YPG/SDF started a big assault targeting SAA and NDF near Deirezzor. US jet struck a pro-SAA tribal militia gathering.

Map. History of Syria conflict

22 September 2018
8 civilians were killed, +65 injured after 17 airstrikes by Assad government targeted the city of Arbin in Eastern Ghouta
The village of Berkash in district Bilbil after Turkish airstrikes today: Three civilians were wounded and many houses destroyed
Both Turkish artillery and aviation shelling YPG positions in Afrin district this night
FSA forces arrest 2 Daesh agents while they were planting explosive devices behind FSA positions on the outskirts of Tamanaa, rural south Idlib
Turkish warplanes carried out airstrikes in Baflioun mountain.
Video: Turkish convoy in Saraqib
Turkish warplanes are flying now over Afrin area
ISIS attacked the Syrian army positions in at Al Quaraya city in Eastern Deir-ez-Zur
Child killed as shell hit neighborhood of Nile Street in Aleppo today
Clashes again between SAA and SDF at Tabiyah Jazeera and Jadeed Ekedat in Deir-ez-Zur, reportedly aviation involved
Heavy explosions rocked area of Tabia Jazira and Jadid Akidat towns in Eastern Deir-ez-Zur countryside now
Explosion heard over Tartus city
Reports of a car bomb in Sarmada tonight
Deir ez-Zur Eastern countryside Video shows village Jadeed Akidat point separation between the forces of the government and the SDF militia
Deir ez-Zur Eastern countryside Video shows village Jadeed Akidat point separation between the forces of the government and the SDF militia
Two people from the city of Hajin were killed as a result of the explosion of a landmine belonging to the ISIS organization in the vicinity of the city as they tried to leave the organization's control areas a few days ago.
Deir ez-Zur Eastern countryside: Two members of the Afghan Fatemiyoun militia were killed as a result of the explosion of a landmine left by the ISIS organization in the town of al-Mawajdeh in the countryside of the city of AlbuKamal.
Deir-ez-Zur Eastern countryside: Video shows part of the clashes that took place between the forces of the Assad government and the militia SDF in the vicinity of the Jdeed Akidat yesterday.
Deir-ez-Zur Eastern countryside: Video shows part of the clashes that took place between the forces of the Assad government and the militia SDF in the vicinity of the Jdeed Akidat yesterday.
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
The killing of nearly 14 fighters in the town of Tabiya Jazzera belonging to the Russian units yesterday evening as a result of air strikes the international coalition targeted after trying to progress towards the points of the SDF
MSF on Syria: There is a terrible knock-on effect each time a medical facility is bombed.The result is more people in greater need, with fewer health services open and available. The circle is certainly vicious.
Civilian killed and others wounded by artillery shelling on Duma
Syrian Army: The Hama and Aleppo regions are completely cleared from the ISIS
SDF advance against ISIS south east of Hajin
Turkish convoy on the way to Tall Tuqan
Turkish convoy on the way to Tall Tuqan
Huge fireball following TSK airstrike and structure of building suggest it was an ammo depot
Video of a Turkish convoy entering northern Idlib province near the village of Kafr Lusin
AfrinOp: a Turkish airstrike destroyed a building located 1.7 km S. of Afrin-city. Recently built, works started last Spring. Some stages of construction
Tiger Forces Field Commander : group of ISIS successfully sent 3 SVBIEDS to Shutayeb Village near Abu Dali and Launched an offensive against SAA Troops had to withdraw but later SAA remobilized and recaptured Shutayeb
Turkish military convoy enters rebel-held areas with apparent goal of setting up observation point at Tell Touqan (northwest of Abu al-Dhuhur) to overlook Syrian govt-held areas, according to HTS news agency
Syria: new Turkish column entered Idlib province tonight. Probably heading to Taftanaz.
Video: Turkish jets hit YPG ammo depot in Afrin
More than 13 civilians were killed and many more injured after warplanes targeted a popular market in the city of Has in the Idlib countryside. Civil Defense teams work to evacuate civilians and continue the rescue operation.
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
YPG/SDF started a big assault targeting SAA and NDF near Deirezzor. US jet struck a pro-SAA tribal militia gathering.
The village Jela in Rajo district is being bombed by Turkish army. Warplanes are bombing the villages Shikefta and Tormisha in Shiye district
France24: Wars of Syrian Civil war
France24: Wars of Syrian Civil war
Government militias shell the town of al-Rastan in Homs
DeirEzZor: SDF expelled pro-Assad-forces from at-Tabiyah
Drone view of Atmah Refugee Camp7 month ago
Drone view of Atmah Refugee Camp
Four civilians dead in an aerial bombardment of the city of Arbin in the East Ghouta
ISIS has captured Umm Khalakil, Luwaybidah, Musharifah from Syrian Opposition Forces
Kurdish official tells Telegraph ISIS Beatle Alexanda Kotey, aka Abu Salih, was caught by SDF's SWAT unit around Ain Issa Syria trying to cross into Turkey. "He had Daesh friends trying to smuggle him out, waiting on the other side of the border"
France's Macron urges Putin to help end civilian suffering in Syria
British IS militant was trying to reach Turkey: SDF
"Repel the Invaders" Op. Room shelling with heavy artillery ISIS fighters trying to reach Greater Idlib.
Heavy SyAF airstrikes continue on Eastern Damascus towns, further worsening humanitarian conditions
Report of attack by YPG/SDF on pro-Assad militias positions near Deir-ez-Zur
Multiple air strikes reported on eastern Ghouta. No casualties yet.
National Army FSA and Turkish Armed Forces officially captured Nasiriyah hill and Safiriyah village near Jinderes from YPG
Activists: 10 civilians killed by aerial bombardment of the town of Hass in southern Idlib countryside
One civilian killed and others injured after airstrikes targeted Arbin city in Eastern Ghouta.
#AfrinOp: drone view of Tell Nasiriyah captured this morning from YPG by Olive Branch forces (SW. of Jindires).
Olive Branch forces captured Soldujuk village.
#OliveBranch also captured J. Tahtani village.
Turkish artillery shelling the center of Jandris, southwestern Afrin.
#OliveBranch forces captured Juqali village, north of Sheikh Hadid
Idleb countryside: 2 attacks Russian Air forces targeted the village Has close to Kafranbel
ISIS clashes with Pro-Assad-forces north and east of Abu Dali
Air Force Intelligence Field Commander part of Tiger Forces Said HTS managed to sneak into Abu Dali Village from the Western Axis and after intense clashes the Defending Tribal / SAA Forces had to withdraw road to Abu Duhur South is cut
Smoke billows from Rajo, a district in Afrin
Photo for FSA fighters in Iskhan Arabi village.
Islamic State claims Multiple SDF killed and a vehicle destroyed by guided missile and 9 killed in IED attack in Al-Bahra- DeirEzzor, Syria
Syrian government bombard Hola area in northern Homs with heavy artillery
The 1st Corps of the FSA National Army (OSO) announced that it had seized Iskan Garbi from YPG
Reports that the pocket besieged by SAA in Idlib/Hama/Aleppo is fully captured after they took control of Suruj town and surroundings
Russia's Putin, France's Macron discussed Syria
TSK and FSA have captured Juqali Fawqani village from YPG.
SDF in Manbej are preparing to repel a Turkish attack
SDF in Manbej are preparing to repel a Turkish attack
First legion of FSA "National Army" at Askhan Gharbi in Jandaris district
#OliveBranch forces captured Juqali Fawqani, north of Sheikh Hadid.
Syrian government warplanes bombard Jarjanaz town in Idlib countryside
Syrian government warplanes launch airstrikes on Jasrin town and Arbin, Mesraba cities eastern Rif Dimashq
National Army FSA and Turkish Armed Forces also captured Iskan from YPG in Afrin near Jinderes
IS source inside Idlib: "Brutal fights between IS and SAA and dozens of killed SAA fighters while the soldiers of the Islamic State attempt to break the siege of Eastern Hama CS."
FSA official statement on Nasriya and Dukkan villages
Video: Coalition reinforcement at Dandaniyah of Manbij district
FSA took control of 2 villages in Jinderes sub-district. In the heat of the fight, YPG continue their constructions.
The Turkish army and the Free Army control the villages of Nisriya and Dukan in the area of Jenderes after battles with the forces of YPG
7 month ago
Turkey issues warrant for the arrest of HDP co-chair Serpil Kemalbay for statements against Turkey's military assault on Afrin
Turkish sources claim that Turkish backed rebels captured villages of Nasiriyah and Dukan from YPG.
Hamam village is under OliveBranch forces control again.7 month ago
Hamam village is under OliveBranch forces control again.
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Ex-commander of "DNR" says there are casualties among Wagner PMC in Deir-ez-Zur
7 month ago
Turkish army says another soldier was killed during Olive Branch operation
Assad government, Russia and Iran transferred ISIS fighters to Idlib. Clashes are on Umm Khalakhil and Zarzur between ISIS and Syrian rebels.
French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Le drian: Turkey should stop their airstrikes on Afrin
One person killed in last night's air strikes on Afrin city
One person killed in last night's air strikes on Afrin city
Turkish military says 19 terrorist targets destroyed in air strikes in Syria's Afrin, 1062 militants neutralized since the operation began
Turkish Army: In Olive Branch Operation 19 targets were destroyed by air strikes
Russian warplanes carry out airstrikes around Jisr Al Shughur city in Idlib countryside
Russian warplanes carry out 2 Airstrikes over Arbaeen mountain in Ariha area in Idlib countryside
Turkish warplanes renewed airstrikes in Baflioun Mountain
Tel Rifat and Minagh air base are under heavy bombardment
Suspected Turkish aircraft is flying over Manbij area
The rebels repel the attempt of the government forces to infiltrate the front of "Journalists Housing" in western Aleppo, killing several of them
RussianForces shelled al Rahma Hospital in KhanSheikhoun city in Idlib suburbs, rendering it inoperable
"These airstrikes hit us. We see the injured on the st and ambulances rushing pts to hospitals. We go to the OR then we see photos of those killed on social media. We've never seen such a massacre broadcast live and the result - Nothing, the tragedy continues." - SAMS Medic, East Ghouta
Turkish warplanes carried out airstikes in the area of Rajo.
Clashes between SDF and pro-Assad forces at northern entrance of DeirEzZor
Fire after aerial bombardment of Afrin city
Turkish airstrikes are targeting Baflûna, Ereb Wêran and Omera villages, North-East of Afrin Canton near Turkey border and Azaz
For the first time since a long time IS started to use SVBIED attacks in Hama, IS confirmed a SVBIED attack targeting a gathering of SAA forces west of Rasm Al-Hamam inside the besieged pocket
Airstrikes on Afrin this night
Turkish army and FSA advancing at Bafilun mount South-West to Burseya mount with air support, at least 6 airstrikes reported
Turkish warplanes hit Sharran in Afrin
Turkish warplanes hit YPG positions near Minag airbase near Azaz
Turkish warplanes are bombarding Ashrafiyah neighborhood in the center of Afrin.
Turkish Air Force aviation reported over city of Kilis7 month ago
Turkish Air Force aviation reported over city of Kilis
Turkish warplanes start bombing YPG targets in Afrin
"The president was involved and briefed" @WhiteHouse spox @RajShah45 says of attack by about 300 pro-Syria government forces on Syrian Democratic Forces and coalition forces
NW. Daraa: traditional ISIS counter-attack (following failure of last Rebel offensive) is foiled tonight for 2nd consecutive day. Jaish Khalid tried to take Hayt but was repelled after ferocious battle. Ahrar Sham lost a commander.
YPG is shelling positions of Turkish-backed forces with MLRS BM-21 GRAD
SE. Idlib: GoPro footage showing Jaish Al-Ahrar storming Ajaz. BMP destroyed with RPG.
SecDef Mattis: "The situation has not changed in Manbij in terms of Turkish pressure on Manbij or—obviously there's a lot of concern there because of what they've heard out of Ankara but right our goal is to keep the pressure on the counter ISIS campaign"
Syrian Kurdish Forces on the front line, near Shaddadi in Eastern Syria.
7 month ago
Mattis: US airstrikes in Syria done in "self-defense," he tells reporters. "If we were getting involved in a broader conflict, then it would have had an initiative on our part."
Tighten security on SDF checkpoints in Deir al-Zour Western countryside
Deir al-Zour Eastern countryside: International coalition aircraft launched several air raids targeting the locations of ISIS in the cities of Hajin and AL Bahra
US Secretary of Defence Mattis will meet his Turkish counterpart Canikli next mid-week in Brussels and discuss Syria, Mattis told reporters
U.S. not aware of any Russian forces among the attacking forces in Syria - Mattis
The Hamza Division under the leadership of Turkmen Commander Seyf Ebubekir sent a 500-member commando union that completed 120 days of special training to Afrin to participate in the Olive Branch Operation
US State Department: We will not hesitate to use force if our forces will be threatened in Syria
New York Times reporting that the SDF have captured British ISIS fighters Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh. The two remaining members of The Beatles - group responsible for execution of journalists and aid workers
Two people were killed in the city of Irbeen in the countryside of Damascus as a result of air strikes on the residential neighborhoods in the city
Helicopter dropped explosive barrels on the town of Al Surman in rural Idlib
Mortar shelling on outskirts of Elnaymah in Daraaa
US Department of State: The United States is extremely concerned about escalating violence in Idlib, the Damascus suburbs of Eastern Ghouta, and other areas of Syria threatened by ongoing government and Russian airstrikes. These attacks must end now.
French Foreign Minister says the French citizens who fought with ISIS before being arrested in Syria or Iraq will be judged by local authorities and won't be repatriated to France
Government took over Qasr Ibn Wardan in NE. Hama CS. ISIS pocked almost reduced.
South Aleppo: view of IRGC stronghold Al-Hader and its fortified hill from strategic Tell of Al-Eis (3 km distance) where Turkish Army is setting up a position.
Eastern Damascus: video showing urban warfare on Irbeen front. government failed so far to advance despite intense use of up-armoured T-72s, BREM-1 and bulldozers.
7 month ago
IS announced it destroyed a SAA BMP with an ATGM missile west of Al-Sa'an town at the eastern Hama CS
Some spoils made by HTS during counter-attack on West AbuDuhur front
7 month ago
Russia says humanitarian ceasefire in Syria 'unrealistic'
Admin policy statement says increase in defense spending "would ensure America is prepared to deter and, if necessary, defeat the full spectrum of threats from rival powers, rogue states, and terrorist organizations like the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria."
Air raid from Assad government targeting the town of Arbin in Eastern Ghouta
Syrian Army also captured Abu Ajwah today in Daesh pocket
Asked about Turkey - Afrin, @ChiefPentSpox says "We're going to continue to support the SDF [Syria|n Democratic Forces] in the fight against ISIS"
Civilians were injured in new strikes on Harasta, Saqba and Hammuriyah
Washington: We support a UN call to stop the violence in Syria for a month to allow the aid
Pentagon insists deconfliction line in Syria worked - "The Russians, we deconflicted and they understood and didn't fire on us" per @ChiefPentSpox "It's a good thing not to be fired on"
"Our position is to provide our diplomats with the strongest position so that they can find a political, a diplomatic solution [for Syria] through the Geneva process" per @ChiefPentSpox
"We are there [Syria] to defeat ISIS. They are on the run but there is still work to be done," adds DoD's White
Salvation Front and governmentnt 111 announced defecting from Naser Army after mistakes by Major Mohamad al-Mansor the leader of Suqor al-Ghab and Jaysh al-Naser
Funeral of Turkish officer, who was killed in Afrin, at Karabuk7 month ago
Funeral of Turkish officer, who was killed in Afrin, at Karabuk
Maj Gen Felix Gedney CJTF-OIR Dep Cmdr: Coalition and SDF partner self-defense in Khusham, Syria Jan. 7-8: We will defend ourselves and stand by partners. Anything taking focus off #DefeatDaesh mission is a distraction from attaining the lasting defeat of Daesh
"I can't confirm the numbers" says @ChiefPentSpox re reports 100 pro-Assad forces killed in SDF/coalition attack response
"We had a very productive conversation [with the Russia|ns] in so far as we told them what was happening, they agreed not to attack coalition forces" per @ChiefPentSpox
7 month ago
IDF: Moments ago, shots were fired from Syria at an Israeli army UAV. Hits were identified in Majdal Shams in the northern Golan Heights. No injuries were reported, damage was identified in a house in Majdal Shams. Israeli army troops are searching the area
"Russian officials assured coalition officials they would not engage in the vicinity,' per @ChiefPentSpox, adds 1 SDF soldiers wounded, but no coalition casualties
[email protected] on clash with pro-government forces: "We're not looking for a conflict with the government," says US forces have right to self defense
Pentagon observed "slow-build up" of pro-Assad forces over the past week, and coalition officials notified Russia of prior SDF presence in the area, per White-"Coalition officials were in contact with their Russia|n counterparts before, after and during the attack"
Pro-government forces lobbed 20-30 tank rounds within 500 meters of SDF base. Coalition finally hit back. Did not target vehicles that had turned back and ran away west. Comms with Russia entire time, assured wouldn't hit nearby coalition forces - @ChiefPentSpox
Pentagon: Syrian government forces launched a coordinated attack against the SDF
Russia UN envoy: Russia will protest US attack in Eastern Syria to UN Security Council
E. Idlib: report from W. AbuDuhur frontline following capture of Tell Sultan by HTS.7 month ago
E. Idlib: report from W. AbuDuhur frontline following capture of Tell Sultan by HTS.
YPG target a military vehicle in the center of the village of Shikraza in Bulbul
Death toll tops 200 in four days of Syria raids on rebel area: monitor
Same scenario for all Eastern Damascus towns: SyAF dropping multiple dumb bombs at same time. Example from Irbeen.
Two airstrikes have targeted the @SyriaCivilDef center in Khan Shaykoun, Idlib. 8 rockets were fired, killing three volunteers and injuring 5 more. Other teams responded to rescue them. The center is out of action
Syrian government forces killed several civilians in Saqba city in Eastern Ghouta in Damascus suburbs
The Syrian government describes the raid of the international coalition in Deir al-Zour as a war crime
7 month ago
Syria's airspace has not been closed to Turkey's air forces. Russia was introducing a new air defence systemandTurkish air force was expecting to be allowed back into Syria to support the ongoing Turkish military campaign in Afrin region after the installation was completed.
Two civil defense members were killed by raids on Khan Sheikhun
Khan Shikhon SCD center has just been targeted by many air strikes.
Russian Su-25 pilot Roman Fillipov, who was killed in Syria was buried in Voronezh
U.S. counter-attack in Syria included Air Force AC-130 gunships, F-15s, F-22s, Army Apache helicopter gunships and Marine Corps artillery killing 100 Russian and Assad-backed fighters in 3-hour battle beginning around midnight last night.
7 month ago
Erdogan had phone call with Iranian President Rouhani
Rif Dimashq: destruction in Beit Sawa town following Syrian government airstrikes
Remnants of Russian Tochka-U 9M79M missiles that struck Maarat al-Numaan in Syria.
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