An artillery and missile shelling on on Khan Shaykhun south of Idlib

Map. History of Syria conflict

28 February 2020
Artillery shelling on Tamana'a, Southern Idlib
An artillery and missile shelling on on Khan Shaykhun south of Idlib
A car loaded with narcotic pills and ammunition was found at the entrance to the city of Afrin
Kurdish-led SDF captured a warehouse of armaments belonging to ISIS in al-Baguz Foqani village. Deir ez-Zur
Casualties among YPG/YPJ in the clashes with Daesh
Coalition launched 179 strikes vs ISIS in Syria from Jan27-Feb9, per @CJTFOIR. Locations of the strikes was not given, though focus would seem to be in area around Baghuz - ISIS' last stronghold Most prominent targets: tactical units, supply routes, fighting positions, etc
Syria's Democratic Forces captured a group of 27 Daesh elements from different countries and captured over 425 Civilians from Baghuz Fawqani last 24 hours.
SDF has finished combing Sheikh Hamad,The remnants of ISIS are stuck in a few meters of territory,ISIS no longer has territorial control
International Coalition helicopters flying over Raqqa city, according to the source, they are targeting ISIS-cells in Raqqa.
4 of the Hamzah brigade wounded by a landmine near the village of Daghilyash in the countryside of Aleppo
Video from Al-Baghouz
PM says Iraq to repatriate Iraqi IS fighters held in Syria
Again shelling on Qaalat Al Madiq in Western Hama
SDF forces control the town of Al-Bagouz Faqani, east of Deir Al-Zour, with the exception of the orchard area that houses camps.
A number of families were displaced from the village of Al-Tuwainah, west of Hama, because of the shelling
1 year ago
Germany has detained two officers from Syrian intelligence agency for suspected involvement in crimes against humanity
PMF and Border Guards back on high alert after reports that SDF withdrew from Baghuz Faqani and Tahtani following a series of suicide attacks by ISIS.
Deir ez-Zur: Dozens of civilians came out today of the small piece of territory still controlled by the IS in Baghuz.
One civilian killed, another wounded in shelling on Al Tawayniyah village in West Hama
Two civilians were killed and others were wounded by artillery shelling on the Khan Shaykhun
Two dead and several wounded civilians as the result of the bombing on the city of Khan Sheikun
Pro-Assad militia bombarded Khan Sheikhan, south of Idlib with at least 20 rockets
Massive artillery shelling by pro-Assad forces on Khan Shaykhun city, southern Idlib countryside.
Civilians were wounded in the shelling on city of Khan Sheikhan in the southern countryside of Idlib
1 year ago
Mortar shelling of the village of Al Huwiz in the northern countryside of Hama kills a child and injures three others
1 year ago
A woman was injured when mortar shells hit the village of Al-Hawiz, west of Hama, Syria
Pro-Assad forces using machine guns at Lahaya and Markabah in North Hama
Mortart shelling targeted the outskirts of the village of Tuba in the north-western Hama countryside
Syrian Air Force Ilyushin Il-76T YK-ATB heading back to #Syria from #Tehran towards T4 Air Base
The United Nations says that the number of civilians in need of humanitarian assistance in northwestern Syria amounted to about 2.7 million people
Syrian Air Force Ilyushin Il-76T YK-ATB heading back to Syria from Tehran1 year ago
Syrian Air Force Ilyushin Il-76T YK-ATB heading back to Syria from Tehran
SAA shelling Qal'at al-Maqiq, west of Hama
1 year ago
SANA: Army units thwart attempt to infiltrate of a militant group in the outskirts of the town of Tel Hwash in the northern suburb of Hama and eliminate two of its members
Artillery shelling of the regime on the Sharia West Hama
Extremely crowded Baghuz Fawqani on 26 Jan 2018
IS anti-tank missile shot probably of the 9K115-2 MetisM
Baghouz: images of IS fights SDF
"We are working all the time to block Iran. We operate every day, including yesterday, against Iran and its efforts to entrench itself in the region," - Netanyahu said
Look at what short-wave infrared (SWIR) imagery can give you. On February 4, sometime between 7:00-16:00, a US airstrike hit an ISIS building in Shaykh Hamad village, Baghouz town, Syria. Fire and smoke are visible in the satellite image.
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