AtTanf - "Our reason for being at At Tanf is principally driven by our defeat ISIS mission" per @CENTCOM's Gen Votel "We continue to confront it"

Map. History of Syria conflict

19 May 2019
Daesh launched an attack on the Assad's forces positions on the outskirts of AlSuwayiyah village in the eastern Deir ez-Zur countryside.
Manbij Military Council fighters freed civilians in Deir al Zour countryside today. There are also IS families of Turkish, French, Iraqi, Tunisian and Syrian nationality who have reached the safe areas. Southern axis of Bagouz village is witnessing strong clashes
200 trucks loaded with equipment/supplies/vehicles from the Coalition to SDF passing through Qamishlo city.
RuAF RFF7334 Tu-154 85605 from Latakia Syria to Chkalovskiy, Russia
Over 70 missiles hit the town of Al Tamanah in Southern Idlib in continuous shelling by rocket launchers
UAV is circling over Al Tamanah in Southern Idlib
Heavy rocket shelling on Al Tamanah in Southern Idlib
Senate approves Mideast policy bill, 77-23. Assists Israel and sanctions Syria. Also includes provision to oppose speedy Trump Administratoon troop withdrawal from Syria
The US Senate is adopting legislation opposing withdrawal from Syria and Afghanistan and imposing sanctions on the Assad regime
The intensity of fighting between Daesh and the SDF decreases east of the Euphrates
Syria's S-300 deployed, three launchers are erected.
AtTanf - "Our reason for being at At Tanf is principally driven by our defeat ISIS mission" per @CENTCOM's Gen Votel "We continue to confront it"
Votel: 1,000-1,500 ISIS fighters are left in the last 1% of territory in the Middle Euphrates River Valley. Asked about estimates of 20-30,000 ISIS fighters left in total, Votel said they are "geographically dispersed."
Is SDF taling to Assad regime?- "All these parties talk to each other all the time" per @CENTCOM"s Gen Votel "We do expect that that is occurring"
[email protected] meets with Syrian FM Muallem in Tehran
SDF fighters at the funeral in Kobane of one of their comrades killed in the battle against the last pocket of ISIS jihadists in Syria
"The coalition's hard-fought battlefield gains can only be secured by maintaining a vigilant offensive against a largely dispersed and disaggregated ISIS that retains leaders, fighters, facilitators, resources." per Gen Votel
Votel says he expects 'territorial state' of ISIS will be killed by the time US forces withdraw. US will work w partners (SDF) to help them prevent resurgence and also take unilateral US actions (presumably airstrikes).
3 month ago
Two civilians, including a child, were killed when a car bomb exploded in the village of Al-Awasi east of Aleppo
US, coalition has "largely captured the so-called physical caliphate of ISIS" per @CENTCOM's gen Votel, adding ISIS controls less than 20 sq miles
Votel says that @CENTCOM is overseeing 'orderly and professional' withdrawal of troops from Syria.
Gen Joseph Votel, head of US @CENTCOM , appearing before @SASCMajority to brief on mil operations in the Middle East. Will be one of his final appearances before lawmakers before retiring this spring.
After the SDF have captured Hajin and its countryside from IS militants and finished the mine-clearance operation,residents are gradually returning to their homes They called on humanitarian org to rehabilitate their areas as soon as possible to return to a normal life
SAA targeted a mosque in Kafr Nabudah, Northern Hama. At least 3 civilians injured3 month ago
SAA targeted a mosque in Kafr Nabudah, Northern Hama. At least 3 civilians injured
Three pro-Assad militia members killed by explosive device near military checkpoint in northern Daraa town of Namar
More equipment being brought to Northern Syria by coalition forces
Secretary of the Iranian National Security Council: Our next response to the Israeli aggressions in Syria will be deadly and decisive
3 month ago
The European Union condemns the deployment of Iranian forces in Syria and Iran's military, financial and political support to non-governmental entities in Syria and Lebanon
Cargo traffic between Iran and Syria continues: Syrian Arab Air Force 585th Transport Squadron of the 29th Air Brigade's Ilyushin IL-76T heavy lift is flying from Tehran Mehrabad to Damascus. Just reached cruising altitude 10340m over Kermanshah and about to cross into Iraq.
3 month ago
UK Security Minister Ben Wallace confirms John Cantlie is believed to still be alive and held by ISIS.
4 children injured in a fire in the ِAtmeh camp in Northern Idlib
3 month ago
5 casualties among civilians after Kafr Nabouda north of Hama hit with rockets
3 month ago
3 civilian casualties following the targeting of the town of Kafr Nabudah north of Hama with rockets
3 month ago
Erdogan: in Eastern Euphrates if a plan not provided in few months, Turkey period of waiting ends
3 month ago
President Erdoğan: we are giving only few weeks for militants in Manbij to leave the area, our patience is over
3 month ago
Erdogan: There is no "satisfactory" plan with Washington on the safe area north of Syria
3 month ago
We will wait three more weeks for US response over Kurdish groups withdrawal from Manbij, otherwise Turkey will act - Erdogan
3 month ago
Erdoğan, regarding the developments in Syria: "any threat can not turn us from this way, even sanctions"
An explosion in the city of Manbij near the central prison on the road to Jarabulus
USNavy P8A 168857 Maritime surveillance and ASW platform undertaking an intelligence-gathering mission over the eastern Mediterranean. 0911z
One person was killed when a bomb exploded at the school junction in Al-Nashwa neighborhood in Al-Hasaka city
Artillery shelling targeting the town of Jarjanaz south of Idlib.
Pro-Assad forces bombard the towns and villages of Jirjnaz, Rafa, Sukaik, Al-Halba and Al-Khubain in the southern countryside of Idlib
Reports the Coalition hit an "Iranian militia position" in Suwwaya just over an hour and a half ago.
Suwayyah: Two air raids, followed by heavy gunfire at the pro-Assad forces checkpoints in the city
Turkish Military UAV/ISR platfrom on surveillance over Afrin region of Syria. FL 210 - speed 152 kts. ADSB Hex 001453 - regular player in this area. 2152z
3 month ago
Turkey presidential spokesman: Turkish intelligence may sometimes have contacts with government in al-Hasakah andQamishli, including Damascus [govt], in framework of Turkey security andoverall safety of operations in Syria. This does not mean Turkey recognizes legitimacy of government."
Two civilians were wounded by artillery shelling on the Zammar in southern Aleppo
FSA National Srmy seized motorcycle bomb and arrested a driver at the village of Al-Tukhar al-Kabir, south of the city of Jarabulus after it crossed from SDF-controlled areas
PMU: The news that we have carried out an operation in Syria is baseless and confusing in terms of the role of the PMU on the border
200 Trucks of military weapons, logistic, and PKW´s reinforcements from the International Coalition arrived at Northern-Syria through the border of Kurdistan Region
Jaysh al-Islam study military tactics in one of the camps in the Olive Branch area in the Aleppo countryside
Washington is asking countries to repatriate and prosecute their own Islamic State group sympathizers detained by US-allied forces in Syria, as Washington pulls out its own troops
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