The defense Ministry denied the US statement about dangerous maneuvers of the Russian Su-35

Map. History of Syria conflict

4 March 2021
Syria: town of Kafranbel in S. Idlib also heavily hit tonight by waves of rockets (MRLS). Multiple casualties reported.
Town of Kafr Nabl was targeted by MLRS
Rocket launchers target the town of Kafr Nabl in the southern countryside of Idlib
Town of Kafr Zita is being targeted by rockets with incendiary ammunition
Town of Kafr Zita is being targeted by rockets with incendiary ammunition
Hundreds of rockets from pro-Assad forces targeting towns and villages of Southern Idlib
40 rockets at once targeting Kafr Sajnah town in Idlib
Pro-Assad forces pounding Kafr Nabl with rocket launchers
Syria: for the 4th consecutive night Rebels used weaponized drones to target Jub Ramlah's Helicopter Base (W. Hama). At least 8 were shot down past days.
Syria: pro-Assad forces carried out an incendiary strike in daylight on town of Kafr Zita (N. Hama).
Three civilians were killed and others injured by an air strike on the town of Ma'arat al-Nu'man in the southern Idlib countryside.
Helicopters bomb the town of Kafr Zeita and the Sayad village north of Hama
Helicopter targets the surrounding area of Kafr Zeita in the northern Hama countryside.
The warplanes targeted the outskirts of Khan Sheikhan in rural Idlib, with rockets
Russian planes bombard the towns of Latamna and Kafr Zita, north of Hama
ISIS claims that it attacked a SAA-IRGC unit in Daraa killing 4 troops and disabling 1 x Vehicle. Daesh has not been active in this area for about 1 year.
Syria: closely monitored by Iran ian drone(s) Jebal Zawiyah locations are heavily bombed today by SyAF warplanes and "barrel bombers".
1 year ago
Opposition forces targeting pro-Assad forces in Qaalat Al-Madiq and Tall Hawash in Northern Hama
The picture shows the bombardment in Southern Idlib by warplane
Wounded among civilians in a Russian air raid on the Jadar Al Khudar south of the city of Ma'ra Al-Nu'man in the southern Idlib countryside.
Warplanes bombard with high-explosive missiles the villages of Sfuhn, Hntin, Madayah
An explosive device exploded in the village of Al-Hreikia in the eastern countryside of Deir Al-Azur while a car belonging to SDF passed near without causing injuries.
Pro-Assad forces stationed in the camp of Jorin shell heavy artillery around the village of Karkur in the western Hama countryside.
Warplanes flying over North-western Hama countryside
Warplanes flying over North-western Hama countryside
Opposition forces shelling pro-Assad forces in Kafr Nabudah with GRAD
Warplanes has been carrying out successive raids since the morning and until now on the towns and villages of the Idlib countryside: Khan Sheikhan, Kafr Sagnah, Jericho, Muharramah, Kafr Uwaid, Al-Safohen, Deir Snabel, Sheikh Mustafa, Taramala, Arinaba, Karsa, there are dead and wounded
Kurdish authorities in northeast Syria say they have transferred six Americans to the U.S. - two women and four children, who were captured with ISIS. The transfer was requested by the US and the citizens are returning voluntarily, the authorities say.
5 civilians killed in the airstrike on Kafr Uwaid in rural south Idlib
Pro-Assad forces shelling Az Zarbah town in Southern Aleppo
Air raids targeting towns and towns of Kansafrah, Hayesh, Safohan and Khan Sheikhun in the southern countryside of Idlib.
Artillery bombardment on Kafr Zayta and Ltamenah
Pro-Assad forces targeting Murek and Ltamenah in North Hama
1 year ago
The defense Ministry denied the US statement about dangerous maneuvers of the Russian Su-35
Heavy air raid on western outskirts of Khan Shaykhun city
A raid on Arbain Mount near the city of Jericho
[email protected]: on Tuesday a "US P-8A Poseidon aircraft flying in international airspace over the Mediterranean Sea was intercepted by a Russian SU-35 3 times.The 2nd interaction was determined to be unsafe due to the SU-35 conducting a high speed pass directly in front"
US special envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey denies the validity of reports on the "deal to recognize the legitimacy of Bashar al-Assad"
The helicopters dropping the barrel bomb on the outskirts of the village of Ma'arramah and the town of Sheikh Mustafa in the southern countryside of Idlib.
Russian Su-35 fighter jet buzzed American P-8 recon plane over Mediterranean Sea Tuesday. U.S. Navy calls Russian behavior 'irresponsible': statement
Senior White House official says in a conference call with reporters that U.S. will stress to Russia during the trilateral national security advisers summit in Jerusalem that Iranian forces have to leave Syria and the U.S. wants to hear Russian ideas in this regard
Kafr Nabl, Idlib today
Kafr Nabl, Idlib today
Syria: Rebels renewed tonight attack with weaponized drones on Helicopter Base located in Jub Ramlah (W. Hama). 2nd time today.
Syria: NLF destroyed with a Kornet a truck with 57 mm gun on Qasabiyah front (N. Hama).1 year ago
Syria: NLF destroyed with a Kornet a truck with 57 mm gun on Qasabiyah front (N. Hama).
E. Syria: 1st satellite imagery suggests Israel struck at least 3 positions inside Tiyas Airbase 2 days ago (E. Homs).
Aerial bombardment on the city of Latamna north of Hama
1 year ago
Opposition factions destroyed a tank with ATGM at Tall Hawash frontline in Northern Hama
Su-24 warplanes targeted Maarat Sina town in Idlib with rockets
The warplanes targeting the city of Khan Shaykhun in the southern countryside of Idlib
One person was killed in an air strike on Kafr Sajnah village in Idlib countryside
FSA National Liberation Front report an ATGM strike destroying an Assad government militia tank on Kafr Nabudah front North Hama
An assessment by @ImageSatIntl says the alleged Israeli strike on Syria's T4 airbase on Sunday night likely took out an advanced weapons system which was brought from Iran a day earlier
The Iranian Leader: Washington's policies in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon have failed and this is due to the decline of power and influence of America
Warplanes hit Kafr Nabl with rockets
USAF activities near Latakia: P-8A Poseidon 169329, RC-135V Rivet Joint 64-14846
1 year ago
"This precious and profound friendship," says May. Citing Trump expelling Russian spooks after Skripal poisoning, joint strikes on Syria for use of chemical weapons. Congrats Donald for pushing other NATO members to up contributions (actually, their domestic defense budgets).
Russian warplanes bombard with missiles surrounding the village of Hamedieh in the southern countryside of Idlib
Two dead and several wounded in the village of Maarat Sina in the southern countryside of Idlib as a result of attack with cluster bomb
Warplanes bombed the city of Ma'arat al - Nu'man in the southern Idlib countryside
Al-Swaida: SAA 15th Brigade security officer, Brigadier Jamal Ahmed, shot dead by unidentified men in Swaida countryside
Warplanes bombard the village of Bilhoun in the southern Idlib
1 year ago
A Turkish military convoy entered the checkpoint at Sher Maghar, west of Hama
1 year ago
Civilian killed in air strike on Al Faqi town in Southern Idlib
FSA destroyed 130mm cannon at Qasabiyah frontline in Northern Hama  with ATGM1 year ago
FSA destroyed 130mm cannon at Qasabiyah frontline in Northern Hama with ATGM
Six SyAF warplanes are flying in the southern countryside of Idlib and Jabal Al Zawia, amid fierce raids targeting the area.
1 year ago
Fahim Khalaf al-Awwad from SDF was shot dead by unidentified assailants in the village of Tayyib al-Fal in the northern Deir ez-Zur
Warplanes bombed the city of Ma'arat al - Nu'man in the southern Idlib countryside
1 year ago
Northern Hama: Syrian army units extend their full control over the villages of Hamirat, Hordana and Qirouta, north of Tel Hawash
Turkish military convoy heading to the Turkish military observation point in the northern Hama
1 year ago
Seven fighters of the pro-Assad forces were killed by heavy artillery and homemade rockets launched by opposition factions on the village of Hamayrat in the northern Hama, Syria.
1 year ago
A truck destroyed by opposition forces artillery on Hayrat frontline in Northern Hama
A civilian was injured when an explosive device planted in his car exploded in the town of Ahterin in the northern Aleppo countryside
IED exploded in a car in Ahtarin.
Idlib: The warplanes bombard the towns of Al-Faira and Maara Horma in the southern countryside with rockets
SAA Tiger Forces captured Qarutiyah village and hills
1 year ago
Erdogan: Turkey continues its discussions with all those involved with regard to Syria, Idlib, Manbij and East Euphrates
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