Pro-Assad forces shelled town of Qastoun and the village of Zizoun in the western Hama countryside with heavy artillery

Map. History of Syria conflict

16 October 2019
3 month ago
Pro-Assad forces bombard the villages of Al-Hawija, Al-Hawash, Tal Mahal and Al-Jabain in Hama
3 month ago
Five members of the pro-Assad militias were killed by a rocket fired at the camp of Jorin in the western Hama countryside
Casualties among civilians in shelling the warplanes on the city of Jisr al - Shughour in the western Idlib countryside
An improvised explosive device was detonated at a vehicle belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards militia near the industrial high school in Al-Ma'adien in the eastern countryside of Deir Al-Azur, killing one of the militants.
A car bomb exploded while being setup by ISIS cell, killing two of them in the village of Hawayj in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zur.
Ahrar Al-Sharqiya targeted the Hmeimim airbase with rockets earlier today
Russian fighter jets targeting Jisr Ash Shughur city with air raids, at least 8 raids already
Injures reported as result of Russian air strikes on Jisr Ash Shughur in western Idlib
Al Ghab plains: 5 air raids so far, on the Sarmaniyah and on the Jisr Ash Shughur (3 raids) by Russian aircraft
Russian aircraft launches two air raids on the city of Jisr Al-Ashgur in western Idlib
3 month ago
Attempt of pro-Assad forces to advance at Sarmaniyah village near Kabanah in Northern Latakia-Hama has failed, violent shelling on area continues
3 month ago
Russian warplanes bombard the village of Sarmani in the western Hama countryside
3 month ago
Russian warplanes bombard the village of Doir al-Kurd in the western Hama countryside
3 month ago
Lattakia: pro-Assad forces launched a violent attack tonight on Kabanah
3 month ago
Pro-Assad forces at Jorin camp shelling Qatoun and Zaytun villages area in Western Hama
3 month ago
Pro-Assad forces shelled the village of Sarmani in the western Hama
Opposition factions have destroyed pro-Assad forces fortification at Tal Hawash in Northern Hama3 month ago
Opposition factions have destroyed pro-Assad forces fortification at Tal Hawash in Northern Hama
Pro-Assad forces shelled town of Qastoun and the village of Zizoun in the western Hama countryside with heavy artillery
Pro-Assad forces shelled the town of Kafr Zita in the northern Hama with artillery
Pro-Assad forces targeting Al Lataminah town in Northern Hama
Hasakah: Internal security forces has seized over 50 motorcycles, during a campaign in the city of Hasakah. People who want to ride motorcycles need to register themselves, the registration fee has been rised to 12,000 SP (23 USD)
Syria: Daraa countryside witnessed today biggest attack vs Assad's fighters when their bus was targeted with an IED on road near Yaduda. 5 were killed including a Captain and 16 more wounded.
Syrian Observatory: The international coalition has begun to expansion it´s Military base in Kobane airport, at the same time, the US forces is expanding its base in the countryside of the city of Qamişlo.
3 month ago
This morning a Coalition convoy was sent to the American base in Kobanî. The convoy consisted of closed container semi-trucks, dump trucks, semi-trucks with cement slabs, and semi-trucks carrying pickups. Some camouflaged.
NLF offers Turkey condolences after attack on Turkish diplomatic mission in Erbil, blaming PKK and Syrian PYD
U.S. army resumes commando training at Al-Tanf base
Tahrir al-Sham arrests Al-Baghdadi's personal facilities in Aleppo countryside
Al Yarubiyah: At least 16 ISIS suspects were arrested in the city of Tall Mashhin after two civilians (youths) were killed by Explosive device.
Deir Al-zour Countryside: A military column of the US International Coalition forces entered to Hajein city for unknown reasons.
3 month ago
Russian MFA says U.S plans to increase number of private military companies operation in Northern Syria
3 month ago
Pro-Assad forces close the Taheiha crossing, which separates the areas of the SDF from the government, south of the city of Manbij east of Aleppo, for unknown reasons
Girê Sipî/Tall Abyad: Syrian Observatory has monitored the border between Syria and Turkey in Girê Sipî (Tall Abyad), denying that separation walls has been removed or that Turkish army has sent intensive reinforcements
Urgent Call by Syriac Military Council, MFS General Command regarding Turkish state preparations to attack northern Syria and native communities. Call to international community, organisations and Christians around the world to stop Turkish aggressions.
Heavy machinery belonging to SDF begin to build defensive outposts on the Euphrates River in the town of Dhiban, east of Deir ez-Zur.
Two members of the SD" were killed on Tuesday by shooting by unidentified gunmen riding a motorcycle in the town of Granij east of Deir ez-Zur
6 Syrian soldiers killed including an officer when an explosive device went off as their transport bus went by in Yadoda, Daraa
A military air raid targeted the village of Kafr Sajna in the southern Idlib countryside
Three people were injured in a bomb explosion in Hesekê
Result of a SyAF-Russian airstrike on some buildings in Hazarin
Air raids on the axis of the village of Khader in the mountains of Kurds in the Lattakia countryside
Multiple casualties among soldiers in a bombing targeting a SAA military patrol in the area of Yadouda in the North West countryside of Daraa
Explosion of a motorcycle in the neighborhood of "Guiran" in the city of Hasaka
Pro-Assad forces based in the camp of Jorin target with the rocket launchers the Qustoun and Zizoun village in the western Hama countryside.
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Middle East @MickMulroy: "The ISIS threat in Iraq persists and the group's enduring defeat in Iraq and Syria is not a foregone conclusion. We see ISIS building clandestine networks across Iraq and Syria"
3 month ago
Another large military reinforcement of pro-Assad forces have arrived in Northern Hama
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