3rd pic), located N. of Bersaya Mount.
DeirEzzor: ISIS members attacked a checkpoint of government forces near of al-Sukriah town
.@suriyegundemi  infographic  attributes 10 of 11 YPG attacks with ATGMs so far to a Russian system, the 11th to an Iranian system and titled PKK/YPG attacks with US-provided ATGMs.7 month ago
[email protected] infographic attributes 10 of 11 YPG attacks with ATGMs so far to a Russian system, the 11th to an Iranian system and titled "PKK/YPG attacks with US-provided ATGMs."
AfrinOp: OliveBranch forces carrying new operation in hills on Rajo axis backed by couple of M60-T Sabra.
Syria strikes kill 23 civilians in rebel area near Damascus: monitor
Turkish Staff: A fourth point was created to reduce the escalation in Idlib governorate
7 month ago
Sakarya/Sarıkaya mountain( captured, Dikmetash may be fall in the coming hours.
Aircrafts over Eastern Ghouta
Eastern Damascus sky today: Iran|ian drone (UAV) Mohajer, SyAF Su-22 and Su-24.
East Idlib: FSA Free Idlib Army shelling pro-Assad froces West of Abu Duhur with 122 mm howitzer while Rebels retreated from area of Tell Sultan.
YPG/SDF destroyed a Turkish tank today in Bulbul district with ATGM
@obretix: Russian makeshift pontoon bridge in Deir Ezzor didn't last long (21 Jan 2018)
All foreign military contingents, including Iranian, have to leave territory of Syria after final defeat of terrorists - Russian Ambassador in Iran
Syria Local activists: the hospital of Serja town in Jabal al-Zawyie in Idlib province is out of service after Russian airstrike
S. Aleppo: Turkish Army started works to set-up base in Al-Eis (hill visible in background). TSK brought there at least as many vehicles than a week ago.
FSA News: Russian government @roscomnadzor reported our @YouTube account for being involved in "extremist activities" - a true indication of how Russia sees the FSA
Video showing a convoy of Turkish vehicles near Al-Eis, Syria, south of Aleppo
Video showing a convoy of Turkish vehicles near Al-Eis, Syria, south of Aleppo
Syrian Coalition Calls on UN Security Council to Immediately Intervene to Stop Russia's Atrocities in Syria7 month ago
Syrian Coalition Calls on UN Security Council to Immediately Intervene to Stop Russia's Atrocities in Syria
NE. Hama-SE. Idlib: fierce clashes on several fronts between government and ISIS. 1st one took back few locations including Abu Khanadiq (pics).7 month ago
NE. Hama-SE. Idlib: fierce clashes on several fronts between government and ISIS. 1st one took back few locations including Abu Khanadiq (pics).
7 civilians were killed, others injured after an airstrike targeted the popular market of BeitSawa town in Eastern Ghouta
7 month ago
Downed Su-25 pilot detonated grenade when surrounded in Syria – Russian MoD
Eastern Damascus: Rebels neutralized another up-armoured bulldozer following new government assault on Irbeen front.
Entry point of a bomb which hit Kafranbel Hospital (S. Idlib), piercing 3 layers of concrete.
S. Idlib: Hospital in Kafranbel severely damaged after being deliberately hit by airstrikes.
Iranian Foreign Ministry: Turkey must respect Syrian sovereignty and reconsider its policies in the north of Syria
Iranian Foreign Ministry: Turkey must stop its military operations in Afrin
There are ongoing negotiations to end the Turkish military operation in Afrin, Syria - Iranian MFA
Photos from Rajo town a few minutes ago. Huge smoke rising as a results of Turkish airstrikes.
Damascus airport reportedly hit with 4 Israeli missiles
Fierce Russian and SAA bombardment ongoing. Remains of a Tochka missile in Maaret Numan, reportedly fired from Hama Airbase.
AfrinOp: OliveBranch forces seized village of Sorki located on Turkish border, SW. of Rajo.
7 month ago
Syrian Army control Buyd Safaf - Abu Khair - Meisrana in Hama from ISIS
7 month ago
The Syrian army and its allies continue their operations in the northeastern countryside of Hama and gained control of the villages of Maasran - Biwad Safaf, Abu al-Khair from ISIS
A Turkish military convoy is on its way to Syria's al-Eis in southern Aleppo. The convoy will form a sixth observation position, part of de-escalation zones agreement in northwestern Syria.
Turkish military convoy arrives at the Al Eis hill in southern Aleppo,
Air strikes have targeted Kafr Nabl Surgical Hospital in Syria Idlib this morning around 9am local time.
SAA and allies reportedly shelling al-Eis while Turkish convoy is near Atareb
Russian raids on a surgical hospital in Kernabal south of Idlib
Turkish military convoy enters from Kafrlosin area heading towards Al-Eis
Syria: Turkish military convoy enters from Kafrlosin area heading towards Al-Eis hill southern Aleppo
Local news agencies reporting that the Turkish army convoy is heading to al-Eis south Aleppo to establish 6th observations position.
Turkish-backed forces captured Surkah village in Western part of Raju district
A Turkish convoy consisting of tanks, armored vehicles, trucks and pickups entered from Kufr Lousin towards the Aleppo - The Turkish convoy just passed Sarmada heading towards Tell al-Eis in Aleppo countryside
Turkish army convoy entered north Syria, allegedly heading to rural Aleppo.
During the work of the CivilDefense to extinguish the huge fires in the central hospital in Maart AlNuman as a result of the heavy air raids that targeted the hospital and led to it complete departure from work.
Saraqeb @SyriaCivilDef teams respond to an attack with chlorine gas. 9 injured including 3 White Helmet volunteers.
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