Erdogan's deputy: Turkey will never back down from its position in support of peace in Syria and from the Memorandum of Understanding concluded with Libya

Map. History of Syria conflict

9 April 2020
Missile bombing by pro-Assad forces targets the town of Hass in the southern countryside of Idlib.
Pro-Assad forces are moving without resistance. They captured Ghadfeh and Talmenes 3 km east of Maarrat al Numan
Pro-Assad forces have captured Al Ghadfah
In Mansura west of Raqqa city IS militants claimed to have thrown grenades at an SDF building housing investigators and prosecutors ["Revenge for the Killing of the 2 Shaykhs" campaign]
At the Panorama Roundabout in Raqqa city IS militants claimed to have killed an SDF militiaman and wounded another when their vehicle was hit by an IED as part of the jihadi group's new "Revenge for the Killing of the 2 Exalted Shaykhs" campaign
3 month ago
Erdogan's deputy: Turkey will never back down from its position in support of peace in Syria and from the Memorandum of Understanding concluded with Libya
Pro-Assad forces have surround the 8th Turkish observation point in the town of Sorman in the southern Idlib countryside
Syria: tonight Rebels sent more weaponized drones in attempt to strike Russian Airbase near Jablah, which triggered air defenses
Syria: today pro-Assad force were again repelled on Hadadah & Kabana fronts (NE. Latakia). Video from Hadadah shows how topography helps Rebels resisting against all odds
Syrian Army captures Jarjanaz in South Idlib
Dead and wounded among the pro-Assad forces in Abu Asaad hill, north of Lattakia, after opposition factions have targeted them
Daraa: Russian military police erected a checkpoint for pedestrians in the northern city of Nawa after the assassination of two of its members
3 month ago
Two dead and several wounded, in explosion in Suluk, northern Raqqa
3 month ago
Raqqa: A car bomb exploded in Sulok town in the northern countryside, caused civilian casualties
3 month ago
6 members of the SAA and 4 of the "Hezbollah" militia were killed while trying to advance on the Haddadah and Kabina fronts, north of Latakia
Pro-Assad forces target Jazaria town, south of Aleppo with rocket launchers
The Russian patrol returns from Shereke, western Derbasiya, arrives at village of Kharza on Derbasiya-Amude road, awaiting for arrival of the Turkish military convoy to start the joint patrol, northeastern Syria
Pro-Assad Forces have captured Fa'lul, Abu Dafnah, Khirbet Al-Saruni and Kafr Ataya, and Ruba'a Al-Jour from Syrian Opposition Forces
LEXIA41 624132 USAF RC135W Rivet Joint on intelligence-gathering mission over eastern Mediterranean, off coast Syria
Russian warplanes bombard the town of Marshorin in the southern countryside of Idlib
Russian planes launched missiles around the town of Sheikh Idris and the town of Gergnaz in Idlib
Lattakia: Clashes between the National Army and al-Assad forces on the Al-Haddada axis in Jabal Al-Akrad in the northern countryside
Syrian Foreign Minister: The Turkish attack on our country is a piracy operation
3 month ago
Russian Foreign Minister: Syria is moving to the stage of restoring a peaceful life, rebuilding institutions and launching economic projects
Idlib, southern countryside, shelling with surface-to-surface missiles target the city of Maarat al-Numan
Idlib: Civil Defense: 16 civilians were killed in Idlib during the past 24 hours
3 month ago
Idlib: Russian air strikes target the city of Maarat Al-Numan and its surroundings, and Babulin village in the southern countryside
Pro-Assad forces struck by rocket launchers around the town of Orm-Kubra in the western countryside of Aleppo.
Daraa: A member of pro-Assad forces was killed and another was wounded by gunfire by unknown persons in the city of Ankhal in the northern countryside
Aleppo: pro-Assad Forces Target With Missile Launchers Around Orem Kurba In The Western Countryside
Violent clashes took place after midnight between the opposition forces and the SDF on the Jabreen axis in the northern countryside of Aleppo
Reports about the fall of debris in the Aqraba area of Damascus countryside
3 month ago
Syrian Observatory: 3 heavy explosions targeted the Sayyeda Zainab area on the outskirts of Damascus
Pro-Assad forces bombard the town of Maarat al-Numan in the southern countryside of Idlib with surface-to-surface missiles
Damascus Int'l Airport remains open despite rumors of missile attack
3 month ago
Syrian Opposition Forces have launched a counterattack against Pro-Assad Forces,and have recaptured Farwan, Khirbet Ma'arratah and Babuleen
Russian Air Force Antonov An-124 reg. RA-82014 heading southwest over Black Sea3 month ago
Russian Air Force Antonov An-124 reg. RA-82014 heading southwest over Black Sea
Strike reportedly targeted the area around Sayyida Zainab in Damascus
Syrian air-defenses in Damascus region countering missiles coming from direction of Golan Heights
Israeli aircrafts flying over the Sidon area3 month ago
Israeli aircrafts flying over the Sidon area
Two loud explosions heard in Damascus
Opposition factions launch a barrage of missiles at the locations of pro-Assad forces at Idlib area
Massive night demonstrations in the cities of Jericho, Saraqib and Darkoush in support of the rebels, and condemning the military campaign of the government and Russia in Idlib
Scenes from the direct targeting of the White Helmets teams and civilians trying to escape death in eastern Idlib with Russian and government airstrikes this afternoon
Long range missiles have targeted Maarat Al Numan city
Syrian News Agency: The city of Jableh and Hama Military Airport were attacked by UAVs
Demonstration of the people of Saraqeb, east of Idlib, in support of the fighting rebel factions
3 civilians were wounded when Russian warplanes bombed the city of Maarat Al-Nouman, south of Idlib.
3 month ago
UN: Up to 60,000 people fled southeast Idlib region in recent weeks; airstrikes intensified in recent days;fuel shortage limiting movement of civilians;roads leading out of Maraat al Numaan "extremely dangerous" reportedly being hit by strikes. Many heading north towards Turkey
A while ago, powerful explosions rocked Al-Mayadeen city east of Deir Ezzor near Al-Rahba Castle amid continuous flying of warplanes over the region
Opposition factions are able to repel several attempts of pro-Assad forces to advance, destroy a tank, and kill more than 10 of fighters in the village of Khirbet Maratah, east of Idlib
Syrian News Agency: Air Defense downed a drone in the city of Jableh, Latakia Governorate, in the northwest of the country
After being alerted by a civilian, the Asayîş dismantled an IED in Mahimudiya village of Deir ez Zor
The SDF have released footage of their raids against Daesh in Dhiban. The raids captured several militants and multiple weapons
The SDF have released footage of their raids against Daesh in Dhiban. The raids captured several militants and multiple weapons
Opposition factions have targeted with Grad rockets locations and gatherings of the pro-Assad forces in the city of Suqaylabiyah in the western Hama countryside
Russian Air Force Ilyushin Il-62M RFF7005 heading Damascus Syria
IS militants claimed a third attack in Dayr al-Zur, in Susa, targeting an SDF militia checkpoint with automatic weapons and hand grenades, saying a heavy machine gun was damaged & unspecified casualties inflicted
This is the perimeter of Hama Airbase where Rebels took advantage of the fog tonight to send multiple weaponized drones aiming to target SyAF warplanes. Attack started one hour ago and is still ongoing
Syria: explosion moments ago in Jablah amidst weaponized drone's attack targeting the Russian Airbase
SNA announces the killing of a number of pro-Assad forces and the damage of a tank while repelling an advance attempt on the "Haraki" axis in eastern Idlib, in conjunction with violent clashes taking place in the region
Syria: Rebels sent tonight weaponized drones to strike Hama Airbase, main base used by SyAF to bomb Greater Idlib
Syria: air defenses activated tonight over Hama Airbase where most of SyAF fleet used to strike Greater Idlib is parked tonight
The Afrin Liberation Forces are clashing with the TFSA around the village of Jibrin. Heavy machine guns are involved
Protest by locals and small confrontation with US forces near Qamishli, Hasakah
Pro-Assad Forces have captured Abu Makki and All of Sorman in the last few hours,before fog covered the area
Syrian Opposition Forces are attempting to recapture Khirbet Ma'arratah
3 month ago
Turkey's Erdogan says Turkish delegation going to Moscow to discuss Syria on Monday, will take steps based on result of talks
Locals in Maarat al-Numan are begging for a ceasefire to allow about 10,000 civilians still stuck in the city to escape and avoid falling in the government's hands. The government repeatedly targets the roads heading north, making escape incredibly dangerous
Heavy clashes between the Afrin Liberation forces and TFSA at Daghilbash, west of al Bab city
3 month ago
Erdogan: "Turkey is making all-out efforts to end attacks in Syria's Idlib, to send delegation to Moscow tomorrow for discussions"
IS announces an attack on soldiers from Russia, claiming to have killed 2 soldiers near Nava (province of Daraa) in 1 ambush. 1 other attack is claimed. ISIS announces the start of a revenge operation for Al-Baghdadi and Al-Muhajir.
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