15 June 2021
Raqqa: An explosive device was detonated near the Water Foundation, north of Al-Dallah Roundabout, in the city of Raqqa
1 year ago
Ahmad al Za'im, a commander of the Deir ez Zor military council, and one of his men were assassinated by two gunmen today in the town of Abu Khashab. The locals in Al-Janeena town, in conjunction with the SDF and locals from Abu Khashab, hunted down the assassins and killed them
Turkish forces seized and neutralized a car bomb in the village of Ayn al-Arus in Tel Abyad today
Pro-Assad forces target with heavy artillery the town of "Kamari" in the southern countryside of Aleppo
1 year ago
Kobani: A new joint patrol by the Russian and Turkish military forces in eastern Kobani countryside and in western Tal-Abyad (Gre-Spi) countryside
Syria: Rebel's long range rockets are back. Video shows them targeting pro-Assad positions in NE. Latakia CS
Artillery and missile shelling target Talmans town and the village of Ma'arshamsha in the southeastern Idlib countryside
Reports about targeting of T4 airfield in eastern Homs by unknown aircrafts
East Syria: the ISIS IED which struck yesterday in Deir ez-Zur desert the convoy with Al-Quds Birgade's Commander for E. front (wounded) also killed 5 fighters. Mass funerals today1 year ago
East Syria: the ISIS IED which struck yesterday in Deir ez-Zur desert the convoy with Al-Quds Birgade's Commander for E. front (wounded) also killed 5 fighters. Mass funerals today
Russia takes over base left by US forces near Syria's Raqqa: TASS
Netanyahu discussed Iran and Syria over the phone with Putin
In Dhiban, an assassination attempt on a civilian by 4 masked men was foiled after they got into a chase and a shootout with the SDF garrison. 1 masked man was killed instantly, while another died from his wounds in hospital. An unrelated civilian was killed in the crossfire
Elements of Iranian militias were killed and injured in Al-Buamal last night after a number of rockets were fired from the Syrian badiyah by Maghawir al-Thawra
In response to raids on the TFSA, the Turks and TFSA are shelling Maranaz, Milkiyah, and Shawarighat al Arz
1 year ago
Casualties among pro-Assad forces due to a raid by factions on advanced points on the Kabana axis, north of Lattakia
The Afrin Liberation Forces have successfully raided TFSA positions near Azaz
Trump: I warn Russia, the Syrian government, and Iran against killing civilians in Idlib
A tank was damaged, and casualties among pro-Assad forces, due to the targeting of their gatherings in the town of Jarjanaz in the eastern Idlib countryside, with artillery by the rebels
1 year ago
[email protected]: Russia, Syria, and Iran are killing, or on their way to killing, thousands if inocent civilians in Idlib Province. Don't do it. Turkey is working hard to stop this carnage
With latest advances, SAA secure the road between Halban and Al-Barsah
Opposition forces have repelled an attempt of pro-Assad forces to advance on the Abu Jarif axis in the eastern Idlib countryside amid fierce shelling and the clashes
Artillery and missile shelling by the pro-Assad forces targeting the villages and towns of Al-Ghadfa, Al-Zala'ala, Masran, Babolin, Marashsha, Marshmarin, Tal Mans, and Maar Shourin, south of Idlib
SNA announces the destruction of a pro-Assad forces tank on the "Abu Jarif" axis in the eastern Idlib countryside
1 year ago
Pro-Assad forces bombard Al-Kabina area in Lattakia countryside
Pro-Assad forces shelled with heavy artillery and rocket launchers Dayr Al Sharqi town in the southern countryside of Idlib
Pro-Assad forces ATGM position was destroyed at Al Tah axis with ATGM
Pro-Assad forces continue operations in the southeastern countryside of Idlib, and extends its control over the villages of Smakha, Ashura and Jadida Nawaf, north of Furan, and the village of Khaiwin al-Shaar, north of Bernan
Suspicious flight Guinea registered Ilyushin IL-20 TT-WAK  airborne from Sirya heading Libya1 year ago
Suspicious flight Guinea registered Ilyushin IL-20 TT-WAK airborne from Sirya heading Libya
An American patrol near the source of oil, accompanied by Kurdish forces, wandered in the oil mountain Karachuk and headed to the Swedish gas field The patrol exited the American Rumailan base
Opposition factions were able to regain control of a point where Assad's forces advanced in the village of Abu Jarif, killing and wounding a number of SAA soldiers and destroying a tank with an anti-tank missile on the Abu Jarif front east of Idlib
A Turkish military convoy entered the Syrian territories from the "Kafr Lucien" border crossing and heads towards the southern Idlib countryside
Image of Turkish observation post in the vicinity of town As Surman, the town itself is under the control of Syrian Military
At least five fighters from Iranian militias killed in strikes by unidentified aircrafts in east Syria, near Iraq border: Syrian Observatory
Syrian President advisor says Syria will sue U.S. through intl. organizations for plundering oil resources
Pro-Assad forces target Talmans town and the village of Ma'arshamarin east of Ma`rat al-Nu`man in southern Idlib countryside with rocket launchers
Violent clashes between the military factions and the pro-Assad forces on the axis of the village "Abu Jarif" in the eastern Idlib countryside
SNA has announced repelling a pro-Assad forces Advance on Abu Jurayf, west of Tal Khatrah
Israeli PM Netanyahu on Army Radio: Putin told me without our relationship there could have been a military clash between the two countries. He said there were at least 4 cases when IAF jets almost collided with Russian jets but were avoided due to the deconfliction mechanism
There was an Explosion in Al-Bukamal at an Iranian Militias position
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