East Ghouta: SyAF Su-22 dropping its load of unguided bombs over a town.

Map. History of Syria conflict

18 September 2018
Video from Maryamyn village last night
YPG ATGM strike in Kafr Jina village of Sharanli village
Pro-Syrian government forces have once again recently begun massing east of the Euphrates River near where US troops are advising the SDF, US officials tell CNN. The area is very near where pro-government forces attacked US/SDF troops last month, resulting in US airstrikes
NE. Latakia: remains of a Tochka missile fired tonight on Najiyah, W. of Jisr Shoghur.
Another view of Hamouriyah town hit by incendiary Grad rockets tonight.
Eastern Damascus: town of Hamouriyah hit by incendiary rockets tonight (MRLS).
Eastern Ghouta: government took over BeitSawa from Rebels. Pics geolocated in center
Eastern Damascus: aftermath of counter-attack carried out by Ahrar Sham-led Rebels on N. Harasta front, killing a dozen Assad fighters and capturing spoils.
AfrinOp: like Afrin-city Jindires has long concerete tunnels with loopholes.
Government forces cut rebels enclave in Eastern Ghouta in two, after taking more than half of the territory in these Damascus suburbs: Syrian Observatory
[email protected]: Brutal airstrikes by Russia and the government continue, especially in Eastern Ghouta, despite the unanimous UN Security Council vote on February 24th to demand an immediate cessation of hostilities throughout Syria.
North Hama: many (allegedly RuAF) airstrikes struck today town of Kafr Zita.
45 killed today in air strikes on Eastern Ghouta. At least 16 killed in raids on Hammouriyeh, said SOHR
Footage by ANHA reporter @RojMousa from the Shera front which was today under heavy bombardments
East Ghouta: SyAF Su-22 dropping its load of unguided bombs over a town.
East Ghouta: SyAF Su-22 dropping its load of unguided bombs over a town.
4 civillians murdered by the airstrikes in the village of Miska Jorin in Cinderese district of Afrin.
JTS announces the destruction of an HTS 23 mm cannon on the axis of Ajel village Western Aleppo
SAA Republican Guard BMP-2 and ZSU-23-4 Shilka in Eastern Ghouta.
Syrian forces recapture Army base in East Ghouta, march on new town
FSA militants have captured Hallubiyah village from YPG.6 month ago
FSA militants have captured Hallubiyah village from YPG.
ISIS Hunters have already joined the Ghouta operation
FSA militants have captured Meydanki Dam from YPG
East Ghouta: heavy (RuAF) airstrike on Saqba, while sound of nearby battle is heard.
FSA forces target a group of government fighters and officers at Zillin checkpoint with Fagot anti-tank missile6 month ago
FSA forces target a group of government fighters and officers at Zillin checkpoint with Fagot anti-tank missile
"Jaish al-Islam" says the low-flying Russian AN-26 was downed with a machine gun as a revenge for Eastern Ghouta bombings of civilians Syria
Artillery bombardment on Latamna and Kafarzita and Zakat in the countryside of the northern Hama
Warplanes carried out airstrikes targeting Mesraba town. Eastern Ghouta
Warplanes carried out airstrikes targeting Kafr Zeita town. North Hama countryside
Since the start of Afrin operation, 227 civilians killed; 32 children, 167 men and 28 women - official document
US Department of State: Russia conducted 20 bombing missions in Damascus and Eastern Ghouta the week of February 24. Now, Russia is also using Syria to test SU-57 stealth fighter. So much for Russia's commitment to ceasefire, civilian safety, and humanitarian assistance. Astana has failed.
Eastern Damascus: RuAF and SyAF continue fierce bombardment on E. Ghouta towns in conjunction with huge battle on almost all fronts.
FSA seized Meydanki dam and village
At least 4 killed and 6 wounded as a result of a car bomb explosion near the police checkpoint in the city of Jarablus.
FSA soldiers on Maydanki Dam that was captured from YPG militants. Afrin
A car bomb exploded in Jarables city east of Aleppo
The official statement: FSA forces took the village of Meşale in the northern part of Afrin
The White Helmets: Call on immediate action by the White Helmets following the recent developments in Eastern Ghouta
Turkish warplanes bombing the village Miskê Jorîn/ Jinderese district
Turkish war planes are bombarding the village Miske Jorin of district Jindires
Russia, through Turkey, reached out to Jaysh al-Islam and Faylaq Al-Rahman in Eastern_Ghouta. Talks still ongoing. Jaysh expressed initial willingness to leave towards Daraa. Faylaq towards N. Aleppo where they would join Euphrates Shield. All depends on "total ceasefire".
AA released map of the defense systems of YPG in Syria's Afrin during OliveBranch Op.
The Pentagon says offensive operations against Islamic State fighters in eastern Syria have been paused because Kurdish soldiers have shifted to a separate fight in Afrin; despite the "operational pause", airstrikes against IS holdouts are continuing.
YPG forces have destroyed a tank and a military vehicle of the Turkish army around the villages Qitme and Marasake of district Shera
The Free Syrian Army forces control the strategic Jinderes hill in the countryside of Afrin
Far right @afd MPs shake hands with Syrian cleric who has threatened Europe with „suicide attackers ready to strike" in front of Assad portrait. „Private" trip is publicity stunt to demonstrate how „safe" Syria is - sees @AfD close ranks with Assad supporters in Damascus
The Free Syrian Army forces control the camp and the village of Kafr Janneh in the Sharan axis in the countryside of Afrin
6 month ago
Erdogan, Putin and Rouhani will meet in April
Warplanes carried out airstrikes targeting Beit Sawa town
Russia defense ministry says some rebels in East Ghouta want to accept amnesty offer and leave with their families
FSA inside YPG's Kafr Jannah military camp.
6 month ago
Russian defense ministry says new humanitarian pause begins in Syria's Eastern Ghouta
East Ghouta: fiercest battle and bombardment raging on Jisreen and Ashari axes as Assad forces trying to reach the SW. towns. Clashes continue in Rayhan amidst government advances.
FSA backed by TSK captured strategic Kafr Jannah from YPG.
Jinderes hill has been cleared by FSA and TAF, Southern Entrance of the Jinderes has captured also.
6 month ago
Ankara is indignant at the incident with the burning of the Turkish flag in Greece
#OliveBranch: FSA capture Janderes hill in Afrin area northern Syria's Aleppo
Clashes at Jinderes
The battle of Jinderes has just started by Turkish backed rebels.
Photos from southern part of Jinderes.
Syria army sends reinforcements to Eastern Ghouta, Damascus: Syrian Observatory
6 month ago
Erdogan informs his Russian counterpart Putin of the progress in Afrin operation during a phone-call.
Mashale has been captured.
Tuesday evening meeting of German politicians from #AfD party with Dr. Ali Haidar, Minister of National Reconciliation. Over 100,000 former enemy fighters have returned to civilian life after being granted amnesty. Reintegrated more than 100 communities and cities peacefully.
6 month ago
Turkish Army updated its count of neutralized militants in Afrin to 2940
3 attacks on Ukrainian positions yesterday, 1 soldier was killed
Department of State:"Empty Russian Promises: Russia voted for @UN-sponsored 30-day ceasefire across Syria. Russia ignored the ceasefire and bombed innocent civilians in Damascus and East Ghouta. Russia must adhere to UNSC Res. 2401 and allow delivery of humanitarian aid." - @statedeptspox
It looks that the reported "Chlorine" attack in Ghouta yesterday was due to exposure to irritating fumes from high potency explosives after all
NE. Latakia: FSA First Coastal Division blew up with a TOW a position equipped with a machine gun on Jebal Qalaah.
AfrinOp: tour in the bowels (literally) of Baflioun Mount, a position fortified by YPG and considered the 2nd defense line of Afrin-city (NE. front).
US State dept Spox Heather Nauert discussed the possibility of Turkish-led forces entering Afrin city centre: "We have a real concern about that because of the escalation of violence. More we see Turkish forces enter into Syria deeper more it stands to create humanitarian crisis"
#AfrinOp: FSA removing mines in Sharan area seized today. Pic on the right shows a Konkurs canister which was apparently booby-trapped (2nd case documented in Olive Branch operation).
The explosion took place in front of the Police branch in Al Bab. Four were injured
Explosion in front of the police building in al-Bab city.
The Syrian Free Army forces control the village of Qatma in the Sharan axis of Afrin after clashes with YPG
Retaliatory strikes with artillery after a Russia|n drone Eleron-3SV (n° 216) was downed in Lataminah (N. Hama).
Syrian army captured Misraba farms and Veit Sawa farms
It's old information
[Old video - from An-26 crash near Saratov] Video of AN-26 crash at Hmeimim airbase
N. Hama: FSA Jaish Izza shot down a Russian drone Eleron-3SV over Lataminah.
East Ghouta: video showing takeover of Muhammadiyah by Assad forces, backed by RuAF. Square and buildings visible at 0:25
[email protected] Brigade captured one black market sugar depot of the YPG militants in Afrin , Turkmen soldiers distributed about 300 tons of sugar to the people of Afrin's villages under their control
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