Turkish Drone tracking over Jisr Al Shughur Syria

Map. History of Syria conflict

19 September 2018
S. Syria: on 3rd day of battle vs ISIS NE. of Suweida, 9th and 15th Divisions suffered 7 fatalities in Inghimasi attacks and IED/mine blasts while taking ~8 km² from IS.
A suspicious "civilian" cargo flight, QFZ9950 Qeshm Fars Air Boeing 747, took off today from Tehran to Damascus
Wadi Arar and Rasm Htayte in the most north eastern countryside of Sweida under SAA control after heavy clashes against ISIS militants.
SDF fighters captured 2 IS militants and seized weapons and ammunition in the Jazeera Storm operation
S. Syria: video showing offensive vs ISIS NE. of Suweida (mainly bombardment).
Inherent Resolve:The Iraqi Air force has increased its operations tempo as SDF clears Daesh remnants in Dashisha Syria. Phase two of OperationRoundup is bolstered by coordinated Coalition and Iraqi cross-border air and artillery strikes.
Heavy Clashes between SDF and ISIS in the village of Rijlah Al-Hamrah amid total ISIS collapse on the fronts
Footage from SDF's military operation to capture ISIS-occupied areas in DeirEzzor
S. Syria: SSNP is also involved in battle vs ISIS in desert NE. of Suweida.3 month ago
S. Syria: SSNP is also involved in battle vs ISIS in desert NE. of Suweida.
After the liberation of Hamidiya village, SDF fighters moved towards Abu Hamdah village. "There was strong clashes yesterday night and we were able to capture the village and are fortifying our positions,while our comrades continue to progress". SDF also destroyed a car bomb
Afrin: A convoy of vehicles belonging to the Free Syrian Army police, which yesterday entered the areas of Raju and Jindress
3 month ago
Syrian Army reach outskirts of Al-Kura and area under fire control, East Al-Sweida countryside
Syria: more IEDs recently dismantled in Greater Idlib.
E. Syria: video showing AbuKemal's garrison defending its positions during ISIS assaut yesterday. M72 rocket launcher and typical up-armored vehicles also visible.
French artillery in the southern Hasakah against ISIS
SDF has captured ISIS stronghold of Abu Hamdah from ISIS
Inherent Resolve:ISF and Coalition artillery conduct cross-border fires supporting SDF's ground assault on Daesh in Dashisha Syria. OperationRoundup accelerates the fight to DefeatDaesh remnants.
Backed by RuAF SAA and Hezbollah were able to advance at the Qasra Al-Saqiyah area following a short battle with ISIS. SAA and Hezbollah captured Qasra Al-Saqiyah and advanced another 7km west towards the Khirbat Al-Ambashi region
Turkey has finished a building of the border wall with Syria. It's total length 350 mi (564 km)3 month ago
Turkey has finished a building of the border wall with Syria. It's total length 350 mi (564 km)
At least 26 pro-Assad fighters were killed in yesterdays attack on Abu Kamal
S. Syria: Major General Hussein, commander and ex-chief of Staff of 11th Armored Division, and senior Hezbollah commander Hadroj (pics 2-3) were killed by ISIS in DeirEzzor province.
3 month ago
Turkish Defense Minister: Special road map on Manbij will be implemented in the shortest time
3 month ago
Turkish Defense Minister announces that Turkish forces and US forces will patrol the city of Manbij together
Turkish Drone tracking over Jisr Al Shughur Syria
Inherent Resolve:Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve strike reports will be released weekly on Mondays, starting with June 11.
A Turkish military convoy arrives at the outskirts of Jisr Shughour city in western suburb of Idlib
U.S and Russian joint chiefs of staff (Dunford/Gerasimov) had a meeting in Finland on Syria and European security.  Also preparation for possible Trump - Putin summit in July3 month ago
U.S and Russian joint chiefs of staff (Dunford/Gerasimov) had a meeting in Finland on Syria and European security. Also preparation for possible Trump - Putin summit in July
Monitor's rumors about ISIS has deployed into Abu Kamal city are false, ISIS conducted an attack into AlSukriah and Al Hamdan, Southern side ISIS is on the outskirts of the city.
East Syria: ISIS assault on AbuKemal is over and town remains under government/IRGC control. Reports reinforcements arrived from DeirEzzor-city to repel attack.
Manbij Military Council Spokesperson: "US gave guarantees to protect Manbij after Turkey deal".
Hezbollah leader Nasrallah says his fighters will only leave Syria if its leadership requests it
Assault carried out at dawn by ISIS on AbuKemal involved several SVBIEDs launched from the desert pocket. IS reached the Silos where clashes are the fiercest in conjunction with heavy bombardment. E. Syria
North Idlib: updated death toll for Russian night airstrikes on Zardana is 44. Also 80+ people were wounded.
Situation around al-Bukamal city is under Syrian army control, ISIS attack was repelled, few positions north of the city are still under ISIS control, counter attack ongoing to recapture them.
More than 25 Syrian soldiers killed in latest clashes against ISIS in Al Bukamal, Syria.
ISIS retakes parts of Albu Kamal town in eastern Syria in massive operation: monitor
3 month ago
German Public Prosecutor General issues arrest warrent for Syrian Air Force Intelligence chief Jamil Hassan for crimes against humanity - systematic toture and mass murder throughout his prison complex. First warrent of this kind.
Casualties reported as result of Tahrir Al-Sham attack near Foua, Idlib
SDF footage from newly captured areas.
ISIS confirm the death of Abu Yousef al-Australi (Tareq Kamleh) and share video of the Dr who traveled to Sham.
Commander of Manbij Military Council Abu Adel: Our forces will not allow any external force to enter Manbij
Syria ex-PYD leader Salih Muslam: USA is giving all lands we cleared to Turkey
Syrian army advance 12 kms toward Khirbet al-Umbashi, East Al-sweida countryside
Air strikes kill at least 38 in Syria's Idlib - monitor
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