30 July 2021
Deir ez-Zur Eastern countryside: Nearly 200 people, mostly women and children, left the last enclave of ISIS in the eastern suburb of Deir al-Zour in the past 24 hours.
SDF fighters found weapons and ammunition depot and drugs belonging to IS militants in the Marashli village
Some ISIS Fighters are surrendering to SDF at Al-Marashidah
Clashes between FSA and HTS on the one side and pro-Assad forces on the Tamoura frontline in the northern countryside of Aleppo.
Syria: aftermath of government's artillery (MLRS) bombardment on village of Qasabiyah located in S. Idlib countryside.2 year ago
Syria: aftermath of government's artillery (MLRS) bombardment on village of Qasabiyah located in S. Idlib countryside.
HTS militants are storming the city of Ma'arat al-Nu'man and control the headquarters of the bank and the museum amid a state of great alert in the city Idlib
Iran says it will build a power plant in the Syrian city of Latakia
6 civilians were injured in addition to the partial destruction of some civilian property, after a car bomb explosion in the city of Azzaz north of Aleppo this evening.
Artillery shelling of SAA on Kafr Zita city in Northern Hama today
Artillery shelling of SAA on Kafr Zita city in Northern Hama today
2 year ago
Massive reinforcements of Hurras Al-Din and Ansar Al-Tahweed and HTS,including the defeated NLF are arriving to Latakia,Hama,Aleppo,Idlib Countryside fronts with the Assad government
Video from inside Marashida
Video from inside Marashida
A car bomb exploded in Azaz town north of Aleppo
A car bomb exploded in Azaz town north of Aleppo2 year ago
A car bomb exploded in Azaz town north of Aleppo
ISIS confined to a last pocket covering no more than 4 km² in east Syria: SDF commander to @AFP
Russian special envoy to Syria Aleksandr Lavrentiev and Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Vershinin held talks with Israeli officials on the situation in the region amid US withdrawal from Syria
2 year ago
President Putin's special envoy Lavrentiev and deputy FM Vershinin arrived in Israel for talks on the situation in Syria
Students of the University of Idlib organized a protest to highlight the crimes of the Assad government and the need to hold accountability for these crimes against humanity
Pro ISIS media outlet acknowledges capture of Islamic State media operative Abu Radwan al Kanadi ID'd as Canadian Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed
YPG captured 3 ISIS fighters of Sudanese and Tajik origin in Deir al-Zour yesterday.
An artillery shell targeting the town of Safafna in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Ezur
Spokesman of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Ramadan Sharif: Tel-Aviv talk about the killing of 12 Iranians in the recent strikes on Syria, "baseless lies"
IS up-armored and desert-colored 4x4 SVBIED with 5x frontal exterior IEDs captured by YPG in al-Baghuz/Marashida area
Macron: Normalization with Damascus will not be acceptable without progress on the solution in Syria
Macron: The Egyptian-French vision is shared with regard to reaching a solution in Syria
Sisi: I reviewed with the French President the outstanding Middle East issues, especially Syria, Libya and the Palestinian issue
Military police officers of the Southern Military District met in Dagestan after returning from Syria
A civilian was killed by a mine explosion in Afrin
Iranian government Airbus A340-313 EP-IGA A340 arriving Damascus
A child was killed by artillery shelling by SAA forces on the village of Zakat in the northern Hama
A woman was injured by artillery fire on Habit in Southern Idlib
USNavy P8A 168438 Maritime surveillance and ASW platform, operating eastern Mediterranean.
SAA forces stationed in the northern outskirts of Hama bombard the outskirts of the town of Habit in the southern countryside of Idlib.
SAA shelled the city of Morak, north of Hama
SAA shelled the village of Zakah, north of Hama
Hama: Shelling on Suqaylabiyah town with rocket
2 year ago
Lavrov: there is a hotbed of terrorism in Idlib, this region should be returned to Damascus control
2 year ago
Lavrov: Moscow is ready to continue implementation of the Idlib agreement, but the actions of the HTS is a breach of this agreement
An Iraqi military official confirmed that a special US force had crossed into Syria and that the force entered after receiving information indicating the presence of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
The United States sent additional 600 troops to Syria to support the process of evacuating their forces came to Syria. The soldiers will be divided into 18 U.S. bases
2 year ago
Erdogan: Western countries sought to combat one terrorist organization by arming another terrorist organization
2 year ago
Lavrov: next meeting of Astana on Syria will be held mid-October next year
2 year ago
Erdogan: We hope that the number of refugees returning to Syria will reach more than one million with the establishment of the safe areas
2 year ago
Turkey President Erdoğan: We will restore peace, stability and security to the east of the Euphrates very soon, just like any other region we have secured
2 year ago
Erdogan: We continue our meetings with the United States, Russia and all the forces that have troops in Syria for the next step
2 year ago
Erdogan: Turkey will soon clear the remnants of ISIS that were left to attack Turkey
2 year ago
Erdogan: Kurdish units allowed the ISIS to leave the Raqqa safely
HRW documented 11 cases in which Hay'et Tahrir al-Sham detained Idlib residents, apparently because of their peaceful work documenting abuses or protesting the group's rule. Six of those detained were apparently tortured.
Artillery shelling targeting the town of Kafr Zeita north of Hama.
SDF has entered Al-Marashidah,and has captured the majority of the village,with some pockets of resistance,which are expected to be taken in the next few hours
2 year ago
Climbing out from Latakia AB, Syria Russia Russian Air Force IL62 RA86495 RFF7336
Joint patrols between the Russian military police and Al-Bab military council continue along the eastern border of Al-Bab city.
Syria: old Homs districts flattened by SAA and Hezbollah firepower before Russia n intervention. Among the devastated quarters, the Khalid Ibn Walid Mosque which was repaired by Kadyrov Foundation. Pics from 2019.
@obretix: 6 Reaper drones and 3 Beechcraft ISR planes captured on a satellite image southeast of Hajin on 11 Jan 2019
Russian air defense system in Hmeimim launched at least two missiles at unidentified aerial objects.
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