Daesh collapse opened the way for people to flee its areas to the SDF areas.

Map. History of Syria conflict

19 February 2019
Coalition declares new potential civilian harm case under investigation: "Through self-reporting, @CJTFOIR is investigating a potential incident involving civilian casualties in the Middle Euphrates River Valley in Syria on Jan. 22, 2019."
3 week ago
President Erdogan says Turkey is the only power that can establish safe zone in Syria
3 week ago
Erdogan: Turkey must control the situation on the ground in northern Syria
3 week ago
Erdogan says expects secure zone in northern Syria to be established in a few months
3 week ago
Turkey's Erdogan says 1998 agreement with Syria allows Turkey to enter its territory when it faces threats
Demonstrations against the Kurdish militias in the Shu'aytat area in the countryside of Deir al-Azur
International Coalition patrols near Sagur today, north-east on the town of Manbij3 week ago
International Coalition patrols near Sagur today, north-east on the town of Manbij
150 ISIS fighters and several heads surrendered to the Syria's Democratic Forces (SDF) in Deir Ezzor
Violent clashes between the organization of Daesh and SDF on the outskirts of the town of Al-Bagouz east of Deir Ez-Zor
Early morning Daesh detonated an explosive device on Humvee in al-Huwayij village in the Dhiban area
Raqqa countryside: Meeting between all tribal leaders to facilitate the handing of Raqqa governatorate to the Syrian government.
Some insurgents has panted many IEDs on the road to Manbij (M4) road. Special teams just finished their job.  Road just opened right3 week ago
Some insurgents has panted many IEDs on the road to Manbij (M4) road. Special teams just finished their job. Road just opened right
Turkish artillery again shelled YPG in Tel Rifat area3 week ago
Turkish artillery again shelled YPG in Tel Rifat area
At least 3 morning raids in al-Baghuz al-Tahtani
Deir ez-Zur: Clashes erupted between members of Assad government and Iranian militias in alBokamal as a result of a dispute over the sharing of houses in the city
Mazlum Kobani, the Commander of Syria's democratic forces, said the military presence of "Al Khilafa" of ISIS in Syria will end within a month.
Six months ago, the US Army base at al-Tanf have dismissed the former spox of Maghaweir al-Thawra "Abu Jarah" after People in the Rukban Camp captured him [Former Spox of MaT] while he was raping a 10-YO girl
Syrian Armed Forces Soldiers say SAA and Russian Military Police are patrolling the Oushrie and Dadat Areas North of Manbij
Daesh collapse opened the way for people to flee its areas to the SDF areas.
Daesh collapse opened the way for people to flee its areas to the SDF areas.
A fire broke out in a house in the Saruja neighborhood of Damascus, causing material damage
Hundreds of US soldiers have entered to Syria,among with a convoy of 250 vehicles,these soldiers are likely brought to guard the US SOF,and secure the US SOF withdrawal that Trump has ordered,then these Hundreds will withdraw
[email protected] a US-led coalition "strike destroyed an ISIS command and control facility in a mosque in eastern Syria, on Jan. 24.This strike killed ISIS militants who were using the facility as a command structure from which they were actively attacking our Syrian partner forces"
3 week ago
Heavy lift - Inbound Latakia Air Base, Syria Russia Russian Air Force IL76 RA78830 RFF7339
Russian force in Daddat and Oushrie today, Manbij
Syrian Democratic forces and Asayish security force sending reinforcement to Mansoura.
7 civilians including two children were injured, as a result of two consecutive explosions in the residential neighborhoods of Qabasin town. These were part of a series of bombings that hit the northern and eastern parts of Aleppo today.
There are still civilians coming out of Marashida
SDF impose a curfew in Mansoura in rural Raqqa until Saturday morning
3 civilians were killed and 12 wounded, including a member of the White Helmets, after a motorcycle explosion took place in the centr of Al-Bab city north of Aleppo this afternoon.
US Treasury: New sanctions on entities linked to Iran's Mahan airlines and the Quds Force
Treasury Designates Iran's Foreign Fighter Militias in Syria along with a Civilian Airline Ferrying Weapons to Syria
SDF entered Marashida from one of the bridges.
Death toll of explosion in central Al Bab is at 3 now
Scenes from the work of White Helmets teams rescuing the injured civilians after the artillery bombardment of the town of Talmans in the eastern countryside of Idlib with more than 15 rocket shells by the government forces this afternoon.
8 civilians injured by a motorcycle explosion in the city of Bab and the suspect was arrested
Turkish artillery hit YPG positions near Tal Rifat
5 wounded by a motorcycle explosion in the city of Bab
One death and few wounded explosion in Al-Center roundabout in Albab area. This comes alongside other explosions ( by explosive devices) in many areas around northern Syria since early morning. Syria
The first image of the explosion in the village of Qabasin to the north of Al Bab.
Civilian casualties after explosion in Al Bab city in Aleppo
Surrounded, under constant artillery and air bombardment, IS are still putting up a determined and well-executed defence
SDF controls the village of Al-Bagouz Faqani east of Deir Al-Zour.
YPG heavy weapons units provide mobile fire support for SDF units under IS counterattack
SDF forces crossed a bridge into the IS-held pocket of al-Marashidah this morning, one of the two tiny areas they still control in Deir Ezzor governorate (footage from this morning)
The first picture of the explosion of IED in Damascus.
Explosion of IED in Adawi area of Damascus
Syria's Assad suspends special visas for EU diplomats
The explosion in Gandura town of Jarablus district took place in front of a cargo company.
Two civilians were injured when a motorcycle exploded in the center of the town of Ghandoura on the south of the town of Jarabulus
Idlib: Situation in Tell Mannas (aka Tallmans) after shelling
Mansoura: rioters attacked the base of SDF and burned it.
Demonstration of civilians this afternoon in Mansoura town E Raqqa after killing a civilian by SDF at a checkpoint.
3 week ago
Erdogan: We have no intention of occupation in Syria and our aim of ongoing operations is to protect our national security and the security of the population there
Two civilians were wounded by artillery shelling on the village of Talmans in rural Idlib
3 week ago
President Erdogan: Turkey is the only country present in Syria for humanitarian purposes.
Pro-Assad forces targeting Maaret al-Naman in Idlib with heavy artillery
3 week ago
Israeli army: During the night, troops operating in an enclave near the border fence with Syria were fired on. They responded with fire. There were no casualties.
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