Location of New Tell Abyad neighbourhood Asayis HQ. 36.686295,38.941930

Map. History of Syria conflict

28 May 2020
Serekaniye: Ambulances bringing the dead and injured doctors to hospital after Turkey hit their car. They were on their way to help the victims of another strike by Turkey on a civilian convoy earlier today which killed 11, injured 74 people
Moment when US Forces left Ayn Isa earlier, and TAF jet overhead as soon as they left, US patrol escorted by US helicopters
As CNN reporter left Ayn Isa, just next to the M4 highway, Turkish Armed Forces patrols appeared7 month ago
As CNN reporter left Ayn Isa, just next to the M4 highway, Turkish Armed Forces patrols appeared
SNA Engineering Corps dismantles landmines in Tal Abyad in Raqqa northern countryside
[email protected] says he's spoken with @POTUS & "applauds" Trump's decision to work with Congress on "crippling economic sanctions" Graham says the sanctions will be "a game changer"
Coalition official: US is deconflicting with Russia to keep both sides safe
According to North Press reporter, the Turkish forces bombarded the areas in the outskirts of the town of Darbasiyah with two shells at least
Military reinforcements of the SNA and Turkish army heading to the fronts near Manbij
SDF together with Syria army would form an urgent "Joint Syrian Force" to push back Turkey's aggression.
Senator Lindsey Graham: Turkeys misadventure in Syria, if left unchecked, will destabilize the Middle East as much as Iran - to the detriment of the United States and our allies
Turkey is bombing civilian settlements in Ras al-Ain/Serekaniye amid violent clashes in the area
Video of the celebrations in the city of Qamishli of the agreement between Syrian Democratic Forces and Syrian army
Pro-Assad forces enter most neighborhoods of the city of Hasaka in agreement with the "Syrian Democratic Forces."
"Barish Pinari"(Peace Spring) operation room declares Manbij and its environs a military zone
Fahim Eisa (the military leader of Sultan Murad Division): "Our forces will enter Manbij and Ayn Al-Arab against the will of every separatist which is in support of the PYD (PKK/SDF) group."
Strong bipartisan support in Senate and House for a planned joint resolution urging @POTUS "to undo his decision to do everything he can to protect the Kurds, to do everything that we must do to prevent ISIS militants from escaping," says @SenSchumer
Syria army has begun entering Manbij countryside, NPA network confirm SAA entering al-Farat, Arab Hassan, al-Dandaliya and al-Jamousiya, the distance is estimated 70 km.
Electricity in Qamishli cut after bombardment
7 month ago
Erdogan adviser Yasin Aktay: "If the Syrian regime army try to enter northeastern Syria, Turkey will respond, so there could be conflict between the two armies."
Kurdish-led administration in northern Syria agrees to let Syrian army deploy along the entire length of the border with Turkey to help repel the Turkish offensive
The TFSA are shelling villages along the Sajur in an attempt to scare the SAA off
Following the announcement that the Assad government would enter the region, the public celebrated in Hasaka
7 month ago
Hard clashes between SAA (11th Div, Liwa al-Quds, 5th Corps and independent Syrian PMCs) and ISIS around the village Nujayb in Homs
Bab Military Council leader in Arima confirms that "they [SDF] agreed with the government to deploy border guards to protect civilians on the border"
Syrian Kurdish officials say they will work with Assad forces to repel Turkish offensive and to capture areas held by Turkey
U.S. troops may withdraw from northern Syria within days, a US official said
A second US official confirms the president has ordered all US troops in Syria except for those the Al Tanf garrison to withdraw within 30 days
Syrian Army units and units of Russian forces begin deploying on Al-Sajour line linking Manbij to Jarablus city
Turkish military convoy departing from Jarablus to the observation point near Manbij
A Kurdish official confirms the holding of talks between the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Syrian army at a Russian base in Syria
Turkish-backed SNA forces from Sujur front lines prepare to attack Manbij
The French presidency announces that an emergency meeting of the Defense Council will be held to discuss the developments in northern Syria
French President Macron: I made clear in a telephone conversation with my U.S. counterpart Trump the need to stop the Turkish attack in northeastern Syria
7 month ago
As the Syrian Army set to enter Manbij, there is also Turkish army military buildup at the Manbij border.
7 month ago
SANA: Syrian army sends troops to the north of the country to face the Turkish aggression
7 month ago
Pro-Assad forces shell Hawash and Hawija villages of Hama western countryside with heavy artillery villages
Russia hopes that the Turkish side and its allied forces to restraint and not recklessly enter an open war with government forces - Hmeimem base
The Internet has been cut off from the whole of Qamishli, only Syriatel 3G still work.
7 month ago
Turkish forces have captured Hamam Türkmen village in the south of Tel Abyad.
Kurdish official: there is agreement with Russia to allow the Syrian army to enter the city of Ain al-Arab
7 month ago
Erdogan: "We do not have our eyes on the territory of Syria. We stand against those who want to divide and smash Syria."
The first moments of the Turkish forces entered the city of Tal Abyad in the countryside of Raqqa
Pro-Assad forces are amassing at Bukamal, in preparations to cross the river into SDF territory
Turkish artillery shelled dozens of shells villages of Burj Qas and Conde Mazneh (Zouk al-Kabir) in Shirawa district of Afrin
Syrian army delegation has entered Manbij now
These are photos when the convoy was speeding out of Ras al-Ain after the attack. Exclusive photos by @AlexanderLouri4
Lindsey Hilsum of Channel 4 News: We joined a mixed military/civilian convoy heading towards Ras al Ayn. We did not go all the way. As they entered the front line town a Turkish airstrike hit. I don't know how many of these people survived
7 month ago
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has asked Turkish President Erdogan in a phone call to bring an immediate halt to military operations in northern Syria, according to a German government spokeswoman
7 month ago
Turkish Forces control the villages of Farisah, Tal Bilal, Shkian, Al-Shara, Shamo, Tal-Thalaj and Daghaim Ajaj, west of Ras Al-Ain city in Hasaka countryside.
Coalition forces withdraw from Tel Baidar base between Srekani, Hasakah and Darbasiyah
7 month ago
Pro-Assad forces are amassing in Rasafah in South Raqqa countryside in preparations to storm Al-Mansourah, which is under Tabqa Military Council control
7 month ago
Turkish forces captured Tel Arkam and Um Azam villages west of Ras Al Ayn
Stephanie Perez @PerezpStephanie @20hFrance2: Syria. We were in the convoy of Kurdish civilians targeted by Turkish forces or their allies in Ras Al Ain. Our team is fine but some colleagues are dead.
Syrian Observatory: Large waves of displacement from Ain Arab/Kobani
Some pictures from the center of Tal Abyad.
The road between Tal Tamr and Rasulayn was cut off.
IS claims rocket attack against "US base in Shadadi"
Wounded civilians continue to arrive at Tal Tamr Hospital, moving some of them into other hospitals, amid calls for blood donation by a number of hospitals
Turkish-backed SNA forces control the village Muririye on Ras Al Ain axis
Turkish-backed SNA forces control the villages of Al-Azizia, Abu Al-Soun and Mukhta and their farms on the Ras Al-Ain axis
Journalists among those injured in the attack. Turkish bombardment on the area continues
ANHA Journalist Seed Ehmed is one of the journalists who has been killed after the Turkish army struck a civilian convoy on the way to Serekaniye
Turkish forces take control of the village of Tal Khaghar and Khirbet Al Banat on the Ras al-Ain axis
Tel Abyad city Center
Tal Bilal was captured, west of Rasulayn.7 month ago
Tal Bilal was captured, west of Rasulayn.
Turkish jets struck a convoy heading from Cizire to Serekaniye. Initial reports say that the airstrike left many people dead or wounded. Journalists from France and Brazil are also reported to be in the targeted convoy
People of Kobani flee their homes as US forces withdraw from the city
Akçakale-Tel Abyad border crossing with Turkey.
7 month ago
TAF-backed SNA captured Mihtelle, Abu'l Sun and Aziziye villages from terrorist organization YPG
Syrian Observatory: 5 killed and 9 wounded in Turkish airstrikes on Ras al-Ain
US official - the situation on the ground is deteriorating rapidly in Syria. Extremist Turkish proxies have advanced. US Forces at risk of being isolated. increased risk of confrontation between Turkish proxies and US Forces unless Turkey halts their advance immediately
Defense Secretary: Washington believes that the Kurds are about to conclude an agreement with the Syrian army and Russia to address Turkey
7 month ago
[email protected]: Do you remember two years ago when Iraq was going to fight the Kurds in a different part of Syria. Many people wanted us to fight with the Kurds against Iraq, who we just fought for. I said no, and the Kurds left the fight, twice. the same thing is happening with Turkey
US troops withdraw from another Syrian town. Ain Issa, as Turkish backed forces advance, cutting the main US supply route. Amid reports of a mass escape of hundreds of ISIS affiliated women & their children during shelling of their camp.
Turkish forces in Tel Abyad
[email protected] confirms that roughly 1,000 U.S. troops will be evacuating from northern Syria after latest Trump policy announcement in a "deliberate withdrawal."
The US State Department condemns the killing of the Secretary General of the Future Syria party Hefrin Khalaf by the forces loyal to Turkey
US forces withdraw from Kobani, due to the Turkish operation in the area
7 month ago
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan: The arms embargo to Turkey by Western countries will not stop our operations in Syria
7 month ago
2 Turkish soldiers, 16 members of Turkey-backed Syrian National Army killed in Operation Peace Spring: President Erdogan
Another video from Tell Abyad showing Turkish backed SNA controlling Southern entrance. Location: 36.681626,38.941816
Turkish-backed SNA claims full control over Tall Abiad city
Video showing SNA forces in control of Asayish HQ in Tal Abyad City
Video showing SNA forces in control of Asayish HQ in Tal Abyad City
Turkish-backed SNA warns its soldiers: Do not film video from the battlefield and disclose military secrets. "You're putting our soldiers in danger"
Location of New Tell Abyad neighbourhood Asayis HQ. 36.686295,38.941930
Turkish backed SNA inside New Tell Abyad neighbourhood. Location: 36.686160,38.940804
Turkish-backed SNA seized the public security office and weapons of Tel Abyad's YPG
Civilians wounded by artillery shelling by the pro-Assad forces on Jabala village south of Idlib
Pictures from the western part of Tal Abyad.
Raqqa: clashes between the Turkish-backed forces and SDF on the outskirts of the city of Tal-Abyad and Turkish artillery shelling targets the outskirts of the city
Turkish-backed SNA has captured the Al-Duwaira Dam south of Rasulayn
The destruction caused by the bombing of Russian warplanes on the outskirts of the town of Maarshoren in the southern countryside of Idlib
SDF targets with artillery shells the outskirts of the southern and western city of Jarablus in eastern Aleppo countryside
Kurdish Red Crescent two ambulances belonging to the health authority were hijacked on their way to Girê Spî
Clashes intensified east of Ras Al Ain
Russian warplanes target the northern outskirts of Ma'rshurin in the southern countryside of Idlib
Reports that SNA forces have launched an offensive towards Ayn Isa. More than 15 villages has been captured until Khalidiyah, west of Ayn Isa.7 month ago
Reports that SNA forces have launched an offensive towards Ayn Isa. More than 15 villages has been captured until Khalidiyah, west of Ayn Isa.
YPG's largest headquarters in Tel Abyad were destroyed by strike
7 month ago
Syrian TV reporting that Turkish-backed forces have infiltrated and reached M4 highway again, locals being warned not to use the highway between Ayn Issa and Tell Tamer
SDF official: We do not have enough numbers to guard the Ein Issa IDP camp and dozens of families have fled
NE. Syria: gathering of Nat. Army this morning before launching assault on town of Tell Abiad. Clashes ongoing in Western side
Intense Turkish bombardment on the town of Ras al-Ain/Serekaniye
Turkish-backed factions storming Tall Abiad city from the west
Airstrikes by Russian warplanes target Jabal al-Arbaeen in Idlib countryside
SDF begins evacuating Ain Issa camp, which includes families of ISIS militants after it was bombed
SOHR releases pics from inside Ayn Issa camp which is witnessing fears by the people as Turkish bombardment and advancement by cells belonging to TFSA towards Ayn Issa especially after taking control of Suluk town earlier
Renewed raids from Russian warplanes on Mount Arbaeen near the city of Jericho in the countryside of Idlib
7 month ago
Turkish-backed National Army Forces captured Halidiye village west of Aynisa
Kurdish self-administration: Turkish attack halted humanitarian aid for displaced people in northern Syria
Reports SDF evacuate Refugee Camp near Ein Issa
Suluk was captured, east of Tal Abyad.7 month ago
Suluk was captured, east of Tal Abyad.
The @nytimes obtained thousands of previously unheard Russian Air Force communications in Syria. Our investigation shows how Russia bombed four hospitals in just 12 hours
Turkey backed militias advance toward Mabroukah between on half way between Ras al -Ayn & Tel Abyad
A rocket has fallen in Akcakale district of Sanliurfa. A large number of medical teams were dispatched to the scene.
Turkish-backed SNA controlled the road between Ayn al-arab (Kobani) and Ayn Ain Issa.
Turkish-backed SNA troops captured Tuhayna village west of Tal Abyad city from SDF
United Nations: More than 130,000 people fled from Tal Abyad and Ras al-Ain after Turkish operations began in northern Syria
Turkish army shelling Tell Abiad with tanks
Ras-al-Ain/Serêkaniyê is fully under SDF control
IDP camp near Ain Isa is being bombed by aircrafts
Turkish-backed SNA seized Suluk town of Tel Abyad district7 month ago
Turkish-backed SNA seized Suluk town of Tel Abyad district
7 month ago
Heavy clashes between SDF forces and the Turkish around the town Suluk in Girê Spî/Tal Abyad Two medical workers of the Kurdish Red Crescent from Ain Issa have been kidnapped by the Turkish army.
Turkish-backed SNA controls the villages of Tal Al-Janab, Al-Saadoun, Al-Tuwaijil, Al-Salha and Wadha west of Ras Al-Ain
Pro-Assad forces shell town of Khalsa in Aleppo countryside with artillery
7 month ago
Turkish-backed SNA seized the city of Suluk north of Raqqa
Syrian National Army fighters  inside the town of Sulouk in the northern countryside of Raqqa7 month ago
Syrian National Army fighters inside the town of Sulouk in the northern countryside of Raqqa
A big Turkish and SNA convoy heading to Tel Abyad City
Syrian Democratic Forces regain control of more areas in the northern Syrian town of Ras al-Ain
Turkish artillery targeting Tall Abiad city
Russian war correspondent Oleg Blokhin in Manbij
US convoy photographed by Russian journalist and PMC (Private Military Contractor) in Manbij few hours ago
Turkish warplanes have began bombing Ras-al-Ain/Serêkaniyê again.
Heavy Turkish air strikes on the city of Ras al-Ain amid fierce clashes
7 month ago
Turkish President Erdogan talked with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the phone
7 month ago
Russia Russian Air Force Tu154 out from Latakia Syria 34,000ft heading over Turkey
7 month ago
British Prime Minister urges Turkish President to stop military operations in Syria
7 month ago
British Prime Minister expresses his deep concern over the military operation in northern Syria
7 month ago
Clashes between Iuva and Favar villages on M4 road between Turkish-backed forces and SDF
Jarablus. A large armored convoy carrying mobile bridges crossed into Syria
Ahrar al Sharqiyah control the Sawamie silos on Nasf Tala axis7 month ago
Ahrar al Sharqiyah control the Sawamie silos on Nasf Tala axis
Images of a SUV that was carrying co-chairwoman of the Syrian Future Party Hervin Khalaf
Graphic video published online allegedly showing Hervin Khalef car after assault
Graphic video published online, allegedly from this morning from M4, showing Turkish-backed forces shot at unarmed men laying on the ground
Idlib: Civilian wounded in al-Bara town in the southern countryside by the shelling of pro-Assad forces with rockets loaded with cluster ammunition
Operation to seize Tall Abiad city center has reportedly started
Southern Idlib countryside: artillery shelling from pro-Assad forces targeting the city of Bara
[email protected] "Securing ISIS detention centers or chasing sleeper cells is not our priority. We are solely focused on fighting Turkish aggression and protecting our people from it. World can handle ISIS issue if they really care about it."
Turkish-backed SNA announces the control over Abu Qabr village and Mazra'at Al Hammadi east of Tal Abyad7 month ago
Turkish-backed #SNA announces the control over Abu Qabr village and Mazra'at Al Hammadi east of Tal Abyad
Syrian Air Ilyushin Il-76T as flight YK-ATD tracking stopped at Kamishly (KAC) at 05:05PM EEST from Damascus
SDF: 45 of our troops killed in clashes with Turkish forces
Turkish backed National Army forces inside al-Issawi village east of Tal Abyad7 month ago
Turkish backed National Army forces inside al-Issawi village east of Tal Abyad
[email protected] "Air and artillery attacks have not ceased since last night. But contrary to reports, we have full control over Ras al-Ayn."
SDF: There is an advance of the Syrian government forces in the vicinity of the city of Manbij
Turkish backed National Army forces inside Droubieh village west of Tal Abyad
SDF commander Redur Khalil issues statement: 'We were betrayed and disappointed by our friends. We are currently fighting two battles, one against ISIS and one defending ourselves against Turkey.'
SDF commander during presser: "We do not pose a threat to Turkey. Those who are killed today are the same forces that fought ISIS" in northern Syria
YPG commander Redur Xelil: The only thing we want from the Coalition is to shut down air space
Russian warplanes overflew the southern countryside of Idlib
7 month ago
Aleppo: Turkish warplanes bombard Kurdish militia positions in al-Shahba area of the northern countryside
7 month ago
Turkish-backed forces announce control over the villages of Deek Al-Sharqi, Jendawi and Al-Issawi east of Tall Abyad city
7 month ago
Turkish warplanes target the positions of the SDF militia stationed in the towns of al-Hasieh and Harbel in the vicinity of Tal Refaat city north of Aleppo
Iran offers to mediate between Syrian Kurds, Turkey
Arab League calls on the UN Security Council to intervene to stop the Turkish aggression on Syria
Explosions are heard in Al-Zeraa neighborhood in Lattakia city
Final Statement of the Arab League Ministers Meeting: Turkish Attack on Syria Threatens Arab Security
Turkish-backed forces captured Isavi village east of Tel Abyad7 month ago
Turkish-backed forces captured Isavi village east of Tel Abyad
A child was killed and other civilians were wounded by artillery shelling of pro-Assad forces on Kafrouma town of Idlib countryside
7 month ago
Turkish-backed Forces took control of Jendawi village east of Tel Abyad.
FSA Usoud Maghawir al-Shamal preparing to start the battle for Tel Abyad.
Turkish-backed SNA took control of Sard village east of TalAbyad7 month ago
Turkish-backed SNA took control of Sard village east of TalAbyad
The Manbij Military Council thwarted a failed infiltration attempt to Manbij by Euphrates Shield elements. In a clash in the Hosharya village eastern Manbij, 7 members of Euphrates Shield groups were killed
Al-Arabiya correspondent: Fighter planes believed to belong to the international coalition fly over Syria's al-Qamishli
The HRE shelled Azaz with five rockets earlier today
Kurdish-led SDF says 23 of its fighters were killed on Friday fighting Turkish offensive in northern Syria
Bahrain: We stand against any aggression, whether from Turkey, Iran or Israel
Lebanese Foreign Minister calls for Syria's return to the Arab League
Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Al-Jubeir: the international community should act to stop the aggression in northeastern Syria
UAE MFA Gargash: We demand from the Turkey to leave Syria and remove its troops
UAE MFA Gargash: Turkish attack destabilizes the region
Turkish-backed forces took control of the village of Diruliya west of Tal Abyad
Turkish-backed SNA released footage from the Dhiyabah village east of Tel Abyad7 month ago
Turkish-backed SNA released footage from the Dhiyabah village east of Tel Abyad
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