2 August 2021
U.S. Central Command:Within 24 hours of the phone call between U.S. SECDEF and Turkish MINDEF to discuss security in northeast Syria, the SDF destroyed military fortifications, Aug 22. This demonstrates SDF's commitment to support implementation of the security mechanism framework
Aerial bombardments of pro-Assad warplanes were reported in Kafranbel city, Jarjnaz towns, Deir Al-Sharqi and Al Tah countryside
Su-24 raid on Deir Al Sharqi in Southern Idlib
A military transport vehicle on Tal-Nimr axis in the southern countryside of Idlib was targeted with ATGM
1 year ago
Netanyahu and Putin hold a phone call, discussed Netanyahu visit to Ukraine and Syria
SAA in Latmeen North Hama
Turkey FM in Beirut answers @EhabElokdy ."we dont have any troops under siege in northern Syria and our troops will remain there"
Russian warplanes target the village of Ma'rshmarin and Ma'rat Harmah town in the southeastern Idlib countryside
1 year ago
Turkey FM: we don't have troops under siege. There was fighting close to our position, but our soldiers are not besieged. We will not leave our Morek observation post
1 year ago
Turkish presidency: Erdogan told Putin that Idlib operations undermine the process of reaching a settlement in Syria and poses a serious threat to Turkish national security
1 year ago
Turkish Presidency: Erdogan told Putin by telephone that developments in Idlib will lead to a major humanitarian crisis
1 year ago
Erdogan and Putin made a telephone call. Developments in Syria and Libya and bilateral relations were discussed
Warplanes target several air strikes around al-Barqum town in Aleppo southern countryside
SANA: The Syrian Army controls several towns in the northern countryside of Hama
Hama: pro-Assad forces control the city of Morek and besiege the ninth Turkish point in the northern countryside
Russian warplanes launch an airstrike in the town of Kafr Sajna in the southern countryside of Idlib
Syrian army with the Turkish observation point near Morek in the background
Footage from the Turkish obs point while the pro-Assad forces moving towards Morek
Pro-Assad forces move to zero point of Turkish army observation point in Morek
Turkish army in Morek surrounded by Syrian army
Pictures of SAA soldiers from Morek which show the Turkish observation post in the area. Syria
Syrian Army tanks are few hundreds meters away from the Turkish military observation point in Morek
Russian backed Assad forces entered Markabah, Buwaydah anda Lahaya
Hama: Response Coordinator Team Denies Exit of any Civilian from the Northern Countryside at Souran-Mork Crossing
Aleppo: A civilian was killed by rocket and artillery shelling of pro-Assad's forces on Al-Bawabia village in the southern countryside
Activists: Syrian Army besieges the Turkish checkpoint south of Idlib
Dead and several civilian wounded in the vicinity of Al-Bawabia town south of Aleppo as result of artillery and rocket shelling
3 dead and a number of wounded as a result of helicopter gunships targeting the city of Maaret al-Nu'man in southern Idlib countryside with barrel bombs last night
1 year ago
Airstrikes on Al-Kabinah Axis in Lattakia Countryside
Pro-Assad forces have entered Kafr Zita, Latmin, Tel Al-Fas, Al Latamenah
Pro-Assad forces have captured Latmeen village near Morek
Warplanes launch several airstrikes with missiles targeting Jarjnaz town of Eastern Idlib countryside
The New York Times: The headquarters that was bombed north of Baghdad was used by the Revolutionary Guard to transport weapons to Syria.
Artillery fire from the surrounding pro-Assad checkpoints targets the town of Kafr Sajnah in the southern countryside of Idlib
Fires in the city of Maarat al Numan in the southern countryside of Idlib after bombardments by helicopters with barrel bombs
Six helicopters in the air and dropping barrel bombs targeting the city of Maaret al-Nu'man and its outskirts in southern Idlib countryside, injuring a number of civilians and setting fires
Clashes ongoing at Milkiyah, Maranaz, Harbul, Ayn Daqna, and Sheikh 'Isa. An HRE infiltration attempt was detected near Ayn Daqna, leading to Turkish soldiers firing flares
Kaljibrin: Turkish army is firing flares over Kaljibrin, near Turkish army headquarters for unknown reasons
Rocket shelling by pro-Assad forces targets the city of Kafr Hamra in Aleppo northern countryside
Turkish Armed Forces artillery units are targeting the YPG positions in Maranaz and al-Malikiyah axis with heavy artillery.
Qamishli: The entry of a new batch of 200 trucks from International coalition coming from Kurdistan region, loaded with military and logistical equipment on the way to Eastern Euphrates
ISI assesses: the sites attack aimed to destroy the Iranian land bridge from Tehran to Syria and Hizballah, as well as to prevent the Iranian capability of conducting attacks from Iraq against the surrounding countries
Warplanes target with missiles Jarjnaz town south of Idlib
1 year ago
Turkey has extended by two months a deadline for unregistered Syrian refugees in Istanbul to leave the city. New deadline is October 30th
National Liberation Front targets a vehicle of pro-Assad forces in the city of Khan Sheikhoun south of Idlib with heavy machine guns
Pro-Assad forces have captured Wadi al Anaz in Northern Hama
Deir Ezzor: A landmine explodes on the outskirts of al-Sha'fah town in the eastern countryside, no casualties
1 year ago
Pro-Assad forces opened fire on a Turkish observation post in northwestern Syria, but there were no casualties, two Turkish officials told Reuters on Thursday.
Sputnik video from Khan Shaykhun
Heavily laden Russian Navy Project 775 Black Sea Fleet 197th Landing Ship Brigade's Ropucha class LSTM (tank carrying landing ship) Tsezar Kunikov 158 transits Bosphorus towards Mediterranean en route to Tartus Syria. 14:00GMT1 year ago
Heavily laden Russian Navy Project 775 Black Sea Fleet 197th Landing Ship Brigade's Ropucha class LSTM (tank carrying landing ship) Tsezar Kunikov 158 transits Bosphorus towards Mediterranean en route to Tartus Syria. 14:00GMT
Turkish Observation point in Maart Hatat, Idlib seems to be expanding
Turkish Observation point in Maart Hatat, Idlib seems to be expanding
Russian warplanes bombard Al-Tamanea town of Idlib countryside
Safe zone implementation: In the second phase of the agreement, a 9-kilometer-long "security belt" will be added to the south of the core area, all heavy weapons will be removed from the S-Z, with SDF troops remaining in it without Turkish intervention
Safe zone: Syrian democratic forces begins implementing the safe zone. First step is SZ of 5km, where US and Turkish military will joint patrols monitor the area from which SDF troops will withdraw and local military council will remain
Warplanes target the town of Ma'ar Harma in the southern countryside of Idlib with air strikes
Pro-Assad forces have captured Sayyad and Tell-Sayyad in Northern Hama
An ATGM as well as 3 launcher tripods were found in Raqqa by the SDF
Idlib: Turkish military convoy went through Saraqeb area towards the southern countryside of Idlib
The SDF has withdrawn about 180 soldiers since this morning from the area of Tel-Abyad on the Turkish border north of Raqqa.
Turkish military convoy from Khirbet Al-Joz crossing towards the Turkish observation post in Ashtabrak south of Jisr Al-Shughour in western Idlib countryside
New Turkish military convoy enters Idlib area
Warplanes bombard al-Tah town of southern Idlib countryside
German Defense Minister: Creating a safe area in Syria is important to ensure security and stability in the region
A child was injured due to the helicopters dropping barrel bombs on Al-Ftira town south of Idlib
Photos: pro-Assad forces in Khan Shaykhun, southern Idlib
1 year ago
Russian Foreign Ministry: We will continue to cooperate with Turkey on the situation in Idlib
Russian air force launches several air strikes with missiles targeting Ma'rshmarin town of Ma'aret al-Numan countryside in Idlib countryside
Pro-Assad forces and supporting militias begin a sweep operation in most neighborhoods of the city
Warplanes targeted with machine guns southern outskirts of Ma'aret al-Nu'man city in the southern countryside of Idlib
A booby-trapped motorcycle explodes on Kajalja road in Jarablus in Aleppo northeast countryside
Russian warplanes target missiles of Kafr Nabel and Horsh Binin in the southern countryside of Idlib
Several civilians were injured as a result of air strikes targeting the city of Kafranbel, south of Idlib
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