Dozens of rioters are arrested in Al-Shaitat at dawn this morning in a raid by the SDF

Map. History of Syria conflict

25 February 2021
1 year ago
Turkish army targeted wirh machine gun positions of SDF in the vicinity of Tall Abiad, north of al-Raqqa, in conjunction with a reconnaissance flight of the International Coalition in the skies of the city of Raqqa and its northern outskirts
Russian warplanes bombard the city of Latamna in the northern Hama
A grenade explosion near Al Fylan road in Afrin, north of Aleppo, injures a municipal police worker
Three members of the SDF were killed as a result of a hand grenade thrown at their car by unknown persons in the area of Al-Kassrat south of Al-Raqqa
US Ambassador and Deputy Special Envoy to the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, William Roebuck, visited Deir ar Zour countryside today
Casualties to the Russian-backed 5th Corps at dawn on Saturday during a clash with an ISIS cell involving heavy gunfire and a explosion at a farm between the city of al-Hirak and the town of Melihit al-Atash East Daraa
Syria: TIP along with Ansar Tawheed used their heavy artillery (including a BM-21 Grad launcher) today to pound Hakura front (Ghab Plain - NW. Hama)
Huge SDF raid that included 600 members went through Abu Hammam this morning. 20 card-carrying Daesh members were found and arrested. One SDF member was killed during the operation as a result of a shootout
Yesterday @facebook blocked Syria Civil Defense - The White Helmets page from publishing any content. The page has been banned under the pretext of "posting content containing violent images."
Hama: Russian aviation targets an ambulance and kills 3 paramedics near the town of Kafr Zeita in the northern countryside
Civil Defense: An air strike with an explosive missile targeting civilian houses in the town of Ein Laroz in rural Idlib
Dozens of rioters are arrested in Al-Shaitat at dawn this morning in a raid by the SDF
Rocket bombardment of the pro-Assad forces targeting the city of Kafr Zita in the northern suburbs of Hama
The warplanes bombard the perimeter of the town of al-Ghadafa in southern Idlib
The warplanes target the outskirts of the town of Ma'roushin in rural Idlib with air raids
Air raids with rockets on the outskirts of the town of Mahershorin rural Ma'ra-Al-Nu'man east of Idlib
The number of people killed by a simultaneous bombs explosions in the cities of northern Aleppo rises to 4 civilians
Russian air raids on the city of Kafrzita north of Syria's Hama
Russian aviation targets the village of Khirbat Baulin and outskirts of Hish with rockets with cluster ammunition
Photos from location of the explosion of a motorcycle in the Al Bab in Aleppo, which led to civilian casualties
1 year ago
6 wounded civilians, some of them critically, in a motorcycle explosion in the town of Ghandoura in Jarabulus southern countryside in eastern Aleppo
6 injured in explosion of IED in Azaz, northern Aleppo
11 injured in the explosion of a motorcycle in the city of Al Bab
Helicopters has dropped barrel bombs on the town of Kafr Zeita, north of Hama
Two children were killed and two others were injured when a motorcycle exploded in the center of the city of Al Bab in Aleppo countryside
SOHR: In an incident that is the first of kind since the government forces regained control over Daraa province, suicidal bombing targets the government forces and their loyal gunmen and kills 6 of them
1 year ago
Turkey is detaining and coercing Syrians in Istanbul and elsewhere into signing up for "voluntary repatriation" and then sending them in a war zone
Explosion of a motorcycle bomb in the city of Al Bab east of Aleppo
3 killed and 20 injured in the air strike on Arihah town in Idlib
1 year ago
Aleppo: pro-Assad forces target the town of Jazraia in the southern countryside with heavy artillery
One civilian killed, other wounded as result of air strike on Kafr Uwaid
Dead and wounded as result of air strike on a popular market in the city of Jericho in the southern Idlib countryside
Airstrikes targeting the town of Al Tah in southern Idlib
Man and a child killed, 20 others wounded as result of airstrike on Arihah town in Idlib
The warplanes targeting both Haloubi and Zizoun station in rural Idlib
City of Jericho in southern Idlib is under constant strikes
Child killed as result of shelling on farms near Kafr Uwaid
Turkish artillery targeted YPG at Sorhane village this morning
Syrian warplanes bombard the village of AlTah in the southern Idlib countryside with rockets
1 year ago
Pro-Assad forces targeted the town of Jazariya in the south of Aleppo
Pro-Assad forces targeted the village of Tal Bagar in the southern countryside of Aleppo with artillery shells
A civilian was killed in airstrike on Halubah village in Southern Idlib
The warplanes targeted both Mhmbal, Jericho and Hamediyah in the countryside of Idlib. Number of civilian casualties in Jericho
The warplanes bombed Jericho city in the southern Idlib
Aerial air-to-surface missile attacks on the town of Kafruhid and Halawa village resulted in civilian casualties and casualties in the town of Khan Sheikhun as a result of targeting by the military aircraft
Air raids of MiG 23 on Muhambal and Jericho in the southern Idlib countryside
1 year ago
Sirmaniyah axis NE Lattakia - NW Hama also under bombardment
Tal Sakhr, Jibeen and Tal Maleh under heavy bombardment too
A raid of the warplanes at the village of Hamidiyah in the southern countryside of Idlib
Civilians were wounded by aerial bombardment of warplanes on the town of Halouba in southern Idlib
Su-22 warplanes raided the village of Hamidiyah in the southern countryside of Idlib
The warplanes launched several air raids targeting the town of the Ziyarah, and Zezoun village in Al-Ghab plain in the western countryside of Hama
The warplanes targeting the town of Kafruid, and artillery/rocket attack targeting Sfuhun town south to Kafruid
Warplanes targeted the town of Khan Sheikhoun and the village of Kafr Aweid in the southern Idlib countryside
Warplanes targeted Kafr Uwaid village in southern Idlib
Opposition forces have destroyed pro-Assad forces 57mm cannon with an ATGM at Al Ghab plains
Opposition factions have targeted Buraydij military camp in Hama with GRAD missiles1 year ago
Opposition factions have targeted Buraydij military camp in Hama with GRAD missiles
1 year ago
Warplanes launch several air strikes on the cities of Kafr Zeita, Murak, Zakat and Hashraya villages in the northern Hama countryside
Helicopter targeted with an barrel bomb the city of Morek in the northern Hama countryside
Turkestan Islamic Party targeted pro-Assad forces positions in Al Hakoura village in western Hama
Western Hama: Artillery fire from the camp of Jorin targeted villages at the Ghab Plains this morning: Mansoura, Ziyarah, Duqmaq, Qarqur, Ishtabraq, Ghaniyah, Qastun
Artillery shelling of pro-Assad forces targeting the village of Ottomaniya in the southern countryside of Aleppo, in conjunction with artillery shelling targeting the perimeter of the town of Umm Jalal in Idlib countryside
Syrian army "border guards" are involved in clashes with the TFSA at this time
Manbij: Clashes reported between Euphrat shield militants and Manbij Military council in Jablat Al-Hamrah area and Sukkariyah east of Al-bab city, heavy weapons are involved.
An evening demonstration in Idlib against the government and Russia
Civil Defense: One civilian was killed and nine others were injured in Sarqeb city by an air strike targeting the popular market in the center of the city. A man and a woman were injured in the village of Marhatat in two air strikes targeting the international road along the village.
Heavy shelling targeted the northern Lattakia countryside from the positions of the pro-Assad forces in Qal'at Shilif
Helicopters and aircrafts launch several air raids with rockets and barrel bombs on the town of Kafr Zeita, Zakat village in the northern Hama countryside, in conjunction with a Russian reconnaissance flight flying over the region.
Deir ez-Zur: Qasim Soleimani, commander of IRGC , arrived to Al Bukamal and met with militia leaders in the city and called on them to prepare for a possible confrontation with the US in the region.
Demonstration in the city of A'zaz in the northern countryside of Aleppo condemning the violent shelling of the Syrian north and demanding a halt to the massacres
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