17 June 2021
Four members of the Tiger Forces Haider regiment were killed in today's SVBIED attack in Jarjanaz
UAV shot down by Suqaylabiyah militia
Pro-Assad forces have reached the M-5 Road north of Sahyan at Hish Bridge
Eastern Syria: no less than seven 17th Division's soldiers were killed at dawn today during an ISIS attack in Deir ez-Zur desert. Multiple wounded too1 year ago
Eastern Syria: no less than seven 17th Division's soldiers were killed at dawn today during an ISIS attack in Deir ez-Zur desert. Multiple wounded too
Pro-Assad Forces have captured Babuleen Bridge and Hish Bridge from Syrian Opposition Forces
Syria: photos showing the HTS SVBIED blown up in Jarjanaz (E. Idlib) earlier today, targeting gathering of pro-Assad forces
1 year ago
Kalın: "We see that some Gulf countries are negotiating with Mazlum Kobani and seeking to use him against Turkey, and this will not go unanswered"
23mm gun was destroyed at Al Tah frontline with ATGM
23mm gun was destroyed at Al Tah frontline with ATGM
A member of the Syrian Democratic Forces was killed and another was wounded in a hand grenade explosion in Raqqa.
1 year ago
Turkish presidential spokesman: Russia has informed Turkey that it will try to stop the attacks on Idlib
1 year ago
Turkish Minister of Defense: Turkey is making unremitting efforts to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in Idlib and end the massacres committed by Iranian militias against civilians in the region
The Asayîş has destroyed several shells that were found by a civilian in the village of Haneeda, near Mansoura1 year ago
The Asayîş has destroyed several shells that were found by a civilian in the village of Haneeda, near Mansoura
Deir ez-Zur: Asayîş Internal security forces has thwarted an terror attack and dismantled an high-explosive device in the countryside of Al-Sur
Syrian foreign minister: The solution in Idlib is only military, and the Sochi agreement between Russia and Turkey has failed.
The death toll from the air strikes that targeted a camp for the displaced in the town of Jobas town has risen to 10
Aerial footage of the city of Maarat al-Numan today.
Opposition factions have destroyed a 23 mm cannon in the town of Al-Tah in the southern countryside of Idlib with ATGM
The Syrian army shot down an UAV in Hama countryside
Statement by the Syrian Army: The General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces confirms its insistence on clearing Idlib Governorate of terrorism and its sponsors
Military reinforcements are launched from north Aleppo to Idlib countryside
Syria: Rebels launched this afternoon a counter-attack on E. Idlib front. Multiplie tanks taken out while HTS set off a SVBIED in Jarjanaz
Opposition forces have destroyed a tank with ATGM at Abu Dafnah axis
Opposition factions begin a military counter-attack on the positions of Assad's forces in the eastern countryside of Ma`rat al-Numan, regain control of several points and destroy several tanks and vehicles.
Warplanes targeted Saraqib town in Idlib with S8 rockets
Idlib: Suspending schools and institutes in solidarity with the displaced students
Opposition factions destroyed a second tank of pro-Assad forces on the axis of Gergnaz in Maarat al-Numan countryside southeast of Idlib
1 year ago
Russian Defense Minister Shoigu: new types of bombs and missiles were tested with Su-57 in Syria
1 year ago
Russia's presence in Syrian Tartus is a guarantee of peace and stability in the region - Putin
Warplanes target the the city of Ma`rat al-Numan and its countryside in the Hantoutin area of Jabal al-Zawiya
The chief of the Military Security branch, Wisam Al-Masalmeh, and one of his companions were killed by an explosive device that targeted their car this morning in Daraa
1 year ago
In phone call, Turkish president, British PM discuss Libya, Syria, as well as regional issues, bilateral relations
The United Nations says that a temporary halt on the bombing of the Ma`rat al-Nu`man - Saraqib and Ma`rat al-Nu`man - Jericho road ends at 6 pm Syrian time
Talmenes, Ghadfeh and Barseh are under rebel control
Opposition forces have captured Farwan and Barsah
1 year ago
Italian Foreign Minister: The situation in Libya today is similar to the situation in Syria
"Sams" organization suspends its work at the National Hospital in the city of Ma`rat al-Nu`man, south of Idlib
The death toll from Russian warplanes bombardment on the village of Jubas, east of Idlib, has risen to 4 civilians.
Opposition factions destroy a tank of the pro-Assad forces on the Barasa axis in the eastern Idlib countryside
As-Suwayda: A person accused of kidnapping in the city of Suwayda was killed after he was shot
Al-Barsah north of Farwan was captured by pro-Assad forces at night 4-5 hours ago
Opposition factions destroyed 23mm gun with anti-tank missile, damaged a tank and seized BMP vehicle on Al-Barasa axis east of Idlib
A child was killed and a number of civilians were wounded in an air strike on a school inhabited by IDPs inside the town of Jobas, on the southern outskirts of Saraqeb.
Russian AIr Force Tupolev Tu-154M RFF7702 departed Latakia Syria heading back to Russia crossing Iran
Guterres: There is no military solution to the Syrian conflict and the only reliable solution is the political process
Missile bombing by pro-Assad forces targets the town of Hass in the southern countryside of Idlib.
Pro-Assad forces are moving without resistance. They captured Ghadfeh and Talmenes 3 km east of Maarrat al Numan
Pro-Assad forces have captured Al Ghadfah
In Mansura west of Raqqa city IS militants claimed to have thrown grenades at an SDF building housing investigators and prosecutors ["Revenge for the Killing of the 2 Shaykhs" campaign]
At the Panorama Roundabout in Raqqa city IS militants claimed to have killed an SDF militiaman and wounded another when their vehicle was hit by an IED as part of the jihadi group's new "Revenge for the Killing of the 2 Exalted Shaykhs" campaign
1 year ago
Erdogan's deputy: Turkey will never back down from its position in support of peace in Syria and from the Memorandum of Understanding concluded with Libya
Pro-Assad forces have surround the 8th Turkish observation point in the town of Sorman in the southern Idlib countryside
Syria: tonight Rebels sent more weaponized drones in attempt to strike Russian Airbase near Jablah, which triggered air defenses
Syria: today pro-Assad force were again repelled on Hadadah & Kabana fronts (NE. Latakia). Video from Hadadah shows how topography helps Rebels resisting against all odds
Syrian Army captures Jarjanaz in South Idlib
Dead and wounded among the pro-Assad forces in Abu Asaad hill, north of Lattakia, after opposition factions have targeted them
Daraa: Russian military police erected a checkpoint for pedestrians in the northern city of Nawa after the assassination of two of its members
1 year ago
Two dead and several wounded, in explosion in Suluk, northern Raqqa
1 year ago
Raqqa: A car bomb exploded in Sulok town in the northern countryside, caused civilian casualties
1 year ago
6 members of the SAA and 4 of the "Hezbollah" militia were killed while trying to advance on the Haddadah and Kabina fronts, north of Latakia
Pro-Assad forces target Jazaria town, south of Aleppo with rocket launchers
The Russian patrol returns from Shereke, western Derbasiya, arrives at village of Kharza on Derbasiya-Amude road, awaiting for arrival of the Turkish military convoy to start the joint patrol, northeastern Syria
Pro-Assad Forces have captured Fa'lul, Abu Dafnah, Khirbet Al-Saruni and Kafr Ataya, and Ruba'a Al-Jour from Syrian Opposition Forces
LEXIA41 624132 USAF RC135W Rivet Joint on intelligence-gathering mission over eastern Mediterranean, off coast Syria
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