25 June 2021
Syria: Maarat Numan this night, struck by SyAF
SNA has repelled offensive attempt at Tuffahiyah axis at Jabal Al Akrad in Northern Latakia
An International Coalition and US Military Convoy has entered SDF-Areas numbering 100 Trucks, towards Qamishli City
Pro-Assad Forces have captured Farwan from Syrian Opposition Forces
SNA announces the killing of an entire group of pro-Assad forces, after they were ambushed on the "Heraki" front in the eastern Idlib countryside
A displaced child was killed and his father was injured when they were targeted by a drone loaded by bombs around the town of Bdama this afternoon
Pro-Assad forces bombard the village of Al-Ankawi, west of Hama
Pro-Assad forces bombard the village of Al-Qarassi in the southern countryside of Aleppo
After repel counterattacks on al-Raffah pro-Assad forces control Al-Sayadi, Sarja Gharbiya, Tell Dam
SNA destroyed 57mm cannon on the Abu Habah frontline with ATGM
Syrian Army captured Tall Dam, Al-Raffeh in south Idlib
Syria: T-55 & T-62s inside village of Rubayah (E. Idlib) after its takeover from Rebels
1 year ago
Renewed shelling with barrel bombs on the Kabana hills in Jabal Al-Akrad, north of Latakia
Pro-Assad forces take control of the village of Sarjeh-Gharbia, north of the village of Al-Barisa, in the southeastern countryside of Idlib
Pro-Assad forces have captured the village of Umm al-Tinah in southeast Idlib
The Turkish forces and affiliated armed groups target areas in Ras al-Ain (Sere-Kaniye) countryside and Tal Abyad (Gire Spi) and Ein Issa camp
Turkish military vehicles enter the encircled observation point in Morek, in the northern Hama countryside
Today at 2:00 pm in Istanbul. A group of Syrians protested in front of the Russian embassy against the bombing Idlib. Turkish security arrested them minutes ago1 year ago
Today at 2:00 pm in Istanbul. A group of Syrians protested in front of the Russian embassy against the bombing Idlib. Turkish security arrested them minutes ago
Armed opposition forces have launched counter-offensive against pro-Assad forces in south-eastern Idlib
Russian ships in the Mediterranean launched ballistic missiles, which hit near Harem, on the Turkish border in the western Idlib countryside, which resulted in the sound of violent explosions that echoed over the Turkish city of Rihaniyya.
An unknown explosion shakes the countryside of Harem city in the northern Idlib countryside, possible ballistic missile strike
A car bomb strikes the gatherings of pro-Assad forces on the axis of Al-Rafa village, southeast of Idlib
7 civilians were killed and 25 wounded as a result of airstrike on the city of Saraqeb, east of Idlib
Syria: fires in Homs Oil Refinery, caused by unprecedented attack, were only put out at dawn today
Syria: last night 3 gas & oil facilities were attacked in Homs province. Among them the strategic Homs Oil Refinery which was hit by an explosion. (Suicide) drones suspected
A number of civilians were killed and injured in Saraqeb city in eastern Idlib countryside, as a result of targeting Assad warplanes with raids on the city market
Russian aircraft target with missiles the city of Saraqib and the towns of Khan al-Sabil and Tal Manis
Warplanes bomb the city of Saraqib and the town of Khan al-Sabil in the eastern countryside of Idlib
Warplanes target with missiles the town of Al-Ghadfa in the southern countryside of Idlib
A massive movement of civilians of the cities, towns, and villages of the southern and southeastern countryside of Idlib due to the shelling by pro-Assad forces as civilians head towards the northern countryside of Idlib near the Turkish-Syrian border
President Trump signs the National Defense Authorization Act which includes the Ceaser Bill at Joint Base Andrews
Opposition forces announce the destruction of a tank on the axis of the village of Bernan, southeast of Idlib, after targeting with an ATGM
Pro-Assad forces and their supporting militias take control of the village of Al-Rafa, southeast of Idlib, after fierce battles with opposition factions and HTS
SNA destroyed 23 mm machine gun at Shaara village in the eastern countryside of Idlib with ATGM
Two civilians were wounded as a result of Russian air strikes in the vicinity of the village of Kosniya in the southern countryside of Aleppo
The rebel factions are regaining control of the villages of Sahal, Tal Al-Sheeh and Abu Bead east of Idlib, and announce the killing of 40 members of pro-Assad forces and their supporting militias, seizing the BMP vehicle and several light and medium weapons.
Opposition factions regain control of the village of Tal Al-Sheikh, southeast of Idlib and seized BMP vehicle
Opposition factions kill or injured dozens of pro-Assad forces soldiers and seize an armored vehicle near the village "Ashal" southeast of Idlib
4 civilians, including two children, were killed when an unidentified drone targeted a car they were traveling in on the western side of Jisr Al-Shughour, west of Idlib
At least 80,000 Syrians in Idlib fled to Turkish border area in the last 5 days due to Russian, Assad attacks in Northern Syria— Anadolu Agency
ISIS militants have reportedly taken control of al-Arak oil field east of Homs province from the pro-Assad forces and slaughtered workers on the site. Among those killed were Khalil Al-Jaber, Majoud Al-Samir & Muhammad Al-Alawi from Deir Ezzor province
Idlib countryside: pro-Assad forces units continue to advance in the southeastern countryside of Idlib and control the villages of Sahal, Barisa and Abu Habba
Pro-Assad forces in the area of Tal Al-Sheikh, north of Umm Jalal
Opposition factions have targeted Goren camp, west of Hama
An unknown source explosion shakes Jisr Al-Shughour city in western Idlib countryside
SAA captured Tal Al Shaykh north to Umm Jalal
SNA targeted pro-Assad forces gathering at Al-Farajeh frontline with ATGM
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