2 August 2021
Hurras ad Din faction kills 4 members of the pro-Assad forces, injures 6 others and destroys two vehicles in clashes at the village of Wuraydah in Southern Aleppo.
Clashes between Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and pro-Assad forces on Tall Mamu axis in Southern Aleppo
HTS targeting SAA positions in northern Hama with Grad missiles earlier today
Violent clashes on the axis of Zammar and Jazraya in south Aleppo in conjunction with the bombing targeted the town of Khalasah
Zvezda infographic on the route and types of equipment displayed in the Syrian war trophy mobile exhibit.
ISIS militants surrendered to Kurdish-led SDF tonight in Baghouz.
The Turkish Armed Forces delivers big convoy with at least 50 vehicles to the observation points in the Southern Idlib.
Pro-Assad forces shelling Qaalat Al-Madiq in Western Hama with mortars
Artillery shelling targeting in Morak north of Hama
Tonight outside of Baghouz, Dereizor where ISIS members and their families arrived
Syria: 1st evidence airstrikes are also carried out tonight on Greater Idlib. Video shows remains of a Russian-made bomb (FAB model) dropped on a house in Saraqeb.
2 year ago
US delegation due in Turkey to discuss Syria pullout
2 year ago
Khamenei: The U.S.'s plan to influentially be present on the Iraq-Syria border is another example of US plots. Iran and Syria are strategic allies and the identity and power of the Resistance depends on this enduring, strategic relation; thus the enemies cannot fulfill their plots.
2 year ago
Khamenei: The key to Syria's victory andUS and its regional mercenaries' defeat is Syrian president and people's resolve and resistance. The Islamic Republic of Iran considers helping the Syrian government and nation as helping the resistance cause and movement, deeply takes pride in that.
2 year ago
Khamenei: The victory of Resistance in Syria enraged US and made them plot a new conspiracy. The issue of creating a buffer zone in Syria, as pursued by Americans, is among the dangerous conspiracies that should be firmly rejected and resisted.
HTS Strikes a group of SAA troops in Eastern Idlib
Two civilians were injured by a missile and air strike on the Saraqeb area
Warplanes bombard the town of Kafr Zeita, north of Hama
Hama Military Airport: close air support aircraft is flying north
Notice that in this picture Gen. Soleimani , Velayati and some of the members of Office of Supreme Leader including Vahid Haqqani are present. (While President Rouhani, FM Zarif are absent)
IRGC Qods Force commander Qasem Soleimani was also in the meeting of Syria's president Assad with Iran's leader today on Monday in Tehran.
Iran's leader: Idea of buffer zone in northern Syria is new conspiracy by U.S.
For the first time since the war began in Syria, Assad is visiting Iran
Iran Supreme Leader met Syrian president Assad in Tehran this morning
Civilians were wounded by artillery bombardment on the Sharia village west of Hama
Bashar al-Assad met with Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei in Tehran
Police forces in Afrin seized a car bomb was prepared for the bombing in Al Faylat street
Warplanes attacking vicinity of Saraqib city in Eastern Idlib
A rocket attack targeting the Zakat village in the northern Hama
Video as pro-Assad forces targeting Maarat Al-Numan village in Southern Idlib
One person was killed in the town of Kafr Zeita in the northern Hama in a rocket attack
A rocket attack targeting both Maarat al-Numan, Jarjanaz and Al Tah in the southern Idlib
The National Front for Liberation(NLF) shelling pro-Assad forces positions in Muhardah town in North Hama with GRAD rockets
Raqqa: Response Team retrieves 15 new bodies from a mass grave in the city of Raqqa
One child was killed and others were wounded by artillery shelling on Khan Shaykhoun, south of Idlib
Pro-Assad forces targeting Kafr Zita in Northern Hama
Two civilians were injured as a result of artillery shelling targeting city of Morek in Northern Hama
A child was killed by artillery shelling on the village of Jab Sulaiman in Hama
Girl killed, 4 others wounded as result of rocket strike on Khan Shaykhun city in Idlib moments ago
Because so many people came out of Baghouz and every day still 1000s come out the IDP camp in al Hawl is over crowded. They can't handle more refugees so a new camp is opened in Deir Ezzor area. @HeyvaKurd is making all arrangements and people are arriving already.2 year ago
Because so many people came out of Baghouz and every day still 1000s come out the IDP camp in al Hawl is over crowded. They can't handle more refugees so a new camp is opened in Deir Ezzor area. @HeyvaKurd is making all arrangements and people are arriving already.
Pro-Assad forces shelling the villages of Bab al-Taqa and Beit al-Ras bridge in the west of Haa
The French president welcomes Washington's decision to keep troops in Syria
Pro-Assad forces have shelled Khan Shaykhun with surface-to-surface missiles
Opposition forces have targeted Shathah town in west of Hama with rockets
Ansar al-Tawhid fighters target the town of al-Sakilibiya, west of Hama with "Hamim" rockets
More people are being removed from Baghuz
Aleppo: The rebels target the positions of the Assad forces in Tal el-Wasta in the southern countryside with heavy artillery
US-backed Syria force resumes evacuations from last IS redoubt. An AFP correspondent saw more than 30 trucks crammed with people approaching an outpost for the SDF, 20 kilometres north of the jihadist holdout
ISIS tunnels in Al-Baghouz
Artillery shelling of the pro-Assad forces targeting the villages of Shahranaz, Hawash, Tuwaina, Shariah and the city of Qalat al-Madiq in the western countryside of Hama
2 year ago
Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri called for doubling international efforts to secure the return of Syrian refugees in his country to their country in a "safe and dignified manner"
Sporadic clashes between the "FSA National army" and the pro-Assad forces on the outskirts of the town of Tadef in the eastern Aleppo.
Civilians were wounded by artillery shelling on Zizoun west of Hama
2 year ago
The head of the Syrian National Coalition Abdulrahman Mustafa: Thousands of Syrian families displaced as a result of the continued bombing carried out by the regime and its allies on the areas of Idlib and Hama covered by the truce agreement.
West Hama: Pro-Assad forces shelling Al Zayzun power station with artillery
2 year ago
Tusk at summit in Sharm-el-Sheikh: We talked about several issues, including Syria, Libya and the Middle East peace process
Rocket shelling on Kafr Nabuda city in Southern Idlib
One civilian was killed, another wounded in artillery shelling on Khan al-Sabeel in the southern Idlib.
5 injured, including 1 child as result of rocket strike on Suqaylabiyah town in Northern Hama
Pro-Assad forces shelled Khalasah town in Southern Aleppo with artillery
SAA is shelling Kafr Nabudah, Northern Hama.
Heavy shelling on Kafr Zeyta town in Northern Hama with rocket launchers
Massive missile bombardment of the Khan al-Sabeel in south of Idlib
Two civilians were wounded in artillery shelling on Qaalat Al-Madiq town in western Hama
Two children, Iman Jalul and Hamza Wardah, and one man, Ahmad Al-Tani, have been killed and two other children injured after the government forces attacked AlHabit town, western Idlib, with several artillery shells this morning.
Three killed including a child in rocket strike on Al Tamanah town in Southern Idlib
IS in Baghuz: Heavy bombardment by the coalition and clashes with the SDF over the last night
Syria: Kurdish forces handed 14 French jihadists to Baghdad - Government source
US army still present in Manbij
Pro-Assad forces stationed at Abu Duhur airport bombed the town of Sarqeb in Idlib with rockets with cluster ammunition
One child was killed and another injured in a missile strike on Al Habit in Southern Idlib
Iran's Yas Air Cargo's EP-GOX spotted heading east over Syria, thought to be IRGC operated.2 year ago
Iran's Yas Air Cargo's EP-GOX spotted heading east over Syria, thought to be IRGC operated.
Two civilians were wounded in a rocket attack on the Bdama city in Western Idlib
Funeral of 3 SAA soldiers killed, according to pro-government media, by landmine explosion in Deir-ez-Zur countryside
SyAF launched a raid on Tamaniyah in Idlib countryside, civilians injured
Opposition forces have targeted As Safsaniyah in Western Hama with missiles
Idlib: pro-Assad forces located in Kensaba targets the town of Badama in the countryside of Jisr al-Shughour west of Idlib with rockets
One YPG fighter killed in clashes at Jalbul village axis in Eastern Afrin
Military police dismantle three explosive devices and detonate another in the region of Jinderes rural Afrin north of Aleppo
The warplanes attacking the villages of Al-Khwain, Zarzur and Al-Skeik in the southern countryside of Idlib, Syria
2 year ago
Pro-Assad forces targeted with artillery shells the city of Saraqib and the towns of Al-Qasabiya and Abdin in Idlib countryside.
FSA is responding to YPG infiltration attempt at Jalbul village in Afrin district
Pro-Assad forces bombard the towns of Kafr Zeita and Al Latmina in the northern Hama with artillery
Pro-Assad forces shelled Bdama village in Western Idlib
Pro-Assad forces shelled the town of Saraqib in the eastern countryside of Idlib
2 year ago
Pro-Assad forces shelled Al Huwayz town in Western Hama
Idlib: pro-Assad forces stationed in the camp of Kbeibat Abu Huda targeting the city of Khan Sheikhun with missiles
Iraqi Security Media Center denies that Iraq is receiving detained ISIS foreign fighters from Syrian Democratic Forces. All prisoners received are Iraqis who joined ISIS.
2 year ago
Kremlin spokesman: Putin will discuss with Netanyahu the Syrian conflict during their meeting in Moscow on Wednesday
Pictures showing damage caused by a fire in the gas cylinder warehouse in the Hawl camp for displaced people yesterday evening.2 year ago
Pictures showing damage caused by a fire in the gas cylinder warehouse in the Hawl camp for displaced people yesterday evening.
IS claims to have murdered "PKK agent" in al-Makif neighborhood of Raqqa
Northern Hama Today : A drone belonging to the armed opposition was downed in the country side of northern Hama by the Tiger forces
Syria: massive explosion rocking outskirts of Khan Shiekhoun (SE. Idlib) tonight as government is renewing its bombardment.
Troops stationed at Abu Duhur airport shelling Saraqib and area with MLRS
900 ISIS family members including 89 militants have been transferred by SDF from Baghoz, Syria - SOHR
Casualties among pro-Assad forces after opposition shelled their positions in neighborhood Zahraa west of Aleppo with missiles
It's old information
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ordered the women of Islamic State fighters to leave Baghuqz, their last remaining stronghold in Syria, this woman says.
Jaysh al-Izza release video show the destruction of pickup carrying a Kornet launcher and government soldiers with a TOW ATGM at the "zilin"checkpoint in the northern Hama countryside today
E. Syria: another soldier announced killed in Deir ez-Zur prov. due to an ISIS mine/IED. He was a survivor of US airstrike which struck Assad forces on Jebal Tardah in Sept. 2016.
Hama: Jaish Al-Azza targets the Zlin checkpoint of the pro-Assad forces near Halfaia, north of Hama with artillery
Protest in the city of Marea in the northern Aleppo countryside of members of armed opposition factions due to the delay of their salaries, since they do not receive salaries for 3 months
Commander of the Hamzah Brigade of the FSA National Army: The safe area will be under the control of the FSA and the Turkish army and we will not accept the establishment of an international force on our borders
Sultan Murad fighter was killed in Mashalah village of Afrin district in attempt to dismantle an IED
2 year ago
SOHR: 9 captives and casualties of the government forces and the militiamen loyal to them in a new ambush by ISIS in the Desert
20 air raids so far on the towns of Al-Tamnah, Al-Khawain, Zarzur and Sukaik villages east of Khan Ashikun. The Civil Defense teams searched the target sites and made sure there were no civilian casualties.
New idps from Baghuz. One of the woman was shouting Islamic state slogans2 year ago
New idps from Baghuz. One of the woman was shouting Islamic state slogans
2 year ago
Lavrov says Russia could police Syria-Turkey safe zone
Air raid targeting the village of Ard al-Zarzour south of Idlib.
Aircraft targeting al-Khwain and Sukayk, south of Idlib with machineguns
Idlib: Russian warplanes launch raids on Tall Skik in the southern countryside with heavy machine guns
Air strikes with rockets targeting the town of Al-Khwain and Al Tamanah south of Idlib.
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