Baksariya, Idlib hit by pro-Assad forces today

Map. History of Syria conflict

7 April 2020
Convoy of more than 50 fuel tankers has entered Syria from the Qaim crossing on the Iraqi-Syrian border towards the city of Albuqmal east of Deir al-Zour.
11 month ago
IAF Israeli Air Force jets over Lebanon right now.
The "SDF" militia closes the Salhiya crossing between its areas of control and the control area of the Assad government north of Deir ez-Zur for unknown reasons.
There is wounded by a roadside bomb targeting a military vehicle in the city of Dana in the northern Idlib countryside
A number of pro-Assad forces were killed and injured by a mine explosion in the town of Sabikhan in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zur.
11 month ago
Three members of the pro-Assad forces were killed and two others were injured in a landmine explosion near al-Atashana near the Aweirid dam in Deir ez-Zur desert
Heavy shelling targeting the perimeter of the town of Badama in the countryside of Latakia
11 month ago
Joint drills between the Syrian and Russian navy in Tartous, which produce bursts and explosions
11 month ago
Mortar shelling targeting Hawiz and Al Huwayjah villages in western Hama
International Coalition warplanes reported over Raqqa airspace since two hours.
Armed opposition hit Slunfeh in northeast Latakia with a number of GRAD missiles.
Artillery shelling of the pro-Assad forces on the town of Khan al-Asal, west of Aleppo, Syria
Qamishli: Thamir al-Tahri, one of the clan's prominent clans leader, has been arrested by SAA.
Pro-Assad forces shelling Qaalat Al Madiq in western Hama with heavy artillery
U.S. calls on Russia and the Assad government to stop the military escalation in Idlib
A blast has been heard in Lattakia city. Preliminary information on the fall of a missile in the area of al-Gharraf originating from armed groups
11 month ago
Massive Hezbollah reinforcements have arrived to Sukhnah area,in order to participate in a major military offensive against ISIS in the Syrian Badiyah, from Suwaydaa Governorate until Deir Ez Zor Governorate, including Homs Governorate
Baksariya, Idlib hit by pro-Assad forces today
Baksariya, Idlib hit by pro-Assad forces today
An extensive @Amnesty and @airwars investigation believes the @CJTFOIR assault on ISIS-held Raqqa killed 1,600 civilians - 10x as many as it's admitted.
"At least 1291 civilians have been unintentionally killed" by the U.S.-led counter-ISIS coalition, in 34,464 strikes between August 2014 and end of March 2019, says the military command @CJTFOIR
11 month ago
Two wounded by artillery shelling of the pro-Assad forces on the village of Daqmaq in the western Hama countryside
Syrian Civil Defense evacuated civilians after several fires started as result of shelling in Khan Shaykhun
Shelling of Khan Shaykhun today with 40 rockets
Shelling of Khan Shaykhun today with 40 rockets
11 month ago
Russia, Iran, Turkey meet in Nursultan (Astana) for a new round of talks on Syria
Russia, Iran, Turkey meet in Nursultan (Astana) for a new round of talks on Syria
11 month ago
Pro-Assad forces heavy artillery shelling villages of Daqmaq, Qleidin and Al Zuqum in the countryside of Hama
Turkish military patrol in the Al-Ghab plains in the western Hama countryside
Rocket bombardment by the pro-Assad forces stationed in the village of Qabariyah targeting residential neighborhoods in the city of Khan Sheikun in the southern Idlib countryside
Aleppo: 4 members of the FSA National Army were killed during an attempted YPG infiltration on the Dilbagash front west of al-Bab.
Motorcycle bomb has exploded at sheep market in Al Bab city in Aleppo
The Turkish army shelled the Sheikh Isa town of Shehba Canton Wednesday afternoon.
Syria: video surveillance showing government indiscriminate bombardment on Saraqeb (E. Idlib) today with a rocket falling in middle of the town. 2 people narrowly escaped death.
Syria: today again government artillery struck town of Khan Sheikhoun in SE. Idlib province. Saraqeb, in the E. CS, was hit by BM-27 cluster rockets. Casualties in both places.
On the day of the Armenian Genocide Commemoration SDF anounced establishment of the first all Armenian force within SDF. They will carry the name Nubar Ozanyan brigade
Artillery shelling today on Khan Shaykhun
Artillery shelling today on Khan Shaykhun
NLF Ahrar al Sham fighters targeted Latakia city today11 month ago
NLF Ahrar al Sham fighters targeted Latakia city today
Aleppo: pro-Assad forces target the town of the Qabtan Al Jabal in the western countryside with artillery shells
11 month ago
From April 7-20 the US-led coalition conducted ZERO strikes against ISIS in Syria. During the same period the coalition conducted 18 air and artillery strikes against ISIS targets in Iraq, engaging 10 ISIS tactical units, and destroying 8 buildings, three tunnels, and two caves
It's propaganda
ISIS claimed 4 SDF members killed in attack at Al-Sobhah near Al-Basira in Deir Ez-Zor
One killed and several civilian casualties as a result of rocket attack with cluster ammunition on Saraqib town in Idlib
Pro-Assad forces shelled the city of Khan Sheikhun in the southern countryside of Idlib
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