Brazilian parliamentary delegation visits Syria.

Map. History of Syria conflict

18 January 2018
US Department of State: RexTillerson on @CNN: The US and Russia should have a more productive relationship. We have found areas of cooperation in Syria that have led to the near defeat of ISIS in Syria, but we have made it clear that the keystone is really Ukraine. We have to make progress in Ukraine.
Both a bulldozer and a Humvee belonging to the SDF were hit by an ATGM from Islamic State militants near the village of Al-Bahra (البحرة) in Syria's Deir ez-Zor province on December 29, 2017.
Pictures of mass exodus of civilians in SE Idlib to rural areas of Aleppo.
At least 5 civilians wounded due artillery shelling by SAA and allies on Jarjanaz village East to Maarat Al-Nouman
Video: @SyriaCivilDef rescuing the wounded soon after an airstrike targeted Messraba town in Eastern Ghouta
Harasta city in Eastern Ghouta Jan 5, 2018: One civilian injured and massive losses in properties caused by +243 artillery shells, +42 surface-to-surface missiles, and an airstrike targeted neighborhoods and outskirts of the city.
Warplanes are targeting the city of Khan Sheikhoun in southern countryside of Idlib
One civilian killed, 9 civilians injured - including 2 children and 3 women - after Russian warplanes targeted on Messraba neighborhoods in Eastern Ghouta.
From North to South precarious living conditions of internally displaced people worsened by bad weather. Pics from Idlib and Daraa provinces.
At least 30 individuals injured, including children and women in Russian warplanes missiles fired on Arbin in Eastern Ghouta
President Erdoğan to a French journalist: You are asking me about that but why are you not asking questions about the 4000 trucks US brought to Syria
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FSA Free Alawite Movement claims the attack on the Russian airbase in Latakia
N. Hama: oval made by a RuAF warplane after bombing town of Lataminah. "You're surrounded".
Warplanes carried out several airstrikes after 5:30pm targeting: Hamouriyah, Erbeen (Casualties among civilians), Mesraba (Casualties among civilians), al Madira in Eastern Damascus countryside
SE. Idlib: FSA 2nd Army shelling government positions with improvised Grad launcher.
Abu Duhur offensive: following gap left by most Rebels, tribal fighters are opposing government forces on Sinjar front. They give civilians more time to leave region, moving in huge columns despite bad weather.
Civilians houses totally destroyed by warplanes airstrikes targeting Senjar village. South Idlib countryside
Intensive air raids on the area of ​​Abu Duhur airport and Sinjar area East Idlib
Government forces have captured Mashhad, Tal Khaznah, Murayjib Mashhad from opposition forces
HTS destroyed an ISIS vehicle with mounted machine gun firing a Fagot on Qalaat Huways front (NE. Hama).
VIDEO: helicopters drop barrel bombs on Jarjanaz, rural Idlib. Fighter jets and helicopters haven't left Idlib's skies since the morning, dropping barrel and vacuum bombs on residential homes.
Jaysh al-Thani targeting SAA militias positions at alTama village. East Hama countryside
Tribal forces (Al-Muwali clan) is involved in clashes against government forces on Sinjar front.
Israeli army chief of staff estimates there are 8,000 Hezbollah fighters, 10,000 Iran-backed Shia fighters, and 2,000 Iranian military experts in Syria.
Islamic State EI seized Rasm Al-Hamam and Hawayis Bin Habib following fighting against Hayat Tahrir Ash-Sham HTS and moved towards Qalyay al Hawayis Castle, north-east of Hama Syria
SAA intelligence document announces an investigation into Dec 31 attack on #Hmeymim AB, launched from Bustan al-Basha, near airbase
Syrian government Brigadier General Ali Thiab, head of the Military Security Branch in al-Hasakah, involved in coordinating meetings with the YPG and giving arms to the group is removed from his post
HTS destroys an ISIS 14.5 mm gun on the Al-Hawaiyes Citadel battlefront in central Syria.
Trending hashtags in Iran "We will be like Tunisia" تونس_میشویم versus "We will not end up like Syria" سوریه_نمیشویم
The rebels destroy a tank of the government forces on the front of Umm Rajim in the southern countryside of Idlib
East Damascus: Faylaq Rahman's T-72 storming government positions and creating a breach when Rebels launched the 2nd phase of Harasta battle.
East Damascus: fierce clashes and bombardment continue on 2nd day of government counter-offensive to reach Harasta Vehicle Base. Arab Nationalist Guard also involved. For 1st time UR-77 Meteorit used on that front.
Warplanes carried out 5 airstrikes targeting towns and villages in the surroundings of Abu al-Duhur, unknown casualties among civilians so far. East Idlib countryside
Fighting against ISIS continues in Syria in 2018, US-led coalition conducted 26 airstrikes on ISIS fighters, vehicles and UAVs near Abu Kamal
Northern Fleet Ropucha class LSTM Alexander Otrakovsky 031 returned from its Syria deployment and transited Bosphorus towards Black Sea1 week ago
Northern Fleet Ropucha class LSTM Alexander Otrakovsky 031 returned from its Syria deployment and transited Bosphorus towards Black Sea
Brazilian parliamentary delegation visits Syria.
SDF/DMC controlled Gharanij town in the eastern rural areas of DeirEzzor
Rebels are claiming They destroyed 2 SAA Tanks at Um Rajim Hill with 2 TOW ATGM Missiles. This comes after reports Tanks and Artillery were targeting Sinjar from a Hill near Rajim.
ISIS Khalid ibn al-Walid Army attack towards Shaykh Saed (south of Nawa) to cut the Shaykh Saed - Daraa Road failed yesterday.
Russian Air Force Il-76 from Krymsk to Hmeimim not landed and returning to Russia
Damascus: government source say 3 Govozlika self propelled artillery guns exploded on Mount Qassioun
FSA Liwa al-Mu'tasim Political Chief: The quick fall of the villages and towns of Hama/Idlib came as a result of the treachery of [HTS leader] Golani who prevented our Turkish ally from setting up checkpoints against the government and its allies
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SDF has captured 2 villages: al-Jadeela and Alyaz from ISIS militants. Located 23 km south-east of al-Mayadin city.
1 week ago
Report by Aaraf News Agency Aleppo's northern countryside: Turkish Army is pushing huge military reinforcements to the Syrian-Turkish borders in Aleppo's northern country side in preparations for a military operation against Kurdish militias
YPG: Turkish backed FSA shelling Shaykh Isa with missiles, YPG responding
Qasioun mountain - Damascus: Technical failures in one of the artillery cannons in Qasioun mountain caused the cannon to burn
SE. Idlib: civilians fleeing after latest government advances to avoid an encirclement.
Al Tanf: The @CJTFOIR asked to strike ISIS locations by the coalition Air-Forces, but the Russians rejected that
SE. Idlib: remains (engine) of Tochka missile in Al-Tah, East of Khan Sheikhoun
Russian helicopter pilot was buried in Pugachev
Security forces dismantled SVBIED east of Tulaylah Reserve near Palmyra
Syrian Army reach outskirts of Sheikh Barakah after significant advance, Idlib
AbuDuhur offensive: government keeps advancing in SE. Idlib along railway towards the Airbase (21 km left), close to strategic Sinjar.
E. Damascus: government artillery position located on Mount Qasioun and pounding Harasta front blowing up and burning.
Russian journalist in Syria Roman Saponkov claims that nine Russian jets and one helicopter were struck by rebel fire at Hmeimim airbase. Says 'our guys simply didn't expect that the militants had reached a new technological level, that they could reach the base.'
Hmeimim: 6 Su-24 Damaged, 1 Su-35S, 1 An-72, 1 An-30, 1 Mi-8. 2 Su-34 and 1 Su-35S are able to continue operations
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Russian media reports shelling on central Damascus with casualties
Anti-Terror Units (YAT) dismantled a group of IS in the Karama village near Raqqa that was planning an attack in the Mabruka refugee camp. 14 IS militants were killed and weapons, ammunition and a car bomb were seized2 week ago
Anti-Terror Units (YAT) dismantled a group of IS in the Karama village near Raqqa that was planning an attack in the Mabruka refugee camp. 14 IS militants were killed and weapons, ammunition and a car bomb were seized
NW. Daraa: FSA took back CP near Sheikh Saad from ISIS offshot Khalib Ibn Walid.
@CJTFOIR: A team of coalition engineers working with Syrian partners erected a steel bridge on Dec. 27, 2017, near the village of Hawi al-Hawa, west of Raqqah Province, Syria. Coalition said installation of bridge took only 16 hours
Heavy aerial bombardment on Alteh village this moment. Southern Idlib countryside
E. Damascus: video showing several Assad fighters caprtured by Rebels in Harasta. Today backed by large reinforcements government launched counter-offensive to break siege on Vehicle Base.
E. Damascus: the 4th General killed on Harasta front is Ibrahim Dabraha (Republican Guard), the leader of a Commando Battalion.
N. Hama: Faylaq Al-Sham TOW strike vs tank on Atshan front.
Government forces have captured Umm Rujam,Faheel Jalas,Rujm Al-Mushrif,and Luwaybidah from Syrian Opposition forces
The newly displaced from rural Hama and Idleb reportedly live in dire situation, as humanitarian actors struggle to meet the increasing needs of affected population in northwestern Syria
Syrian army recaptured dozens of buildings around Abu Bakr mosque in Harasta Damascus