Pro-Assad forces artillery shelling Zammar in Southern Aleppo

Map. History of Syria conflict

6 June 2020
SDF militia carried out raids and arrests in the town of Tiyana in the countryside of Diralzur
Pro-Assad bombarded with the Elephant missiles on the area of ​​Al-Rashidin comes from the forces stationed in Al-Zahraa
Pro-Assad forces targeted towns of Mansoura and Khan al-Asal in the western suburb of Aleppo with artillery shells after midnight
23 soldiers of FSA Jaysh al-Ezzah dead and about 15 others wounded as a result of fierce battles that erupted on al-Zilaqiat axis N Hama during the hours of last night following an attempt to infiltrate by the Assad government
Pro-Assad forces artillery shelling Zammar in Southern Aleppo
1 year ago
FM Lavrov to El Pais: "Putin and Netanyahu indeed reached an understanding on need for interaction to prevent conflicts in the air between Russia's Aerospace Forces in Syria and the Israeli Air Force. I am referring precisely to an understanding rather than a written agreement
Syriac police of Sutoro in northern Syria also sending reinforcements to the ongoing battle against ISIS in Deir ez-Zor area along with MFS/SDF. Previously, Sutoro participated in various battles against ISIS.
Deir Ez-Zor Governorate: unknown men attacked a mosque in al-Hurayji, killing one person and injuring 4 others.
Northern Hama: pro-Assad militia has attempted to infiltrate Az Zalaqiyat frontline
Eastern Deir Ez-Zor Governorate: coalition warplanes targeted Hajin, Ash Shafah the village of Abu Hassan and artillery shelling from the Iraqi side hit the Baguoz.
An artillery shelling targeting the town of Al-Shafa in the eastern countryside of Deir Ez-Zor Governorate
@mod_russia on Nov. 7: JCC IlyaMorgunov: The Syria'n President learned about results of the Russia- Turkey- Germany-France quadrilateral summit held in Istanbul on October 27
An explosive device went off near the headquarters of the Sultan Murad in the city of Afrin without causing injuries
Pro-Assad forces rocket launchers shelling Al Rashidin district in south-west Aleppo
SAA bombard the town of Khulasah in the southern Aleppo countryside
1 year ago
Syria army frees Druze hostages from IS: state media
1 year ago
ISIS supporters are claiming that it killed up to 20 SAA-IRGC-Hezbollah troops and damaged several vehicles in skirmishes in the Safa volcanic region
US special envoy to Syria Amb. James Jeffrey says Iran ian presence in Syria is empowering ISIS
Russia's Foreign Ministry's representative Ilya Morgulov and Jordan has approved plan to close the Rukban camp for displaced Syrians and return its residents to areas controlled by the regime.
SAA Artillery shelling on Hayan North Aleppo
Today, after completing their mission in Rukban, the remainder of the @UNHCRinSyria and @SYRedCrescent convoy was safely escorted outside of the 55km area by the @MaghaweirThowra, without a single security problem inside the 55km area.1 year ago
Today, after completing their mission in Rukban, the remainder of the @UNHCRinSyria and @SYRedCrescent convoy was safely escorted outside of the 55km area by the @MaghaweirThowra, without a single security problem inside the 55km area.
6 children injured in a car bomb in the city of Azaz
Joint patrol the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) and the US army south to Sajur river
New batches of Syrian refugees from Lebanon cross Zamrani and Dabousiysh border crossings to return to their homes
An explosion shook Izzaz city in Aleppo northern countryside
South Syria: following days of military build-up, assault started this morning on Safa Volcanic Field after heavy pre-emptive bombardment. An estimated 1,500 ISIS fighters are holed up in this area resisting since mid-August.
Explosive device detonated in a minibus at the entry of Sjo village, Aleppo northern CS.
Shervan Derwish: The preparation for the second joint combined patrol between US Military and Turkish Military is on going.
Israel has no right to demand the withdrawal of foreign forces that are legally in Syria from Syria - Syrian army
Mass grave on the cemetery in Abu Badran area between Ash Sha'fah and As Susah in Deir Ezzor province prepared on 1 Mar 2018 and expanded on 30 Apr, 6 Aug and 10 Sep 2018
RuAF Il-76 RF76714 from Mozdok to Latakia
SDF shelled Hajin city today using artillery.
1 year ago
Northern Raqqa countryside: the Turkish army targets the YPG sites near Suluk village in Tell Abyad area with heavy machine guns
Russian media reports that 8 pro-Assad fighters were wounded in clashes in Latakia
The Turkish army targeted village of Sleib Qaran west of the city of Tel-Abeyad these moments
1 year ago
SDF reports Turkish army is shelling Jarqli village, west of Kobane
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