NE. Latakia: FSA First Coastal Division blew up with a TOW a position equipped with a machine gun on Jebal Qalaah.

Map. History of Syria conflict

23 September 2018
The Free Syrian Army forces control the strategic Jinderes hill in the countryside of Afrin
Far right @afd MPs shake hands with Syrian cleric who has threatened Europe with „suicide attackers ready to strike" in front of Assad portrait. „Private" trip is publicity stunt to demonstrate how „safe" Syria is - sees @AfD close ranks with Assad supporters in Damascus
The Free Syrian Army forces control the camp and the village of Kafr Janneh in the Sharan axis in the countryside of Afrin
6 month ago
Erdogan, Putin and Rouhani will meet in April
Warplanes carried out airstrikes targeting Beit Sawa town
Russia defense ministry says some rebels in East Ghouta want to accept amnesty offer and leave with their families
FSA inside YPG's Kafr Jannah military camp.
6 month ago
Russian defense ministry says new humanitarian pause begins in Syria's Eastern Ghouta
East Ghouta: fiercest battle and bombardment raging on Jisreen and Ashari axes as Assad forces trying to reach the SW. towns. Clashes continue in Rayhan amidst government advances.
FSA backed by TSK captured strategic Kafr Jannah from YPG.
Jinderes hill has been cleared by FSA and TAF, Southern Entrance of the Jinderes has captured also.
6 month ago
Ankara is indignant at the incident with the burning of the Turkish flag in Greece
#OliveBranch: FSA capture Janderes hill in Afrin area northern Syria's Aleppo
Clashes at Jinderes
The battle of Jinderes has just started by Turkish backed rebels.
Photos from southern part of Jinderes.
Syria army sends reinforcements to Eastern Ghouta, Damascus: Syrian Observatory
6 month ago
Erdogan informs his Russian counterpart Putin of the progress in Afrin operation during a phone-call.
Mashale has been captured.
Tuesday evening meeting of German politicians from #AfD party with Dr. Ali Haidar, Minister of National Reconciliation. Over 100,000 former enemy fighters have returned to civilian life after being granted amnesty. Reintegrated more than 100 communities and cities peacefully.
6 month ago
Turkish Army updated its count of neutralized militants in Afrin to 2940
3 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 1 soldier was killed
Department of State:"Empty Russian Promises: Russia voted for @UN-sponsored 30-day ceasefire across Syria. Russia ignored the ceasefire and bombed innocent civilians in Damascus and East Ghouta. Russia must adhere to UNSC Res. 2401 and allow delivery of humanitarian aid." - @statedeptspox
It looks that the reported "Chlorine" attack in Ghouta yesterday was due to exposure to irritating fumes from high potency explosives after all
NE. Latakia: FSA First Coastal Division blew up with a TOW a position equipped with a machine gun on Jebal Qalaah.
AfrinOp: tour in the bowels (literally) of Baflioun Mount, a position fortified by YPG and considered the 2nd defense line of Afrin-city (NE. front).
US State dept Spox Heather Nauert discussed the possibility of Turkish-led forces entering Afrin city centre: "We have a real concern about that because of the escalation of violence. More we see Turkish forces enter into Syria deeper more it stands to create humanitarian crisis"
#AfrinOp: FSA removing mines in Sharan area seized today. Pic on the right shows a Konkurs canister which was apparently booby-trapped (2nd case documented in Olive Branch operation).
The explosion took place in front of the Police branch in Al Bab. Four were injured
Explosion in front of the police building in al-Bab city.
The Syrian Free Army forces control the village of Qatma in the Sharan axis of Afrin after clashes with YPG
Retaliatory strikes with artillery after a Russia|n drone Eleron-3SV (n° 216) was downed in Lataminah (N. Hama).
Syrian army captured Misraba farms and Veit Sawa farms
It's old information
[Old video - from An-26 crash near Saratov] Video of AN-26 crash at Hmeimim airbase
N. Hama: FSA Jaish Izza shot down a Russian drone Eleron-3SV over Lataminah.
East Ghouta: video showing takeover of Muhammadiyah by Assad forces, backed by RuAF. Square and buildings visible at 0:25
[email protected] Brigade captured one black market sugar depot of the YPG militants in Afrin , Turkmen soldiers distributed about 300 tons of sugar to the people of Afrin's villages under their control
The official statement on Metina village in Şeran region
Following gruelling negotiations that began early this morning, the town of Hammouriyeh has officially surrendered. government forces are entering the town. Two more towns are currently negotiating as well and expected to hoist a white flag soon.
Olive Branch forces captured a military camp and hill near Qatma village.
Kurdish FSA group martyr Mashaal Tammo seized an ammo depot in Sharan town from YPG militants.
6 month ago
[email protected]_russia: preliminary data suggests the An-26 crashed due to a technical malfunction, according to reports from the ground, the plane was not fired upon
2 children were killed and many injured including WhiteHelmet volunteer, after aerial bombardment on residential neighborhoods in Ein_Tarma city in Eastern Ghouta. @SyriaCivilDefe teams working to continue their rescue operations.
RuAF An-26 crashed at Khmeimim, 32 killed
Russian transport plane crashes in Khmeimim, Syria. 26 passengers and 6 crew dead – MoD
#OliveBranch forces captured Tel Hamu in eastern Jinderes.
SCD @SyriaCivilDefe teams are working incessantly to evacuate the injured civilians amidst massive destruction, caused by aerial attacks of residential areas by Russian and government warplanes in Haza city today
FSA and Turkish troops captured the village of Tel Hamo, east of Cinderes
Eastern Damascus: another view (angle) of building belonging to Police Housing destroyed with a tunnel bomb by Rebels. Geolocation (N. of Harasta):
Jayish al Thuwar forces which is part of Syrian Democratic Forces left ISIS frontline, they are on their way to Afrin. As Turkish army intensify attacks in that area.
Icelander YPG militant Haukur Hilmarsson (32) announced killed in Afrin on Feb 24
Jaish Al Suwar announced withdrawal from Raqqa and redeployment to Afrin
Clashes ongoing in the village of Metina/Metinli, south of Sheran.
Tarmah Group Activist confirms the capture of Al Rayhan Town
SAA captured Al-Rayhan town
YPG announce the withdrawal of 1700 fighters from the battles against the ISIS and sent them to Afrin
The @UNCoISyria report details a concerted campaign to decimate schools throughout Aleppo countryside by pro-government forces, amounting in each instance  to the war crime of intentionally attacking civilian objects.6 month ago
The @UNCoISyria report details "a concerted campaign to decimate schools throughout Aleppo countryside" by pro-government forces, "amounting in each instance to the war crime of intentionally attacking civilian objects."
Back from the Mediterranean after 123 days: Russian Navy Natya class minesweeper BSF  Ivan Golubets 911 and Russian Navy Project 712 BSF Sliva class rescue tug Shakhter and transited Black Sea-bound Bosphorus under heavy rain.6 month ago
Back from the Mediterranean after 123 days: Russian Navy Natya class minesweeper BSF Ivan Golubets 911 and Russian Navy Project 712 BSF Sliva class rescue tug Shakhter and transited Black Sea-bound Bosphorus under heavy rain.
East Ghouta: Jaish Islam claims a dozen Assad fighters killed in minefield during an attempt to advance in farms West of Shifuniyah.
6 month ago
Erdogan: 2878 militants were neutralized in Afrin
6 month ago
The @UNCoISyria also finds the attack on the market in Atareb last November was carried out by the Russian Air Force and that it "may amount to a war crime." Says 84 people killed and 150 injured
UN report: How pro-government forces bombed a hospital treating victims of the Khan Sheikhoun Sarin attack on April 4th just hours after the chemical attack.6 month ago
UN report: How pro-government forces bombed a hospital treating victims of the Khan Sheikhoun Sarin attack on April 4th just hours after the chemical attack.
6 month ago
Russia and U.S. air strikes caused mass civilian deaths in Syria: U.N.
6 month ago
The @UNCoISyria says coalition offensives to beat ISIS came "at an extremely high cost to civilians." Refers specifically to a coalition airstrike on school where IDPs where sheltering in al-Mansoura on 20th March last yr which it says "killed at least 150" including women and kids
The air strikes and helicopters that targeted the town of Mesraba today's morning.
6 month ago
Latest report by @UNCoISyria is out. Finds U.S. and Russian air strikes caused mass civilian deaths in Syria. Says violence countrywide in Syria has "re-escalated to new heights." The report focuses on human rights violations between July 2017 - Jan 2018.
6 month ago
More than 200 thousand refugees have returned to Aleppo recently with the assistance of Russia - the Ministry of Defense
Footage of clashes in Afrin
Artillery shelling on Al-Ltamenah in Northern Hama6 month ago
Artillery shelling on Al-Ltamenah in Northern Hama
Artillery shelling on Al-Ltamenah in Northern Hama
6 month ago
Russian Ministry of Defense urges US not to hinder @UN access to Syria's Raqqa
2 FSA fighters were killed in assault on Sheran
The Free Syrian Army forces control the villages of Khirbet Sharan and Sankri villages in the Sharan axis of rural Afrin after fighting with YPG
The warplanes targeted Hamuriya in the eastern Ghouta with 6 parachute bombs
FSA backed by Turkish troops captured the Sheran town from YPG
FSA took over Sharan in northern Afrin
#OliveBranch forces launch an offensive to capture Sheran town. Heavy clashes ongoing inside the town.
UN humanitarian spokesman says planning to send another convoy to Syria's Eastern Ghouta on Thursday, 14 of 46 trucks sent on Monday could not offload due to escalating violence
SAA is storming Al Rayhan city in Eastern Ghouta
ANHA Footage: Turkish war planes are continuing to conduct airstrikes on residential areas of Jindires city center
6 month ago
Turkish President Erdogan: "Jinderes will be captured very soon"
FSA and Turkish army captured Khirbet Shiran and Shirkan villages near Sharanli in North Afrin
9 civilians were killed until this moment after more than 15 airstrikes targeted Jisreen city in Eastern Ghouta
2 x US Navy P-8A Poseidons operating around the Eastern Med6 month ago
2 x US Navy P-8A Poseidons operating around the Eastern Med
Government forces stationed in the thermal power plant target Hirbnafsah town in southern rural Hama with artillery shelling.
Russian warplanes launch a number of airstrikes on Jisr al-Shughur city in western rural Idlib.
International Red Cross says it halted aid mission to Syria's rebel-held eastern Ghouta region because of violence.
Rebels in Eastern Ghouta say Russia insists on military escalation and imposing forced displacement in eastern Ghouta
6 month ago
Turkey expects US to take back weapons handed to Syrian YPG group and will discuss the issue in a meeting on March 8 and 9. Turkey's Erdogan, Russia's Putin and Iran's Rouhani are also expected to hold a summit on Syria in April – Turkish foreign ministry spokesman
Turkish warplanes bombing Jinderese city/ Jinderese district. There are injures and killed expected, but because the attacks are still ongoing and Turkish war-drones observing the area, nobody can reach the places
6 month ago
Turkish Foreign Ministry Spox says TR will establish 9 different camps with a capacity of 170,000 in Syria's Idlib as well as Euphrates Shield region
6 month ago
Turkey expects that US will withdraw all weapons from Kurdish groups in Syria - @MFATurkey
Israeli report: The Russian Su-57 stealth fighters stationed in Syria last month have been withdrawn. Russia said they were sent there for tests and training
CBS: Throughout Syria's seven-year war, the city of Afrin was untouched, but not anymore. @sethdoane reports from Afrin as doctors there struggle to cope with flood of airstrike victims.
German politicians of the AfD (political party) by the Grand Mufti of the Syrian Arab Republic Dr. Ahmad Badr Al-Din Hassoum in Damascus. He is convinced that 70% of Syrian refugees will return to Syria. He calls on all Syrian refugees to return to their homeland.
Jaysh Al-Islam has completed withdrawal from Misraba. All regular fighters have retreated towards Douma. Young men, natives of the town, have taken up arms to maintain security for civs who stayed behind and attempt to fend off any government incursion should deal be reneged upon.
YPG is thinking of opening a second front against Turkish-led forces in the Euphrates Shield area from Manbij to allete pressure on Afrin and SDF source told @amberinzaman they are going to pause fight against IS in Deir Zour
Turkish jets bomb Jindires
More than 30 cases of suffocation among citizens as a result of the targeting of the town of Hamuriya with an explosive barrel containing chlorine gas.
At least 12 civilians injured by suspected chlorine gas attack on Hamouria
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Tomorrow SDF Command Officials will announce the suspension of "Operation Jazirah Storm". The reasoning: the operation had slowed down for some time, but since Afrin came under attack, they decided it is not beneficial to continue the operation.
Pentagon: Operations against ISIS in eastern Syria 'paused'
SAMS: 6 children, 4 women, and 2 men were reported to be contaminated by a chlorine attack in Hamorieh in Ghouta tonight. All victims arrived with moderate symptoms, and no fatality was reported. This is attack number 8 in 2018 and 198 since 2012
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