Military Parade of Tabqa Military Council (Syrian Democratic Forces) towards Ain Issa countryside today.

Map. History of Syria conflict

29 May 2020
Opposition factions were able to regain control of the town of Msheirfeh east of Idlib after the advance of the pro-Assad forces at dawn today. Tank, pickup and 7 soldiers captured
Opposition factions launch a counterattack to retake the village of Mushairfeh in the eastern countryside of Idlib
Fierce clashes between pro-Assad forces and opposition factions on Al-Musherfa axis in eastern Idlib countryside of Syria
Syrian Observatory: 11 militants, including 7 Iranians, were killed in Israeli raids near Damascus
Casualties among the pro-Assad forces when they were targeted by an ATGM on the Tal Khazna axis in the southeastern countryside of Idlib
SANA released several pictures of the damage, including Qudsaya west of Damascus
SANA: Two people killed and others injured in Israeli raids near Damascus
Units of the SAA impose full control over the town of Musheirfeh in Idlib countryside
Pentagon Spy Agency says @realDonaldTrump Trump's Syria Pullout and Turkish attacks Aided ISIS
Israeli army confirms having struck tens of Iranian Quds force, Shiite milita, and Syrian government targets in response to rockets fired towards Israel yesterday
IDF: During our strike of Iranian & Syrian terror targets, a Syrian air defense missile was fired despite clear warnings to refrain from such fire. As a result, a number of Syrian aerial defense batteries were destroyed
IDF: Moments ago, Israeli army jets completed strikes on numerous military targets in Syria belonging to the Iranian Quds Force, after yesterday's rocket fire at Israel by those forces. We are prepared to operate as necessary to defend Israel, and the region, against Iranian entrenchment
Video footage emerges as fire ripping through unknown object in southern Damascus amid Israeli airstrikes
Mutual artillery shelling between SAA/SDF and Turkish forces in the villages of Qazali and Qarfal, southeast of the city of Ain Arab(Kobane)
Russian warplanes target the village of Umm al-Khalakhel, east of Idlib
6 month ago
Banias refinery back to full production after November 7 blast caused by workplace accident, Syrian state news agency says
Russian warplanes launched air raids on the village of Musharafa in eastern Idlib countryside
New DoD Inspector General for Operation Inherent Resolve Report: "The @DefenseIntel said that Syrian opposition forces who joined the Turkish incursion had not carried out any counterterrorism operations against ISIS since the start of the offensive and were unlikely to do so."
6 month ago
SAA also entered the village Um Al-Kher and farms belonging to Al-Tawila village, Tell Tamr and Zarkan (Abu Rasayn) countryside
Military Parade of Tabqa Military Council (Syrian Democratic Forces) towards Ain Issa countryside today.6 month ago
Military Parade of Tabqa Military Council (Syrian Democratic Forces) towards Ain Issa countryside today.
SNA and Turkish Military shell an airfield where YPG militia stationed north of Aleppo
Russian warplanes target the town of Hass in the southern countryside of Idlib
Casualties inside ranks of Turkish forces after explosion in the city "Tel Halel", near the Turkish-border in Serê Kaniyê (Ras Al-Ain)
Video: The Free Syrian Army announces that its forces have been able to kill and wound a number of pro-Assad militiamen inside Dashmeh where they were holed up on the Kalz axis in the mountain of Turkmen north of Lattakia, in addition to destroying a 14.5 mm machine gun on Tal Mustafa Idlib after being targeted with guided missiles
ISIS launches an attack on pro-Assad forces positions on the outskirts of Shula village south of Deir Ezzor city
6 month ago
Kalin: "We reiterate our call for the United States, the counterpart of the October 17 agreement, and Russia, the counterpart of the 22 October Sochi Agreement, to fulfil the requirements of the agreements"
6 month ago
Turkish Presidency: We call on Russia to abide by its commitments in the east of the Euphrates
As per Dutch parliamentarian @Martijncda "The motion to place AhraralSham to the national terrorism sanctions list was adopted unanimously in the Dutch Lower House."
Outskirts of Kafr Nabl, Idlib targeted by airstrikes and barrel bombs
US forces carry out an airdrop in the village of Tal Ahmar in the southern countryside of al-Hasakah
The Syrian army targeted Turkish forces in the city of Azaz from Meng Airport
Hundreds of SDF military vehicles and reinforcements has entered Ain Issa countryside
Joint Russian-Syria army patrol in northern countryside of Tell Tamr and Zarkan (Abu Rasayn). Russia and SAA has patrolled in the villages Tal Juma'a, Kesra and Asadiya, near the lines between Turkish forces and the control zone of Syria army and SDF forces
Civilians are injured due to rocket shelling in the city of Azaz, north of Aleppo, by the SDF militia
6 month ago
Opposition factions are sniping on pro-Assad forces on the Al-Huwaiz front in the western countryside of Hama Syria
7 civilians injured due to rocket shelling targeting the city of Azaz, north of Aleppo
Civilians wounded due to rocket shelling in Azaz city, north of Aleppo
Iron Dome air defence battery deployed in northern Israel, perhaps in anticipation of some form of Israeli response to rocket fire from Syria earlier today6 month ago
Iron Dome air defence battery deployed in northern Israel, perhaps in anticipation of some form of Israeli response to rocket fire from Syria earlier today
SDF targeted Azaz city of Aleppo northern countryside with rockets
Russian warplanes targeted the town of Kafr Sajnah in southern countryside of Idlib with missiles
6 month ago
HTS says several pro-Assad forces fighters were killed as their positions were targeted with mortars at Al Kabana axis in Northern Latakia
Russian warplanes launch several airstrikes on the town of Hass and its environs south of Idlib
A civilian was killed in a motorcycle bomb in Jarablus city
6 month ago
The Russian Defense Ministry says it is sending more Russian police to calm the situation on the Syrian border with Turkey
6 month ago
Fierce clashes between the rebel factions and the pro-Assad forces on the axis of "Kabana" hills at Al Akrad mount in Lattakia northern countryside
The Coalition spokesperson presents coalition patch to Mustafa Bali The head of SDF media office
6 month ago
The Russian Defense Ministry is surprised by the Turkish announcement of the possibility of launching a new military operation against Kurdish militants in northeastern Syria
Motorcycle explosion in Jarablus, killing one person and injuring several people
A motorcycle bomb explodes in front of Awqaf building in Jarablus city, east of Aleppo
A 14.5mm machine gun of pro-Assad forces has been destroyed on Tal Musetif axis in eastern Idlib countryside after being targeted by an ATGM
Helicopters drop several barrel bombs on the town of Kafr Rouma in the southern countryside of Idlib in conjunction with the flight of Russian reconnaissance aircraft overhead
Warplanes shell the villages of Sarmaniah and Dweir al-Akrad in Hama western countryside, along with artillery shelling in the villages and towns of Ziara, Zayzoun, Ankawi, Manara and Hawija in Hama western countryside
Video of the bombing by Russian warplanes around Kafranbel city south of Idlib.
Russian warplanes targeted several air strikes in Jabala town and Harash city of Kafrnobel in the southern countryside of Idlib
Israeli army sources briefing reporters: an Iranian force fired the rockets from Damascus. Israel has not bombed in Damascus, thus far.
Israeli army: 4 launches were identified from Syria toward northern Israel. We can confirm that all 4 were intercepted in the sky by Israeli air defense systems
"Today, the US Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control designated two Turkey-based (ISIS) procurement agents & four ISIS-linked companies operating in Syria, Turkey & across the Gulf and Europe for providing critical financial & logistical support to ISIS."
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